“He’s talking now” – Hospital gives update on Zack Orji’s health condition

"He's talking now" - Hospital gives update on Zack Orji’s health condition

The hospital where veteran Zack Orji, the ailing veteran actor, has been admitted has given an update about his current health condition. Speaking to The Nation on Monday, December 1, Tayo Hastrup, the spokesman for the National Hospital in Abuja, where he is now being treated, revealed that the actor is now responding to his treatment and his health is stable. According to Tayo Hastrup: “He has started talking. He is in stable condition. His wife is by his side. We really thank God for him.” Zark Orji, veteran actor. source: Instagram Recall that a close associate of the family made the report to a news platform, sharing a video of Zack Orji immobile in a hospital bed disclosing he slumped and could not talk.

Reactions trail video of one of Happie boys as he’s spotted in Abuja

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Frenzied outrage has trailed the moment one of the Happie Boys is spotted in a viral video conversing with a man in Abuja who commended him for speaking up for his friend who is still locked up in Cyprus. It would be recalled that one of the Happie Boys had returned to Nigeria after being deported from the country some weeks ago.

happie boys man abuja

Happie Boys. A few days after his return, he had called for the release of his friend who is still being held in a prison in Cyprus. In a video that recently surfaced online, a man, who claims to have spotted and recognized him as one of the Happie Boys, said that he had to park and commend him for speaking up for his friend. Amakor Johnson (the freed Happie boy) was seen holding a can of Monster while speaking to the man as he fielded questions. skinnybabyoflagos said: “Life can come at yiu so fast . Learn from them , not even up to 2 years . Youngins learn” ukehsweet remarked: “He is still doing big boy.. not everyone truly deserve help, some are meant to remain where they are …” kelly_dreyton stated: “They locked up the wrong one tho!
Na this yellow sisi dem for lockup make he turn black for there” carsbloggerrr advised: “Don’t laugh at them, learn from their mistakes! Anyone could be a scapegoat! But I won’t be one because I have Learn never to bite the hand that help me!” oluseglon penned: “I could remember loads of comment advising the black guy to disassociate from this fair dude. I pray he doesn’t learn the hard way” ideydk stated: “Dey actually lost the wrong person’s passport! can they pls let us do trade by batter? we want the black one in exchange for dz yellow mumu one. we dash dem! the black one na small pikin dey do am ejor.” Watch video below …

He’s Not Fit to Fly; only one leg was amputated

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Vincent Okafor, the son of veteran movie star Mr Ibu, clarifies the reason why his father hasn’t been flown out of the country for further medical treatment as he sheds light on his recent leg amputation and the real disease the actor is suffering from. News that made the rounds yesterday had alluded that the actor had performed another surgery and another leg amputated, following an amputation already done in November.

Mr ibu's son leg amputated unfit fly disease

Mr. Ibu Mr Ibu’s son, Vicent clarified in a statement release on behalf of the family that an amputation was done on same leg, and not another leg being amputated, as is widely thought by the public. Moreover, he revealed that contrary to general misconception, Mr Ibu his father, isn’t suffering from diabetes but a blood vessel disease that frequently causes blood clots, which had warranted the amputations.

Mr ibu's son leg amputated unfit fly disease

Mr. Ibu. He further said that the reason why his father is yet to be flown out of the country is because the doctors have declared him Not Fit to Fly. His statement read … “We wish to Express our sincere gratitude to well meaning Nigerians and the general public for your immense contributions, physically, spiritually and most above all financially on getting our daddy Mr John Okafor (Mr Ibu) back on his feet again. We wish to correct some misconceptions making rounds on social media concerning the current state of our Ne father’s health. attleio ‘ First we will like to state that our daddy wasn’t amputated on both legs but only one. The first amputation didn’t completely correct his health predicament so the doctors had to go ahead to amputate same leg further to ensure we didn’t loose him. Daddy’s cause of sickness is also not diabetes but he’s had constant clotting of the blood in his leg ( diseased blood vessels) and other health challenges posing risk to his life , therefore the need for the amputation. Lastly, the only reason why the family has not flown him out of the country till date is cause the doctors have tagged him “Not Fit to Fly”.. This tag has made it extremely impossible to get him out of the country for advanced treatment as no airline will fly him.. Daddy is currently admitted at one of the biggest and best hospital we’ve got in Nigeria as of today and the hospital has availed him a pool of very astute professionals. As Daddy is recuperating we urge his friends, colleagues, fans and Nigerians at large to keep him in thier prayers and peddle down on unconfirmed reports concerning our dad’s health.. Thank you Nigerians you all have been very supportive this period. God bless you all Valatine Okafor on behalf of the family.” See photo below …

Cute moment little boy tells dad he’s hungry during his graduation

Little boy dad graduation hungry

Little boy dad graduation hungry

A trending video shows the adorable moment a little boy celebrates and tells his dad he’s hungry during his graduation. The man was graduating from a degree program and had his family over at the university to celebrate with him.

