Even though she has been in the industry for a little time, Seyi Shay has carved a niche for herself as a top singer and amazing performer – With several hit songs like Irawo, Murda, Crazy, Right Now and Yolo Yolo to her credit, the singer is now considered to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry – The multi brand ambassador revealed how she has managed to remain at the top of her game to recently interviewed popular singer Seyi Shay and she talked about her career, working with Beyonce’s dad, singing in Japan, how Sound Sultan and 2face Idibia made her move back to Nigeria, why she sometimes shoots her videos abroad, how female singers can make it in the industry and if anything romantic ever happened between her and Wizkid.


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Her plans from the beginning Starting out, I didn’t really have a plan per say I just wanted to be the reigning shining star.

I didn’t have a 2 year plan or 5 year plan I just had the intention of being successful. How Sound Sultan played a huge part in getting her to move back home So Sound Sultan came to London one year and he heard my music and he said he had someone who may be interested in signing me and he introduced me to Cecil Hammond of Flytime promotions who convinced me to come home and the rest is history. Why she named her hit single Yolo Yolo YOLO is an abbreviation for You Only Live Once so we decided to name it Yolo Yolo because you know Nigerians like to say everything twice like Looku Looku etc. the song was produced by DJ Coublon and co-written by Clem. Meji Alabi directed the video and we shot it in Cape Town, South Africa. Why musicians sometime shoot their videos in other countries The video for my song Murda was shot in Nigeria, Lekki to be precise. Sometimes we shoot elsewhere because of the location and weather. Nigerian weather sometime is too humid and you need to shoot in a warmer climate because these things affect the cameras. Whether she ever dated Wizkid No. Wizkid is my brother we have the same passion, same drive and he has supported me a lot even when he didn’t have to. I am very proud of Wizkid and his work and I am happy he is opening doors for other Nigerian acts.