Young girl sad as new braids doesn’t make her look ‘baddie’

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Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fails to make her look like a ‘baddie’Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fails to make her look like a ‘baddie’ A young South African girl has flooded the internet with her tears after her new braids failed to give her that ‘baddie’ look. She shared the video on her Tiktok page, @bongidee, where she cried out to her followers. According to the young lady, her sole purpose for making the braids was so she could look like a baddie but the hair came out differently. Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fails to make her look like a ‘baddie’Young girl heartbroken as her new braids fails to make her look like a ‘baddie’ While making the braids she tried to spice it up by trying out a different color but it didn’t change anything. She showed viewers the hair from different angles while insisting that it had no correlation to what she wanted and she looked very basic instead. Many Netizens have encouraged the young girl in the comments. See some below… @F.atsooo asked: “Am I the only one that doesn’t see anything wrong?” @Mpho Marokoane opined: “Those braids are perfect. I once had baddie braids on and it felt like my neck twisted 🤣🤣🤣. Those things are heavy AF” @Qobo0828 asked: “Girl why didn’t you tell the hairdresser that??” @Patience Mncube added: “at least you are crying inside of a car..mina i was walking the streets with tears flowing on my face bruh😅😂” @‼️ said: “the gasp I gusped when I search what real baddie braids looked like” Watch video here @bongidee This is not what i wanted 😭. #SAMA28 #baddie #baddieflopera💔🥺 #viral #fyp #foryou #blackgirltiktok #hairstyle #hairstyleflop #hairdesaster #vent #venting #ventingfeelings #crying ♬ original sound – Bongi🧚‍♀️

He’s lazy, doesn’t want to do anything

"He's lazy, doesn't want to do anything" - Woman cries out as husband refuses to work, seeks divorce

A woman named Latifat AbdulYekeen has sought the dissolution of her marriage, citing her husband’s reluctance to work as the primary reason for the marital discord. The plaintiff, Latifat, appeared before the court to present her case against her husband, Abdulsalam. According to Latifat, despite her father’s persistent efforts to secure employment for Abdulsalam, he has consistently refused to work.

She expressed her frustration in court. Latifat claimed that the lack of a steady income made it challenging for them to afford proper nourishment, leading to malnourishment for both herself and their child. Latifat further revealed that her husband had a preference for contractual work over regular employment, as it provided quick monetary gains without the associated stress of a conventional job. She lamented that her father’s attempts to intervene and secure a job for Abdulsalam had been futile, resulting in financial difficulties and a decline in their overall well-being. “My father had tried on many occasions to get a job for my husband, but he refused to honor his invitation each time he called him. “He does not want to get a job. Rather, he prefers contracts that will fetch him quick money without much stress. “His stubborn attitude has caused us a lot, as we hardly eat good food at home, which has made me and our baby to grow thin and look unkempt. “I left the house four months ago and nobody has asked after me. That is why I want the court to separate us and grant me custody of my child,” the woman said. Presiding over the case, Judge Hammad Ajumobi acknowledged a person’s right to choose their employment path and associates. However, he urged the petitioner to make an effort to understand her husband’s perspective. The respondent, Abdulsalam, reportedly communicated to the court about being involved in an accident, rendering him unable to attend the hearing. Consequently, Judge Ajumobi adjourned the case until January 9 for further proceedings, allowing both parties an opportunity to present their arguments and evidence.

Mohbad: “Taking care of your child doesn’t mean they’d take care of you”

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Nkechi Blessing’s ex-boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan stirs reactions as he uses the late Mohbad and his father in a case study of raising children and being cared for in old age. It is worth noting that the late Mohbad passed on some months ago amidst suspicious circumstances and his death has since generated waves of controversy.

opeyemi falegan

Opeyemi in a recent post via his Instagram page penned a note of advice to men and how their efforts on their children may be fruitless in old age. Indirectly citing how the late Mohbad reunited with his mother ten years after she abandoned their family, and how his father took the blame for his death, Opeyemi urged men to prepare for almost the same fate.


Mohbad’s Father “(message to Men) That u took care of your child doesn’t mean ur child would take care of u.
Take care of yourself first abeg. ( this man na case study ooo ),” he wrote. The statement, however, crossed many as insensitive and unwarranted while many berated the idea of Mohbad’s father being responsible to his family. Netizen’s reactions to the case study of Opeyemi Falegan involving Mohbad osakwe_chiagozigom said: “Was he a good father to his son ?” aderonke30bg noted: “E jus dey pain me cause na dis man suffer for that boy 😢.” charlemagne_bon stated: “Parents as una de train children, make una try the save to take good care of una selves for old age.. children no be grantee say them go take good care of you… With these generation children.” iam_for_signs_and__wonders said: “Mohbad was actually good to his dad when he was alive.” lucy_ukuma wrote: “He bought him two cars, a plot of land, bought clothes, monthly upkeep, was even taking girlfriend to his house. If he wasn’t good to his father will all these happened? At 27th what did you do to your parents?” toyingram penned: “He tried his best compared to moh’s mother.”