Little boy dad graduation hungry

Graduation. His little boy who was present at the occasion couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw his dad among the graduands. What got a lot of folks reeling with laughter was when the little boy told his father he’s hungry and wants chocolate cereal. @Wanjiku wa Nganga said: “🤣😂😂🤣 when you are a provider, there’s no break 🤣😂” @Nick montana stated: “its feels nice wen ua child does something crazy infront of people its make u feel that ur a dad not just a father” @joicemtete remarked: “Dad can’t graduate in peace 🤣🤣🤣” @Shebrew144 revealed: “He’s like your little graduation is nice can we get chocolate cereal now. 😂😂” @SammyNour wrote: “straight to the supermarket after this dada😂” Watch video below … @tracywisdom1 #babiesoftiktok #goviralforyourpage #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #foryou #kid #goviral #funnyvideos ♬ original sound – wisdom Tracy

Francis Van-lare causes frenzy as he unveils photos of ladies he’s allegedly slept with, promises to release more

Francis Van-lare causes frenzy as he unveils photos of ladies he's allegedly slept with

Popular businessman Francis Van-lare who is marking his septuagenarian birthday by releasing names of all the 219 ladies he has slept with since 1970, has also released the alleged photos of some of them. It was earlier reported that the man turned 70 years and decided to show off his body count.

Francis Van-lare causes frenzy as he unveils photos of ladies he's allegedly slept with

Francis Van-lare. Photo source; Twitter. He released the staggering names of the ladies he has slept with. In a fresh report, Francis Van-lare released photos of some of the ladies he has supposedly slept with.

Photos making the rounds online shows him with each of the ladies. See netizens reactions below: smartofficial_ said: “Thai Baba is serious ooh. Imagine seeing your mum, sister or wife here” finegirl_eni wrote: “It is only one he took to a nice restaurant and you can see he didn’t touch her anyhow. Ladies know your worth” shinaney_gabriels said: “The lady wey em hold for breast like that no fit EVER get any receipt to prove otherwise, the man evidence tooo strong for her own” trina_joness said: “There’s no outrage because he is a man Let awoman come and pull this stunt and see what would happen.” See more photos below:

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He’s lazy, doesn’t want to do anything

"He's lazy, doesn't want to do anything" - Woman cries out as husband refuses to work, seeks divorce

A woman named Latifat AbdulYekeen has sought the dissolution of her marriage, citing her husband’s reluctance to work as the primary reason for the marital discord. The plaintiff, Latifat, appeared before the court to present her case against her husband, Abdulsalam. According to Latifat, despite her father’s persistent efforts to secure employment for Abdulsalam, he has consistently refused to work.

She expressed her frustration in court. Latifat claimed that the lack of a steady income made it challenging for them to afford proper nourishment, leading to malnourishment for both herself and their child. Latifat further revealed that her husband had a preference for contractual work over regular employment, as it provided quick monetary gains without the associated stress of a conventional job. She lamented that her father’s attempts to intervene and secure a job for Abdulsalam had been futile, resulting in financial difficulties and a decline in their overall well-being. “My father had tried on many occasions to get a job for my husband, but he refused to honor his invitation each time he called him. “He does not want to get a job. Rather, he prefers contracts that will fetch him quick money without much stress. “His stubborn attitude has caused us a lot, as we hardly eat good food at home, which has made me and our baby to grow thin and look unkempt. “I left the house four months ago and nobody has asked after me. That is why I want the court to separate us and grant me custody of my child,” the woman said. Presiding over the case, Judge Hammad Ajumobi acknowledged a person’s right to choose their employment path and associates. However, he urged the petitioner to make an effort to understand her husband’s perspective. The respondent, Abdulsalam, reportedly communicated to the court about being involved in an accident, rendering him unable to attend the hearing. Consequently, Judge Ajumobi adjourned the case until January 9 for further proceedings, allowing both parties an opportunity to present their arguments and evidence.

I hope Wiz is fine; he’s been inking tattoos

Wizkid new tattoo fans fine

Fans of the Afrobeats superstar Wizkid express their concerns over the state of his mental health as he gets a leg tattoo, just some days after getting a tattoo on his neck following the burial of his late mother. It would be recalled that the singer who had recently lost and buried his mother got a tattoo done around his neck. It was alleged that the tattoo cost 10k dollars.

