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R Kelly Reveals Why He Cannot Go Mute Away From The Music Scene

R Kelly Reveals Why He Cannot Go Mute Away From The Music Scene

Members of the #MeToo movement such as Ava DuVerney have moved to hold R. Kelly accountable for his alleged actions against women with the #MuteRKelly hashtag and streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music pulling his music from playlists.

A video that is making its rounds on Facebook shares a toast that has held between R. Kelly and friends, which shows him defiant in the efforts to silence his impact and boastful that he can’t be stopped.

“I got a million motherfuckers hatin’ me, or 40 billion motherfuckers lovin’ me, you know what I’m sayin’? And I’mma tell you somethin’, I’mma take this musical shit and I’mma inject these motherfuckers with this musical, beautiful motherfuckin’ shit,” Kelly said in the clip.


After a participant in the celebration intersects with a joke of not needing any more babies R. Kelly shared more, “I’m handcuffed by my destiny. It’s too late, they shoulda did this shit thirty years ago. It’s too late. The music has been injected into the world. Ok? I hired my motherfuckin’ self.”

He concluded his moment of clarity by raising a glass and letting the intimate crowd know that he is operating in music like a basketball player while the rest of the world, or at least those moving against him, are on defense.

Aside from his boastful statements, R. Kelly is facing a new lawsuit regarding sexual misconduct with this accuser claiming that he purposefully gave her an STD. On the music front, the pull of music from Spotify’s curated playlists hasn’t affected his success, in fact, he has seen a rise in his streaming numbers.