Woman dies from brain swelling after drinking too much water

Woman dies from brain swelling after drinking too much water

A 45-year-old woman, Michelle Whitehead lost her life after consuming excessive amounts of water during her stay at the Millbrook Mental Health Unit in Nottinghamshire, England. The incident occurred on May 5, 2021, just two days after Michelle, who had suffered a mental breakdown, was admitted to the facility. Michelle’s husband, Michael Whitehead, laid the blame squarely on the health facility, asserting that timely intervention could have saved his wife’s life. “Had they acted earlier Michelle would have been taken to ICU and put on a drip. That would have saved her life,” Michelle’s husband, said. Michelle had a condition known as psychogenic polydipsia, characterized by voluntary and excessive water intake, often observed in individuals with psychiatric or neurodevelopmental disorders.

Woman dies from brain swelling after drinking too much water

According to Michael, the health facility failed to diagnose Michelle with psychogenic polydipsia, allowing her unsupervised access to water in her room. Tragically, the staff allegedly administered tranquilizers to help her sleep, and Michelle slipped into a coma. The facility reportedly did not realize her deteriorating condition until four hours later. An investigation into Michelle’s death revealed that hospital staff deviated from their policy, with distractions such as mobile phones impeding the quality of care. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust admitted to eight failings, and the investigation concluded that these lapses “probably more than minimally” contributed to Michelle’s untimely demise.

Woman dies from brain swelling after drinking too much water

The coroner overseeing the case emphasized the need for the mental health unit to improve its ability to detect psychogenic polydipsia, aiming to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Ifti Majid, the CEO of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, issued an apology to the grieving family, acknowledging the lapses in Michelle’s care. “We are considering the findings of the jury and the coroner. We acknowledge that there were aspects of care which were not of the quality they should have been and will address the concerns raised so that the experience for patients now and in the future is improved,” Majid told the BBC. Michelle Whitehead, described by her husband as “warm, caring, and easy to love,” leaves behind a devastated family. The duo were childhood sweethearts; Michael was 17, and Michelle was 15 when he first met her on a bus. They were together for 30 years, raising two sons, one of whom had Down syndrome. Michelle dedicated 19 years to caring for her disabled son, sacrificing her career as a nursery nurse.

Brain Jotter sparks dating rumours with actress, Philldella Yve

Brain Jotter sparks dating rumours with actress, Philldella Yve

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, known as Brain Jotter, has sparked dating rumours with Nigerian actress Philldella Yve. Afro Entertainment, a Facebook blog, posted a picture of the comedian and actress having some personal time together. It may seem as though the heart of the skit maker and content creator was won over by the Nollywood actress.

Reacting to the post, netizens shared their thoughts accordingly. One Morenike Hamzat wrote: “Is the long caption necessary? Which one is he chose over 100 million Nigerian girls, is he the first?” Pretty Olivia wrote: “Nah because say she no Dey show her nakedness on social media.” Nse Victor wrote: “All of una just dey call yansh up and down Na una dey make these girls go dey do bmwlll anyhow.” Peworld Tv wrote: “What more can i say? enjoy my brother… but wait ooo, are you trying to said that nigerian girl are not beautiful? omooo this particular talk done weak some slay queens.” Mwe Odogwu comedies wrote: “Because she dey dress well… She no dey naked for social media..🚶🚶.” Princess Cynthia Ijeoma wrote: “My own be say, make she be God fearing abi na God dey fear her.” En Jay wrote: “And d gurl no really get nyash oooo…..for someone who makes content with nyash!” Alipew Bowale wrote, “I know she go get one big yansh like that…. My guy too like yansh”    

“Bro deceived us all” – Brain Jotter reacts after discovering that ‘lady’ he gave financial help is a man

"Bro deceived us all" – Brain Jotter reacts after discovering that 'lady' he gave financial help is a man

Popular comedian, Brain Jotter has reacted after the lady hawker he offered financial help to is exposed to be a man who scams his helpers by disguising. Recall that Brain Jotter had helped a physically challenged lady who hawked pure water on the street. Brain jotter lady financial hawkerBrain jotter lady financial hawkerSkit maker, Brain Jotter. Photo Source: Google. Because of his condition, Brain Jotter had decided to offer her some financial help by sending her 400,000 naira. Davido came across the video on Twitter and alerted his uncle because the lady was reported to be an indigene of Osun state. The lady was however exposed to be a man known as Sultan who disguises as a man to extort money from unsuspecting helpers. Brain Jotter hawker help manBrain Jotter hawker help manStreet hawker. Brain Jotter reacted to this discovery as he lamented that the guy deceived them all. He revealed that the boy was once helped in the past with 600,000 naira. Brain Jotter wrote: “If i tell you say i no tire, i dey lie. Just Negodu’?’. Bro deceived us all Some people has helped him with over 600k before. He lied!!! He is a MAN’!!!!”

