“I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport” – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

"I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport" – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

Berri Tiga Carter Efe fund music label

Popular singer, Berri Tiga has dragged his colleague, Carter Efe for threatening to slap him despite being the one funding his record label. It would be recalled that the beef between both artists dates back to last year, 2022, when they duo released a song, ‘Machala’ together.

Fund music label Carter Efe Berri Tiga

Singer’s Carter Efe and Berri Tiga. Although they had once settled, Berri Tiga has come online to drag him. He revealed that Carter had threatened to slap him while they were at an airport, even though he has been instrumental in funding Carter Efe’s label. He also spilled how Carter Efe tried to take over an investor he introduced him to by telling the investor that he, Berri Tiga’s, career is dead. One of his posts read: “I Dey fund ur record label… Dey follow your plans . you get mind dey tell me say u go slap me for airport .. dey talk to me like say I be ur pikin.. as Werey no see money collect from my head like he expected .. ENERGY CHANGE..” See post below:

Why I rejected Olamide’s request to join label

Why I rejected Olamide's request to join label

Nigerian rapper, Phenom has surprised netizens after sharing his reason for not accepting Olamide’s record label offer. In a recent episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast, rapper Phenom shared the intriguing revelation. According to Phenom, Olamide and some other top singers had expressed their desire to work with him. He also disclosed that during the peak of his career, Wizkid himself had approached him with an offer to join his prestigious record label, Starboy Entertainment. The rapper added that he had lucrative deals on the table, including a jaw-dropping 100 million Naira offer and a brand new G-wagon. However, his unwavering loyalty to Knight House, his then-label, ultimately influenced his decision. He said; “He (Wizkid) approached me at some point. We had this great chemistry. He said he wanted me on his team. He said he wanted him and me to work on my album. But I was with a label. I’m that loyal. And I remember I ask my mum that’s what’s on ground and my mum was like, ‘No. You signed with these people, finish your contract with them.’ That was what it was, mehn. “Even Wizkid’s deal was not as pleasant as many other that I don’t know. Me and Olamide had a conversation as well. But a lot of other guys approached me too. I had a deal of N100 million with a G-waggon at some point. I had the crazy deals. “The only regret I do have was the fact that I was under fast life at that time so I could have crashed. So, I see it as a blessing as well because I don’t know what would have happened. But when I look at it, I’m like, ‘Damn! I should have taken that Wizkid’s deal.”

Prince Nelson launches his record label, Pollux Records, announces signee

Prince Nelson launches his record label, Pollux Records, announces signee

Big Brother reality star Prince Nelson has launched his own record label company, Pollux Records, as he also announces his first signee. The reality star took to his Instagram page to share a music video of his first signee, identified as Valentiianoo alongside his record label, Pollux Records.  This achievement by Prince Nelson comes a few weeks after the end of the reality show, making him the first reality star to launch a music record label. While announcing his new achievement, Prince Nelson captioned his post,

Prince Nelson launches his record label, Pollux Records, announces signee

Prince Nelson, BBNaija reality star and Record Label boss. Photo source: Instagram “Finally, the time has come for me to present to the world officially a very bold dream I had and have been nurturing for the past few years.
Everyone who knows me knows how much I love everything music, from my primary days buying songbooks to learning every song lyric of Eminem, 50cent, Snoop Dogg et al, to forming my own little “Mohits crew” with my friends, to my dance crew in secondary school. It has not been an easy fit carrying and nurturing this dream as I have constantly battled the fear of the many “what ifs” that come with such a humongous venture. But alas, I am a strong believer in the saying, “God will not put a dream in your mind that is too big for you to handle” So, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the birth of my record label POLLUX RECORDS @polluxrecords And on this note, I hereby announce Pollux Records’ first talent, VALENTIIANO @valentiianoo Valentino is a very talented well-rounded musician whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing all my life and working very closely with musically for the past 2 years. Beyond the joy of seeing my dreams come true is the greater joy of bringing another person’s dream to life and it brings me so much happiness doing this with my brother. I can’t wait to show you all the great music that we have been cooking. I want to thank you all my family and supporters who have stood with me firmly for years now through all my endeavors, and I pray you extend the same support to Pollux Records and Valentino. The first single dropping on 3rd November 2023 “NO PRESSURE”

Yung Duu responds as Portable demands N100M to release him to any label

GistReel Entertainment

Controversial singer, Portable Omolalomi stirs a reaction from his ex-signee, Yung Duu as he insists on taking N100M before allowing him to be signed by any label. This comes days after Yung Duu and the CEO of Eh God Records, Carter Efe were spotted together, allegedly making plans to sign him under his label.


