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A lady has sparked mixed reactions online as her before vs after divorce transformation video surfaces on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by a netizen identified as @oku_yungx.

lady transformation divorce before after

Lady before divorce. In the video which was shared, the lady was seen looking plus-size and older while she was married with her husband. However, when she got divorced from her husband, she lost a lot of weight and began looking younger and attractive.

lady transformation before after divorce

Lady after divorce. Netizens who took to the comment section said that the lady had stopped taking good care of herself after she got married which led to her looking the way she does. @brodamike07 said: “Congratulations to her on her divorce. There’s no proof to show that her marriage caused this. We also request to see the pictures of her husband.” @Sire__Gift said: “So na marriage dey make her fat cause I don’t understand .” @4RM_435 said: “Women are still confused as to why guys have side chicks. They marry and then let themselves go, and then after divorce, they try to do what they should have done earlier. Don’t be fooled, this is for the next man since she knows she won’t get one unless she transforms.” @KizitoFcb said: “The things she did after getting divorced that got her that killer body, what stopped her from doing it in the marriage?” @aai_austin said: “What she refused to do while married she started doing while divorced. Pathetic!” @naturalboifilmz said: “The right partner will bring out the best version of you, the wrong partner will do otherwise.” @_the_manmaay said: “So she purposely turn to a foodie because she got a man in her life and now that she’s out again for marketing she work on her self just to get another fish.” Watch the video … This Lady shows a picture of herself, BEFORE & AFTER marriage. 💆‍♂️ — Oku (@oku_yungx) November 19, 2023

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