Why I don’t think I’m among the top 10 funniest comedians in Nigeria

ay makun funniest comedians

ay makun funniest comedians

Veteran comedian, AY Makun speaks on why he doesn’t consider himself to be among the top 10 funniest comedians in Nigeria. In a recent chat with Toke Makinwa, the stand-up comedian spoke on the usual tendency among fans to make comparisons between actors, and comedians.

ay makun funniest comedian

AY Makun. According to him, he would wholeheartedly accept it when someone tells him he is among the best comic acts in the country. He said his acceptance would be motivated by his recognition that artists differ, and he knows that he has his fan base and people who are willing to pay for his contents so he can put food on his table. AY, speaking further in the Toke Moments podcast, added that if someone is to ask him to mention the top 10 funniest comedians, he wouldn’t put his name. Watch him speak in the video below:

I don’t want you anymore

"I don't want you anymore"

Man blows hot as he refuses to accept his girlfriend back after she came to his tailor shop to apologize with a money bouquet. The couple had quarreled, and the lady came to apologize over an unknown issue.

man girlfiend apologize money bouquet

Lady apologizes to boyfriend. She came to surprise him at his place of work with a money bouquet of naira notes. In the video, which was shared on TikTok, the lady knelt down and held the money bouquet while apologizing to him. The man who was busy at work didn’t want to give her any audience. He told her to get out of his shop and threatened to injure with scissors. See reactions: __Amaka🧸🤎 said: “The “leave me alone” loud 💀😂” Amira💙🦋 said: “Make una help ooohhh, my babe wan use scissor injure me 😭💔😂😂” lovethberry5 wrote: “Nor be small thing Ona dey do for this relationship thing ooh” Badgirlelsie said: “Me sef wey wrong never say sorry😂😂😂madam go and drink water it’s not the money that will bring him back 😭” Watch the video below: @thatgurlswanky #fypシ #foryou ♬ original sound – Mama of Goodlife

We don’t have Mohbad’s autopsy result

"We don't have Mohbad’s autopsy result" - Police says

According to the Lagos State Police Command, they have not received the official autopsy report of Mohbad, whose passing caused controversy. It has been two months since Tuesday, November 21, 2023, when the late Mohbad’s body was dug up for an autopsy. Tuesday, September 12, 2023, saw the controversial death of Mohbad, who had previously been signed to Naira Marley’s record label. The 27-year-old singer’s death was investigated by a coroner, as ordered by the state government of Lagos.

Lagos police Command, Benjamin Hundein. Source: Google Unanswered questions highlight the need for clarification regarding the gifted singer’s death as the autopsy investigation proceeds. The police emphasise that, in spite of circulating rumours, they are committed to depending only on accurate information. Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police public relations officer, provided an update on the autopsy. Hundeyin said: “The autopsy report has not been given to us. Some people have been carrying rumours that it’s ready. It’s one thing for it to be ready; it’s another thing for it to be given to us officially—that we would receive and sign a copy that we have received it. So, we don’t work with rumours; we work with facts.” Only the singer’s family attorney may ask the pathologists to divulge the autopsy results, according to Hundeyin. If not, when it’s ready, the police will receive it on their own. This comes after the late musician Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, issued a warning to anyone who could try to take his son’s remains for burial without his consent.  

“I don’t miss Presidency” – Buhari

"I don’t miss Presidency" - Buhari

In an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), former President Muhammadu Buhari disclosed that he does not miss being in office, citing the belief that his best efforts fell short of the expectations of Nigerians. Months prior to handing over power, Buhari had already expressed his reservations about the adequacy of his performance.

