‘It’s been 2 weeks, still no single customer

"'It's been 2 weeks, still no single customer"

A lady known as @haphiez_glam has opened up about the disheartening challenges she has encountered since she opened her makeup studio. Despite her high hopes and aspirations, the lady has found herself grappling with the painful reality of attracting customers, leading to financial difficulties and increased pressure from licensing authorities. The make-up artist shared her struggles, revealing that two weeks after opening her makeup studio, she has yet to attract any customers seeking her professional makeup services.

To compound her challenges, regulatory authorities, such as the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), are pressing for financial obligations that she is currently unable to meet. “It’s two weeks since I opened up my makeup studio, no customers yet, but license guys want to close it, KCCA wants money for rubbish that I don’t even have yet y’all didn’t warn us about self-employment!,” the lady wrote. In response to @haphiez_glam’s sharing of her struggles, netizens has rallied behind her, offering words of encouragement and support. Many empathized with her situation, acknowledging the inherent challenges that come with starting a new business. Netizens Reactions… @jerabrenda reacted; “Close that shop, work mobile. Make arrangements with photo studios, when I client wants photoshoot, you jump in. Look for them!” @Anna Annabel reacted; “Just keep praying God z never early and His never too early but when he works u will be surprised and say I have received too much than what I asked 4.” @Fire fox reacted; “I feel you, just like I opened up ma ka boutique in 3weeks no customer and on top of that thieves broke in and went away with my ka capital.” @Jamme said; “Self employment is the hardest path to real success. It’s full of lessons that shape you to the final line stay strong for ntng comes on a silver platter.” @Dinah Khalifah said; “A young lady trying to make her own money and fight for a brighter future, mungu akutelemu obwangu. Don’t give up.”  See below; @haphiez_glam Still hopeful that all will work out Inshaa Allah🥺🙏🙏 ♬ life im over you Zevia – zevia

Lady stuns many as she shows off N5.8 million food she cooked for customer

Lady stuns many as she shows off N5.8 million food she cooked for a customer

A viral video featuring a lady @hotmbycheft showcasing a meticulously and exquisitely packed food order, priced at a whopping sum of N5.8 million, has set social media abuzz with mixed reactions. In the trending video, @hotmbycheft showed a variety of delicious dishes arranged in different containers meant for a customer who would pay N5.8 million. The sumptuous spread boasted a diverse selection of delicacies, including various soups, fried rice, meats, fish, and ‘pomo’ (cowhide), among other mouthwatering offerings.

Lady stuns many as she shows off N5.8 million food she cooked for a customer

While the cooking skills and attention to detail in the presentation garnered widespread admiration, the substantial price tag sparked a wave of reactions online. Some netizens were surprised by the seemingly very high cost. Critics argued that the price was too much and went beyond what is reasonable. Netizens Reactions… @Asiwajudeeone asked; “Wetin be N5.8m? Na Toyota Prado?Abeg, park well jare.” @iam_lexzo said; “Everything no enter N1 million.” @NeYoPaPi. said; “The price is fair, but can you do 2K own for me?” @sallybelloo asked; “N5.8 and you people captured everything in one video?” @Teniadeoniru said; “Cut 300 naira own for me before you go deliver.” @Nohsleep said; “I don calculate m, and the total price na 985k.” @Kyng Harry asked; “How much I wan pay caterer for my wedding?” @Phavour asked; “For food wey no go last 3 days for my house?”  See below; @hotmbycheft FRESH MEALS 💯 Homeoftastymeals on IG ✅ WhatsApp: 0708 319 6079 #viralvideo #trendingsong #food #comic #freshfood #foodinlagos #foodblogger ♬ original sound – HOMEOFTASTYMEALS – CHEF T👩‍🍳

Makeup artist shocked as she discovers her customer is a corpse

Makeup artist corpse customer

Makeup artist corpse customer

A makeup artist that was hired for a job found herself in disbelief as she finds out that the customer she’s supposed to attend to is a corpse. The lady stated that she had no idea that she was meant to render her services to a deceased person.

