This body hard pass Nigerian economy

"This body hard pass Nigerian economy" - Destiny Etiko’s recent bikini video sparks reactions

"This body hard pass Nigerian economy" - Destiny Etiko’s recent bikini video sparks reactions

Actress and filmmaker Destiny Etiko has sparked reactions online with her bikini videos from her fun moments in the US. The widely recognized Dramadoll flaunted her curves and toned body in a bikini during the video. The video, nevertheless, elicited a range of responses from online users. Some drooled and gushed about her enjoyable moment, while others chastised her for oversharing. Nevertheless, after closely examining the video, some Instagram users deduced that the actress had liposuction.

"This body hard pass Nigerian economy" - Destiny Etiko’s recent bikini video sparks reactions

Destiny Etiko, Nigerian actress. Photo source: Google Judging by the appearance of Destiny Etiko’s stomach, netizens gave their verdict. One @sugaryok111 wrote: “She don disgrace her self. See her belly button don disgrace her… last last she did Lipo…. Cute on her though.” miss_kokopee wrote: “She did liposuction sha…her belly button sold her out.” life_of_bamike wrote: “I can never feel comfortable wearing lingerie/sexy beach wear to the beach 😂😂 God knows i won’t even be able to leave the change room, I can never be comfortable.” welcome_to_2024 wrote: “That her body hard pass Nigeria economy.” childofgrace___444 wrote: “Her body is not natural, it’s a Mad Made and not God Made.” __she_opemipo wrote: “She did lowkey flat tummy 😂cox it shows in her belly button 💯💯🫡🫡but she get ass before 💯💯💯.”

Police released my son’s body to his father, but he’s refusing to bury him

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body.

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body. The mother of Mohbad, while speaking in her local dialect, disclosed that immediately after the police ran the autopsy on the singer, they released the corpse for burial but the father refused to bury him. She added that she went to see the commissioner of police to complain but he rained insults on her, saying that the family of the singer was happy about his demise, hence their refusal to bury him. She said;

Mohbad, Nigerian artist. Source: Google “Nigerians, please come to my aid. I pray you all won’t lose your children. They released Mohbad’s body immediately after the autopsy but his dad is the one holding on to him and not allowing us to re-bury him. I begged him Severally but he refused then I thought of what to do , I went to the commissioner of police last week to complain , the commissioner even insulted me that are we happy that our son is dead, why have we not buried him, why are we allowing his corpse to be lying there useless and making the dead suffer, but I just let go of what Mohbad dad is doing and saying because I do not want drama and God is my vindicator, I am calling on all true mothers and Nigerians at large to please come to my aid so we can bury my son, my son is restless, he is running about, even me I do not have rest of mind, this is the help I want from you all, it’s not as if I cannot reply Mohbad dad in all he has been saying, but I hand over everything to God, he will judge us both, I have a lot to say but I won’t say anything, why will my child d1e and I will be granting interviews and allowing people make money off my d3ad son, a son that loves us, that takes care of us, that fears us, A child that I carried from Gods back, I am begging Nigerians not to ignore my son’s corpse, he is not a d3ad goat nor a d3ad dog, he is a Human being,please all the youths and mohbad friends should also support me and let’s bury him, do not let anyone start using his d3ath to cash out, see how my son is being treated , he was beaten to d3ath now see how they are treating his body. Baba Tinubu Please come to my aid and help me bury my son so he can have peace and rest. I want you all to help me bury my son. I am not begging for money; I just want my son to rest. I leave the rest to God; he rewards everyone accordingly, and God will avenge his death. They are using my son’s death to make money online, so they pray to experience such misfortune too? I told everyone trying to interview me that I was not interested because there was nothing to be happy about my son’s death; they took him from me, and he needs to find rest now and be reburied. Mohbad mother cries out”.

If we meet one-on-one your body go tell you

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Portable charles okocha rippedPortable charles okocha ripped Controversial street-hop artist, Portable responds after actor Charles Okocha denied that he didn’t rip him of any 20 million naira. Some couple of days ago, Portable had come online to allege that Charles Okocha cheated him of 20 million naira out of a 40 million naira deal.

portable charles okocha ripped

Portable. Following the allegation, Charles Okocha took to Instagram to deny the allegations while simultaneously warning and rubbishing Portable for his acts of ingratitude. Portable took to the comment section Charles Okocha made about him to respond as well. He insisted that the actor ripped him of the money.

Portable charles okocha ripped

Charles Okocha. According to Portable, if they should see eye to eye, he would make his body know pain. In separate comments, he wrote … “You still get mind dey do video say you no” “Did you tell me about 40m” ” If we see one on one your body dey go tell
you AGBA ripper” “Me and you waka nomaly and that 5m no be
you send am to me na guy wey we do promotion for….” “Na Russia visa me and my family come do
for abuja no be for airport me and you meet how you take
collet hotel room for me stop lie na me send you that hotel
location say I dey inside” Refer to photo below …

Graduate visits her late dad’s grave on her sign-out day, weeps, and rubs grave sand on her body

Graduate visits her late dad's grave on her sign-out day, weeps, and rubs grave sand on her body

A female graduate paid a tearful visit to her late father’s grave, capturing the emotional moment in a TikTok video that has since gone viral. The video showcases the graduate, still dressed in her sign-out outfit, expressing overwhelming emotions as she kneels before the sandy grave and rubs sand onto her body. The heart-wrenching footage begins with the young woman visibly emotional as she sweeps the surroundings of her father’s resting place.

