Carter Efe finally unveils his little baby

Carter Efe unveils baby

Carter Efe unveils baby

Popular skit maker and singer, Carter Efe finally unveils the baby he welcomed with his girlfriend. The singer had apparently kept the news of the delivery of his child off the internet for months.

Carter Efe unveils little baby

Skit maker, Carter Efe and his baby. Photos of Carter Efe and his new born child surfaced online and has caught many unawares. The skit maker is yet to release an official statement about the child’s birth as well as they name they have chosen. See some photos below:

Read reactions below: _oluwaseun9 said: “Carter efe pikin resemble Ruth abi na eye dey pain me?” HFF1024 wrote: “Sharp
We congrats 🍾” @ola_thatboy said: “Thank God say the gene no reflect😂” @markus1 stated: “🤣😂😂 in case u no fine atleast just get money” @feranmi710 wrote: “Thankfully, the wife gene strong. .. I wouldn’t want to see a baby looking like Carter efe 💀” @mo_tayo1 said: “Na today I know say Carter get tattoo for hand , the tattoo na the same color with hin skin lol” xoxo.olah said: “Y’all are just giving birth without getting married” shadow.welt wrote: “Shey Na new baby born be this abi she’s doing birthday of 4months old?” stated: “But Na Sydneytalker Frame I Dey See For Last Slide. You Sure Say No Be House Boy He Dey Do?”

Davido and Wizkid finally reunite after long standing beef

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Netizens all over the world are rejoicing as legendary Nigerian musicians, Davido and Wizkid, put their feud aside and reunite after many years. The two were captured at an event, Evenintheday, where they stood side by side alongside Zlatan and vibed to the song that was being played. Davido and Wizkid have had a long term beef in the industry but after Ifeanyi died, Davido confirmed Wizkid had reached out to him to offer his condolences. Both industry giants of the Afrobeats scene used to be friends but suddenly there was strife and the reason for it is still unknown. “Two elephants” — Reactions as Davido and Wizkid finally reunite after long term beef“Two elephants” — Reactions as Davido and Wizkid finally reunite after long term beef Despite numerous attempts by their fellow colleagues to make amends between them, there has been no progress. However, it seems this is now the beginning of a new era as the two were spotted at the club in obviously good spirits. See some reactions to the post @honest30bgfan_ said: “See as happiness wan injure obiyo as he meets his idol. I never see am happy like this before ❤️” @aystickz wrote: “Even if two of them drop collab album, their fans go still Dey fight” @Queen_Aeesha reacted: “Two elephants 😍😍I Sight Zlatan” @symplyDAPO shared: “I just can’t wait to see them on one track with Burna” @EmNela_ added: “Topnotch Aura❤️ Two Kings killing it for 10 years now💚🐐🐐” @Nnamdi_notkanu opined: “These guys are close friends offline while people are online fighting for them” Watch video here Wizkid and Davido spotted at Evenintheday event ❤️🔥 — BASITO (@itzbasito) December 16, 2023

Stefflon Don finally discloses how she got her Rolls Royce

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Popular British rapper and ex girlfriend of Burna Boy, Stefflon Don surprises many as she discloses the jaw-dropping way she got her multi-million Rolls Royce. The musician, it would be recalled, received a brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan for her 32nd birthday. The car was a gift from a yet-to-be-identified lover of hers.

stefflon don rolls royce

Stefflon Don. However, some tabloids have alluded that the car was given to her by her ex boyfriend, Burna Boy and they had further claimed that she and the Nigerian singer are back together. In a post currently trending online, Stefflon Don surprises many as she reveals just how she got ahold of the Rolls Royce. She shared a chat with her friend wherein she noted that what had gotten her the car was her good female genitalia. See post below …

Check out some reactions gathered … lewapearl said: “Una no go shame this one now … if na Naija influencers now… bottles would be flying everywhere” preshlena remarked: “Them no born burna well to buy woman this kind gift. Him mama no go gree” raphael_1 state: “This one pass wig and hand bag” emerald_g_onyi commented: “Shey she say him preek small😂 e don grow?” Only1Afrika wrote: “Some pux.x.ies are very hard to let go for real. That’s when you start hearing.. you don’t know this girl better than me, i know she can be annoying sometimes but she’s a very good girl, i know her”

“No more tax issues” – Iyabo Ojo pens appreciation message as she finally resolves her tax issues

“No more tax issues” – Iyabo Ojo pens appreciation message as she finally resolves her tax issues

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has sent appreciation to her friends and family for their support as she finally resolves her taxi issues. The Yoruba star has been dragging the government for allegedly levying excessive taxes on her for more than a year.

Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo Iyabo Ojo announced on her Instagram page that the issue has been resolved and thanked God and a few others. She was grateful to Paulo Okoye for being her lover and her pillar of support. Her team of lawyers, Lola Alao, her colleague, and many others were also appreciated. She wrote: “APPRECIATION POST “I want to first start by saying a very big thank you to God almighty for always coming through for me. “Secondly, I would like to thank the Lirs boss himself Mr Ayodele Subair….. for looking into my personal income tax, adjusting it, and giving me a better payment plan, I’m so grateful, sir, also to Director Jimi Aina, I say thank you too, and God bless you. “To my legal team @iammaverick_ois
@maverick_fortelegal and my tax consultants, I say a very big thank you, you’re the best. “To all my beautiful fans and loved ones who reached out to me, I say a very big thank you, for your constant love and support, I’m so grateful, and I do not take it for granted. “Also @pauloo2104, Obim, my backbone, my love, thank you “@iamlolaalao, my sisto for life, I can’t thank you enough “grvlagos, thank you so much, I do appreciate your support “@alabaultimate, my brother from another mother.. thank you for always standing by me “NO MORE TAX ISSUES ….. God be praised.” SEE POST:

“Public schools are free” – Korra Obidi’s husband finally replies after she called him out

"Public schools are free" - Korra Obidi's husband finally replies after she called him out

Popular influencer, Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin Dean finally replies her after she called him out for not paying the school fees of their kids. It would be recalled that the single mother of two had gone online to lament over the mounting bills she is dealing with since her husband is not sharing in paying bills for their children’s education.

Korra obidi's husband schools fees

Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin Dean. Photo source: Instagram. She had maintained that she doesn’t want her kids to go to any public school because she doesn’t particularly like the standard of education there and there are no better public schools in LA where she lives. However, in a video of reply to this, Justin Dean noted that public schools are completely free and tuition for them are usually paid for by the government through the taxpayer’s money. In his explanation, he noted that property taxes are usually paid by homeowners, and these taxes are used to fund schools. Hence, the quality of a public school is dependent on the kind of locality the person lives. Better-funded public schools are found in localities where there are more well-to-do folks with better houses because higher property taxes are charged for people whose houses are of higher value. Watch him speak in the video below:

Man finally graduates from university after 12 years

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After 12 years of being a student of law, man finally graduates from National Open University A man identified as Harbor Kenneth Onyeisi, finally graduates from National Open University after 12 years of being a law student. The new graduate took to his Facebook to celebrate this huge milestone. From gathered information, he had gotten admission to study law sometime in 2011/2012 but did not complete his studies there due to unforeseen circumstances. However, luck shined on him and he was able to complete his studies. According to him, he has finally been able to fulfill the dream he set out to achieve when he was 28 years old. In his words; “Finally the CEO of Ken Harbor Ltd, Jickoh Marine & Shipping Agency, Legal Colors Quality Paint and the Executive Director Ct Foundation have graduated after 12years from National Open University, Port Harcourt Study Centre as LLB. Congratulations to me.” See post below After 12 years of being a student of law, man finally graduates from National Open University After 12 years of being a student of law, man finally graduates from National Open University After 12 years of being a student of law, man finally graduates from National Open University After 12 years of being a student of law, man finally graduates from National Open University

“You no go fall” – Manny Monie finally smiles as GOE sends him N1M from N20M Wizkid gifted him

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Portable’s ex-signee, Manny Monie finally smiles as his colleague, GOE sends him 1 million naira out of the N20M Wizkid gifted him after he went online to call him out. NigezieXtreme recalls that Machala had wired GOE 20 million naira for praising him in a song.

wizkid manny monie goe N1m

Manny Monie However, Manny Monie had gone online to call out his friend, as he recalls that it had been the three of them who released the said song, and he feels unhappy that he doesn’t get a share of the cash. His colleague has made him sing a new song, as he gifts him 1 million naira out of the sum. A video online shows Manny Monie praising his friend for the cash that he was given as he showed of the alert of the cash gift. Watch the video below …

“I’ve experienced different phases of mental breakdown” – Orezi finally breaks silence after losing his N300M house to fire

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi house fire silence

Popular singer, Orezi speaks for the first time after his house, reportedly worth 300 million naira, got burnt in fire outbreak, as he opens up on going through a mental breakdown over his loss. Two nights ago, it was reported that his palatial house was gutted by fire which broke out. His predicament appears to be similar to that of AY Makun whose Lagos home also got destroyed in fire accident.

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi. Fans and colleagues expressed their condolence over the loss of his expensive house; some offered words of encouragement and support to him. Orezi has finally come online to speak on the issue. He started off by expressing his profoundest of gratitude to everyone who had reached out in one way or another to offer words of encouragement and showed concern.

