“He used our baby” – Lady dumps husband just days to their 3rd wedding anniversary, shares what she discovered about him

"He used our baby" - Lady dumps husband just days to their 3rd wedding anniversary, shares what she discovered about him

A Nigerian lady has opened up on the heartbreaking reason behind her decision to end her marriage just days to celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. The TikTok user, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared a video detailing her ordeal, which included the shocking discovery of her husband’s alleged involvement in ritualistic activities. The emotional video begins with the young woman showcasing a shattered mug she had crafted for their upcoming third anniversary.

"He used our baby" - Lady dumps husband just days to their 3rd wedding anniversary, shares what she discovered about him

She revealed that she decided to end the marriage upon discovering troubling details about her husband’s secret actions. According to the TikTok user, she stumbled upon evidence that suggested her husband was a “ritualist” and intended to use her for money rituals. The revelation sent shockwaves through her life, prompting her to make the difficult decision to end the marriage. Shockingly, the woman alleges that her own daughter, their beautiful child, was allegedly used in her place for the alleged money ritual. “It was a beautiful one but make he dey go… baba wan use me do money but unfortunately my innocent baby girl had to pay the price.” the lady said in part. See below; @becky_citiez ♬ original sound – Beckycitiez

Lady cries a river as boyfriend dumps her 3 days to Christmas

Lady boyfriend dumps Christmas

Lady boyfriend dumps Christmas

Lady cries bitterly as her boyfriend reportedly dumps her 3 days to Christmas; he gives a puzzling reason for the break up. The lady went online to call out the young man known as Emmanuel for breaking her heart.

Lady boyfriend dumps Christmas

Brokenhearted lady. Crying bitterly, she said that Emmanuel broke up with her simply because she refused to pick his call. She wondered how he expected her to pick his call at 5 am when he call since she would be sleeping at such time. Reactions have followed … @PROMISE GOLDEN💙 commented: “Brother hood is proud of you Emmanuel 😅” @Yo Lucee ❤️🫶 remarked: “Fear guys that are called EMMANUEL 😂😂” @zaine commented: “me I go do ooo if emmanuel no do” @imosemoney2 said: “Emmanuel de avoid billing sis try understand e go come beg for January you hear 😂😂” Watch video below … @rhema_xx Dem no born you well 😭🤧#rhema_xx #schoollife #fypシ #onthisday #tiktoknigeria🇳🇬 #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #cruise ♬ original sound – rhema_xx

DJ Cuppy dumps her pink Ferrari, says ‘time to grow up’

GistReel Entertainment

DJ Cuppy abandons her pink Ferrari, says 'time to grow up'DJ Cuppy abandons her pink Ferrari, says 'time to grow up' Famous Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy says goodbye to her pink Ferrari Portofino worth about N90M barely days after being scolded by her father. It would be recalled that the billionaire’s daughter marked her 31st birthday, followed by an unexpected public message from her father.

dj cuppy

DJ Cuppy In an Instagram story post, the renowned DJ announced her decision to let go of the Ferrari Portofino she received as a gift from her father, Femi Otedola two years ago. While playing Burna Boy‘s hit track ‘Igbo and Shayo (Breakfast)’ in the background, DJ Cuppy affirmed that she was letting the car go for good. “Time to grow up,” she said in the caption.

DJ Cuppy dumps her pink Ferrari, says 'time to grow up'

How netizens reacted as DJ Cuppy dumps her Ferrari mrdeee574 said: “Dj cuppy is actually going through alot rn we just can’t know.” i_am_sope_milion opined: “Well the group she mean fit turn out to be Lamborghini Aventador SVj oooo..😂😂😂😂😂…..dey play.” just_will.i.ams stated: “Maybe she is going for a pink private jet money dey to spend 😂.” walincoal wrote: “As papa don talk say she no dey hear word she vex drop papa’s car 😂.” nifemi_tee said: “Aunty chop breakfast dey vex for car 😂😂😂😂😂wetin concern ur car 😂wahalurd.” Watch the video below …

Lady marries another man, dumps boyfriend who paid her school fees, accommodation, car

Man Girlfriend Car Accomodations

Nigerian man recently reveled how his friend supported his girlfriend, got her into a polytechnic, covered her accomodations, and even gifted her a car after she graduated. According to him, his male friend was deeply in love and cared for his girlfriend, leading him to agree to her request of abstaining from physical intimacy until marriage.