Osun Governor supports Eniola’s education after Brain Jotter’s help

Osun Governor help pure water seller Eniola education Brain Jotter support

Osun Governor help pure water seller Eniola education Brain Jotter support

“From Osun state?” – Osun Gov. takes action to help pure water seller, Eniola’s education, following Brain Jotter’s support The governor of Osun State, Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke, announced on his social media page his plan to assist a pure water seller named Eniola in advancing her education shortly after she received financial support from the comedian Brain Jotter. Brain Jotter had shared a story about the girl on his social media page, outlining his intention to help her by providing financial support of 400k Naira.

"From Osun state?" - Osun Governor pure water seller Eniola education Brain Jotter support

Governor Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke. Shortly after Brain Jotter’s post was shared by a social media user, Davido, a Nigerian singer, came across it. In response, Davido shared the post with the caption, “From Osun state?” Not long after Davido’s reaction, his uncle, who is a sitting governor in Osun State, expressed his intention to assist the girl. He took to his official social media page to make the announcement, writing: “Thanks for sharing the video. Eniola’s dedication to making an honest living is inspiring. She embodies the qualities that represent Osun. I’ve directed my office to get in touch with her and explore possibilities to assist in advancing her education or improving her makeup skills.” SEE POST:  From Osun state ??? @AAdeleke_01 @MrBanksOmishore https://t.co/2wdIT0cR5S — Davido (@davido) November 7, 2023

Brain Jotter gifts ₦400k to physically challenged lady hawking water on the streets

Brain Jotter gifts physically challenged lady hawking water on streets with 400k

The well-known Nigerian Brain Jotter has posted a video of himself helping a physically challenged lady who was seen hawking water on the streets of Lagos. The comedian shared a video that has gone viral on his official Instagram account. In it, he candidly revealed the reason he chose to help Eniola, a disabled woman, at that particular moment. When Brain Jotter found out that the woman, in spite of her physical limitations, had chosen to work honestly instead of begging for charity, he said he was moved and motivated to help. In the video, while travelling to their destination, Brain Jotter and his group encountered Eniola selling water in the midst of a traffic jam.

Brain Jotter gifts physically challenged lady hawking water on streets with 400k

Brain Jotter, Nigerian comedian. Photo source: Instagram Following their in-person meeting, Brain Jotter inquired about her background and discovered that she was a native of Osun State, making a name for herself in the field of makeup artistry. After travelling from Osun to the busy streets of Lagos, Eniola discovered that she was short on cash and that she did not have the necessary supplies for her makeup artistry. Brain Jotter came to the rescue with a heart the size of the ocean, donating a generous N400,000. Finally, to make sure her journey went more smoothly, he gave her a social media lifeline by tagging her with the handle @glam_by_eniola. The woman, overflowing with thanks and wearing a joyful expression, gave the comedian her sincere gratitude for his kind gesture. Captioning the video, Brain Jotter wrote, “We met her on our way to set and her story was inspiring. God bless her, @glam_by_eniola.”

“Beautiful but no brain” — Young girl steals hundred dollars worth of items, hides them under dress

Young girl steals hundred dollars worth of items, hides them under dress

In a widely circulated video captured by a store’s CCTV camera, a strikingly beautiful young girl found herself caught in the act, engaging in unexpected behaviour that left viewers stunned. The footage depicted the girl, dressed in a vibrant blue outfit, swiftly and discreetly pocketing numerous items of significant value, amounting to hundreds of dollars.

Young girl steals hundred dollars worth of items, hides them under dress

CCTV captures lady stealing and stashing groceries in her underwear. Credit: Thiefcatherr / Tiktok The video showcased her actions in great detail, revealing her brazen disregard for the store’s surveillance and the presence of numerous customers who remained oblivious to her illicit activities. Despite the bustling environment, the girl remained undeterred, meticulously continuing her criminal spree. At the time of this report, no law enforcement agency had been observed intervening to apprehend the young girl. However, given the clear and incriminating evidence presented in the CCTV footage, it is anticipated that her identification will be facilitated, enabling authorities to locate and hold her accountable for her actions. The incident has triggered widespread dismay and raised concerns regarding theft and security within retail establishments. The video’s rapid dissemination across various platforms has heightened public awareness of such occurrences and sparked discussions on the need for increased vigilance and preventive measures to safeguard businesses and customers alike. In response to the girl’s unlawful behavior, a TikTok user, known by the username “babes,” expressed profound disgust. In a comment that reflected their disapproval, they referred to the suspect as a “beauty with no brains.” This sentiment implies a sense of disappointment in witnessing someone with apparent physical attractiveness resort to criminal acts, potentially tarnishing their own reputation and future prospects. As the investigation unfolds, it is hoped that law enforcement authorities will act swiftly and efficiently to apprehend the perpetrator, ensuring that justice is served. Watch the video below … @thiefcatcherr Caught girl stealing hundred dollar worth items all under her dress #fyp #viral #theifcatcher #thief #steal #caught #redhanded #dress #space #gasstation #looter ♬ original sound – Thiefcatcher

“From scoring A’s to D’s” — Lady narrates how roommate spiritually tampered with her brain


Young brilliant lady narrates her ordeal at the hands of her roommate who was spiritually behind her failures in school. A Twitter user identified as @Lizie_Tule took to the platform to share how her academic excellence became a thing of the past after being attacked spiritually.

