Woman celebrates birth of baby as she leaves hospital with it alive

Woman celebrates birth of baby as she leaves hospital with it alive

In a touching video, a woman recounts her story as she celebrates the birth of her baby after giving birth to many others but never leaving the hospital with them alive. The woman revealed that she has believing God for her own baby, and although she had been pregnant multiple times inthe past, none of them had made it out of the hospital alive.

Woman celebrates birth of her baby after giving birth to many others but never leaving hospital with them alive

Pregnant woman. She shared a video detailing how she continued believing in faith that she would have a baby and nurse him or her outside the hospital. Various scene showed how she cradled different objects as though they were a baby, as she continued to hope on having an actual baby that would live and not die. Fast-forward into the year, she was taken to the hospital where she delivered a living baby and she’s now a proud mother of a bouncing baby girl. Read some reactions below: ijioma_winnie said: “I claim this testimony for my Auntie Ify,🙏🙏🙏similar story, but in her case her 3 kids died after child birth. She’ll carry her babies and they’ll live to the Glory of God. Amen 🙏” itua.choice wrote: “Going to the hospital pregnant and coming back empty handed two consecutive times was my mother’s fate 😪 this right here was mental torture, you feeling all the pain of child birth but no evidence that you actually gave birth. This experience is terrible and I don’t even wish it on my worst enemy 😓😒 but God being faithful gave us my little brother 😇” everything_flash said: “Faith! Substance of thing Hoped for, evidence not seen. Love Her ❤️” Queen.bofficial wrote: “There is nothing God cannot do, I’m a living testimony of his goodness, blessed with two babies after stomach cancer, How Great is Our God ❤️” Watch the video below:

“I went to the hospital for stomach pain” – Nigerian lady unaware of pregnancy surprisingly gives birth

"I went to the hospital for stomach pain" – Nigerian lady unaware of pregnancy surprisingly gives birth

A Nigerian lady has shared her experience of a cryptic pregnancy, shedding light on the situation of being unaware of pregnancy until late-term or even during labour. The lady, who initially believed she was experiencing period cramps, delivered a baby without prior knowledge of her pregnancy. In a video that has since gone viral, the lady recounts her journey to the hospital, thinking she was merely dealing with menstrual cramps.

To her utter surprise, she found herself giving birth, completely unaware of her pregnancy until that pivotal moment. The video sparked a wave of celebration for the new mother, with many expressing amazement at the rare occurrence.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, cryptic pregnancy occurs “when individuals are unaware of their pregnancy due to factors such as irregular periods, a lack of knowledge about common pregnancy signs, or even receiving false-negative results on pregnancy tests.” Elaborating on this, Medical News Today emphasized that in cryptic pregnancies,” individuals may remain oblivious to their condition until the late trimester or even during labour. “Being unaware of pregnancy may mean a person does not receive adequate care or make healthful lifestyle adjustments. Both of these factors can lead to complications in fetal development.” Netizens Reactions… herealqueen_debbie said; “Cryptic pregnancy pls visit my frnds.” She’sAsia said: “@Princess Ella cryptic pregnancy may be real but they can’t tell me they didn’t know anything before. Especially this one.”  Oyin_ said; “This wan na for una wey get sers relationship mk cryptic abi crypto no try me o cus who i wan say get belle.”  Na_mah_riih said; “Your baby smiling like ‘ohh see didn’t see me coming’.” Doramonnie said; “What if you have more that one man?” ya’all meet gifted said; “How u won take know the papa now ehh fine girl?” kanyinsola said; “The baby still get mind dey smile. Feeling on top of the world.” Darkiedora said; “Just imagine if u were nt faithful to ur man how person go take explain dis one hmmmm, new fear unlock.” @PRINCESS NELLY wondered; “You no see your period Abi wetin.”  She replied; “I see my period o even on my period when i gave birth.”  See below; @___wealth4 Cryptic pregnancy you do This one😭 #crypticpregnancy #cryptic #trends #cramp #trending #viral #viralvideo #onthisday #fypシ゚viral #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #pregnancy ♬ Sweet Like Cinnamon – DJ Chen

Nigerian woman gives birth to quintuplets, three boys and two girls

"Dear God, avoid me" - Nigerian woman turns heads online as she gives birth to quintuplets, 3 boys and 2 girls

A beautiful Nigerian woman who recently delivered quintuplets (5 babies: 3 boys and two girls) got many people talking on social media as she uploads a video of her newborn babies. The video, which has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, shows the woman before her delivery taking a lift in an unnamed hospital.