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi’s gutted living room. Orezi mentioned that he had gone through different stages of mental breakdown since the fire incident. He voiced his gratitude to God for not letting life be lost in the fire as he tried to make light of his situation by noting that he just wants to blow, and not his house blowing. Watch video below … Orezi speaks for the first time since his house got burnt 😩 — Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) November 30, 2023

Agric teacher don finally buy car

"Agric teacher don finally buy car" - Man causes buzz as he uses grass to redesign his new car

A Nigerian man has caused a serious buzz online after a video of his unusual car customization surfaced, showcasing the interior of his new car redesigned with grass. The spectacle, captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media, showcases an unconventional makeover that has left netizens divided. The video, shared by the car owner, shows the interior of the car decorated with artificial green carpet grass, making it look like a lively meadow.

"Agric teacher don finally buy car" - Man causes buzz as he uses grass to redesign his new car

Colorful flowers are strategically placed throughout the car, turning the car into a visual spectacle that has caught the imagination of many. The unique design quickly gained traction, with many viewers sharing and commenting on the extraordinary car interior. While some expressed admiration and surprise at the creativity behind the makeover, others were quick to question the practicality and safety of such a whimsical design. Netizens Reactions… @kanu_ranks said; “Until snake bite person inside this car.” @theella_space said; “Moana don finally get car. What in the name of te fiti is this.” @b3lovedd_ reacted; “Before reptile come bite me abeg.” @laura_baby_ commented; “Agric teacher don finally get car.” @kidstabletshop reacted; “It looks like car sunk in an ocean.” @elex.bee said; “George of the jungle don buy care.” @a_yo_mi_ti_de said; “When it’s not jumanji jungle.” @dansky_exchange said; “Na you and grasshoppers go dey collect steering from each other.” See below;

Israel DMW finally opens up on reason for split with wife

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Popular singer Davido’s aide, Israel DMW finally opens up on the reason for his split with wife as he tells the detailed story of how they met and how she began giving him attitude, saying that he is embarrassing her on social media by begging and behaving like a slave around Davido. It would be recalled that rumors of their split had been engendered by a message his wife had written on their anniversary some weeks ago.

israel dmw reason split wife

Israel DMW and estranged wife, Sheila. Israel DMW has finally recounted in great detail what had led to their rift. In a lengthy account, Israel DMW revealed that he had met his estranged wife, Sheila in February 2022. At the time, she was a virgin, a daughter of a pastor and they had met during one of their evangelisms at their church. One thing led to another, and they became intimate friends; but she refused to have any physical encounter with him, insisting that she can only give herself to the man she marries. Israel recounted that he agreed with her condition and immediately set about proposing to her, and upgrading her lifestyle from that of someone who uses a 60k phone to a new iPhone of 1 million naira, upgrading her wardrobe and buying her new human hairs which cost him a fortune. However, he alleged that, after their luxurious wedding, she changed and began showing her real self to him. According to him, she began setting standards for him and expecting him to follow them, also claiming that he is embarrassing her with the way he keeps begging his boss, Davido, online. Read his full account below … “Marrying a lady because you met her during evangelism as a virgin, a pastors daughter, a member of ur same winners chapel church, might not guarantee anything peace at all. Dnt be too eager or quick to trust people. People can change at anytime. People can be very ungrateful and deceptive. | met Sheila February 19, 2022. We became friends which later became intimate. She told me she would only loose her virginity to the man that would marry her, since her Ugep,Cross River, mother, who’s now 41, who had earlier married 2 different men, with 2 kids, before marrying her father and that she was over due at 21 for marriage. We fully agreed with her terms and conditions. | immediately began a full upgrade of her unkept situation by firstly giving her 300k and also replacing her tattered phone of less than 60k to a brand new iphone 12 Pro Max of 860k in less than 2 weeks. I later also replaced the 12 Pro Max to a brand 14 Pro Max of 1.2m that she’s currently using to slay. I did a alot of shoppings for her. Bought her clothes and bags incuding expensive human hairs she’s using without sleeping with her then. I later proposed and she fully accepted. We later did a Legally introdution, traditional and white weddings in benin city. Sheila immediately changed by showing her real self after our wedding by wanting to set standards for me because she now felt she was blown as juju wife, fully verified on Instagram, with more followers from her earlier struggling 3k followers when i met her. A fully sapa girl i met with just 2,700 in her account. I have never raised my hands on her any day. I dnt beat women at all. I respect them so much. The least money for her upkeep was 100k. She now wakes up to tell me that i derive dignity in begging my oga, and that i am fully a slave and that am disgracing her on social media. had earlier taking her to show same oga for the first time before we wedded, when we were in Abuja Transcorp Hilton, and oga asked her straight forward if she was ready for marriage, and she fully answered by saying yes and oga immediately gave her 500k for airtime. Oga was fully present in benin for my wedding, after cancelling a 140m show appearance. Oga…” Read more below …