Israel DMW’s wife replies after he laid hefty curse on her

Israel DMW's wife Sheila reacts curse

Israel DMW’s estranged wife, Sheila reacts unexpectedly after he used Edo gods to lay a heavy curse on her after she revealed to the general public that she’s currently single.

Israel DMW's wife Sheila reacts curse

Sheila. Earlier, Sheila had revealed that she’s currently single, however, she noted that she’s not searching. In a post that came afterwards, Israel laid a curse of death on any man who intends to come close to her now they’re separated, and made the assurance that it’d come to pass with the backing of Edo ancestors. However, Sheila replied with a Bible verse from Lamentations about his words not coming to pass of it is not willed by God. She wrote … “Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, When the Lord commandeth it not? Lamentations 3:37 KJV” veevogee said: “Anything that involves two persons that have seen each other’s nakedness, no dey put mouth for their matter. Both of them are right and both of them are also wrong. Case closed…” an_na_bella11 said: “This lady dodged a bullet. She don’t know what God has done for her” iameniolamyde commented: “May we not get married to what we can’t explain” thronedigital commented: “This is a battle between Edo ancestors and the Calabar ancestors, but the calabar lady chose the lord of host instead of her ancestors. This battle won’t be as mall one. Keeping up with the isrealite Season 1 Ep14. 3” said: “It is times like this that I am so glad man no be God. If not eh!” _funkygold wrote: “Sheila 100..lsrael 00″ natashabankz7 commented: “Na pastor pikin sin pass for this life” daddysgirl_treasure_ wrote: “The best thing she did was to run for her life, can’t imagine what brother Juju was doing behind closed doors if he’s doing all of this openly” Check out post …

Sheila addresses Israel DMW’s allegations of being a slave to Davido

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Sheila replies ex-husband, Israel DMW’s allegations of being a slave to DavidoSheila replies ex-husband, Israel DMW’s allegations of being a slave to Davido Sheila Courage, the estranged wife of Isreal DMW, debunks her ex-husband’s allegation of referring to him as a “slave” for serving his boss, Davido. Earlier, Isreal Afeare outlined the reasons why his marriage to Sheila had fallen apart in a lengthy Instagram post.

Sheila courage isreal dmw's wife

He claimed that she ridiculed him on social media, stating that he finds joy in acting like a slave around his boss, both in public and private. In his words, “I derive dignity in begging my oga [Davido], and that I am fully a slave and that I am disgracing her on social media.” However, Sheila swiftly denied the accusations on her Instagram account, asserting that she never had any issues with Isreal serving his employer. She mentioned that she only advised him to start a business or establish a legacy for himself other than being dependent. “I never had an issue with him [Israel DMW] serving his boss [Davido]. “As a wife, I only told my husband to get something doing! Get a business running, start building a legacy. [I] Gave him countless ideas on things he could possibly do. “I just wanted him to have something going on for himself which his family fully supports as it’s a concern to everyone,” she wrote.

Sheila replies ex-husband, Israel DMW’s allegations of being a slave to Davido

Israel DMW’s wife, Sheila on how he locked her out of his house

Israel DMW's wife, Sheila on how he locked her out of his house

Israel DMW’s wife, Sheila speaks on the genesis of their marital problems as she reveals how he locked her out of their house for not informing him about her outing. It would be recalled that David’s aide, Israel DMW had opened up on the issues between him and his wife and how she had changed after marriage.

Israel DMW and his wife, Sheila. Photo Source: Google. Sheila in her own version of her account said that their problem started in November after he asked her not to return back home, simply because she hadn’t informed him ahead of her outing. Sheila who had gone to the saloon thought he was joking, but when she returned home, the gate man refused to let her enter. After several calls between him, his dad, Israel finally allowed her back in. She mentioned that he apologized days later for what he did. Sheila wrote: “I was going to keep my reserve on this but as it is I see no reason to. Did I see signs before the wedding? Yes I did, one of the reasons was because of the rush on the wedding even after I said we should give it time! He came up with a lot of excuses and threats. Most of the things he did regarding the wedding was without my consent! Down I to invitation card! I didn’t even get to see what the design looked like before it was printed. I only get to find out about stuffs after it’s been paid for, we had a fight that I told him that it seems it’s his event planner he wants to Marry because they’re not carrying me along Proceeding to the wedding there was a huge turn up! It was elaborate was that what I even wanted? No! But oga said he’s a public figure people eye dey so he has to do it big! (The white wedding) The wedding happened and the wedding day passed now na see us see marriage. He started showing up as his real self in full. He would be traveling and ask me not to put on gen, not to go anywhere, don’t do this don’t do that. He literally used the wedding to gather money for himself! He wanted massive support and he got it what I expected from him as a wife was baby see what we got 0, wetin we go use am do? Or see wetin I wan use am do, I don’t think that’s supposed to be anything, so even when he failed to do any of those I overlooked. We started having issues from November’!!! I will tell him I’m going to the salon when I get there he would text me to not come back, the first time this happened I thought it was a joke yet I hurriedly went back home because I was already living in fear I got home and the gateman refused to open gate for me, say oga say make he no open gate, I called him on phone he said! should go back to where I am coming from. I was outside the gate frustrated and ashamed! I called his dad and reported him, his father called me back to tell me that isreal is insulting him, the father complained back to me, I asked my cab to start driving me around while I was calling him to ask the gateman to open the gate! After the plenty calls from his dad and me he finally instructed the gateman to open the gate, I took the walk of shame back into the house, when he got back home that day I was so hurt I could not say anything till the next day I told him calmly that no matter issue wey we get make outsider no know, that even if I did something wrong come back inside and correct me, I explained how hurt and how embarrassing it was. He didn’t say anything but apologized after some days”

“After I lost my dad, you loved me just as a father should love a child” – Late Obama DMW’s son pens emotional note to Davido

"After I lost my dad, you loved me just as a father should love a child" – Late Obama DMW's son pens emotional note to Davido

Abdul, the son of Davido’s late aide Obama DMW, pens emotional birthday note to the singer on how he stepped in to play a fatherly role in his life after he lost his dad. The Afrobeats singer, Davido turns 31 years today and birthday wishes are pouring in for him.

