Ronaldo Publishes Income Amidst Tax Evasion Allegations, He Makes 523,000 Pounds Per Day

Cristiano Ronaldo’s management company have defended their star over allegations of tax evasion by releasing his staggering £191million income for last year.

The eye-watering revelation comes after Real Madrid forward was accused of avoiding tax by using offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands.

But the firm representing the former Manchester United favourite have published financial records showing the whopping income he declared in 2015.

Gestifute, run by super agent Jorge Mendes, released his ‘Model 720’ tax form online, insisting Spanish tax authorities have previously been supplied the data.

The document claims the 31-year-old Portugal international declared just €23.5m (£19.8m) of income from inside Spain — where he plies his trade with Real Madrid — and made €203.7m (£171m) elsewhere.

The Euro 2016 winner astonishing £191m he earned last year alone translates to £523,000 a day, £3.7m a week and £15.9m a month.

The form, however, did not show what taxes Ronaldo paid — although Gestifute insist Ronaldo has always cooperated with tax officials.



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