“Nobody is buying” – Fruit juice vendor pours away spoilt drinks

"Nobody is buying" - Fruit juice vendor pours away spoilt drinks

A touching video has ignited a conversation on social media after capturing the emotional struggle of a vendor The heartbroken vendor was seen disposing off what was left of unsold fruit juice. The video, shared on social media, quickly gained attention due to its relatable nature. The caption accompanying the video reflected the emotional toll experienced by vendors when faced with the disappointment of not making sales. The clip sparked a significant discussion on social media platforms, with netizens expressing empathy and sharing their own experiences. Many have taken the opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges faced by vendors, particularly during difficult economic times. The emotional impact of not being able to sell their products resonated deeply with both vendors and consumers alike. @etz_high_dee reacted: “Kudos to her. Many individuals might have chosen to continue selling, even with the knowledge that the products had spoiled. However, she demonstrated courage by deciding to dispose of them, prioritizing the well-being of her customers over potential profit or loss.” @sleepwear_nig said: “For the people asking her to give it out or sell at a low price. It’s spoilt already!!! She’ll only be ruining her business by giving it out o.” @maleficent_mama2 said: “Why throwing it away. Your sense did not tell you to give people for free. And when they have the taste of it They might call you and patronize you. Some of you just need sense to reason things.” @teeto_olayeni said: “See if you see any business owner right now, abeg give them a hug and some money. Running business in this country is a ituwr sport.” @_sweet_annie said: “Omohh. Being an entrepreneur should be among the 7 ways to die because.” See the video below:

Business woman disposes fruit juice because of lack of electricity

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Nigerian business woman dispose several bottles of fruit juice after it got spoilt because of lack of electricityNigerian business woman dispose several bottles of fruit juice after it got spoilt because of lack of electricity A business woman shares the hard part of being a business owner in the country as she disposes several bottles of fruit juice after it got spoilt because there was no electricity. The Port-harcourt based lady shared this heart wrenching video on her business page, honitreatz on Instagram. The fruit parfait and juice vendor revealed in a lengthy caption how she had made the juice late into the evening. After the entire stress of making it, she stored it in the freezer but the light went off and her auxiliary power source, generator, packed up that night. Nigerian business woman dispose several bottles of fruit juice after it got spoilt because of lack of electricity Nigerian business woman dispose several bottles of fruit juice after it got spoilt because of lack of electricity On her delivery of the fruit juice to a customer the next day, the customer revealed that it had already gone bad, leaving her no choice but to dispose the rest of it as well. Many Netizens have empathized with the business woman in her comments. See some below… lezibas_cuisinee wrote: “Funny how same thing happen to me today too but we moveeeeee regardless” organicsavour_honey wrote: “How I wish your customers will see this, so when next they come they won’t ask for discount neither stress you out. I’m sending you millions of hugs from here, May it be returned in manifolds, I can feel your pain 🥲” goodiee___ reacted: “This is such a vulnerable moment. Thank you for sharing with us. Sorry about the effort and time spent. Wishing you brighter days ahead.” sinachpackaging added: “This is so sad…sorry about that.I wish we can atleast have the basic things of life in this country.” Watch video here:

Man catches wife hiding pack of juice under table during occasion

Man catches wife hiding pack of juice under table during occasion

A Nigerian man was not having it after catching his wife hiding a pack of juice under the table during a wedding. In the video, the woman took the juice from the table and tried putting it inside her bag before her husband caught her. He immediately collected the juice and dropped it back on the table. The video has sparked a conversation online as netizens reminisce on childhood memories of their mother going for occasions and coming back with goodies. favour_nkec said: “My mum will go to party, whenever she is coming back, she will mix stout together with malt, add mineral, any drink they gave her she will make sure we have a taste of it, even the food self she no go finish the meat, bcos she knows we like meat, mind you she sells drinks 000 but she will always tell them she can’t have appetite without us, bcos she was a lovely person. May her gentle soul rest in peace.” jewelbaby500 reacted: “Most Africa parents don’t like going to party and come back empty handed and it’s not like they cannot afford that thing Dey just wan bring something home.” grace_lin_a commented: “That’s because while the man is only thinking about himself, she’s thinking about the children at home.” nedu celex commented: “The weird thing about women and this take away is that in most cases, they don’t even eat those things. I remember my mum when I was small, she brings those things back just for the people back home. Women are just very sensitive about others. You see them gathering those things and you think it’s for them until they go home and start sharing it to neighbors. I love women’s heart seriously. As a guy, you may not not understand. Even souvenirs and brochures on weddings and burial ceremonies, they struggle for it just to give neighbors at home.” _funkygold said: “She’s probably taking it home for her children.” juicylivia commented: “Women will always be women, they will always think about the kids they left at home and want to take something to them, but Sis it’s a party enjoy Ur self there and forget any other person for now.” symply_gifty said: “I like the way she was still maintaining beauty after all the shenanigans.” See the video below:

US Influencer, Juice Gyal claims to be the new girlfriend of Burna Boy


American influencer, Juice Gyal has claimed that she is having an intimate relationship with Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy.

Juicy Gyal

Juice Gyal made her alleged relationship with Burna Boy during a recent question-and-answer session with her fans and followers on her Instagram page. During the session, a curious fan questioned Juice Gyal about her relationship with Burna Boy the “Last Last” crooner. The fan asked a straightforward question if Juice Gyal was dating Burna Boy. “Are you dating Burna Boy?” the fan asked. Responding to the fan’s question,  Juice shared a video of herself chilling at the VVIP section of the African Giant’s concert in Switzerland in December last year with Burna Boy.