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See Nigerian Celebrities That Made 2018 VogueWorld 100 List

See Nigerian Celebrities That Made 2018 VogueWorld List

Nigerian music stars, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy and Falana have been featured on a VogueWorld post titled “These Are the People Who Are Inspiring Us Right Now.” The post is a list post that has 100 of creative people around the world.

VOGUE is a world top fashion and style magazine and the brand listed the three Nigerian artistes as part of the world’s inspiring fashion figures.

Singer, Falana got featured in a post titled “These 5 Women Are Living Works of Art, From Their Neon Braids To Natural Hair Sculptures” in which she spoke extensively about her hair styling.

Burna Boy’s fashion style was celebrated in a post which described his love for fashion, and how he has decided to create his style of fashion rather than jump on trends.

In the piece he said;

“I was always the one who didn’t really want to follow that. I wanted to start it. I just always went off. I just always came up with my own little twist.”

Tiwa Savage was described as an accomplished Afropop and R&B singer-songwriter from Nigeria with taste for Gucci logos and bold streetwear by the fashion chronicler.