"Dear God, avoid me" - Nigerian woman turns heads online as she gives birth to quintuplets, three boys and two girls

Nigerian woman. After the birth, she believed in her babies, and the faces of her newborns were shown. The video, captioned “The outcome was 5 babies, 3 boys, and 2 girls,” signifies the genders of the children delivered by this strong woman. Many individuals, however, have stormed the comment page of the post to react to the birth of the quintuplets. See some reactions below:  Ngozi_ca: “‎Congrats! Dear God avoid me with this kind of blessing 5?” calistabel: “‎I think say Na 5babies i dey see for write-up, bt seeing 6 babies via video. abi Na my eyes dey pain me🧐. all the same congrats sis Nd thanks to God.” Lanle: “‎Imagine wanting to birth last born and you gave birth to 5kids. between congratulations.” Semzysemzy: “‎Congratulations. God of blessings. Pls bless me and my wife too. Over one year wedding.” Eronini: “‎You’re a super strong woman. I tap into your blessing in Jesus name, amen Congrats.” velma vee: “‎waaaa congrats mama can only imagine the pregnancy journey. ur strong woman indeed. God be with u.” florenceokoh18: “‎Thank you Lord Jesus for this testimony of babies and l claim it for Oti and Cecilia in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. congratulations.” WATCH VIDEO: @ebyfullmoon I can’t tnk u enough my God#ebereoranekwu #viralvideosofficial❤️❤️🤩foryoupage🥰🥰💔for #fypシ゚ ♬ You Do This One – Mercy Chinwo

“I was a London tailor before skit making, I’ve been funny from birth” – Carter Efe

"I was a London tailor before skit making, I've been funny from birth" – Carter Efe

Renowned Nigerian skit creator and musician, Oderhwo Joseph Efe, widely recognized as Carter Efe, discloses his background hustle as a tailor before achieving stardom. In a recent appearance on the Hip TV show “Trending,” hosted by reality star Kim Oprah, Carter Efe shared insights into his journey from being a tailor to becoming a notable figure in the world of skit making and music. The ‘Machala‘ singer emphasized that his comedic talent was natural, expressing a lifelong love for art that led him to pursue tailoring at a certain stage in his life. Carter Efe speaks on humble beginnings, from being a tailor to making skits

“I have been funny right from birth. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy since I was in school. During break time, I would just stand in front of the class and start making people laugh. “I was a London tailor, ‘Obioma’, before I ventured into skit making. I love art. For example, I edit my skits by myself. I told my dad one day that I wanted to learn tailoring. He said what of my education and I insisted that I want to learn tailoring because I love creativity. I didn’t even spend up to six months before learning how to sew. “When I was learning tailoring, sometimes I would lie to my boss that I was sick and go to shoot a skit. Then I will come back in the afternoon. He still punished me. He would tell me to kneel. I would kneel till the end of the day. “Until one day, Broda Shaggi posted a challenge on Instagram: he said everybody should vibe to a song. Back then I was in Delta State. I said let me just vibe to it and I vibed to the song then I came out first. I won PS5. “Shaggi said I should come to Lagos to receive my prize. When I collected the PS5, I sold it for about N300,000. Then I decided to stay back in Lagos. I was using the N300,000 for transport fares to go to locations to shoot my skit. I was staying with one of my friends then.”

I won’t sacrifice my body to give birth unless paid £250K allowance

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A London-based influencer, Jenny Darling vows not to get pregnant unless certain conditions are met, including receiving a £250K annual allowance, a push present, and a comprehensive postpartum makeover. The 23-year-old from Bishopsgate, London, laid out her ‘non-negotiables’ for pregnancy, emphasizing the need for compensation for the potential impact on her physical and mental well-being. Jenny Darlings Jenny stipulates that she would require marriage with a prenuptial agreement before conceiving, along with a pre-birth ‘babymoon’ abroad, she told Daily Mail. Post-birth, she insists on a £250,000 annual allowance to cover therapy, personal training, and any necessary expenses for both herself and the baby. Jenny Darling’s requirements extend further to include a doula and a housekeeper for the initial six months postpartum, followed by a weekly cleaner afterwards. Her demands also encompass a luxurious push present, such as a car or apartment, and a comprehensive mummy makeover featuring a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. In her words; “Motherhood is priceless. You can’t put a number on what is worth sacrificing. Creating a human life takes a lot of sacrifice. I’d never put my body through that for free. I’m not built to suffer. “I’ve wanted to be childless since I started periods. I asked doctors to take my uterus out. Kids are expensive. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world to suffer. “I would have kids on the terms it’s a good motherhood experience for me. I don’t want kids. If it was to happen these are my non-negotiables.” Jenny added that she would need to be married before getting pregnant. “I would need to be married before I would even have a child – mainly because of my religion and protection for the baby. I want a prenup to cover anything that would impact my life – infidelity and things like that. “I’d need a £250k annual allowance. For therapy sessions, a PT, all of the things you’d need to live. It’s investing in our life and future,” she added.