Singer, Davido and Obama DMW’s son. Photo Source: Instagram. Abdul, whose father had worked for Davido before his demise, revealed that after losing his dad, Davido had come in to fill that role. He hadn’t abandoned him, but treated him like a father should treat a son. He wrote: “Dad, I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart, keeping a promise is one of the hardest things in life! You promised to help me since I lost my father You never rejected me You loved me just the way a father should love his child Every video of us you always saying “my son” Dad my father would be so grateful for all you do for me! I love you so much There was a day I was so broken, but when we spoke he didn’t just solve my issue He spoke to me “My son hope you really good” These words are so genuine and lovely Happy birthday to my father’s friend, someone to cry to, someone who cares, someone who loves me, to a father, to a legend, to a humble hearted man, to a gifted man, to a talent man, toa very handsome man, to someone who his smile can save a soul I love you so much I love everything you love Enjoy your day Your year Everything about you Enjoy it! Almighty Father in heaven please bless him with your love, your grace, and your mercy, and fill his life with your goodness and your light. May my dad feel your presence in his life, guiding him along the path of righteousness and peace.”

Davido teases fans with DMW’s rising star EP

Davido teases fans with DMW's rising star EP

Afrobeat star, David Adeleke, best known as Davido, has announced that new DMW artist, Morravey’s debut album drops at midnight. He disclosed that at midnight, Morravey, his newest talent, will release her debut EP, “Ravi.” The announcement marks the pinnacle of Morravey’s incredible transformation from an online celebrity to a budding star with the help of Davido and his DMW 2.0 label.


Davido reflected on how he had first come across Morravey through her enthralling cover songs and videos on the internet as he shared his admiration and support for her on Instagram. Her talent immediately captivated him, and he knew she was going to be a star. “The moment has come for Morravey to shine”, he wrote in a touching statement, and her debut EP, “Ravi,” will soon be made public.


He wrote: “When I discovered you randomly on the internet with your cover videos to making the Timeless album, I instantly knew you were born for this. Now it’s your Go! Your debut EP! “RAVI” out at midnight! I wish you all the very best ahead @morravey. ITS RAVI TIME” Let’s go.” SEE POST:

Isreal DMW’s fiancee jumps for joy as she receives unexpected gesture from Davido

Isreal DMW's fiancee jumps for joy as she gets unforgettable gesture from Davido

Isreal DMW's fiancee jumps for joy as she gets unforgettable gesture from Davido

Fiancee of the popular logistic manager, Isreal DMW, is elated as she receives an unprecedented gesture from the superstar singer, Davido.
It would be recalled that some weeks ago, Isreal proposed to his girlfriend after which she received the sum of N500K gift from her boyfriend’s boss.

isreal dmw's fiancee

Taking to Instagram to announce an unexpected gesture from Davido, the young lady expressed utmost joy as she gets a follow from him.

Expressing the joy of the privilege, Isreal DMW’s fiancee wrote, “Followed by the biggest there is @davido only one baddest put some respect on my name y’all.”

davido isreal dmw

While quoting Davido’s lyrics, she added, “Since I was born, hapiness in my blood; de talk e many many but I know say de ma talk.”Isreal DMW's fiancee jumps for joy as she gets unforgettable gesture from Davido

Reactions as Isreal DMW’s fiancee reveals what Davido gave to her (Video)

Reactions as Isreal DMW's fiancee reveals what Davido gave to her (Video)

A video of Isreal DMW’s fiancee flaunting N500,000 which she claimed she received from Davido has sparked reactions online.
In the video, Isreal’s fiancee was spotted showing off the money as her lover, Isreal showered praises on Davido for the gift.

Isreal DMW began trending online lately after he shocked his girlfriend with a surprise proposal.
In a video shared online, the excited bride-to-be was heard expressing her shock over the proposal, as she recounted how it all went down.

According to her short narration in the video, her lover, Isreal DMW had invited her over for a simple dinner. She went for the dinner only to find out that he had planned to engage her.
Moments ago, she flaunted the N500k she received from Davido and fans took to the comment section to air their views.
Watch video and reactions below,


Davido screams in excitement as he links up with late Obama DMW’s son, Abdulmaleek (Video)

Davido screams in excitement as he links up with late Obama DMW's son, Abdulmaleek (Video)

Ace musician, David Adeleke better known as Davido was filled with excitement as the son of his late aide Obama DMW, Abdulmaleek paid him a visit at his top-notch residence in Banana Island, Lagos.
Davido Obama dmw son

In the short clip, Davido who could be seen heading into his house screamed upon sighting the boy. They both hugged tightly before posing for some selfies.
Davido Obama dmw son
Recall that the ‘FEM’ crooner was quite devastated and broken following the death of Obama DMW who was an active crew member of 30BG and a dear friend.

Watch the video below:

In related news, Larissa London, Davido’s alleged fourth baby mama released some photos on Instagram as she celebrated her son, Dawson on his second birthday.