Small Doctor-Afrimma-Snub-Nigezie

Here Is What Small Doctor Said After Being Snubbed At AFRIMA

Small Doctor recently expressed himself about how his hit song, PENALTY, was snubbed at AFRIMA as many thought he would be nominated due to the much recipient the song gather.

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The Music Star said though he would have loved for the song to be nominated, there is nothing he can do about it.

He said:

“To be nominated and to be appreciated are two different things; for my picture to be on the banners and to have been invited for the awards is enough, because I appreciate every bit of my life. A fall never keeps me down, though this is not a fall; anything goes, nominated or not nominated I’m balling. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean that being nominated and winning awards doesn’t translate to an achievement; but I won’t kill myself because they refused to nominate me. I just have to work harder while keeping my eye on the prize. There are songs that don’t get nominations but they shut down the show when they are performed at awards; and you will be wondering if the organisers were blind during nominations. Well, I can’t judge them and they can’t judge me as well.”