“Music is not all about chasing clout” – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

"Music is not all about chasing clout" – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

"Music is not all about chasing clout" – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

Popular skitmaker, Carter Efe has replied Nigerian rising singer, Young Duu after he accused him of stealing his song. You may recall that earlier today, the singer accused Carter Efe of ripping him off and taking advantage of his situation after he singlehandedly performed ‘Oyinmo’ song.

Carter Efe

Carter Efe Reacting to this, the record label boss referenced all the assistance he rendered to Young Duu. He queried the singer if he knew how the music video and other arrangements came about as he worked so hard to achieve them. He further noted that music is not all about chasing clout but how you present it to the audience. Young Duu Young Duu Young Duu According to Carter, upcoming artists have the mentality that when they feature him, they all want to talk about how they were ripped off. Netizens took to the comment section to express their disappointment in Carter Efe PR strategies. Reactions to Carter Efe’s reply to Young Duu mr-jayjey wrote: “Nigerians who fall for all these cheap PR strategies are the reason una government dey catch una mugu. They know you guys are easily deceived.” mayorsoj said: “Carter Efe’s  PR and promotional strategy is IRRITATING 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️” _.blessinge penned: “This PR and promotional strategy went to Havard University but Nigerians will fall for it sha 😂😂😂😂” SEE POST:

“People support whatever gives them value” – Erica Nlewedim tackles Teddy A after he blasted folks for chasing clout


Hilda Baci: "People support whatever gives them value" – Erica Nlewedim tackles Teddy A after he blasted folks for chasing clout

Popular BBNaija star, Erica Nlewedim tackles her colleague, Teddy A after he came hard on folks supporting viral chef, Hilda Baci for clout. The chef, Hilda Baci has become an internet sensation after she undertook the great feat of surpassing the longest cooking time.

Hilda Baci: "People support whatever gives them value" – Erica Nlewedim tackles Teddy A after he blasted folks for chasing clout

Various celebrities had visited the residence where the cooking was taken place to show their support as others camped outside to cheer on. Teddy A, the BBNaija season 3 ex housemate, commended her tenacity as he slammed those who had only supported the chef for the sole aim of chasing clout.

Hitting back on him, Erica Nlewedim noted that people only support what they value. Schooling him further, she said that if people decide to drive to watch Hilda, it’s because they find her entertaining. In her words: “People naturally support whatever gives them value, if they drive to watch Hilda cook, it’s cos it’s entertaining to them, if they don’t drive to support their friends Jesus already said a prophet isn’t recognized in his home. Create value and excitement, and people will support!”.

“Our relationship is clout, I paid you” — Boyfriend of James Brown’s sister denies rape allegations (Video)

"Our relationship is clout, I paid you" — Boyfriend of James Brown's sister denies rape claims (Video)

The boyfriend of James Brown‘s sister, Believe, denies rape allegations against him while affirming that their relationship was based on clout.

This comes after Gracious Brown accused her boyfriend of physically abusing her after making attempt to rape her friend. In a follow-up story, Beleive argued that the allegations of rape against him were false while stating that he paid Gracious to be his girlfriend for clout and to promote his music. He further stated that on the day of the incident, Gracious Brown was high and when he refused to have sex with her, she pulled a knife and inflicted injury on herself. He added that her friend joined Gracious to attack him.

james brown's sister gracious

“Gracious Brown I Can’t Date you, you are not my type, you are the one forcing yourself on me. Our relationship is fake it’s for clout I paid you and your brother money; your brother James Brown still owes me money. “Gracious brown and James you both are trying to rip Me. Gracious smokes, she was high wanted to sleep with me but I turned her down because I don’t find her attractive she then carried knife so i acted in self Defense,” he stated. Watch the video below …

Don’t chase clout with my name


Popular influencer and slay queen, Mandy Kiss has denied all allegations leveled against her by Salo during an Instagram live session.

Mandy Kiss

Earlier today, Salo revealed during a live Instagram session while weeping that Mandy Kiss has ruined his life, adding that he has not been getting credit alerts after he got involved with the slay Queen in an intimate way multiple times. In a rebuttal, Mandy Kiss has dragged Salo on her Instagram page placing curses on him. She has denied every allegation leveled against her by Salo. She has also warned Salo to desist from using her name to chase clout. “Sallo I understand the face you wanna trend but this time around you messed with the wrong fellow! Cos I won’t take it easy with you. Do not use my name to chase clout!!!… Don’t stain my name, Salo. Stop being stupid. Are you tryna chase people away from me?? Salo, you are a terrible liar”.