"I don’t miss Presidency" - Buhari

In his words; “I believe I’m trying my best, but still my best is not good enough. I wonder if I am going to miss much. I think I’m being harassed” In a promotional snippet released on NTA’s X platform, Buhari reiterated his earlier sentiments about not missing the presidency. When asked directly about what he misses from his time in office, he responded; “Miss? I don’t think I miss much.” See below;

“Doctors say I may die if I don’t quit smoking: – Rapper, Meek Mill

"Doctors say I may die if I don’t quit smoking: – Rapper, Meek Mill

Meek Mill, an American rap artist, has stated that he was diagnosed with emphysema, a medical ailment caused by smoking. Meek, 36, claims that his doctor urged him to quit smoking or risk living a shorter life than he desired. According to the Dream Chasers Records president, he is considering relocating to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in order to quit smoking. The rapper made the announcement on his official Twitter (X) account in response to the news that rap veteran and colleague Snoop Dogg had quit smoking. "Doctors say I may die if I don’t quit smoking: – Rapper, Meek Mill"Doctors say I may die if I don’t quit smoking: – Rapper, Meek MillMeek Mill, an American rapper. Source: Google Meek wrote, “Ima go to Dubai and completely stop smoking… Ima follow Snoop, my doctor said I have a little bit of emphysema in my chest if I don’t stop smoking; it cuts my lifeline in half. “I was addicted to the nicotine and this new weed got too many chemicals and was too risky to play with my mental health!” See his post: Ima go to Dubai and completely stop smoking … ima follow snoop, my doctor said I got a lil bit emphysema in a chest if I don’t stop smoking it cuts my lifeline in half, I was addicted to the nicotine and this new weed got too many chemicals and too risky to play with my mental! https://t.co/NYAJ9BzJ6e — MeekMill (@MeekMill) November 16, 2023

“Why I don’t need stressing in my life” – Judy Austin reveals after bagging an endorsement deal

“Why I don’t need stressing in my life” – Judy Austin reveals after bagging an endorsement deal

“Why I don’t need stressing in my life” – Judy Austin reveals after bagging an endorsement deal

Nollywood actress, Judy Austin has revealed why she needs no stressing in her life after bagging her first endorsement deal this month. Yul Edochie‘s wife secured an endorsement contract with a company that promotes weight loss.

Judy Austin

Judy Austin She said that she was thrilled about her latest achievement and thanked her Maker for his blessings as she set out on this incredible voyage. Yul Edochie had expressed his happiness alongside her, pointing out that her excellent and lovely soul had earned it. He went on to say that there’s a beautiful convergence of an amazing personality and an amazing brand.

Judy Austin

Judy Austin Judy released a video of herself grinning broadly while posing for the camera, still beaming from the lucrative deal. She said that because she is protected and loved by God, she doesn’t need stress in her life. In her words: “Ain’t no need for stressing in my life. God’s love and protection are constantly with me. Thank you so much @bodybyenniie for taking such wonderful care of me”. SEE POST: 

I don’t repeat clothes, I give them out to my PA

"I don't repeat clothes, I give them out to my PA"

Big Brother Naija reality star Mercy Eke has revealed that she doesn’t repeat any of her clothes in her closet after wearing them. A video of the reality star has popped up where she was seen answering some questions about why she purchases more clothes for her closet. In response to the question, Mercy Eke disclosed that she purchases clothes on a weekly basis because she does not repeat clothes. According to the reality star, she gives out her clothes, her personal assistant, and a few close people around her.

Mercy eke, bbnaija reality star. Source: Google This revelation from Mercy Eke has sparked mixed reactions online. @Blakkgurl_debs: “Even Nicki Minaj a multi-millionaire in dollars repeat her cloths . A jacket black leather she wore in 2012 she repeated it this year 2023. lmao Lambo just say your stylist collects them back . Stop the lamba😂😂”. @Justice_4mohbad: ‘Mercy is lying on this one oo chai 😢 why are some celebrities like this with so much lies 😢 you give your clothes out everyday like wtf 😳”. @Barrister_chinny: I think she meant event cloths, as poor as I am sef e Dey hard to repeat cloth wey I don use snap b4 talk more of lambo…”. @Expressqueen: “Believe anything you hear on the gram at y up ur own peril 😂😂”. @Berry scents: “What about her undies 🙄 wearing new ones everyday can be 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ especially bras 🤣. Anyways na she sabi”.

