Rugged Man the Veteran Nigerian Rapper just posted his proposed speech if he had run for the Number 1 seat in Nigeria. What’s your take on this?

Fellow Nigerians, I thank you all for your prayers, messages, visits and most especially your patience.

I know it has not been easy but God be praised we are all alive to see today.
I know and hear the VP has been doing a great job, so great that I feared he would take my job from me (laughs).
I am glad to be back home and I am ready to hit the ground running.
I have a few things i will like to start with and they are ….

1. For obvious reasons i will make sure Nigerian hospitals are renovated, upgraded and new ones built so that we do not need to go abroad for health care and fund other country’s economy. 
Infact Nigerian hospitals from henceforth will be so up to standard that the Queen of England will come here for medical care.
2. I will ensure doctors, nurses, teachers and our forces salaries are increased and paid on time, because these people i mentioned play a huge role in any country’s progress.
3. I will ensure that all closed schools will be ‘re opened with immediate effect, so that all the true leaders of tomorrow will stop seeing prostitution, cyber crime (yahoo) and other type of fast money schemes as the only way to survive.

4. I will ensure that all looters found guilty, will be prosecuted and jailed accordingly to deter others who have any plans to embezzle the Nations funds.

5. I will ensure that our aged citizens get their pensions paid immediately, because they worked hard for our dear country Nigeria.

6. I will ensure that the minimum wage is increased.

7. Please no unnecessary public holiday celebrations because of my return. Don’t waste tax payers money.

8. I will ensure that any group or groups that are trying to cause chaos in our beloved country will be dealt with accordingly. Be you from the North, East ,West or South.

We will meet with and discuss issues bothering any group and by Gods grace find lasting solutions to them.

9. I will ensure that no man or woman who is an ex convict or who has been involved in any case of embezzlement, will be given a political ticket to run for any office. You can not give the lion a goat to look after.
10. We will look into reducing the ridiculous salaries and benefits government officials are getting. Those monies will go a long way in helping our economy.

11. I will ensure that any officer that is guilty of unlawfully harrassing, assaulting or arresting a Nigerian citizen will be severely and publicly dealt with and dismissed. You are to protect the citizens and not molest them.
12. I see and read all the social media comments aimed at me. Both the good and the bad and I understand your grievances.

The same way I understand the grieviances of those clamouring for me to return or resign.
Social media is like the tongue. The same tongue that spits venom at you today, can be used to praise you to high heavens tomorrow
I am here to get the latter. 
That is why last but not the least, I will like to apologise to my great citizens of Nigeria for the silence while I was away. It was due to personal reasons. I apologise and I am back to work and bring the very needed change you voted me into office for.

Let us work.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.