“Superfetation or Irish Twins?”- Nigerian woman stuns many with rare birth of babies; one 5 months old and other 2 weeks old

"Superfetation or Irish Twins?"- Nigerian woman stuns many with rare birth of babies; one 5 months old and other 2 weeks old

A young Nigerian woman, identified as @little.orangeboy, shared an extraordinary and rare occurrence involving her two babies, aged five months and two weeks respectively. The video, posted on her social media account, showcases the infants side by side on a bed as she poses a thought-provoking question to her audience. The mother intrigued viewers by asking if they could identify the type of births her children represent, considering their age difference.

"Superfetation or Irish Twins?"- Nigerian woman stuns many with rare birth of babies; one 5 months old and other 2 weeks old

Many viewers expressed amazement at the notion that a two-week-old and a five-month-old could be siblings, let alone offspring of the same mother. Cleveland Clinic, a renowned medical institution, shed light on this unusual situation, terming it as “superfetation.” Superfetation is an exceptionally rare event characterized by becoming pregnant while already carrying a developing embryo in the uterus. The clinic explained that physiological changes during pregnancy typically make it extremely challenging for a woman to conceive while already pregnant. However, the online discussion took an interesting turn, with some netizens in the comment section suggesting an alternative explanation—Irish twins. According to Healthline, Irish twins refer to siblings born within a 12-month period to the same mother. This term originated in the 1800s, initially serving as a lighthearted way to poke fun at Irish Catholic immigrant families who lacked access to birth control. Netizens Reactions… @user1240424292119 said; “It happens , is called superfetation, you get pregnant months after you are already pregnant.” @kaltonkeron said; “Its only me who doesn’t understand Irish twins.” @joychidinma980 said; “They’re actually Dutch twins not Irish cause Irish twins are always more than 12 months apart.” @Chi_thrift said; “Isn’t called superfetation?? It’s actually a process of getting pregnant while pregnant.” @anonymously said; “Irish twins I’ve heard but never seen one, God bless you.” @Janin Ba’akba | Mama said; “I’m an Irish-twin mom soon to be Irish-triplet mom.. but you have superfetation twins not Irish twins!” @user3533658260368 said; “How comes i never hard of this Irish twins before… wonders shall never end indeed we can’t stop learning new things.”  @swtrhema1 said; “Its possible d 2 weeks wasn’t developing as fast as d 5 months. Hence, wasn’t mature to come out when d twin was already matured. I think thats d case.” See below; @little.orangeboy Please what are they called? #viral #viralvideo #trending #orangeboycomedy #littleorangeboy #fyp ♬ Sabinackdancechallenge – BIG JIGGY🦅

Woman displays pregnancy belly, celebrates quadruplet birth

"3 girls and 1 boy" - Woman shows off her big belly during pregnancy, celebrates as she gives birth to quadruplets

A Nigerian woman received numerous congratulations for her strength as she proudly displayed her big belly during pregnancy and subsequently gave birth to quadruplets—three girls and one boy. The video captioned: “I am dat woman dat God showed mercy. my 9 months was not in vain. 3 girls and 1 boy. Lord I’m very grateful,” garnered thousands of views on TikTok, showcased the new mother presenting her babies, gently wrapped and placed on the hospital bed.

"3 girls and 1 boy" - Woman shows off her big belly, celebrates achievements as she gives birth to quadruplets

Mother. Additionally, the video included images of her during pregnancy, displaying the journey before giving birth to the children. Recognizing her efforts, many individuals flooded the comment section to celebrate her accomplishment. See some reactions below:  Abisohlah: “‎Chai. I go faint four times before them go fit stabilize me.” Mary Abaka856: “‎I waiting for 14 years God bless me with Twins and after two years of having the boys now I have another Twins girls, our God is awesome.” 18 dont talk about love: “‎you sef you don try for yourself so many battle wey you win for your self.” Onyi Treasure: “‎I see all d congrats,and all.d luv is so massive,God bless u all and grant u ur heart desire.Pls anything to support us so we can leave d hospital.” Patience Eshun921: “‎wow Glory Glory Glory be to GOD: I tap into your Blessings in JESUS name AMEN AMEN and AMEN.” Chidera Timothy Chima: “‎congratulations. I’m tapping from this double blessing. I will be called mama ejima soon amen.” user38414213949811: “‎congratulations sis you and your babies are Shelded from every evil in Jesus name Amen. WATCH VIDEO: @onyitreasure0 I am dat woman dat God showed mercy…..my 9 months was not in vain….3 girls and 1 boy…. Lord I’m very grateful#goviral ♬ Ginger (Hype Yourself) – Voltage Of Hype

