Carter Efe unveils baby’s name as he releases more photos

Carter Efe unveils baby's name as he releases more photos

Famous skit maker and singer, Carter Efe melts hearts with more adorable photos with his little daughter as he unveils her name. It was previously reported that photos of the singer and his baby made the rounds. The photos showed that the baby had already been on the earth for months.

Carter efe unveils baby's name

Skit maker, Carter EFe and daughter. Photo source: Instagram. Carter Efe has finally gone public with news of his baby daughter as he shares heartwarming photos with her and the name, he christened her. The skit maker revealed that his daughter’s name is Charis.

Carter efe unveils baby's name

Fans and colleagues of Carter Efe have taken to the comment section to congratulate him on being a father as many gushed over her beauty and remarkable resemblance.

Carter efe unveils baby's name

Sharing her photo, he wrote simply: “C H A R I S ❤️” See the post below:  

Carter Efe finally unveils his little baby

Carter Efe unveils baby

Carter Efe unveils baby

Popular skit maker and singer, Carter Efe finally unveils the baby he welcomed with his girlfriend. The singer had apparently kept the news of the delivery of his child off the internet for months.

Carter Efe unveils little baby

Skit maker, Carter Efe and his baby. Photos of Carter Efe and his new born child surfaced online and has caught many unawares. The skit maker is yet to release an official statement about the child’s birth as well as they name they have chosen. See some photos below:

Read reactions below: _oluwaseun9 said: “Carter efe pikin resemble Ruth abi na eye dey pain me?” HFF1024 wrote: “Sharp
We congrats 🍾” @ola_thatboy said: “Thank God say the gene no reflect😂” @markus1 stated: “🤣😂😂 in case u no fine atleast just get money” @feranmi710 wrote: “Thankfully, the wife gene strong. .. I wouldn’t want to see a baby looking like Carter efe 💀” @mo_tayo1 said: “Na today I know say Carter get tattoo for hand , the tattoo na the same color with hin skin lol” xoxo.olah said: “Y’all are just giving birth without getting married” shadow.welt wrote: “Shey Na new baby born be this abi she’s doing birthday of 4months old?” stated: “But Na Sydneytalker Frame I Dey See For Last Slide. You Sure Say No Be House Boy He Dey Do?”

“I was a London tailor before skit making, I’ve been funny from birth” – Carter Efe

"I was a London tailor before skit making, I've been funny from birth" – Carter Efe

Renowned Nigerian skit creator and musician, Oderhwo Joseph Efe, widely recognized as Carter Efe, discloses his background hustle as a tailor before achieving stardom. In a recent appearance on the Hip TV show “Trending,” hosted by reality star Kim Oprah, Carter Efe shared insights into his journey from being a tailor to becoming a notable figure in the world of skit making and music. The ‘Machala‘ singer emphasized that his comedic talent was natural, expressing a lifelong love for art that led him to pursue tailoring at a certain stage in his life. Carter Efe speaks on humble beginnings, from being a tailor to making skits

“I have been funny right from birth. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy since I was in school. During break time, I would just stand in front of the class and start making people laugh. “I was a London tailor, ‘Obioma’, before I ventured into skit making. I love art. For example, I edit my skits by myself. I told my dad one day that I wanted to learn tailoring. He said what of my education and I insisted that I want to learn tailoring because I love creativity. I didn’t even spend up to six months before learning how to sew. “When I was learning tailoring, sometimes I would lie to my boss that I was sick and go to shoot a skit. Then I will come back in the afternoon. He still punished me. He would tell me to kneel. I would kneel till the end of the day. “Until one day, Broda Shaggi posted a challenge on Instagram: he said everybody should vibe to a song. Back then I was in Delta State. I said let me just vibe to it and I vibed to the song then I came out first. I won PS5. “Shaggi said I should come to Lagos to receive my prize. When I collected the PS5, I sold it for about N300,000. Then I decided to stay back in Lagos. I was using the N300,000 for transport fares to go to locations to shoot my skit. I was staying with one of my friends then.”