Makeup artist corpse customer

Makeup artist. She was apparently hired by the relatives of the deceased individual and she was meant to attend to it and make it look good for the coming burial. The video she shared showed that she was taken to a mortuary, as several caskets were seen. Lamenting, she said she had already spent the money she was paid and she had no choice but to do it. Read some reactions below: @Marie commented: “They better make sure my nails are done before burying me.” @Only one Asty said: “I’d simply triple the amount!” @chidinma said: “The day I heard that they makeup a corpse my mind skipped, na asap refund I go do.” @Asa commented: “No big deal. Some nail technicians go to the morgue to run a deceased person’s nail before the burial.” Watch the video below: @maris_is_pretty And i have spend the money oo 😩 #scargirl #viral ♬ original sound – SYPHÂ25

“She’s a professional POS fraudster” – Lady shares how she got scammed of N80K by customer (Video)

"She's a professional POS fraudster" – Lady shares how she got scammed of N80K by customer (Video)

Vendor in pains as she shares how a POS fraudster skillfully defrauded her of N80K after purchasing items from her shop. The footwear vendor went online to share the experience and also forwarn shop owners on the new tricks some shady customers are now using.

Lady recounts how she was scammed of N80K She shared a video of the moment the customer came into the shop, and gave a commentary on what transpired. The lady had entered the shop with dark shades and a wig that appropriately covered her face from the CCTV. Shhe bought several items which all totalled to 95,000 naira and had opted to make a POS payment rather than cash. The vendor revealed that when the customer input her card and pin, she held onto the machine and quickly exchanged the receipt when it printed out (the vendor was distracted while this had occured). Watch the video below… Cyber users have placed the blame on her for allowing the lady hold onto the machine after making the payment v

Police arrests customer who fled with N55m Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 Abuja Customer

Following the public announcement of the incident, the police have successfully apprehended a man who had previously absconded with a Mercedes Benz worth millions of naira. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command had disclosed their ongoing efforts to locate the stolen Mercedes Benz GLB 250, which was taken by an individual posing as a customer in Abuja.

The thief

According to additional reports, Mohammed Manga, a car dealer, had raised the alarm after a suspect known as Henry, who disguised himself as a customer, fled with the vehicle during a test drive. Mohammed explained that one of his fellow car dealers had entrusted the Mercedes Benz to Henry, who claimed to be a potential buyer. Unfortunately, trouble arose when Henry requested to test drive the car. To the dismay of the car dealers, Henry swiftly accelerated and escaped with the vehicle, remaining hidden thereafter. Approximately three days later, Mohammed reported the incident to the police. However, there is now news that Henry, the customer-turned-thief, has been apprehended by law enforcement.

A social media user shared the update, stating, “Do you all remember this car that was stolen from Abuja while it was being test-driven? The thief has been caught in Asaba.” See some reactions below: Duke of Africa: “My question is how did he pass all the multiple police checkpoints from Abuja down to Asaba?”  Dean of violence: “The Benz wey this Asaba self too much. Any small thing Benz, Any small thing Benz, werey won kon oppress Okpanam road boys, DLA girls, DBS babes, Anwai road girls, he wan shut down Don and Masters, werey wan oppress for Xhrine, he wan come pack for ShopRite car park.”  Alfoor: “Police is not the issue here, customs is the issue. How did he move past the numerous checkpoints without license plate.”  Ola: “You are asking how he passed, police get scared of stopping this type of cars. You can’t see ordinary citizen driving this type of car, only few can afford it.”  Diamond: “Mama always praying for the grind to pay and now the grind have paid’ see ya serious Bf wan oppress us for this our small ASABA wey we dey manage he test run car from Abuja reach town with no down payment.”  SEE POST:

“I will be sacked” – Robot waiter gets angry at customer who blocks its way (Video)

"I will be sacked" - Robot waiter gets angry at customer who blocks its way (Video)

A video capturing a robot waiter named ‘Peanut‘ expressing frustration towards a customer in a restaurant has taken social media platforms by storm. The viral clip depicts a woman obstructing the path of the robot waiter, leading to Peanut’s response, “Don’t block my way, please. I have to work, otherwise I’ll be fired.”

