Rema’s album, Rave and Roses, becomes most streamed on Spotify


Popular Nigerian artiste, Rema’s debut album Rave & Roses, has broken a record to become most streamed by an African act on Spotify. The album pulled over one billion plays on the international streaming app Spotify. This unarguably means Rema has set a new record for African artists.

The deluxe album, which features three previously unreleased singles titled, “Charm”, “Hov” & “Dunno Me” also features the remix of his global hit “Calm Down” with Selena Gomez It also had the two singles he released in February, “Holiday” and “Reason You. After the album’s release, Rema has broken old records and set new ones, proving himself as a strong force in the music industry.

“I was scared to release my album Timeless”

"I was scared to release my album Timeless"

Popular afrobeat and dancehall artist Davido has revealed that he had fears on releasing his new album, Timeless”.


According to Davido, he felt that his latest album ‘Timeless’ was his last chance to deliver an acceptable album. Speaking as a guest on the recent episode of +44 podcast, Davido said he felt he would either be broken or pull through with his 17-track album. Davido disclosed he told his team to leave one hour before his album was released, prayed and then slept. When he woke up after over 3hours, he got scared because he didn’t see anyone celebrating his album. “This is me telling myself the truth; this album was either going to make me or break me. People don’t want to say it to me in my face. But everybody knows the truth about the situation that is happening in their life whether they want to lie to them or not.

“There were situations when I was recording this album I was like ‘mehn! I’m going to go like this, I’m going to go like this?’ “So, when I slept and I woke up, my phone was not with me, so I was going crazy. I sent everybody away an hour before the album came out, I did my prayers, I laid down on my bed and slept. I now over slept. “I wanted to just sleep for like one hour thirty minutes so that we will celebrate. I now over slept. Woke up by 3am. I said ‘Ye!’. I was looking for my phone because I have a big suite. I went to the living room, but there wasn’t anybody in my room celebrating. I was scared like ‘wettin dey happen na?’. “So, I ran downstairs and I banged my assistant’s door ‘what’s going on, what’s going on?’. He said ‘Oga, take your phone, congratulations’.”

Why I didn’t include ‘sad songs’ in Timeless album

Why I didn't include 'sad songs' in Timeless album

Ace Nigerian singer, Davido Adeleke, has revealed why there were no ‘sad songs’ in his Timeless album as most people expected. Speaking during a recent interview, Davido noted that he has always been a happy person, so he decided to maintain that energy, despite what he was going through.davido The singer said: “As a musician, I wanted to deliver a classic album with no much emotions. If you listen to Davido music over the years, from time, I have always been a happy person even when I am going through something or I am not. “So that side of my life, if I want to talk about it, there’s time for that but on this album, that was not what I was going for.” Watch the video below:

“I spent $2M on ‘A Better Time'” — Davido says, reveals ‘Timeless’ album cost


Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Davido revealed that he spent almost one billion naira (equivalent to $2 million) on his third studio album, ‘A Better Time.’


The singer made this known during a media tour for his latest album ‘Timeless‘ in the United States. Speaking on New York’s Hot 97FM’s Ebro in the Morning Show, the 30BG leader clarified that this amount covered expenses for features, videos, and promotions for the ‘A Better Time’ album.

Davido went on to reveal that he only spent $300,000 on his latest album, ‘Timeless,’ but has already earned more than his previous album from this investment. Davido on Cost Spent on Former and Latest Album “My last album, I will tell you, I probably spent $2 million. That is for everything. You know what I’m saying? “I haven’t even spent $300k on this album [Timeless]. And I made more already in three days. It just shows me the level of where African music is going.”

Davido’s Timeless album claims no.1 spot on Apple Music Nigeria

Davido's Timeless album claims no.1 spot on Apple Music Nigeria

Davido's Timeless album claims no.1 spot on Apple Music Nigeria

Davido‘s most recent album, Timeless claims the number one spot on Apple Music Nigeria as it gallantly sits at the top.

Davido's Timeless album claims no.1 spot on Apple Music Nigeria

It appears the music scene is going to revolve around Davido for a while, as his album, Timeless keeps racking up new feats. Just this morning, NigezieXtreme reported that Timeless has become the first-ever Africanalbum to hit no.1 on the US iTunes album chart. Right now, Timeless is the number one album on Apple Music Nigeria. Earlier, the singer acknowledged that Timeless has received wide acceptance from music lovers globally. He also added that he has not felt this much happiness since he broke into the industry 12 years ago. See post below;

“I have not felt this happy in 12 years” — Davido lauds support for Timeless album

"I haven't felt this happy in 12 years" — Davido lauds support for Timeless album

Superstar Afrobeat singer, Davido Adeleke expresses overwhelming joy towards the support he received on his latest album, Timeless.