Graduate visits her late dad's grave on her sign-out day, weeps, and rubs grave sand on her body

The significance of the moment is heightened as the graduate, wearing her signing out outfit, kneels down and gently rubs sand from her father’s grave on her body. Tears stream down her face as she pays homage to her late father. The video, recorded by the young woman’s best friend, captures the raw and genuine nature of her emotions during this deeply personal moment. The touching video has resonated with many viewers online, eliciting an outpouring of sympathy and support. Many users have expressed their own experiences with loss and the challenges of navigating life milestones without the presence of loved ones. Netizens Reactions… @crysola said; “Why am I crying ….My Dad Died a day to my Signout, Writing my last paper was so difficult … Congratulations babes.” @articulate 42 said; “Omo, that’s how I cried o…my dad died a year before I graduated…that man practically forced me to get that degree.” @princesscomfypearl said: ”Omoh its not easy. my dad died a week to my NYSC passing out parade. Congratulations dear, take heart.” @Martins Yetunde Fadekemi said; “Congrats dear. “My own mom died some month to my signout.” @Diamond favour said; “Congratulations I cried the moment she knelt down and carry the sand.” Comfort Nse said: “Immediately she knelt down, tears rolled down my cheeks.” See below; @everythingjennabefine #viralvideo #rip #congratulations thankyou for making us proud ♬ Rest On Kashy – Anonymous Music

“Nobody should dare move my son’s body, DNA is necessary”

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“Nobody should dare take my son's body, DNA is necessary“Nobody should dare take my son's body, DNA is necessary Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, frowns at the decision to move his son’s body for a befitting burial while hammering on DNA test. It would be recalled that some celebrities, Tonto Dikeh, Bella Shmurda and others started the motion to withdraw the late singer’s body from the mortuary for a proper burial.

mohbad's father

Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of Mohbad The notion was prompted two months after the exhumation of Mohbad by the police for investigation purposes. Reacting, Mohbad’s father condemned such moves while insisting that if at all such would happen, it is his right to authorize it and not behind his back. He further reaffirmed the need to take samples from his late son’s body for a DNA test so as to confirm the paternity of his only son, Liam Light.

“Nobody should dare take my son's body, DNA is necessary

In his words, “I’ve been hearing maybe some people want to go and carry Mohbad’s body. When this boy was alive, he was my son, now that he’s gone, he still retains my name. Nobody should go and carry Mohbad’s body from there. If there’s anything you want to do, I should be the one to authorize it. Let’s get justice for Mohbad; after burial wetin remain? Let justice prevail first; the DNA is necessary.” Watch the video below …

Shut up, Mohbad’s body won’t be released until…

tonto dikeh verydarkman mohbad's body

tonto dikeh verydarkman mohbad's body

Popular activist, Verydarkman has lambasted Tonto Dikeh and others who are calling on the Nigerian police to release the body of late singer, Mohbad for befitting burial. It would be recalled that the veteran Nollywood actress and politician had cried out to the Nigerian Police Force to release Mohbad’s body so he can get a befitting burial.

verydarkman tonto dikeh mohbad's body

Activist, Verydarkman. Photo Source: Instagram. Mohbad’s close friend, Bella Shmurda had also called on the police to release the corpse so it could be buried. Verydarkman has tackled them as he commands them to shut their mouths. He said that Mohbad’s body cannot be released for burial until they have completed their thorough interrogation.

verydarkman tonto dikeh mohbad's body

The activist said that they had all suddenly had the need to bury the late singer because the two former suspects, Naira Marley and Sam Larry have been released. Watch him speak in the video below:

Bella Shmurda requests for Mohbad’s body from Nigerian police

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Nigerian musician, Bella Shmurda has demanded that the body of his late friend, Mohbad, is released by the police so he can get a befitting burial. The death of the late musician is still under investigation and the Nigerian police had exhumed the body to carry out autopsy. However, it’s been over one month and the Police is still yet to reveal any new information from the autopsy that can help solve the case. “Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police“Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian PolicePopular Nigerian artiste, Bella Shmurda. Thus, Bella Shmurda has called the Nigerian police out, asking for Mohbad’s body so he can be buried properly. He said; “It’s been over 2month moh died nd his body was taken in for autopsy but yet no result which is fine but pls release his body that boy need a befitting burial nd to go to rest finally naija police what’s going on,we need an answer here where is the result? Where is his body?” See post below: “Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police“Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police See some reactions to his post below.. @OGBdeyforyou said: “I don talk, I don tire 🥲, the matter dey pain me well well but Na 9ja we dey, everything na rubbish, na only God go help all of us” @iamkeyzeeto inquired: “Where is the autopsy result? Where is the body ? Why they dey release naira Marley and sam Larry? What is happening??” @Queeniejay24 said: “Nigerian justice system is so weak. They’re keeping his body so as to be flying different narrative that will suit their agenda. I love how you keep standing up for your friend. God bless and keep protecting you young Alhaji” @YemiFirstson asked: “But why won’t they release his body again? What’s the motive behind all of this? 🤔💔”

