“My wife’s friends who made her leave me are now my side chics” – Taxi driver

"My wife’s friends who made her leave me are now my side chics" – Taxi driver

A Nigerian man, Emmanuel Echeta has recounted his intriguing meeting with a Bolt driver who confided in him about marital problems, where his wife’s friends advised her to leave him. The driver informed him that his wife had listened to the advice of her friends, who said that he was not providing adequate care for her and that she should leave him.

taxi driver wife side chics

Taxi Driver. The intruging part is that the same people who advised her to abandon her marriage have been trailing her spouse home. According to Emmanuel, the woman left her cab driver husband a month later. The driver’s neighbor had to contact her to let her know what was going on after noticing that he was consistently returning home with his wife’s female friends. Emmanuel tweeted. “Bolt driver was telling me how his wife’s girlfriends advised her to leave him because he wasn’t doing enough. A month after she left, his neighbour called to tell her that her husband had been bringing her girlfriends home weekend after weekend. I tipped him after the ride.” See photo below:

Gov. Ortom’s former aide, Smith Takema addresses men who ridicule their wives in presence of side chics


The former aide of Governor Ortom, Smith Takema has shared a few tips to married men on how they can handle their side chics. According to Smith Takema, most side chics who have the guts to attack the wives of the men they are dating have some motivation from the man. smith takema Smith Takema advised men to stop discussing their wives with their side chics and stop comparing their wives with their side chics. He also advised men never to eat food prepared by their side chics and also reminded men to always use condoms when they want to be intimate with their side chics to avoid any form of pregnancy. Smith Takema further advised men never to sleep over in the house of their side chics and lastly, avoid falling in love with these ladies. In his words; “Any side chick that has the guts to attack Madam is motivated by the husband of madam. Some mumu men will knack a side chick to the extent that they table their wife for ridicule with the side chick. Do not discuss your wife with a side chick, never compare your wife with a side chick no matter how the knacking carry you go reach. Never entertain any discussion with her about your wife. Avoid eating food specially prepared for you from her. Above all use a condom or make her understand that you won’t entertain pregnancy. Whatever you give her triple madam’s own. Give her limited time and don’t sleep over in her place, meet her in hotels or inns. Lastly do not fall in love with her with your heart but do it with your head.”

“No be mumu be this?” – Reactions as lady who added husband’s side chics on WhatsApp group hospitalized

“No be mumu be this?” – Reactions as lady who added husband’s side chics on WhatsApp group hospitalized

The married woman identified as Joy Ogah who created a WhatsApp group for her husband’s side chics have reportedly been hospitalized. A few days ago, a married woman from Isiukwuato Local Government Area in Abia State, took drastic measures by adding all her husband’s side chics to a Whatsapp page to give them a stern …

Woman adds husband’s side chics to WhatsApp group to dish out stern warning (Audio)

Woman adds husband's side chics to WhatsApp group to dish out stern warning (Audio)

Married woman husband's side chicks WhatsApp group

A married woman has sought to firmly establish boundaries as she adds all her husband’s alleged side chicks to a WhatsApp group tagged ‘Chinedu’s Sidechicks’ to warn them off.

Married woman husband's side chicks WhatsApp group

The lady who had apparently had enough of her husband’s infidelity and decided to get her husband’s partners to have a chat. From the audio conversations they had in the group, she could be heard warning them to stay away from her husband. She also shared an image of her and her husband which had been taken during their wedding to prove to the ladies that the man is indeed married to her.

Some ladies who had been shocked by her temerity berated her. Some had said that her husband isn’t even worth fighting over while others advised her to address them as co-wives. See audio below:

Yul Edochie dragged after reacting to Halima Abubakar’s advice to husband snatchers and side chics


Nollywood actor and producer Yul Edochie has been dragged by a social media user after he reacted to Halima Abubakar’s post on side chics.

Yul Edochie

In the late hours of yesterday afternoon, actress Halima Abubakar gave an update on her health and also shared a piece of advice to women using herself as a case study. She wrote, “Leave a life you would be proud of🚪 Thank you all for all the prayers and encouragement, love. I am on a new part, to a new life, strive to be the new you and stay safe and morally right… No do side chick o…see u soon👍 Find a side business and leave people’s husbands.
Let’s do this🤲🏻 DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE… THE IDEA IS TO BE MORALLY RIGHT” Yul Edochie is one of the people who reacted to the post of Halima Abubakar. A fan who noticed commented under Halima’s post, “It’s Yul Edochie liking this post for me.. wonders shall never end”; a subtle shade to shade for picking a second wife.