In a recent interview, Zeh Nation Records boss, Portable insisted that the singer is an investment of his and as such, can’t be off the hook unless he’s paid. He pressed on to demand the sum of N100M from any prospective record label that intends to sign Yung Duu in their company. “He is my boy, I am the one that signed him and spent money on him. Tell him that anyone who is going to sign Yung Duu will pay me N100M. That was the same thing Oladips did to Reminisce, look where he is today. Oladips begged me not to let him go so he does not end up like a stray like him,” he said.

yung duu

Yung Duu, however, did not wait a second before reacting to his former boss’s demands while clarifying his relationship with Carter Efe’s label. He added that Portable is only out for public validation despite being poor of character in private. “N100M for wetin? They are not even trying to sign me, they are only helping me. If you can’t do something for someone and you see someone that can do it, don’t put your hands. All you want to do is the one people will see and talk about. There are some bad things you’re doing that you can never show,” Yung Duu said in part. Watch the video below … Wahala for Zeh Nation💀!
Portable say anyone that wants to sign Yung Duu should bring 100 million, Yung Duu vex reply am😑 pic.twitter.com/3694NwIlkY — Oyindamola🙄 (@dammiedammie35) October 30, 2023

Portable signs new artiste, Monke to record label, Zeh Nation

Portable artiste Monke record label Zeh Nation

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, popularly known as Portable, has unveiled a new artist, Monke, who has joined his record label, Zeh Nation. In a video that has garnered attention online, Portable introduced himself and proudly referred to Monke as his child.

Portable artiste Monke record label Zeh Nation

Nigerian singer, Portable. Following the brief introduction, he stepped aside to allow his newly signed artist, Monke, to showcase his talent to the world with a freestyle performance. Monke, a young man who appeared calm and composed, demonstrated his lyrical prowess in his native Yoruba language. Shortly after the video made its way onto the internet, concerned Nigerians flocked to the comment section to react. See some reactions below: @BakareSeyi6: “Person wey no learn work wey just start company,wetin una expect. No b too dey sign monke dey go.” @dino7888: “Hmm y’all don’t notice portable dey use style commot bois from trenches? He will give them the fame and tell them to work on it, if you’re wise enough you will definitely make it. See youngi duu is doing fine.” @Swissuarez: “Shey na portable babe dey beside am…Omo I ghats marry fine chima.” @Danyzea: “At this rate, if portable Jam my Papa for street, e fit sign am.” @Babzjosh: “He go just pick anyone out of his bartender to come drop something.” @dino7888: “This could be portable pattern, pull bois from trenches, make them popular then throw them on the street. If you’re half wise you will make it that way, at least youngi duu is doing fine now.” @KennyNuga: “Portable signs Artist that has same traits and qualities with him.” @Davidspredict: “E get one boy wey he sign that guy dey sing like boyspice but e sure me say the werey go still run am shege.” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Portable has signed a new artiste again. His name is Monke 😂 pic.twitter.com/lP6yZKySxz — OLAMIDE 🌸💖 (@Olamide0fficial) October 28, 2023

Why I suddenly left Davido’s record label

Why I suddenly left Davido's record label

DMW’s former first lady, Liya, has finally shared her reason for suddenly exiting the record label headed by Davido. In a recent podcast interview, Liya, known as DMW’s first lady, she opened up about her departure from the record label. Despite releasing notable tracks like “Lakiriboto” and “Melo” during her time with DMW, she felt that her career wasn’t given the attention it deserved. This perception led her to make the difficult decision of parting ways with the label. Liya explained that her departure was primarily driven by her belief that her career wasn’t receiving the necessary focus and support from DMW. She expressed the need to start afresh and carve her own musical path in a different direction. Despite leaving DMW, Liya still reiterated her admiration for the label’s current roster of artists and their endeavors. She emphasised her continued support for DMW and its new talents, wishing them well in their musical pursuits. @gtimmusic reacted: “A bad conversationalist! Why start a response with “I don’t know” Ickkkkk.” @sxintoyxter said: “She’s scared and just holding in a lot. Sis doesn’t want drama.“ @Mubbyolateju commented: “Definitely with the promotion..her songs were good but zero promotion.” @Honcho_Havi said: ”She’s scared of backlash.” @gOldspot reacted: “Without proper label structure, most artistes signed won’t reach there potential. DMW lacked structure, I hope they do better In the future.” @Fraziwonder10 said: “She’s not comfortable with the questions.” @King___Dd reacted: “Maybe just drop songs instead.” @kenzi commented: “Person wey mid,make dem dey waste money.” @Kush30BG said: “The guy is really pushing her to say bad about the label with the way he is asking the
questions.” See the video below:https://x.com/OneJoblessBoy/status/1717094747704000922?s=20