Twitter user @Lizie_Tule
Image Credit / Source: Twitter According to Lizie_Tule, she used to score A’s which changed to C’s and D’s unexpectedly despite putting in effort. She, however, was informed via a prophecy that her roommate had a hand in her downfall. In her words; “I was an A student until my 300 level when my performance dropped drastically. 11 courses and I have only B’s. Hot tears. I was always sick and at a point my coursemates thought I was SS. “Had issues with mental coordination. I study hard but when it’s time for test or exam, I start feeling a disconnection btw my head and my neck. I struggle to remember and then I start having severe headaches. “My lecturers would call and chide me that I’m playing too much but I couldn’t share what was wrong with me cos I had no explanation for it.  “One day my sister went to church and pastor gave her prophecy about me. He asked me to come back home so he will pray with me. Don’t leave me. This is where it gets interesting. “Went home, prayed with me, and told me my roommate had hit my head with a hammer and my brain is leaking spiritually that’s why I find it difficult to coordinate and remember things. She doesn’t read but she’s having A’s while you having C’s and D’s.” Wawu.” 

“You think I have a peanut brain” – Chidi Mokeme’s son confronts him after he gave him fake dollar notes (Video)

"You think I have a peanut brain" – Chidi Mokeme's son confronts him after he gave him fake dollar notes (Video)

Chidi Mokeme son fake dollar notes

Legendary Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme had a hilarious exchange with his smart US-based son after he attempted to scam the little boy with some fake dollar notes.

Chidi Mokeme son fake dollar

The thespian had apparently given the boy some dollar notes as gift when the intelligent boy realized what he was given. He immediately confronted his dad who was sitting on the patio of their abroad home. The boy confronted his dad, telling him that he had given him fake money and he think he has ‘peanut brain’ and wouldn’t realize the scam. Chidi Mokeme, however, marveled at how a boy his age already knew how to differentiate between a fake dollar note and a real one. He wrote: “YAKUBU ALERT This One Wan Sabi DollarS Pass Me. E No Know Wetin My Eye Don See You Don Sabi Fake Dollars Just like INEC fake BIVAS If EYE NECK You Put The Blame On Yakubu Cos For INEC Last Resort Na Just To Find Your Way To Court. E be like say I go auction this boy & You think I have a peanut brain No Vex My Son, Them a call the youth dem lazy Now they can’t stop the brain drain.” Watch the video below:

How I almost had brain damage and blindness

How I almost had brain damage and blindness - Boma shares testimony

How I almost had brain damage and blindness - Boma shares testimony

Popular reality star, Boma Akpore, gives testimony as he narrates a medical condition that almost made him blind and also with brain damage.
The struggle started for the American actor when he caught COVID in 2020 which gradually developed into an almost life-threatening situation.

boma akpore

According to Boma in an Instagram post, a sinus infection that never lasted more than a day spent days without relief.
In a lengthy note, he wrote;
“My Testimony!!!
In 2020 December 2, I caught COVID-19 which led me to having a terrible sinus infection. Prior to then I have never had any sinus issues for more than 3 days.

Then I got extremely busy going from One film set to another in the US, then I came home to Nigeria and stayed for another 6 months due to being on big brother naija and other press duties I had to attend.
Afterwards I decided to return home to New York, all these while the sinus hasn’t given me any relieve almost 1 year after. I decided to see an allergist and between January and March 2021, I have had multiple doctors appointments and test which the scan results came back very unpleasant.

Half of my right face/nostril was blocked and I was only breathing from my left nostril. At this stage I wake up with mucus from my right nostril every single day. At this point, my only option was to have a surgery as recommended by my Doctor.
Surgery date was set for April 12. Suddenly I booked a movie role in Nigeria and shooting starts. April 8, my team and I decided to postpone the surgery till after the shoot. While I was in Nigeria the reunion date was also set, so I killed both birds with 1 stone.

As soon as the last episode was shot I took the flight back to NYC May 7, to prepare for my surgery May 13. Doctor said the infection had already spread to the back of my head and I was told I could get blind or have brain damage has it was a head surgery really close to the brain and I got extremely scared.
The surgery started at 6:30am and was due to be done 12pm, but I couldn’t wake up for another 3 1/2 hours, mehnnn, everyone was scared. I just want everyone to thank God for my life. After 2 months I’m back in the gym, 6th slide was me working out yesterday July 20th 2022 and ready to work again.
God is good. I want to urge everyone to always check in with your doctors when having an usual feeling or sickness.
PS : The grey area of the scan photo is the blocked part of my Face/Nostril. Big thanks to my friends and loved ones that took care of me when I was sick. May Almighty God meet you at your point of needs.”

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