Having agreed to her terms, the friend went above and beyond to support his girlfriend. He paid for her school fees and provided her with financial assistance throughout her time in school. Additionally, he surprised her with a car and even rented a two-bedroom apartment for her after she completed her two-year degree at a polytechnic. The statement “So my guy here fell in love with this laiskin babe January 2019 and they had been dating ever since then.” “Man got her admission in a polytechnic and paid her fees throughout, feeding, accomodation, etc. Girl graduated and man bought her a Toyota Corolla.” “All these while babe insisted on no sex before marriage and man respected that. Just kisses, pressing of big brezz and little bonuses here and there, as per trial version na.” “December last year baba moved her to a 2 bedroom flat and paid 2 years upfront. December 22nd, babe “travelled home” to see her parents”.” “Baba anticipated her return but her lines weren’t going through “maybe cos it was in the village and no network”. Kashimawo. “Whatsapp messages not delivering”.” “Now, baba as a patient man, waited in trusting anticipation for her arrival. So as at last week, long story short, these were our findings: Baba saw her intro pics on her ex roommate’s WhatsApp status. Mama was already 3 months pregnant as at intro.” “Aunty changed all her numbers, sold the car and used the proceeds to finance the marriage.” “Baba went to the house he rented for her and found out aunty leased out house to another person at cut price and took the bounty.” “Baba was not even invited to eat small jollof rice with fanta or viju milk. Aunty has told baba to move on that she never asked for any of those gifts. Baba is still confused as i type.” See some reactions below:  @barrister432: “The girl is evil and has to be the biggest scammer on earth. Someone did all this for you and you found someone else why not call his attention but No she used him to pursue her own interests.” @KINGMICHAEL_OG: “A successful simp… he should look for another under 21 and continue the circle, hopefully he will enter Guinness book of record sooner or later.” @d_Cr8tor: “Shebi if dah guy go do am bad thing now Dem go tag the boy bad person. People go just wicked ….omo me no go endure oo two things one must happen.” @AjibolaVincent3: “Exactly! This will always happen. This same thing was unfolding yesterday right b4 my eyes and hearing. And I’m like, “dude, this babe ain’t into you” but I just minded my bizness. E go soon clear for the guy eye.” @joosh1063: “I’m confused, the husband is a rewire which means, the bf is doing way better than he his and she sold the car to finance marriage, pls follow up on the rest of the story, I want to know how their life’s end up.” @A_Teejay_Moses: “If this one and her entire family including the guy she marry sleep and no wake up, them no suppose blame the man. My mothers specifically warned me never to train a girl to school except we are married. And them Dey use SIR-H (people wen attend UCC go know am) do example for me.” SEE POST:

Man cries like a baby as lady he sponsored for 3 years dumps him because of her pastor

Man cries like a baby as lady he sponsored for 3 years dumps him because of her pastor

A Ghanaian man in his middle age has gained public sympathy after a heart-wrenching video of him crying over his ex-girlfriend surfaced on the internet. In the emotional video, the man recounted how he made the decision to leave his well-paying job, which was located out of town, just to be closer to his girlfriend.

Ghanaian man cries out after as his girlfriend dumps him after sponsoring her abroad He did so because she constantly complained about feeling lonely. However, to his dismay, his ex-girlfriend named Sarah ended their relationship based on a terrible piece of advice from her pastor with out confirming from him. The devastated man revealed that Sarah’s pastor influenced her to break up with him, claiming that he would mistreat and burden her if they were to get married. Despite having taken care of Sarah for the past three years and never mistreated her, she chose to follow her pastor’s advice and ended what was once an enviable relationship. The video showcases the man’s raw emotions as he expresses his heartbreak and disbelief over Sarah’s decision. The man who was full of emotions cried non-stop while further screaming on the top of his lungs. Watch the video below;

“Three days no comma, full stop” — Teacher dumps lady over punctuation

Teacher dumps lady over punctuation

Teacher dumps lady over punctuation

“Three days of chatting, no single comma, full stop, or question mark” — Teacher dumps lady over punctuation A school teacher identified as Pope Itodo narrates his encounter with a lady whom he dumped after three days of texting due to her poor punctuation. The young man took to his Facebook page to rant about his hectic talking stage experience with a lady.

