Do2dtun shares his two cents on Emeka Ike’s broken marriage drama

"You can fight but never involve your kids" – Do2dtun shares his two cents on Emeka Ike's broken marriage drama

Media personality, Oladotun Kayode, better known as Do2dtun, has stated his advice amid veteran actor, Emeka Ike‘s broken marriage drama. Emeka Ike’s son, Michael has made headlines over the past few weeks after involving in the ongoing marriage issues between his father and his mother, Susan Emma.


Do2dtun In an interview, Michael emphasized how much he hated his father and released  leaked audio where Emeka Ike told him that he is his biggest issues Emeka Ike further urged him to commit suicide by jumping in front of a moving truck. In reaction to this, Do2dtun, who has also experienced a broken marriage himself, advised couples never to involve children in their fights.

Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike He reiterated his statement he once made, saying that using kids as weapons means you don’t love them. In his words: “You can fight but never involve the kids. if I were the interviewer, I won’t let the child on. I think in all we do, we need to apply a little more pressure when it comes to our ethics. I get it but I’ll rather she says it herself not through the child. When you involve kids as a weapon to fight your partner, you don’t love them. You will think anyone will grow up and be a better father or Mother doing that? no! You just scarred him by letting him do that interview. Fight dirty if you care to but don’t ever use the kids.They said “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” great! but don’t use the child as the gun or knife in a fight.” SEE POST:  

Do2dtun Emeka Ike marriage

“Women will character assassinate you and play the victim” – Do2dtun reacts to Emeka Ike’s interview

"Women will character assassinate you and play the victim" – Do2dtun reacts to Emeka Ike's interview

Media personality, Oladotun Kayode, better known as Do2dtun, has reacted to actor, Emeka Ike‘s interview about his marriage crash. Earlier today, NigezieXtreme reported on how Emeka Ike’s marriage crashed and how his ex-wife made him lose all his properties.


Do2dtun During an interview on Channel Television, Emeka Ike disclosed how his ex-wife accused him falsely of assaulting her making him lose access to his children. He narrated how he came back from the US and discovered that the multi-million school he built was closed down by his ex-wife and how he lost all his properties after his ex-wife sold them. Reacting to this, Do2dtun expressed how much the society hates men and how women character assassinates a man while also playing victim.

Emeka Ike

Veteran actor, Emeka Ike Citing himself, he added that whatever a woman says is easily believable and many people fall for it, which is really sad. In his words: “Many pple fall for it. This is the exact case with my estranged wife. They will character assassinate you, misrepresent you, play the victim & lie so much & bleed over their own lies. The society hates men. As long as a woman comes & says anything, no one verifies & it’s sad.” SEE POST:

Do2dtun criticizes using children against exes, citing Saint Obi

“Denying him his kids eventually took his life” – Do2dtun cites Saint Obi as he chides partners for using children against their exes

Nigerian on-air personality, Do2dtun has cited late veteran actor, Saint Obi as he slams partners using children against their exes. As the actor passed away in his Jos family home, he disclosed how struggling for his children and being denied his own eventually ended his life.


Do2dtun He continued by berating spouses who use their children as weapons against their former partners. Do2dtun, in another post, also advised that children are responsibilities, not tools as they also have the right to choose.

Late actor, Saint Obi

Late actor, Saint Obi On X, Do2dtun wrote: “Let’s normalize the fact that kids are not objects. Kids have rights. When a child demands the right to see a parent or be with them and you deny them, you have trampled on their rights. Listen! A child is not a material meant for one person to keep. It’s common sense. “Hello men and women, children are not properties. Kids are your responsibilities, not your tools. They are not your bargaining chips. They also have the right to choose. You were hurt but that’s you and the person that hurt you. If they are a pawn in your fight then you are EVIL”. “You should have been a good husband or wife. Let the court decide that, when you both fail in that department, the next step is to correct your mistakes by being a better father or mother. In extreme cases, one has the right to keep them but let the law decide that not you.” On his official Instagram page, he wrote: “My Story has opened cans of worms, also given people a voice to speak up. it’s very very obvious now that this is a “PANDEMIC” .. it’s alarming and I had to breathe and take a break from reading people’s stories. It’s RIDICULOUS! “As for every man and woman going through this, please choose yourself for NOW! Work hard, work smart, and pray for them. E buuru o! Kilode! A bitter partner will eventually destroy the kids… FACTS!!!!”. SEE POSTS:

Do2dtun reacts to trending video of a Nigerian designer who charges in dollars

"An absolute wrong take" – Do2dtun reacts to trending video of a Nigerian designer who charges in dollars

Nigerian on-air personality, Oladotun Kayode, best known as Do2dtun has criticised Nigerian designer who claims she charges in dollars. In a viral video online, a Nigerian designer claimed that she charges her clients in dollars.


