Veteran musician, Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, says that social media has somehow contributed negatively to show-business in Nigeria.

The professional flutist with cross – cultural Itsekiri and Swiss roots in an exclusive interview with LIB said that Nigerian artistes have been deeply influenced by social media platforms, where they flaunt their lavish lifestyle.

In his words, ‘Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has somehow given a bad taste to show business, where Celebrities show off what they are wearing even their jewelry. How many people know the kind of cars I drive or how many cars I have? Nobody knows because it’s nobody’s business. It’s absolutely irrelevant. Why show off your gold chains and watches with nothing else to sell you? It irritates me’.

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Tee Mac also urged artistes to pass good message through their music content instead of showing off expensive cars and half naked ladies shaking their buttocks

‘They should be able to send a good story through their Music and video and not showing off expensive cars and half naked ladies shaking their buttocks. They are marketing something else in the music. Nigerian artistes need to get back to that level where the Music and video made sense, and when we get to that level I’ll be happy’he said.