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Sxx workers vow not to offer services to taxi drivers for one week for abusing a female passenger

The sxx workers of Kenya’s Mombasa county have united with other Kenyans to criticize acts of abuse perpetrated on a female passenger in Nairobi last Friday.

Approximately 16 people accused of mugging and sexually abusing a female ambassador on Forest Road have been held for 15 days to allow officers to conclude their investigations.
On March 4, the culprits were apprehended after a video clip of the victim being assaulted went viral. The assault is alleged to have been reported to the Parklands police station by the Zimbabwean ambassador.

In cooperation with the female passenger, Maryline Laini, chair lady of Nkoko Injuu Africa, a CBO that supports the rights of sxx workers, has declared that her members will not provide their services to motorists for a week.
In her words:
“These people are our clients, but from today, no registered sxx worker will offer sxxual services to any bodaboda rider in this region. If a member is found with a bodaboda client within the period, she will be deregistered”
Speaking to K24TV, Laini revealed that withholding their services is another way of fighting for justice.

She said:
“We know this is where we get our basic needs and fend for our families but we are ready to go hungry for this type of violence to come to an end”