"I will be sacked" - Robot waiter gets angry at customer who blocks its way (Video)

Photo of the robot waiter. Photo Credit: @officaltechnology Source: Tiktok The video, originally posted on TikTok by user @artificialtechnology, quickly gained traction and sparked a conversation around the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its potential for emotional responses. The video’s caption, “Artificial Intelligence Waitress Bot Gets Very Upset,” further heightened the intrigue surrounding the footage. In the video, Peanut, a robot waiter equipped with advanced AI technology, is seen navigating through the restaurant to fulfill its duties. However, when confronted by the woman blocking its path, the robot surprisingly expresses frustration and implores her not to hinder its progress. The unexpected interaction has captivated viewers, sparking discussions about the evolving capabilities of AI and its ability to mimic human emotions. The video has sparked a mixed response from social media users. While some found Peanut’s emotional reaction intriguing and applauded the advancement in AI technology, others expressed concerns about the potential implications of robots displaying human-like emotions in service industries. See below; @artificialtechnology Artificial intelligence Waitress Bot Gets very Upset #ai #artificialintelligence #techtok #technology #viral #robot #future #reaction #funny ♬ original sound – Artificial Intelligence  

“One customer I no see”


A young Nigerian lady has shared her pain after paying a Nigerian influencer, Papaya to promote her brand. According to her, she paid the influencer for a promotion gig hoping to get more customers, but it didn’t favour her in the end.

While sharing the video on TikTok, she lamented that it was so painful not to make any sales afterwards. She said: “Me after thinking I will make sales after paying papaya for Insta ads. One customer I no see, e pain me.” The video has stirred so many reactions on social media from netizens who advised her to invest in other ways of promoting her brand. Watch the video below: @folaoflagos05 1 customer like this i no see🥹😭😂he pain me😢😂😭 ♬ original sound – iluvthestarss

Hairdresser locks customer out in the cold for arriving 2 hours late

Hairdresser locks customer out in the cold for arriving 2 hours late

A Nigerian hairdresser based abroad has revealed what she did to a customer who arrived two hours after the scheduled time. According to her, the client’s appointment was scheduled for 8 a.m, but she arrived after two hours at 10 a.m.

The hairdresser said she got pissed and left her outside to freeze a little just to punish her for lateness. She captioned the video:
“My client showed up 2 hours late for appointment and I let her stay outside in the cold.” Reacting to the video, @Wifey💍&Mom said: “You made my day. This should be a lesson to all Africans, I swear, you are a sweetheart.” @dollfacepage commented: “Let the cold sink in.” @Vikingarflätor wrote: “You are right sis. We have to change our mindset really.” @NaturalQueen1 added: “In North Carolina we ask customers for a certain deposit, if late they don’t get hair done nor deposit back.” Watch the video below: @beautybyalicedimplz #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #viral #beautybyalicedimplz #dfwbraider #dallasbraider ♬ original sound – alice_mukendi

Moment hairdresser almost goes into trance while attending to customer (Video)


A video online captures the perplexing moment a young hairdresser almost transitioned into the spiritual realm while attending to a customer.

Hairdresser trance

The lady was busy carrying out her hair making duties on a customer while listening to a song when a sudden feeling took hold of her. Out of the blue she screamed, and held up her hands to her head as if the origin of the sudden sensation had come from her head. She gradually came to herself and resumed attending to the customers who maintained surprising composure. Watch the video below: Hairdresser almost enters the spiritual realm while attending to a customer. pic.twitter.com/GZnRU6jVCa — Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) March 14, 2023 In reaction, adeoluolatomide wrote: “I no dey enter that salon again!” originaldemmy wrote: “People should know better than to play songs like this around people that easily go Into trance…… E dey be like whining for my eye….. Of course you know it triggers” precious.emmasd wrote: “They for wipe am better oraimo cord” belindaoma wrote: “The person still sitting must be her very good friend. Me laidis don reach house.”

“Main ingredient Dangote cement” — Customer laments after buying bread online (Video)


A bread lover is left in severe pain after ordering a French loaf online that is so strong and required a hammer to break.

"Main ingredient Dangote cement" — Customer laments after ordering strong bread online (Video)

A video making rounds on social media captured the struggle it took for a customer to eat from the loaf they ordered. The bread was seen being struck with a hammer by the individual but the loaf remained in its form regardless of the effort. “POV you ordered bread online and they delivered concrete. If you stone someone with this, they will die of internal bleeding. Main ingredient: Dangote cement. I never see this kain baguette before,” the customer wrote. Watch the video below …