Electrician gets electrocuted days to his wife’s funeral

Electrician gets electrocuted days to his wife's funeral

Electrician gets electrocuted days to his wife's funeral

An Abia electrician identified as Allison Obiajunwa has reportedly met his untimely death after he was electrocuted.

According to the family of Allison Obiajunwa, their son died a few days to the funeral of his wife. The family have expressed shock over the sudden demise of their son. According to report, the electrician lost his wife a few weeks ago and was set to bury her a few days to his death. However he was electrocuted while trying to connect and change a transformer cable at Obingwa LGA of the state. A source told WithingNigeria, “The worst of it all is that his dead wife is still in the morgue, waiting to be buried in few days time. This is double tragedy or the family. We got to know that the electrician didn’t wear safety kits when the tragic incident happened. I don’t know whether to blame the company or the dead man for this criminal negligence”. 

Whitney Adeniran was electrocuted — Chrisland Schools’ student alleges in leaked audio


A student of Chrisland Schools in leaked audio alleges that 12-year-old Whitney Adeniran was electrocuted during the school’s inter-house sports. Whitney Adeniran This comes after Chrisland Schools released a statement about the circumstances of the death of one of their students. A whistleblower claimed that her child who wasn’t a student of the school overheard what actually transpired. Speaking on her findings about the death of Whitney Adeniran, the parent wrote while sharing a leaked audio; Whitney Adeniran: “This is concerning the child that died in Chrisland few days ago. My 12-year-old daughter walked up to me and told me in her words ‘Mummy I do not know why people still attend Chrisland school’ and I asked why? She then told me a student had collapsed during their inter-house sport; I was surprised cos she doesn’t attend Chrisland so how did she get the information? She then forwarded a particular voice note on snap chat to me. I listened to it and I was devastated but kept quiet. In the voice note another Chrisland student was gisting her friends what happened at their inter house sport and the deceased child Whitney was mentioned. The child clearly stated that Whitney went to buy popcorn and cotton candy and touched one of the machines producing either cotton candy or popcorn and she was electrocuted. She collapsed immediately. And water was poured on her. The story Chrisland is giving is false I have the voice note as evidence.” Listen to the audio below …