Give us Mohbad’s body for a befitting burial

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Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh calls on the Nigerian Police Force to hasten their investigations and release the body of the late Mohbad for a befitting burial. It would be recalled that the ex-signee passed on on September 12th, making it two months since his body was been exhumed and embalmed by the police.

tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh in an Instagram story post called out the Police for stalling the late singer’s burial while begging for justice to be served. It is worth noting that the mother of one and her colleague, Iyabo Ojo had once picked a casket and prepared the burial arrangements of Mohbad with the hopes of having his body released soonest. “@nigerianpoliceforce @benjaminhundeyin give us mohbad for a befitting burial. We are tired of your carelessness and slowness.. if no one speaks I will, I have invested too much of my emotions, my time and my love not to see this justice go through.. Like QM says give the police more time, honestly we have given you all more time than necessary.. This is not a case to be swept under… WE WANT JUSTICE,” she wrote.

Friends beg Oladips to wake up as lifeless body video surfaces

"Dips, please don't do this" – Friends burst into tears, beg Oladips to wake up as video of his lifeless body surfaces

A recent video has surfaced on the internet, revealing the friends of Nigerian rapper, Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, better known as Oladips, with his lifeless body moments after his passing. The video is reported to have been recorded hours before his management released a public statement detailing the moment the rapper passed away.

Rapper Oladips friends lifeless body

Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, Oladips. In a post previously published by NigezieXtreme, Oladips’ management mentioned that the rapper died late on November 14. However, several hours after the announcement of his death, a video depicting the lifeless body of Oladips, surrounded by friends begging him to wake up, has emerged on the internet. Shocked by this, many individuals have flooded the comment page of the post to express their feelings. See some reactions below: sugarbae_365: “Like how do u hold ur phone to record emergency situations.” eyinju_vocals: “Oladips wey I still post yday ?!!!! He’s always calling me female asake !! Pleas nothing must do him oo.” kosereofficial: “Bro I don call Ola tire his not picking can you just reply me abeg waiting happen.” drizzaitsings: “Nothing will happen to him by God’s grace. Sending all our prayers.” tomi_chapo_blingz: “Shey una don reach hospital? Wetin the Doctor talk? Abeg bro @onlyonelifetime_ no put us for darkness!!! I’m about to loose it @onlyzest Baba how far now???” bhaadman_ak: “Ahhhhhh pls Yallah Make nothing happened too My name Sake @oladipsoflife Oladimeji again ooo the first One have not wipes away in my brain oo @iammohbad.” tadekgram: “No evil shall fall on him monsha Allahu. May almighty Allah grant him quick recovery.” WATCH VIDEO: 

Little girl shakes her body, twerks to Tyla’s song, Water

Little girl TikTok waist shakes twerks Tyla song Water

A little girl has captured the attention of TikTok users by showcasing her dancing skills, rolling her waist, and twerking to ‘Water,’ a song by Tyla. In the video that has garnered widespread attention, the young girl, wearing a white diaper, is seen standing in front of the TV as the song plays.

Little girl TikTok waist shakes twerks Tyla song Water

Little girl. She dances excitedly, showcasing impressive waist-rolling skills. The little girl‘s actions left those present in shock and laughter as they recorded this rare moment. Shortly after the video surfaced on the internet, concerned individuals took to the comment section to react to the young girl’s performance. Here are some of the reactions: zaza: “‎Pandemics babies, am telling you.” Akua Diamond: “‎new slay queen is born.” ladymother0: “‎Tyla what you doing to our babies.” monde: “‎She’s doing it better than Tyla I guess yi choreographer ka Tyla lo.” user5533199747187: “‎The baby is possessed by the spirit of Tyla.” Gorgeous Black Girl: “nah this just proved that South Africans are born dancers, unfortunately the gene skipped me.” ‎hayi hayi hayi: “I should get myself le vest maybe something will move yoh.” Blvck_Angela: “‎She can do it better than me.” Thuli Pearl: “‎Can they please close the challenge now here’s our winner.” Tertianicole@21: “‎haaibo this girl got moves I can’t even twek.” username88: “Yebo wena bby show them how it’s done.” user510charmy: “‎she dance better than me.” Magɔt De Rou: “New up coming understanding girlfriend.” WATCH VIDEO: @sirmelz_collection @Tyla you have a young fan this side😂😂 ♬ original sound – Sir Melz