WizKid new tattoo fine fans

Wizkid. Photo source: Google. It has become a worry for netizens as another video shows him getting another tattoo on his leg. One netizen recalled how Olamide had spoken about doing some weird stuff since he lost his parents. Read some reactions below: @olamideofficial wrote: “I don’t want to be that guy but I hope Wizkid is fine mentally. The way he keeps getting new tattoos reminds me of a video where Olamide said when he lost his parents, he’s doing alot of weird things & people thought it’s a norm but deep down he wasn’t okay he was still grieving.” @agoro111111 said: “He’s still in grief, I said this to someone some days ago. I pray God sends healing to him” @L0wie_G0ld1 said: “The thing is e was already doing this before him mom pass away. But low Key that thought entered in my mind. Me too just Lost m’y father. Im feeling empty n irritated at same Time. On ppl face , i laugh Always but …. It’s awful inside. I hope E will be surrounded n talk wit his ppl abt it. Unfortunately, e seems introvert to talk abt feelings.” @Kellybankk_ remarked: “Prayer for king wizkid” Watch the video of him getting tattoo below: Wizkid getting new ink 🔥 pic.twitter.com/AH8IS0NHLI — BASITO (@itzbasito) December 6, 2023

Ten Hag defends Onana amidst criticism, says he’s second-best EPL goalkeeper

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has come to the defense of Andre Onana, stating he’s the “second-best goalkeeper in the Premier League.” Despite recent criticisms of Onana’s errors at goal, Ten Hag pointed to statistical analysis, particularly goals prevented, to support his claim. According to Opta stats, Onana has prevented 3.6 goals this season, ranking him second in the Premier League in that category, just behind Luton’s Thomas Kaminski with 6.3 prevented goals. The United manager emphasized, “If you analyze it well, then you see he is the second-best goalkeeper in the Premier League based on stats.” Ten Hag defends Onana amidst criticism, says he's second-best EPL goalkeeperTen Hag defends Onana amidst criticism, says he's second-best EPL goalkeeperAndre Onana – Getty image Onana also boasts a save percentage of 76.1%, putting him second only to Liverpool’s Alisson in the league. Additionally, he has kept five clean sheets, unmatched by any other goalkeeper. Despite the favourable statistics, Onana has faced criticism for notable errors leading to goals. His recent misfortune came in the Champions League against Galatasaray, where he palmed a free-kick into his own net. However, Ten Hag remains confident in Onana’s abilities, stating that the statistical performance showcases his standing among the best in the league.

Police released my son’s body to his father, but he’s refusing to bury him

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body.

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body. The mother of Mohbad, while speaking in her local dialect, disclosed that immediately after the police ran the autopsy on the singer, they released the corpse for burial but the father refused to bury him. She added that she went to see the commissioner of police to complain but he rained insults on her, saying that the family of the singer was happy about his demise, hence their refusal to bury him. She said;

Mohbad, Nigerian artist. Source: Google “Nigerians, please come to my aid. I pray you all won’t lose your children. They released Mohbad’s body immediately after the autopsy but his dad is the one holding on to him and not allowing us to re-bury him. I begged him Severally but he refused then I thought of what to do , I went to the commissioner of police last week to complain , the commissioner even insulted me that are we happy that our son is dead, why have we not buried him, why are we allowing his corpse to be lying there useless and making the dead suffer, but I just let go of what Mohbad dad is doing and saying because I do not want drama and God is my vindicator, I am calling on all true mothers and Nigerians at large to please come to my aid so we can bury my son, my son is restless, he is running about, even me I do not have rest of mind, this is the help I want from you all, it’s not as if I cannot reply Mohbad dad in all he has been saying, but I hand over everything to God, he will judge us both, I have a lot to say but I won’t say anything, why will my child d1e and I will be granting interviews and allowing people make money off my d3ad son, a son that loves us, that takes care of us, that fears us, A child that I carried from Gods back, I am begging Nigerians not to ignore my son’s corpse, he is not a d3ad goat nor a d3ad dog, he is a Human being,please all the youths and mohbad friends should also support me and let’s bury him, do not let anyone start using his d3ath to cash out, see how my son is being treated , he was beaten to d3ath now see how they are treating his body. Baba Tinubu Please come to my aid and help me bury my son so he can have peace and rest. I want you all to help me bury my son. I am not begging for money; I just want my son to rest. I leave the rest to God; he rewards everyone accordingly, and God will avenge his death. They are using my son’s death to make money online, so they pray to experience such misfortune too? I told everyone trying to interview me that I was not interested because there was nothing to be happy about my son’s death; they took him from me, and he needs to find rest now and be reburied. Mohbad mother cries out”.

He’s the only son we have

"He's the only son we have"

A student of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, identified as Chidera Kenneth Ogwuru, lost his life in a drowning accident at Umuchime River in Ossah Ibeku, Umuahia Local Government Area of Abia State. The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday, November 18, 2023, as the young student was swimming with friends. According to gathered information, the tragedy unfolded when Chidera, unaware of the river’s depth and tide, jumped into the water with his friends.

Comrade Ugorji Kalu, recounting the incident, stated that the young man’s lack of awareness about the river’s conditions led to the unfortunate outcome. It became evident that Chidera was in distress only when his friends realized he was drowning, but tragically, their efforts to rescue him were in vain as it was already too late. Chidera Kenneth Ogwuru, a native of Uzuakoli in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, was not only a student but also the sole son of his parents. See below;