“Stop deceiving poor Nigerians you are also suffering the hardship” – Sonia Ogiri tells celebrities

"Stop deceiving poor Nigerians you are also suffering the hardship" – Sonia Ogiri tells celebrities

"Stop deceiving poor Nigerians you are also suffering the hardship" – Sonia Ogiri tells celebrities

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has criticised Nigerian celebrities that are pretending like they are suffering the hardship of the country. She bemoaned the state of the economy on her Instagram story and asked why it is that celebrities are now talking out about the price increase of food items.

Sonia Ogiri

Sonia Ogiri She questioned whether they were acting fake and whining in an attempt to be relatable with the general public. Sonia asked why, when they should speak up before things get out of hand, they stay silent.

Sonia Ogiri

Sonia Ogiri She begged them to quit lying about the misery of the impoverished Nigerians and described it as medicine after death. In her words: “I laugh in Swahili. Why are some celebrities speaking up now about the hike in foodstuff? Una dey whine una sef or just complaining so ordinary Nigeria go think. Say you dey feel wetin them dey feel? Why do some Nigerian celebrities keep mute when they’re supposed to speak up at the right time before things become bad? Why medicine after death? Stop deserving the poor Nigerians with the narrative of you’re also suffering hardship. “Things are so hard in Nigeria for common Nigerians”. SEE POST: 

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Iyabo Ojo voices concern over Hardship in Nigeria

Iyabo Ojo voices concern over Hardship in Nigeria

Iyabo Ojo voices concern over Hardship in Nigeria

Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has joined the chorus of voices expressing concern over the growing hardship faced by Nigerians. The actress took to her platform to react to the government’s decision to provide N8,000 monthly to the impoverished citizens, questioning whether the people have the resilience to endure the tough times until the promised “Renewed Hope” materializes.

A photo of Iyabo Ojo. Photo Credit: @iyaboojofespris Source: Instagram As a single mother of two, Iyabo Ojo passionately addressed the dire situation in the country, particularly the prevailing hunger crisis. She criticized the government’s proposed palliative plan, describing it as both a “joke” and a “slap” in the face of the suffering populace. With the ongoing economic challenges and rising inflation rates, the plight of ordinary Nigerians has worsened, making it difficult for many to afford basic necessities. The government’s N8,000 monthly assistance to the poor has been deemed inadequate and insufficient to alleviate the hardships faced by the majority. Iyabo Ojo’s comments echo the frustrations felt by many citizens who have been grappling with the impact of the economic downturn. In her words; “I hope Nigerians have the strength to hold on b4 we begin to reap this our imaginary Renewed Hope….. There is serious hunger in the land, and 8k monthly to the pøor is definitely not the solution… That is definitely a joke & a slap”. See below;

Man who passed through hardship meets destiny helper

Man who passed through hardship meets destiny helper

A man identified as @bamigboyegideon on TikTok has taken social media by storm after sharing his incredible transformation story. The man revealed how his life went from grass to grace after meeting his destiny helper, who changed all spheres of his life for the better. Before meeting his helper, Gideon used to hawk on the streets to make ends meet. However, everything changed when his destiny helper located him. The man moved from having nothing to having a house of his own, a remarkable transformation that has left many people inspired. The transformation is truly remarkable, and it’s clear to see how much his life has changed for the better. The man’s story is a testament to the power of destiny helpers and the impact that they can have on people’s lives. It’s also a reminder that no matter how tough things may seem, there’s always hope for a better future. @harbimbola hardunni showobi said: “God change my life to good.” @IREAYOMI212 said:“God name be praise hallelujah.” @Sutinabo reacted: “God time is always the best.” @smile boy said: “May go bless all helping hand.” @Timzee said: “Thanks alot for what you done. I watch your live when you took this man wow you are doing great.” Watch the video below: @bamigboyegideon #viral #fyp #celestia #agbalagabriel @AGBALA GABRIEL ♬ original sound – Sunmisola❤️

“Na Hardship push me” – Police arrest unemployed man for selling his 9-year-old son for N400k

"Na Hardship push me" - Police arrest unemployed man for selling his 9-year-old son for N400k

Na Hardship Push Me" - Police Arrest Unemployed Man for Selling 9-Year-Old Son for N400k

The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has apprehended a man identified as Gabriel Ekpiri for allegedly selling his nine-year-old son for the sum of N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira). The suspect, an unemployed resident of Ekit Itam Akpan Obong in Itu Local Government Area, confessed to the crime, attributing it to the influence of the devil and the economic hardship he faced. According to a statement released by the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Odiko Macdon, on Tuesday, the swift intervention of a patrol squad led to the arrest of Gabriel Ekpiri. The police were on a routine patrol when they discovered the heinous act and promptly took action. The PPRO said; ”The Commissioner of Police, CP Olatoye Durosinmi has condemned the action, describing it as barbaric and unacceptable, the PPRO informed. “The Commissioner of Police has condemned the action of one Gabriel Okon Ekpiri of Ekit Itam Akpan Obong in Itu Local Government Area who sold his nine-year-old son for N400,000.” The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents appalled and disheartened by the actions of a parent towards their own child. The police have launched a thorough investigation into the matter to unravel the full extent of the incident and to ensure that all individuals involved face the full weight of the law. The rescued child has been placed in the care of child welfare authorities while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Frederick Leonard slams Nigerians over hardship


Nollywood thespian, Frederick Leonard pens a note where he slammed Nigerians for being “a country of spinless talkers”.

Frederick Leonard

The fine actor, who recently got married to Peggy Ovire took to Facebook to air his thoughts. In his opinion, Nigerians are ‘weak’, and the leaders of the country are well aware. This is why they keep acting the way they do toward their citizens. Frederick Leonard’s comment trails the recent hardship of the fuel crisis, alongside the shortage of the naira notes in teh country. “We Are INDEED A Country of Spinless TALKERS. #SAD these Leaders Know, and That’s Why they do Us the way They Do Us. As Long as We Remain Spinless, NIGERIA WILL NEVER GET BETTER. BECAUSE FREEDOM FROM BAD & OPPRESSIVE LEADERSHIP IS NOT FREE. #WeAreNotReadyYet “, he wrote. See post below;

“Should I collect?” – Man in hardship seeks advice after girlfriend went the extra mile to get him N3m

"Should I collect?" - Man in hardship seeks advice after girlfriend went the extra mile to get him N3m

A broke young man, name undisclosed, is seeking advice from a public discussion over his girlfriend who went the extra mile to get him the sum of N3 million.

Narrating how life has harshly dealt with him in a month, the young man noted that his girlfriend whom he just met a few weeks ago as a virgin, engaged in an affair with a politician just to help him.
He is now asking whether to collect the N3m Naira from the lady or not.
In his words: “Mr. Jay, abeg hide my identity. Frankly, no one on earth is as broke as I am now. I was sacked from work a month ago, had an accident a week ago which I lost my car. Landlord just evicted me a day after some robbers made away with all my appliances.
“In fact, it’s just myself and myself with a girl I just met last two months.

“Owing to my predicament which she is knowledgeable about, she gave me a call yesterday and told me she was going to do something I won’t like.
“Today, she deposited N3m into my account with a note that reads: “I slept with that politician.”
“This is a girl I deflowered ooo, not as if she’s into this shit. N I love her.
“I can’t take this money!!😭😭😭
“What should I do Mr. Jay, I called her and she is crying too Which kind life!?”