Mr Eazi reveals his billionaire father-in-law, Femi Otedola, doesn’t have private jet

mr eazi otedola private jet

mr eazi otedola private jet

Popular musician, Mr Eazi surprises Nigerians as he speaks on his father-in-law Femi Otedola not owning a private jet. Mr. Eazi spoke on this while being interviewed on Naija FM. mr eazi otedola private jetmr eazi otedola private jetMr Eazi and Femi Otedola. The interviewer enquired whether he has a private jet because of frequent travels from one country to another. Responding to this, Mr Eazi revealed that he mostly takes commercial planes to travel to his destinations. In a follow-up question, the interviewer asked why he doesn’t use his father-in-law’s private jet. Mr Eazi revealed, in response, that his father-in-law, Femi Otedola, doesn’t have a private jet. “Most times na mix I dey use. I go enter commercial sometimes and when I dey go collect big money I got use private….My father-in-law sef no get private jet,” Eazi said Watch video below …

“I love your sound doesn’t mean I love your lyrics” – CDQ replies Odumodublvck

“I love your sound doesn’t mean I love your lyrics” – CDQ replies Odumodublvck

Famous singer CDQ has responded to his colleague, Odumodublvck who had exposed him of lying after he said that he doesn’t like his music. CDQ in a recent interview had stated that he doesn’t comprehend what Shallipopi and his colleague, Odumodublvck are singing.

CDQ odumdublvck lyrics sound music

CDQ He stated that music is something which is deep to him, and not just about how many streaming numbers the music has to its name. However, the Odumdublvck shared a screenshot where CDQ came to his DM to praise his music.

CDQ odumdublvck music sound lyrics

The message written by CDQ read … “Bad boy I fxck with your sound my brother.” Odumodublvck captioned the tweet: “AH! EGBON. NO BE SO O. 😂😂😂😂 #EZIOKWU“ Reacting to this, CDQ explained that because he likes his sound does not necessarily mean that he likes his music lyrics. He wrote … “Fxck wit ur sound doesn’t mean fxck with ur lyrics bra. I was only trying to encourage so @odumodublvck no gas ursef up o, u dey bring my dm com out to do news lol… Everyone out here know say CDQ is dat guy dat don’t give a fxck abt no fxckin body be u or anything, I’m very expensive n I’ll say it as it is. Mugabe,”  See the post …

“Money doesn’t bring happiness” – Shank Comics

“Money doesn’t bring happiness” – Shank Comics

Well-known comedian Shank Comics has come to the conclusion that having money does not ensure happiness in one’s life. Regardless of one’s socioeconomic situation, public figures like comedian Shank Comics, Stefflon Don, Reno Omokri, and Angel Smith, among others, have stressed the need for humility, contentment, and finding joy in life. Recently, Shank Comics posted a thought-provoking message on Twitter that has inspired reflection among his followers. His little tweet reinforced the belief that happiness cannot be bought and questioned the concept that having money means living a happy life. “Money doesn’t bring happiness” – Shank Comics“Money doesn’t bring happiness” – Shank ComicsShank Comics is a Nigerian comedian. Photo source: Google In the meantime, reality TV personality Angel Smith gave guidance to young ladies via her Snapchat account. She urged individuals to put their happiness first in her message, stressing that contentment with life’s small pleasures can result in a more rewarding life than owning material goods while going through hardships.

Tolanibaj reveals strange reason she doesn’t want to get married

Tolanibaj reveals strange reason she doesn't want to get married

Tolanibaj, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has revealed a strange reason why she doesn’t want to get married. According to the reality star, she doesn’t want to get married. In response to a Snapchat request from a fan to marry soon, the reality star stated that she is not considering marriage since she is not persuaded that married people are happy. “You need to get married for real!” said a fan who goes by the pseudonym Williams.

Tolanibaj reveals strange reason she doesn't want to get married

Tolanibaj, BBNaija reality star. Photo source: Instagram Tolanibaj responded, “I’m not convinced that married people are happy.” Her remarks generated varied reactions, with many criticising her for her remark and others arguing that she was free to express herself. @Linquah: “If not for child bearing i no go like marry…..I like peace”. @Realgreatness: “That’s her choice leave it for her, most people would have been better, happier, had peace of mind if they never got married.”. @Ofvieoftoronto: “She has a point tho , marriage these days look like heavy responsibilities and duties , together with the rampant divorce occurring. Some don’t even like themselves after a few years . Some are happier when the wife or husband travels for some days .”. @Bimbolaofficial: “She’s not entirely wrong, I love her reply. Wetin concern you if person never marry ?? @Teepha: “She is 💯 right. Sis ain’t ready for the hard work part of marriage … you know the 40% love and 60% hardworking/ commitment ish… so she isn’t entirely wrong .period!”.

