People now leave UK to get medical care in Nigeria

"People now leave the UK to get medical care in Nigeria" - Lady shares experience

Nigerians in the diaspora lament the struggle and months of delay to get medical care in the UK as many resolve to return to Nigeria simply to see a doctor. A medical doctor identified as @simisola10 on the X platform opened up on the struggles of Nigerians in the diaspora as regards getting medical care. "People now leave the UK to get medical care in Nigeria" - Lady shares experience"People now leave the UK to get medical care in Nigeria" - Lady shares experience According to Dr Simi, waiting time and other delays in the UK have become so terrible that a common checkup may extend months before being allowed to see a doctor. She, however, revealed many Nigerians now return to get medical care in their home country, just to avoid the months of waiting time. “People now leave the UK to get medical care in Nigeria. This is an opportunity for @Fmohnigeria to formulate and deliver a healthcare plan for diasporans. Access to the best medical doctors in Nigeria. No wait time, and minimal cost,” she wrote. Reactions as Nigerians in the UK visit Nigeria for medical care AEAdeola opined: “Because there is no wait time in Nigeria and Nigeria healthcare professionals are well trained. We need to amplified the good things about Nigeria more than the bad ones.” Harbimborlar stated: “This is 100 percent true I knew of a doctor colleague who went to Nigeria for his surgery cos he cannot wait for 12 months . Nigeria will be better.” DebbieAriyo stated: “Yes many are leaving UK for access to good quality and more efficient health care in other countries like Ghana and Nigeria etc.” ekinneolalekan noted: “While Nigerian Doctors are running to the UK, the UK patients are then running to Nigeria for medical care! What an Irony.” AdanniaT noted: “Thanks, Sis, for highlighting this reality. We keep telling them these Western countries aren’t what they imagined them to be. Many have wasted 30+ years of their lives here with nothing nothing to show for it 😥. I really pray they listen to you 🙏.”

Daniel Regha advises Nasboi on skin care, he reacts

"Normalize applying moisturizer this season" – Daniel Regha advises Nasboi on skin care, he reacts

"Normalize applying moisturizer this season" – Daniel Regha advises Nasboi on skin care, he reacts

Controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has given his two cents on how skitmaker, Nasboi can take care of his skin this season. Daniel Regha, who is known for not minding his business, advised Nasboi to take care of his skin in his recently uploaded photo.

Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha Daniel sent a direct message to Nasboi, advising him to use moisturizer as his skin was a bit dry. He went on to stress how crucial it is to maintain hydration of the skin’s outer layer. Sharing a screenshot of their conversation, Nasboi informed Daniel that it was an old picture.


Nasboi The comedian pleaded with his fans to help him beg Daniel Regha to leave him alone. Daniel Regha wrote: “Pls normalize applying a little more moisturizer this season, especially if you often use an AC. Couldn’t help but notice that your skin was a bit dry in your recently uploaded post. It is very important for the outer layer one’s skin to stay hydrated.” SEE BELOW:

Mohbad: “Taking care of your child doesn’t mean they’d take care of you”

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Nkechi Blessing’s ex-boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan stirs reactions as he uses the late Mohbad and his father in a case study of raising children and being cared for in old age. It is worth noting that the late Mohbad passed on some months ago amidst suspicious circumstances and his death has since generated waves of controversy.

opeyemi falegan

Opeyemi in a recent post via his Instagram page penned a note of advice to men and how their efforts on their children may be fruitless in old age. Indirectly citing how the late Mohbad reunited with his mother ten years after she abandoned their family, and how his father took the blame for his death, Opeyemi urged men to prepare for almost the same fate.


Mohbad’s Father “(message to Men) That u took care of your child doesn’t mean ur child would take care of u.
Take care of yourself first abeg. ( this man na case study ooo ),” he wrote. The statement, however, crossed many as insensitive and unwarranted while many berated the idea of Mohbad’s father being responsible to his family. Netizen’s reactions to the case study of Opeyemi Falegan involving Mohbad osakwe_chiagozigom said: “Was he a good father to his son ?” aderonke30bg noted: “E jus dey pain me cause na dis man suffer for that boy 😢.” charlemagne_bon stated: “Parents as una de train children, make una try the save to take good care of una selves for old age.. children no be grantee say them go take good care of you… With these generation children.” iam_for_signs_and__wonders said: “Mohbad was actually good to his dad when he was alive.” lucy_ukuma wrote: “He bought him two cars, a plot of land, bought clothes, monthly upkeep, was even taking girlfriend to his house. If he wasn’t good to his father will all these happened? At 27th what did you do to your parents?” toyingram penned: “He tried his best compared to moh’s mother.”