“‘Don’t like refs” comments land De Zerbi in trouble as FA considers disciplinary action

GistReel Entertainment

Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi is under FA investigation for his comments about referees following 1-1 draw with Sheffield United. De Zerbi had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction in officials decisions during the game. He said, “I don’t like 80 per cent of referees in England. It’s not a new thing. I don’t like them or their behaviour on the pitch.” While admitting that Mahmoud Dahoud deserved a red card for his challenge in the match, De Zerbi’s constant criticism of officials has earned him a reputation as one of the toughest managers to deal with in the Premier League. Roberto De Zerbi expressed dissatisfaction in officials in the game against Sheffield United – Getty image Meanwhile, the Sun UK confirmed that FA insiders are examining whether De Zerbi’s comments violate stated regulations, with a possible disciplinary actions such as a fine or even a ban lurking around. Particularly, the investigation questions if De Zerbi breached the Participant Behaviour Charter, which emphasizes that coaches must behave responsibly. While the investigation is on, De Zerbi is not the first manager to express discontent with match referees. Recall that Mikel Arteta, after Arsenal’s defeat to Newcastle, called officials a “disgrace” and “embarrassing.” Chelsea’s Mauricio Pochettino also apologized to referees for his reaction in the 4-4 draw with Manchester City on Sunday.

I’ve arrested him, I don’t know what to do again; He keeps saying he wants me

"I've arrested him, I don't know what to do again; He keeps saying he wants me"

Popular Nigerian entrepreneur, Adeola Adeyemi alias Diiadem has cried out as a man who has been stalking her around follows her to her place of worship despite arresting him multiple times in the past. With tears in her eyes, the actress went online to share the ordeal she’s been going through at the hands of a stalker who wouldn’t leave her alone.

Diiadem stalker stalking

Socialite, Diiadem. She revealed that the guy has been following her up and down and she had had to arrest him at some point, but then begged again for him to be freed. Apparently, the fellow didn’t learn his lesson as he continued to stalk her and has followed her to her place of worship on Sunday. A video she shared on her Instagram page showed her shedding tears as she recounted the ordeal she was facing. She solicited for opinions from the Internet folks as she said that she didn’t know what else to do at this point. its_tasha_uwana opined: “You people underestimate stalkers in this country sha!!! Na stalkers Dey kiill people ooooo” koko_hairs begged: “Pls give him a chance 😁” Viola_concepts remarked: “U sure say she no mistakenly eat love portion weh this guy put for another person ? Cos which kind tin be this 😂😂 is this love or madness ? He is not even on her level to begin wt , is this one mentally ok like this ? 😂😂” Imagelala120 said: “Na because the guy no get money that why you are doing all this to him make the guy go hustle” Watch her speak …  

“Don’t destroy this man totally”

GistReel Entertainment

Nollywood actor, and film producer, Yul Edochie stirs mixed reactions as he basks in a public display of affection with his second wife and colleague, Judy Austin. In an Instagram post displaying a picture of his African Queen, Yul expressed his gratitude to his woman amidst the hurdles faced by them.

yul edochie

Addressing her as his Ijele, he praised and prayed for God’s blessings upon her for being his continued support system. “For all you do. God bless you. IJELE,” he wrote. Taking to his comment section, Judy Austin acknowledged the adorable note with, “Thank you His Excellency. Isi Mmili Ji Ofor”.

judy austin

As expected, his comment section was filled in a matter of seconds as many ridiculed him for abandoning his first family. Mocking him, one Sugar Baby wrote, “The first Igbo man t be thrown out of his own house by a woman. Yul you are a goat”. Sexy Amanda tackling him stated, “She did nothing but ruin your life.” Macumba Anegocio wrote, “This woman rest. Don’t destroy this man totally. No more friends, no endorsement, no advert, no tangible businesses, no more acting, bad relationship between him and his brothers.” Ella Denis wrote, “That’s how you were appreciating May, so it’s not a new thing to us.”