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Samklef Talks About The Amount He Lost To Street Boiz

Samklef Talks About The Amount He Lost To Street Boiz

The issue of cyber crime has grown to become one of the most fundamental problems in the country and by extension, the world. While technology may have made things a lot easier for most people, it has also exposed a lot others to the issue of fraudulent activities on the internet.

Nigerian singer and producer, Samklef recently took to the social media platform to reveal his unfortunate incidence in the hands of these internet fraudsters.

According to his post, he woke up to a debit alert of $1k from his account and immediately knew it was a cyber crime. He further stated that he has already contacted the Bank of America concerning the issue. He wrote on his Twitter page:

“Woke up this morning with a notification.. Boi’s don remove 1k dollars from my account. I hail o. Already contacted BOA.. they working on it. ��”

Now while this is obviously a terrible experience for anybody, it appears Nigerian Twitter is having a field day with his experience as they somehow managed to drag Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane into the issue, yet again. This is in connection with his arrest over credit card theft and fraud in US.