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Seun Egbegbe – This Is Not Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex First Time

Seun Egbegbe

Seun Egbegbe – This is not Toyin Aimakhu’s ex first time of stealing in computer village, this is just the first time he was caught in the act.

November 22, 2016, Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe, was accused of stealing 10 iPhones from Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

In earlier reports, eyewitnesses said Egbegbe went to a certain Keelcech Innovations Store, took some iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 plus mobile phones, told the sales girl he was coming, and then crossed to enter his car.

Following this, the producer was beaten by a mob and taken to the police station.

Egbegbe released a statement denying this, his publicist also denied the allegations. According to her, “Seun Egbegbe was at Keelcech shop, located at no 9, medical road, ikeja, to purchase some phones.

After making his order from the shop sales rep & walking towards his car to pay up the balance of the phones, the sales rep claimed he’s bolting away with the phones which was never true.


Before Seun Egbegbe could say a word to the angry mob around, he was attacked and lynched with no explanation.”

In a state of confusion, Pulse paid a visit to the hubbub of Lagos where Seun Egbegbe was portrayed by merchants as a notorious thief who uses charms on people before stealing.

Eye witnesses say Egbegbe has been doing that in computer village for a long time now.

A store keeper revealed Egbegbe pretended to be ready for payment at 10:00am that said day after the phones were delivered to him only for him to go into the waiting jeep before the sales girl screamed for help.

The noise attracted shopkeepers who gave Egbegbe a hot chase and eventually caught up with him before he could find his way out of computer village.

He was beaten by the angry mob before the police whisked him away.


An eye witness said, “Just last week Friday, November 18, 2016, Egbegbe walked into a shop and stole 2million naira worth of goods. He was successful.”

How he was able to walk away with all that is, however, unclear.

Traders at Ikeja revealed to Pulse Egbegbe targets new phone shops in the area in the early hours of the morning before other shop owners begin to open.

According to them, he uses charms to conceal the evil acts and even asks for receipt of purchase in every robbery.

Meanwhile, the owners of the store say Egbegbe was not charged for the theft of the iPhones and was released due to his status.