Chimamanda reveals how giving birth to daughter held her back

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“Having my daughter held me back from writing for a long time” — Chimamanda reveals painful truths about motherhood“Having my daughter held me back from writing for a long time” — Chimamanda reveals painful truths about motherhood Renowned writer, Chimamanda Adichie has revealed how giving birth to her daughter held her back from writing for a while. The famous author revealed this in an interview with BBC, where she shared that although motherhood is a gift, it comes at a cost. She explained that even though she could have written two novels had she not given birth to her daughter, the experience opened her to a new phase of awareness which can now feed her fiction. Chimamanda talked about how the pregnancy made her feel woozy and she couldn’t get into her writer’s phase for a long time until recently. “Having my daughter held me back from writing for a long time” — Chimamanda reveals painful truths about motherhood“Having my daughter held me back from writing for a long time” — Chimamanda reveals painful truths about motherhoodChimamanda Adichie and her daughter. According to the famous writer, she wasn’t aware of the pregnancy experience and she had to deal with constipation, achy joints amongst other inconveniences. Although she believes that pregnancy is beautiful, she hopes other women are educated enough about pregnancy and the overwhelming emotions alongside it. Watch video here… “I could probably have written two novels had I not had my child” – Chimamanda speaks about motherhood.
pic.twitter.com/jPOiEoHigv — YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) November 23, 2023

Nigerian woman who gave birth to 5 kids lament as they disturb her, video touches hearts

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mother 5 kids Nigerian woman stirs emotions online as she shares some of the challenges of taking care of her quintuplets (5 kids). The Nigerian woman demonstrated the down parts of having many children as she showed how difficult things are caring for all her five children.

mother 5 kids

Kids. In the video she shared, she was seen shouting orders at the children who kept moving about, scattering things. Her face betrayed her frustrations as she continued trying to reason with them as though they were grownups. In the custom of most Nigerian mothers, she asked the kids if they think that she had killed her mother and since she didn’t they won’t kill her. Austine Udom said: ”Wetin I happy be say all of dem fine …if to say dem wowor ehhe for pass wahala pro max.” Slayedbyunique_hair said: “How person go born 5 children all fine nd some only one dem born worwor.” Annette said: “God sorry I was asking for twins but seeing these cuties pls i don’t want twins again before I go lost memory.” Marvelous Edem James said: “Imagine enrolling them in a school where you pay 1.5m per termGod bless them and their parents.” Watch the video below … @m5quintuplets O Lord Come down and help!!! #fypシ゚viral please click link on bio to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you so much ♬ original sound – M5 QUINTUPLETS

Woman who gave birth to twins shares video of baby bump

Woman who gave birth to twins shares video of baby bump

A Nigerian woman who gave birth to twin babies has gone viral after posting a throwback video of her baby bump. In a TikTok video, Nigerian user @mummychi shared an intimate glimpse of her pregnancy journey, displaying her enormously large baby bump. The video captured her excitement and anticipation as she prepared to welcome her twins into the world. The size of her baby bump amazed viewers. Accompanying the video, Mummychi shared a heartwarming picture of her newborn twins, a boy and a girl. The image showcased the precious bond between the siblings and elicits an overwhelming response from netizens. As Mummychi’s video made its way across social media platforms, netizens have been quick to tap into her blessings. The comment section was filled with messages of congratulations, well-wishes. @Ohemaa commented: “Must you show your stomach before habaaa.” @Wuraolami said: “Congratulations.” @Oluchukwu Chizoba said: “Congratulations.” @jennybeauty said: “Congratulations I tap from your blessings.” @user091360357 said: “I tap from your blessing.” @Nanyk said: “Congratulations I tap from ur blessings.” @Banasal reacted: “I receive the same blessings in Jesus name.” @prettymary201 reacted: “Congratulations I tap from this blessing in Jesus name amen.” @mihzphilisbillion said: “Omo!! Congratulations.” See the video below: @mummychi #mytestimony #mamaejimaworldwide ♬ original sound – Leo💫