OAP Do2dtun She noted that those criticising business online should first of all, own a business first before condemning others. She claimed there was no justification for her to charge in naira given the hike in fabric prices and the drop in the value of the naira against the US dollar. Reacting to this, Do2dtun stated that Americans charge in dollars and British charge in pounds and not naira. He advised that the designer should charge Nigerians in naira and others in their own currency.


OAP Do2dtun He further asked her if she would be comfortable if the government charged her in dollars for taxes. Do2dtun added that normalizing things like this devalues the naira and cripples the economy. In his words: “An absolute wrong take. Americans charge you in dollars. British charge you in pounds not naira. Even, you have to convert your own Naira to pay them in their own currency. “No one said u should not charge. In Nigeria, charge in Naira. Others, charge them in their own currency. You are charging in dollars in Nigeria but you are paying your taxes in Naira.. Dey play. “If the government charged you taxes In dollars, would you pay? Your sta You charge in dollars.. do you pay your staffs in dollars? “We need to stop normalizing these things. It cripples the economy and devalues the Naira. If your client is outside Nigeria then that’s understandable. It’s why it’s called foreign exchange.” SEE POST:

Nigerian artists charge in dollars to perform in Nigeria – OAP Do2dtun cries out

Nigerian artists charge in dollars to perform in Nigeria – OAP Do2dtun cries out

Nigerian artists charge in dollars to perform in Nigeria – OAP Do2dtun cries out

Do2dtun, a popular on-air personality, has expressed his displeasure with Nigerian artists demanding payment in dollars for performances. The OAP took to social media to express his displeasure, highlighting the growing trend of local talent preferring to be paid in dollars. He claimed that, despite the fact that the musicians and genre are indigenous to the country, booking payments are now made in US dollars, even for performances in Nigeria. Do2dtun referred to the recent development as a “bizarre and unusual development.”

Nigerian artists charge in dollars to perform in Nigeria – OAP Do2dtun cries out

OAP Do2dtun, Photo source: Google Taking to his X handle, Do2dtun wrote: “This Afrobeat we all built together, na Una go use Una hands spoil am. You now charge your own people in dollars. Forget to unlock the togetherness the genre gives you and your people. Quite strange and bizarre.”

Media Personality, Do2dtun reveals why many lie about their age


Ace Nigerian media personlaity and show host, Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, known as Do2dtun shares why many Nigerians lie about their age.


The conversation about age has been on and off in the industry. However, it is clear that following BBNaija’s Chichi’s ’23rd’ birthday celebration yesterday, 11th January, it sprung again. Do2tun takes to Twitter to share why many Nigerians may prefer to lie about their ages rather than tell the truth.


As stated by him, the Nigerian mentality has found a way to stigmatize “age”. He adds that many times, aging is made to look bad, and this is why many would rather lie. “Aging is a crime in Nigeria. “you don dey old o” “Agbaya” “you are old; stop dressing like this” Some of you have limited anyone growing up to think it’s bad to be older. We are too ageist & that’s why a few have grown bad attributes of lying about their age”, Do2dtun See post below;

“The world will know how wicked and deceitful you are” — Do2dtun calls out D’Banj amidst divorce saga

"The world will know how wicked and deceitful you are" — Do2dtun calls out D'Banj

Famous OAP, Do2dtun, threatens to expose the veteran singer, D’Banj, over claims of making up lies about his divorce from the singer’s sister.


This comes amidst the divorce saga trailing the CoolFM OAP with his wife who accused him of domestic violence and forced abortion of their third child.
In a Twitter post, Do2dtun alleged that D’Banj made up lies to jeopardise his divorce case with the help of his lawyer rather than following the jurisdiction of the court.
He further noted that since the singer decided to take to an unprofessional approach, he is ready to open up cans of worms on him.


In a lengthy note, Do2dtun wrote;
“I have been quiet for the past two years… Several lies have been told, several attempts have been employed to pervert the course of justice. It is shameful when legal practitioners that are supposed to be learned, rather than submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Court, choose to conduct the practice of the law like social media bloggers.
Anyways, @iambangalee of life, I have heard and read the spurious lies you, your half baked lawyer and your family have fabricated with the press and the police and I promise you, I am ready for you.
Since you have chosen to take the matter to the press, the entire world will now know how wicked, deceitful, ignorant and despicable you and your entire family are.
As for Taiwo, Mummy wa, God will heal your heart one day. i won’t stop praying for you.”