“Music is not all about chasing clout” – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

"Music is not all about chasing clout" – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

"Music is not all about chasing clout" – Carter Efe replies Young Duu

Popular skitmaker, Carter Efe has replied Nigerian rising singer, Young Duu after he accused him of stealing his song. You may recall that earlier today, the singer accused Carter Efe of ripping him off and taking advantage of his situation after he singlehandedly performed ‘Oyinmo’ song.

Carter Efe

Carter Efe Reacting to this, the record label boss referenced all the assistance he rendered to Young Duu. He queried the singer if he knew how the music video and other arrangements came about as he worked so hard to achieve them. He further noted that music is not all about chasing clout but how you present it to the audience. Young Duu Young Duu Young Duu According to Carter, upcoming artists have the mentality that when they feature him, they all want to talk about how they were ripped off. Netizens took to the comment section to express their disappointment in Carter Efe PR strategies. Reactions to Carter Efe’s reply to Young Duu mr-jayjey wrote: “Nigerians who fall for all these cheap PR strategies are the reason una government dey catch una mugu. They know you guys are easily deceived.” mayorsoj said: “Carter Efe’s  PR and promotional strategy is IRRITATING 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️” _.blessinge penned: “This PR and promotional strategy went to Havard University but Nigerians will fall for it sha 😂😂😂😂” SEE POST:

“I didn’t steal Young Duu from Portable; he’s not my artist, I only featured him” – Carter Efe clarifies

"I didn't steal Young Duu from Portable; he's not my artist, I only featured him" – Carter Efe clarifies

Controversial singer, Carter Efe has clarified that he never stole Portable’s ex-signee as he emphasizes that he only featured the budding singer in his song. It would be recalled that the two artists, Portable and Young Duu came together to create a song which has gathered the attention of people.

Carter Efe and Young Duu. This has been causing great annoyance for Portable who opined that Carter Efe has stolen his artist from him and using him to spite his music. In a new video shared by Carter Efe, he clarified that Young Duu isn’t his artist and they didn’t sign any deal making him an artist in his record label.

Carter Efe portable steal Young Duu

Singer, Portable. Carter Efe said that he only featured him in his song and nothing more than that. Reacting, richy_billy_O2 said: “Cater take your flowers watin portable nor fit do you run am 2 secs you sef no small” abiodunogunss said: “How can you feature someone on his own song? This guy !!!! Looks to me like someone loves reaping where he didn’t sow and desperately too.” jojo_boy909 wrote: “Yes we feel you” hybikayO1 said: “You feature him or him feature you. Them don rip YUNGY DUU” pwerryvivian said: “He’s not the artist that can sing but he features artists that sings…. We feel you” Watch the video below:

“I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport” – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

"I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport" – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

Berri Tiga Carter Efe fund music label

Popular singer, Berri Tiga has dragged his colleague, Carter Efe for threatening to slap him despite being the one funding his record label. It would be recalled that the beef between both artists dates back to last year, 2022, when they duo released a song, ‘Machala’ together.

Fund music label Carter Efe Berri Tiga

Singer’s Carter Efe and Berri Tiga. Although they had once settled, Berri Tiga has come online to drag him. He revealed that Carter had threatened to slap him while they were at an airport, even though he has been instrumental in funding Carter Efe’s label. He also spilled how Carter Efe tried to take over an investor he introduced him to by telling the investor that he, Berri Tiga’s, career is dead. One of his posts read: “I Dey fund ur record label… Dey follow your plans . you get mind dey tell me say u go slap me for airport .. dey talk to me like say I be ur pikin.. as Werey no see money collect from my head like he expected .. ENERGY CHANGE..” See post below:

“You’re like my grandfather” — Carter Efe embarrassed as he proposes to Caucasian lady (Video)


A Caucasian lady surprises the notable Nigerian skit-maker, Carter Efe with an unexpected response when he proposed marriage to her. During a live session on TikTok, the skit maker took an interest in his guest who was a white lady. Unexpectedly, she answered affirmatively that ‘he reminded her of her grandfather’ when the content creator asked if she would marry him.

carter efe

Notable content creator, Carter Efe. Image Credti: @Carterefe
Source: Instagram The response greatly shocked Carter Efe, leading him to exclaim and insult her in Yoruba while the conversation between the two continued. He further sought clarification on the meaning behind her statement but she insisted by saying ‘he’s too old.’ He asked; “Can you marry me” She responded, “Yes, but you are like my grandfather.” “Which kind talk be that, why do you say I look like your grandfather?” Carter queried. Watch the video below …

“How many skits you get?!” – Carter Efe alleges that Lamba lied about buying Lamborghini (Video)


"How many skits you get?!" – Carter Efe alleges that Lamba lied about buying Lamborghini (Video)

Popular skit maker, Carter Efe has alleged that his colleague, Lamba lied about buying a new Lamborghini. You may recall that it was earlier reported that the content creator had taken to his Instagram page to share a clip of his brand new ride.