“Snatch another woman’s man if she doesn’t know how to take care of him” – Blessing CEO (Video)

"Snatch another woman's man if she doesn't know how to take care of him" – Blessing CEO (Video)

Relationship expert Blessing Ceo urges ladies to snatch other women’s men if they don’t know how to take care of them. The socialite took to her Instagram page to give women the advice as she emphasized that when it comes to relationships, overtaking is allowed.

Blessing CEO advises women to snatch men. Credit: Blessing CEO/ Instagram. She said that women should take other women’s partners as their own if they are not taking care of their men of showing them respect. Speaking further, Blessing said that there are some men in unhappy marriages and relationships that are waiting to be snatched by young beautiful girls. She captioned, “Snatch another woman’s man if she does not how to respect her man. Snatch him” Watch her speak below;

If your boyfriend doesn’t pay your bills, you’re single

Rema Boyfriend Bills Single

Nigerian singer, Rema, created a stir on social media with his recent statement, suggesting that individuals should consider themselves single if their partner or boyfriend doesn’t support them financially by paying their bills. The remark was made during one of his stage performances, and it elicited enthusiastic cheers from his female fans.

Following Rema‘s statement, the online community was abuzz with mixed reactions. Some individuals strongly supported his perspective, while others expressed dissenting opinions on the comment page. See some reactions below:  stephenrotimi_27: “Dumbest thing I’ve heard him say,all this niggas as soon as they get some money ,they just start talking shit , when he was broke he never spoke like this, or try downplay what men have to go through to get some money, not everyone can be an artist and get payed to talk shit icl,so miss me with that.” adelakuntufayl: “Dear parents, please train your female kids how to make end meets for themselves and less dependent on others.” instantafrik: “Your man is still your father carry ur bill go meet ur father.” djbey444: “To be honest. What I think he is trying to say is a man should be able to provide and take care of his woman.” ayoola_art: “Make my bby sha no go see this abi which kind akoba be this.” the_real_tobe_official: “Wetin man do man? We go kpai because say we come earth? To be living thing come dey very hard self.” diorite_autos: “Let the men breath abeg… some girls and their sense of entitlement makes them know person wey stingy. BE THE BOSS HAVE YOUR OWN BAG!!!” parker_ojugo: “Rema, usher and Ruger I no know who break relationship pass.” WATCH VIDEO BELOW: 

“People say she’s using me for my money, she doesn’t love me”

“People say she’s using me for my money, she doesn’t love me,” ― 63-yr-old man speaks on love life with his 25-yr-old girlfriend

New Jersey-based Claudio Spilatro, who owns ski and snowboard rental company Pelican Shops, said his younger partner was “everything” he was looking for when his marriage of 18 years ended. According to Spilatro, who spoke with South West News Service in the UK, people have condemned his relationship with 25 years old Atadja, saying that she’s using him for his money, and she doesn’t love him but he believes that “Relationships have to be mutually beneficial.”

“People say she’s using me for my money, she doesn’t love me,” ― 63-yr-old man speaks on love life with his 25-yr-old girlfriend

Spilatro and his 25-year-old lover, Atadja He said they hit it off as soon as they met on a dating app, Seeking, in 2017– and they have been inseparable ever since. “I bring the ability for Semie to be able to travel and have connections, and the benefit to me is a very beautiful, young, active partner — which is exactly what I was looking for,” he gushed. “I searched the whole world for a girl like Semie — she’s beautiful.” Atadja, an estate agent and content creator also from New Jersey, said her older lover is just what she was looking for as well. “I was just tired of dating losers,” she admitted, adding that she loves how happy and genuine he is. “I recognized on the app there are older guys there and with older age would come with more wisdom,” she continued. “[He’s a] problem solver [and] allows me to be myself — a lot of guys aren’t confident enough to do that.” Since they started dating, the couple has travelled the world together — flying first class, staying in five-star resorts and hiring private chefs, and going on vacation at least once a month, which Spilatro loves. “I was happily married for 18 years, and it came a time in my life, around 40, when I asked my wife to travel, and she never wanted to, so we got a divorce,” Spilatro explained. The couple now only spends a week at a time at home and the rest of the time traveling the world. “We’ve been whale watching in Hawaii, skiing in the Alps, visited our second home in the Dominican Republic and so much more,” Atadja listed. “I love it — it’s euphoric,” she continued. “I get to travel the world and make awesome amazing memories — I keep thinking, ‘Is this real?’” Although their families were supportive of their relationship, when Atadja started making TikTok content, she jokingly called herself a “gold digger” in videos. “It took [my family] a while to understand that it was just comedy,” Spilatro admitted. “My sisters were at first worried about me, but then I feel like the more I brought them around, they saw that I was genuinely happy,” Atadja chimed in. “They just see it as I have a boyfriend — nothing more.” The couple claims they’re open to marriage one day. “He’s saying he likes it, but I don’t see a ring yet,” Atadja joked “I could see marriage in the future, but at the moment it’s perfect the way it is,” Spilatro added.