"Three days of chatting, no single comma, full stop, or question mark" — Teacher dumps lady over punctuation

Pope Itodo on Facebook According to Itodo, the lady has not used a single punctuation in three days of texting her. He added that without the punctuation marks, her chats give him a headache while struggling to figure out the appropriate meaning of the sentence. “I know I just met this babe but I can’t do this anymore. Three days of chatting and she has not used a single comma, full stop, or even question mark! She will just say “Have you eaten”. What is that? Are you asking a question or telling me something!? Am I asking for too much? I am not even saying you should use anything fancy like a semi colon, hyphen, or exclamation mark! And apart from lagos all states in Nigeria are proper nouns! What is abuja?” he wrote.

Reactions trailing teacher who dumped lady over punctuation Oluwa Rhoda wrote: “You’re not asking for too much.” Aninath Okpongete reacted: “Correct her politely,use a gentle helpful tone,let her know it’s a big deal for you.. That’s if you really care about the relationship sir.” Mercy Ezeam said: “I think you deserve what you are getting and please stop disturbing us you are not the only ons looking for comma fulls top exclamation mark apostrophe you leave Lagos and find comma where you dropped it.” Vee Vian commented: “This drives me so crazyyyyy… I legit just leave the conversation for you, before I pull my hair out. I do not ask for much… Just put a bladddyyy question mark, when you ask a question.” 

Man dumps girlfriend for being ‘too spiritual’, ends up marrying pastoress

Man dumps girlfriend for being 'too spiritual, ends up with pastoress

A young man who dumped his girlfriend for being too spiritual is made a laughing stock by a cousin after marrying another woman who got ordained as a pastoress three years after marriage. Sammy Desh on Twitter narrates how his cousin’s unexpected journey to matrimony ends up with a religious person despite running from one. It all began when his cousin ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend due to her heightened spirituality. Surprisingly, fate took a different turn, and he eventually married a woman who later became ordained as a pastor, three years into their marriage. In his words; “My cousin broke up with his Ex girlfriend because she’s too spiritual and loves fasting too much. He met another girl and they got married 3 years ago, his wife just got ordained as a pastor last week. I haven’t stopped laughing since,” he tweeted.

Man dumps girlfriend for being 'too spiritual, ends up with pastoress

Reactions trailing man who ended up with a pastoress xpensivity wrote: “He was to get married to a pastor. Similar to a friend of mine but she no wan hear cos she’s the party type. So she runs away from any guy that looks church Once I asked her that does she know that it’s possible to marry a guy in club and he ends up in church? She went mute greatoglobals penned: “Oboy that’s why I laugh when I see people say they can’t marry a pastor, you’re indirectly calling for it.” Irunnia_ said: “E sure me die say the middle name of your cousin na Jonah. God no want let him go” IamTems peened: “Sometimes what you don’t like in some cases might be what you’ll eventually settle down with” Tayvon_Yung said: “No matter how to try to run from God’s calling, you can’t escape the call. 😊” PETER_BORNEY wrote: “My sis already rejected a Pastor
But after 8yrs of marriage, his current husband becomes a G.O”