Why I didn’t sign Simi, Teni to my record label

Why I didn't sign Simi, Teni to my record label

Nigerian singer, Don Jazzy, has shared the reason he refused to sign Simi and Teni to his record label. In an interview, Don Jazzy expressed regret for not signing Simi and Teni, admitting that he liked their work and wished he had signed them. “I like Simi, I didn’t sign her. I wish I did. I like Teni, but I didn’t sign her. I wish I did”, he said.
Don Jazzy had also recounted how Simi partook in a Twitter contest where she did a cover for the song, ‘Journey of A Thousand Miles’, a record by D’Prince featuring Wande Coal. “I didn’t reject Simi. I did a Twitter contest for ‘Journey of A Thousand Miles’ ― D’Prince’s record featuring Wande Coal. I loved her cover. She was one of the people that participated. She didn’t win, but she was high up there. “I didn’t pick the winners. I liked her but you can’t sign anybody. That’s one person I also regretted; I won’t say regret, but I wish we worked on stuff together,” Don Jazzy said. Speaking of Teni, the beatmaker said, “The same thing with Teni. We used to check up on each other. I had not grown to the point that I would move you from Atlanta to Nigeria for work. Now I can and we work before deciding if we are going to sign. Before I knew what was happening, there were faster people. She released records and I was like, ‘okay, we lost that one”

Kizz Daniel hires his ex-boss, Emperor Geezy as CEO of his record label (Video)

Kizz Daniel hires his ex-boss as his new manager.

Kizz Daniel hires his ex-boss as his new manager.

Kizz Daniel reveals he has signed a new artist. Credit: @kizzdaniel @emperorgeezy Source: Instagram Singer Kizz Daniel recently revealed in an interview that he has hired his former record label head, Emperor Geezy as the CEO of Fly Boy Inc. The Buga singer announced his resignation from the position amid what appears to be a label makeover.

Kizz daniel

Founder of Flyboy Inc., Kizz Daniel. Credit: kizzdaniel Source: Instagram Speaking on his new plans, Kizz also revealed has signed a new artist Pryme to his record label. Kizz Daniel’s conduct had generated a lot of discussion online, especially considering that he had several problems with his prior label before quitting in 2017. Voicing her opinion, a Twitter user @olamide said, “Who would have thought they’d still be a business partner after dragging each other to court? Man changed his name. This life is just somehow but men will always be men “

Kizz Daniel hires his ex-boss as his new manager.

Kizz Daniel hires a new manager

Watch the video below :

“I am Olamide Badoo jnr, I don’t need any record label” — Seyi Vibez brags, warns those who don’t like him (Video)


Fast and rising singer, Seyi Vibez sends a note of warning to other rappers competing with him while comparing himself to Olamide who never needed the help of a record label to thrive. The singer took to his Instagram story on Monday to pour out his heart while dissing God-knows-who regarding a supposed released statement.

seyi vibez

Rapper, Seyi Vibez showing off his silver grillz. Credit: Seyi_vibez Source: Instagram Seyi Vibez pressed on to brag about being independent in his career and wouldn’t need the help of a record label to be successful. He further compared himself to Olamide Badoo; referring to himself as his Junior. He said in the Yoruba language, “I didn’t say you shouldn’t drop the statement. There is loads of music on the ground; normal thing. I am on my own.” Seyi further shared lyrics of Olamide’s song where it stated, “They said I act like a drug baron. I’m a one-man mopol, I don’t have a record label; where I got to they couldn’t.” While promoting his latest song, ‘Hatrick’ in another Instastory post, he wrote in Yoruba, “You’re dead if you don’t like me.” See the snapshots below …

Seyi Vibez warning those who don’t like him. Credit: Seyi_vibez
Source Instagram

Watch the video below …

Yul Edochie allegedly planning to label post about 2nd wife and their child as a prank (Details)

yul edochie prank post

yul edochie prank post

Report has it that the popular Nollywood actor and director, Yul Edochie is currently planning a new move which is to tag his post about his 2nd wife and their child as a prank.

Controversial IG blog, Gistlovers disclosed this via a post where it revealed that the Edochie family are solidly behind this plan and they are currently begging his first wife, May to play along.

Yul Edochie allegedly planning to label post about 2nd wife and their child as a prank (Details)

This is coming after the actor shared a video of himself and his first wife, May having a ‘fun moment’ recently.
The post reads:

“Hello tueh tueh, update, Yul and him family had a meeting and they are trying to come out to debunk the gist of the second wife say na prank, don’t fall for it, don’t, the family said he needed to save the name they have built over the years, they are begging the first wife as we speak, if them come out debunk, just know it’s all planned. I come in peace.”
See post below:

Yul Edochie allegedly planning to label post about 2nd wife and their child as a prank (Details)