“Do you men even know how to bathe babies?” – Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies in front of everyone in church

"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside church

"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside churchGistReel
In an entertaining event organized by the Holy Land Prayer Ministry Onitsha, a Nigerian pastor challenged fathers to showcase their parenting skills in a lively baby bathing competition, leaving onlookers amused and impressed.
The church organized a special program where four men were called upon to showcase their babysitting skills by bathing and dressing their infants.

A video capturing the event was shared on Facebook, quickly gaining attention and sparking reactions from netizens.
The participants, given bowls of water and baby supplies, were tasked with the challenge of proving that they could competently care for their babies, replicating the tasks typically associated with mothers.

The competition turned into a spirited display of parenting prowess, with each man striving to complete the tasks accurately and efficiently.
One participant notably stood out for his speed and dexterity. The other three fathers followed suit, each showcasing their unique styles and degrees of success in the challenge.
Netizens Reactions
Ofodile Gloria said; “The second man is my winner because he was careful with the child.”
Celina Cyril Olanrewaju said; “The man in green did best because of the way he is handling the baby with so much love and care.”
Chukwu Sandra said; “The man on yellow stripped material is used to the chore, and the baby is so comfortable with the dad bathing her.”
Kabirat Abubakry Sulaimon said; “I love the way the man in green carefully handles the baby.”
Onyinye Lovable said; “The man on green scored 100/100. In fact, he learned work from his mother. Kudos to him.”
Christ Iyke said; “I rate this couples program the best ever. Very interesting.”
Blessing Smart said; “This is lovely.” 
See below;

She stopped taking care of herself

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A lady has sparked mixed reactions online as her before vs after divorce transformation video surfaces on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by a netizen identified as @oku_yungx.

lady transformation divorce before after

Lady before divorce. In the video which was shared, the lady was seen looking plus-size and older while she was married with her husband. However, when she got divorced from her husband, she lost a lot of weight and began looking younger and attractive.

lady transformation before after divorce

Lady after divorce. Netizens who took to the comment section said that the lady had stopped taking good care of herself after she got married which led to her looking the way she does. @brodamike07 said: “Congratulations to her on her divorce. There’s no proof to show that her marriage caused this. We also request to see the pictures of her husband.” @Sire__Gift said: “So na marriage dey make her fat cause I don’t understand .” @4RM_435 said: “Women are still confused as to why guys have side chicks. They marry and then let themselves go, and then after divorce, they try to do what they should have done earlier. Don’t be fooled, this is for the next man since she knows she won’t get one unless she transforms.” @KizitoFcb said: “The things she did after getting divorced that got her that killer body, what stopped her from doing it in the marriage?” @aai_austin said: “What she refused to do while married she started doing while divorced. Pathetic!” @naturalboifilmz said: “The right partner will bring out the best version of you, the wrong partner will do otherwise.” @_the_manmaay said: “So she purposely turn to a foodie because she got a man in her life and now that she’s out again for marketing she work on her self just to get another fish.” Watch the video … This Lady shows a picture of herself, BEFORE & AFTER marriage. 💆‍♂️ — Oku (@oku_yungx) November 19, 2023

“I don’t care about trolls, my husband’s opinion matters the most to me” – BamBam

"I don't care about trolls, my husband's opinion matters the most to me" – BamBam

BBNaija star Oluwabamike Adebuniyan, popularly known as BamBam has said that she only cares about her husband’s opinions and not what cyber trolls say. The mother of two was featured on Punch Saturday Beats and she spoke on how she feels about cyber bullies and their opinions.

“I don’t care about trolls, my husband’s opinion matters the most to me” – BamBam. Credit: Bammybestowed/ Instagram. According to her, everyone is entitled to hold and make whatever opinion they wish; however, those that matter most to her are those of Teddy A, her husband. She said: “I do not care about trolls (cyber bullies), because it is important that the world knows that everyone is entitled to their opinions. It will only matter if the troll is from my mother and my father. Even at that, what matters the most is what I feel about myself. My husband is the only one who can hurt me with his words, because I love him so much. His opinion matters the most to me. I do not live for trolls, unless I want to be suiucidaal.” During the course of the interview, BamBam also expressed her desire to act and make her own movies. BamBam said, “I am really passionate about filmmaking. Acting and producing my own films are really something that I look forward to doing. I am currently working with some film producers to do something. I have some stories I have written but the budget is much. I also have an interest in reality shows, and I am working on producing some.”

“Snatch another woman’s man if she doesn’t know how to take care of him” – Blessing CEO (Video)

"Snatch another woman's man if she doesn't know how to take care of him" – Blessing CEO (Video)

Relationship expert Blessing Ceo urges ladies to snatch other women’s men if they don’t know how to take care of them. The socialite took to her Instagram page to give women the advice as she emphasized that when it comes to relationships, overtaking is allowed.