Man dumps lady after finding out her ex was a yahoo boy

Man dumps lady after finding out her ex was a yahoo boy

A young man reportedly dumps a lady over reservations about her ex-boyfriend being an internet fraudster a.k.a Yahoo boy. A Twitter user identified as @Thatdammygirlie sparked reactions on the microblogging platform following a heartbreak suffered by a friend of hers. Man dumps lady after finding out her ex was a yahoo boyImage illustration of a lady standing face-up while backing a broken heart painting on the wall. Credit: Stock Images According to the influencer, her friend was on the talking stage with a prospective boyfriend when she opened up about her past relationship. The young man, however, does not feel comfortable with the lady’s past dating experience with a Yahoo boy; hence, ending the relationship. “My friend started an interesting talking stage few weeks back, this man legit stopped talking to her when he found out that her ex was a yahoo boy🤣,” she wrote. This guy rejected my friend because her Body count is up to 20, I honestly don’t think this is a valid reason to reject someone, if you genuinely love her. — Bamidele🕊 (@nihiinn) June 2, 2023 Reacting to the claim, netizens were divided on the opinion as many find nothing wrong in being an ex-girlfriend to a yahoo boy while others applauded the man for dodging a bullet. See some reactions below … @wizzyesq penned: “Associating with fravdsters should be treated as accomplice, this yahoo boys are cr!minals.” @ogwogwuo wrote: “Ok Oga go look for saint or a girl that doesn’t need money for up keep some guys just need a girl wey go just dey cook for them and knack them anytime they want they no want spend shishi” @iameniolamyde penned: “Very valid! Minus the billing part or unnecessary financial expectations, it’s says a lot about her kind of person, you’re okay dating a thief!!! You must be a thief too.” @itransceend noted: “All of you be whining yourself, do you think it’s only girls that date yahoo boys alone they use, if it’s for the lifestyle totally understandable, just pray God helps you with your decision making… everything else here his capping.”

“I can’t date you” – Leaked chat shows lady dumps man because he neither smoke nor drink


A Whatsapp chat has been leaked where a lady dumped a young man because he doesn’t smoke or does he drink. The young Nigerian man who was shocked took to his Twitter page to share the screenshot of his chats with the lady. This got a lot of people reacting differently to the chat leaked online.


The young man identified on Twitter as @Deevybs shared the chat on Twitter with the caption, “Some girls are weird, just because I don’t smoke or drink?” In the chat, the young man was seen asking the lady identified as Blessing why she was acting strange around him. In response, the lady stated that she just doesn’t like that he told her he doesn’t smoke or drink. Blessing said it was weird and abnormal for a man not to have any of the two habits. See the tweet below. Some girls are weird, just because I don’t smoke or drink? pic.twitter.com/FZdfesCdLt — DAMI FOREIGN🥶 (@Deevybs) May 9, 2023  

“I forgot” – Nigerian lady in tears as boyfriend dumps her for using his toilet without flushing after first visit (Video)

"I forgot" - Nigerian lady in tears as boyfriend dumps her for using his toilet without flushing after first visit (Video)

A Nigerian lady has narrated the embarrassing incident that occurred the first time she visited her online lover in Abuja. According to her, she has been single for a long time so she decided to download the Tinder app. Luckily, she found a man who was interested in her.

She visited the man’s house and needed to use the restroom urgently. After using it, she left without flushing and never heard from the man again. In her words: “So guys. it’s 6 a.m. in the morning. I just remembered I went out yesterday actually I’ve been single for a while now. So, I decided to download Tinder and I met this guy from Abuja. “He’s been wanting me to come actually but I’ve been forming hard girl hard girl like I’m not like the rest so yesterday I decided to go see him. “After having conversations and it is about time for me to leave I urgently needed to use the restroom. He showed me his restroom and I used the toilet I pooped actually and I flushed but you know that one sh!t that doesn’t flush. “I closed the toilet I was on a call. I was going to flush it I waited for the toilet to refill but I got distracted and I left. “I forgot it there and I got home and I was wondering why this guy had not called me I was like oh he’s one of them. This morning I went to use the bathroom and I flush my toilet and then I remembered.” Watch the video below: @baebi_miri #tiktoknigeria🇳🇬 #tiktok🇳🇬 #fypシ #foryoupage #foryou #nigeriantiktok #nigeriantiktok #blowthisup #xyzbca #mirigenZeldest #viral ♬ original sound – Miri_genZ_eldest