Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have a stainless steel frame but Aluminium

Samsung managed to prompt some confusion on the release of the Samsung galaxy note 10.

A video was uploaded to their YouTube channel, with a voice over that mentioned that the Galaxy Note 10 was made from stainless steel.

“Stainless steel and glass meld seamlessly to minimize bezel,” says the video’s narrator.

Wait a minute?

The company never mentioned anything about switching from aluminum which we are familiar with on their other flagship device, nor was it brought up onstage during the previous week’s Unpacked event.

Why would Samsung upgrade to a new material and not tell anyone?

But well, it didnt , the video was completely wrong .

Samsung has now confirmed that the Note 10’s frame is made from aluminum.

Just like the company’s other flagships in recent years. It’s odd that such an erroneous voice-over made it into a promotional video.