Blessing CEO advises women to snatch men. Credit: Blessing CEO/ Instagram. She said that women should take other women’s partners as their own if they are not taking care of their men of showing them respect. Speaking further, Blessing said that there are some men in unhappy marriages and relationships that are waiting to be snatched by young beautiful girls. She captioned, “Snatch another woman’s man if she does not how to respect her man. Snatch him” Watch her speak below;

Lady abandons marriage to move in and take care of disabled sister

Lady abandons marriage to move in and take care of disabled sister

A lady has shared her reason for abandoning her marriage to move in with her sister who suddenly stopped walking. Her sister, Salah Saidi, has been facing immense challenges and struggling with a disability from a young age, but she refused to let her spirit be crushed. Now 55 years old, Salah is a mother of four grown children. However, her journey has not been easy. Complications with her legs developed when she was just seven years old, making it increasingly difficult for her to walk. Eventually, she lost the ability to stand on her feet altogether and began crawling on the ground. Despite her hardships, Salah never gave up. Her family tried everything to find a cure for her, but their efforts were in vain. Modern medical centers were too expensive, and Salah’s physical disability became a permanent part of her life. But her spirit remained unbroken. Salah’s life has been a challenging one, from the moment she was born. As Salah grew older, she faced even more challenges. She became a mother at a young age, and the fathers of her children did not take responsibility for their well-being. Salah had to raise her children alone, struggling to provide for them with her limited abilities. She relied heavily on her family, especially her siblings, who supported her throughout the journey. One of Salah’s younger sisters, Amina, was particularly close to her. Amina was determined to help Salah in any way she could, and she became Salah’s constant companion. She however realized the extent of her sister’s struggles when she visited her. Witnessing Salah’s daily hardships, Amina made a selfless decision. She convinced her husband to relocate so that she could live with Salah and provide the support she desperately needed. Amina’s husband agreed earlier on, but he later broke his promise, choosing to marry another woman instead. Amina paid a high price for her sister’s well-being, sacrificing her own marriage. Together, they faced the world, with Salah crawling on the ground and Amina walking beside her. Watch the video below:

Bobrisky causes stir as he teaches women how to take care of men (Video)

Bobrisky causes stir as he teaches women how to take care of men (Video)

Bobrisky causes stir as he teaches women how to take care of men (Video)

Bobrisky causes stir as he teaches women how to take care of men (Video) The famous lifestyle influencer, Bobrisky Okuneye sparks mixed reactions as he takes time out of his busy schedule to teach women how to take care of their men. The crossdresser who is known for bragging about his special treatment as a better side chic than most women has released tutorials on his approaches.


Lifestyle influencer, Bobrisky. Credit: Bobrisky222 / Instagram. In a video making the rounds on social media, Bobrisky prepared a man for a sauna bath by carefully washing him with warm water. Sharing the video, he wrote, “My fellow girls, this is how to take care of your man. I’m such a caring girl. Dis is how you girls should take care of your man.”

Bobrisky causes stir as he teaches women how to take care of men (Video)

Netizens, however, had a thing or two to say about his approach as many focused on his sexuality other than the said teaching. chaz_ogbu_ said: “A man showing women how to shower a fellow man. Let real women show you how to cater to a man. Ndi efulefu..” _cici_nita said: “I don mark the man face
I no wan hear forget my past
I no fit forget this kind past😂” goldenseed33 opined: “Make dem arrest this baba nau , he spoiling our youth” jeffryprettypretty noted: “Senior man taking care of senior man 😂” mheenarh__ said: “Later una go say na women fit do anything for money, Shey this one no be man? 😂😂😂” Watch the video below … @bobriskyosheybaddest #answer to @binibiningmarikit #fyp #foryoupage #bobrisky #bobrisky222 #mummyoflagos #mummyoflagos😂 #viral #viralvideo #trending #trend ♬ Ojapiano – Kcee

“You kissed me first, stop acting like you care about Beauty”

"You kissed me first, stop acting like you care about Beauty"

Reality star Groovy has fired shots at Phyna for claiming she was worried about what Beauty would feel about her relationship with her man. Phyna and Beauty Tukura have not been the best of friends after Beauty was disqualified from the show. Recall that one of the factors why Beauty was disqualified from the show was her obsession with Groovy.

Reunion: "You kissed me first, stop acting like you care about Beauty" - Groovy fires Phyna

Big Brother Naija season 7 winner, Phyna. Photo credit: Unusual Phyna. Source: Instagram After her disqualification, Phyna and Groovy were seen together in the house being cozy with each other. Fast forward, an excerpt of today’s Big Brother Naija reunion has been shared online where Phyna was heard saying that she was worried about how Beauty Tukura would see her after the show because of her relationship with Groovy in the house. She added that she had wanted to speak to Beauty after the show. However, while Phyna was explaining herself, Groovy chipped in and fired back at Phyna accusing her of making sexual advances at him first. He also disclosed Phyna was the one who kissed him first in the house. Watch video