Following the release of the Timeless album, it has broken multiple records across streaming platforms both at home and abroad. In a recent interview, Davido emphasized how the support has been the biggest for him in his 12-year career in the music industry. “I’m happy that people accepted it. They always doubted my album; it’s a different thing for me but people accepted this one. This is a first time for me in 12 years of killing shit. I have never felt this way before. This is me humbly saying it,” he stated. Watch the video below …

Timeless becomes first-ever African album to hit no.1 on US iTunes album chart

Timeless becomes first-ever African album to hit no.1 on US iTunes album chart

Timeless becomes first-ever African album to hit no.1 on US iTunes album chart

Davido reaches yet another milestone with his latest album, Timeless, as it becomes the first-ever African album to hit no.1 on the US iTunes album chart.


Ever singer the release of “Timeless”, new records have been set on major streaming platforms, such as Audiomack and Apple Music. On the 4th of April, 2023. Davido’s team released a list of new records that have been broken by ”Timeless.” At the time, he was “Number Two on Apple Music’s US Albums chart.” The latest development has it that the music superstar’s Timeless has now become the first-ever African album to hit no.1 on the US iTunes album chart. This comes barely a week after the album was released. The post reads: “FIRST EVER AFRICAN ALBUM TO HIT #1 ON US 🇺🇸 ITUNES ALBUMS CHART. WHAT AN ALBUM!☄️ #TIMELESS” See post below;

Davido in disbelief as his album, ‘Timeless’ sets new record on Audiomack

Davido in disbelief as his album, 'Timeless' sets new record on Audiomack

Davido new record Audiomack Timeless album

Popular singer, Davido has set a new record on Audiomack as his album, ‘Timeless‘ becomes the first album ever to gain over 12 million streams within it’s first 24 hours of release.

Davido Timeless album new record Audiomack

The streaming platform shared this on their official Twitter page four days following ‘Timeless’ album release. Davido, who quoted the tweet, reacted with an emoji which showed his utter disbelief. Recall that the singer’s album has already set a record on Boomplay after reaching one million stream within 6 hours of release. Audiomack, via its Twitter handle wrote: “🚨 RECORD-BREAKING: @davido’s #Timeless had over 12 MILLION streams in its first 24 hours, more than any other album on Audiomack, ever! 🏆 🎉 Keep streaming, keep supporting: #KeepTheBeatGoing🪘”

Eniola Badmus’ message to Davido over Timeless album

Eniola Badmus’ message to Davido over Timeless album

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has caused a frenzy online after congratulating Davido on his fourth studio album, Timeless. The album has been gaining attention on major streaming platforms ever since its release.

In a post on her Instagram page, Eniola shared a screenshot of the album cover and urged her 3.6 million fans and followers to stream the songs. She wrote: “Timeless out on all platforms go stream it @davido congratulations on this.”

Reacting to the post, bagplace_ said: “001 for many reasons only davido topping chart.” iam_fashionshow: “Oshey maami.” xoxo.vickie1: “Eye service.” the_real_achiever_ehirim: “Keep scrolling this is not the comment you are looking for.” karimot_akinpelu: “Fighting doesn’t mean you should not congratulate people on their wins. Nice one eniola.” See the post below:

Wizkid shout-outs to Davido following ‘Timeless’ album release

Wizkid shout-outs to Davido following 'Timeless' album release

The superstar singer, Wizkid Balogun extends a warm acknowledgement to his colleague, Davido, following the release of his ‘Timeless’ album.


Davido released his long-anticipated album at midnight on the 31st of march and has since bagged over six million streams on Boomplay and taken over the charts of streaming platforms. Amidst the buzz of the Timeless album release, Wizkid joins in to shower accolades on O.B.O for the spectacular piece of work.


Taking to his Instagram story, he encouraged his 16.6M followers to check out the tune while adding multiple fire and heart emojis. “Inside!! Y’all go listen to timeless by my brother @Davido ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥,” he wrote.

Wizkid shout-outs to Davido following 'Timeless' album release