Carter Efe alleges that Lamba lied about buying Lamborghini (Video)

Carter who reacted to this wondered how many skit works he has whipped out that he is able to purchase a new Lamborghini which is worth millions of naira.Trending:Another Nigerian lady set to break Guinness World Record as she begins counting of rice grains (Video) According to him, even Ruger who has many hit songs doesn’t have a Lamborghini. He added that if it were so easy to buy a Lambo, many big artists would have bought it.

"How many skits you get?!" – Carter Efe alleges that Lamba lied about buying Lamborghini (Video)

He said: “I go Sydney place, Sydney dey cry say “O boy you hear wetin happen, Lamba don buy Lambo oh! You dey see bar, you dey see bar, where you for see the money you be thief? you just come out say na Lambo you buy. Make una no dey lie, You know how much for Lambo? Even Ruger wey get many hit songs never ger Lambo. “I dey vex oo, make una no dey use me dey play. Na so Lambo take easy why all the whole musicians never buy am…. Make we dey see truth dey talk.” Watch the video:

Carter Efe stirs reactions as he shows off his father

Carter Efe stirs reactions as he shows off his father

Famous content creator and comedian, Carter Efe, wows many as he shows off his father with whom he shares a spitting resemblance.

carter efe

The skit maker took to his social media page to respond to his fans who have been questing for a long time to know what his father looked like. Carter Efe, however, surprised his fans by unveiling the face of his dad in a short video. He caught many unaware as the duo share an uncanny resemblance with one another.

"No DNA needed" — Carter Efe stirs reactions as he shows off father

See some reactions that followed … @iconic_remi; “Which of them is the father though” @acusticocean; “The man vomit am 😂 Wahala dey o 😭😂” @quincypetersjr; “His dad looks younger Abi na my eyes” @TunjiJacob3; “Why is it that you look older than your dad? Is this also suppose to be a skit also?” @notch_george; “Too much highness and unhealthy lifestyle na wetin make you old pass your papa, see as papa be like pikin younger brother.” @Just___Obyno; “If to say una dey into music industry una for dey win Headies award back to back” @teegrt; “Tell your dad to laugh small i wan check something” @COJ_22; “See as una be like senior and junior brother 🤣🤣” Watch the video below … No DNA test needed.😂😂 — Naija (@Naija_PR) March 24, 2023

“Dem wan kill me” — Carter Efe survives accident, crashes SUV five days after purchase

carter efe

Popular skit maker and musician, Carter Efe, survives a car accident five days after purchasing a new Mercedes Benz SUV.

carter efe

The singer who recently had a clash with Yhemolee took to Instagram to share his experience after involvement in an accident. In a now-deleted Instastory, Carter Efe crashed his Mercedes Benz five days after splashing millions of naira to acquire the SUV. “5 days after I buy my car dem wan kill me but God pass them,” he wrote while sharing the video of the accident.

"Dem wan kill me" — Carter Efe survives accident, crashes SUV five days after purchase

Netizens, however, blamed him for being a reckless driver other than attributing it to enemies wanting him dead. See some reactions below … otorroseline: “They wan killlll you abi you no sabi drive. Who get you time wey go dey reason you. You wey fit do any thing to go viral.” nellobrownn: “Nobody wan kee you,Na your hand never strong yet for driving but na una wan still dey drive James Bond style after many alcohol for system.Just thank God for life.” n6oflife: “Many of Una Hand never strong for steering.. money go enter, Una Go rush buy Benz. 🤔 That Car is a performance vehicle and literally not for kids. This is a frontal collision. Na you bash Pesin. Nobody hit you. Pls go back and perfect your driving Lessons. 😇.” Watch the video below …