“Why spending someone else’s money is the sweetest experience” – Mary Njoku

"Why spending someone else's money is the sweetest experience" – Mary Njoku

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has revealed why the sweetest feeling ever is spending someone else’s money. The ROK Studios boss stated on her Instagram page how she used to think spending her hard earned money was the sweetest feeling.

Mary Njoku

Mary Remmy Njoku Mary Njoku asserted that her previous belief was actually the biggest lie as spending someone else’s money is actually the sweetest feeling ever. The actress said that while being able to pay your expenses on your own is nice, it’s much more satisfying when someone else does the paying. Her post reads: “I used to think that nothing is sweeter than spending your hard earned money. Na lie o!! Biggest lie!! Spending someone else’s money is the sweetest experience ever!” Captioning her post, she wrote: “It’s sweet to be able to afford your bills if no one is paying. But it’s sweeter if someone else is paying your bills. Trust me, adulthood is the HOOD!!!” SEE POST:

Mary Njoku money experience


Mary Njoku pens note to Moyo Lawal following her birthday

“2023 was arguably the most challenging year for you” – Mary Njoku pens note to Moyo Lawal following her birthday

“2023 was arguably the most challenging year for you” – Mary Njoku pens note to Moyo Lawal following her birthday

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has penned a heartfelt note to her colleague, Moyo Lawal for her birthday. The actress celebrated her birthday on January 1st, and to mark the occasion, Mary wrote a belated birthday message to her.

Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal Mary referred to her as the calmest person she has ever met and mentioned how Moyo always avoids conflict. She pointed out that 2023 was probably the worst year for Moyo Lawal because of the backlash against her persona, but she persevered through it all.

Mary Njoku

Mary Njoku The ROK Studios boss prayed for her and told her that she would always be loved. She also expressed her love for her. In her words: “Dearest Moyo, you are one of the calmest person I know. Always staying away from trouble. 2023 was arguably the most challenging year for you. People criticize who they think you are. “Yet, you stood TALL, through it all.
This new chapter of your life will be greater than in the past. Happiness and love will be your portion. You will be favored everywhere you go. Your light shall continue to shine bright. Remi, you are loved. Never forget that. Happy Birthday Aunty Mo. I dey come chop cake o! @moyolawalofficial.” SEE POST:

“Any new update on JusticeforMohbad” – Mary Njoku queries Nigerians

"Any new update on JusticeforMohbad" – Mary Njoku queries Nigerians

"Any new update on JusticeforMohbad" – Mary Njoku queries Nigerians

Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku has queried Nigerians on the most recent development in Justice for Mohbad movement. On September 12, Mohbad, a former signee of Naira Marley‘s record label, unfortunately died at the age of 27 under mysterious circumstances.

Mary Remmy Njoku

Mary Remmy Njoku Videos of him being harassed by his former boss and his members circulated after his death. The mystery surrounding his death is still being investigated by the Nigerian Police. Mary Njoku, a vocal supporter of justice who has been outspoken, asked whether the probe was still ongoing on her Instagram page.

Late singer, Mohbad

Late singer, Mohbad She questioned her fans if there had been any development or progress in his case. Her post read: “Good morning. Who is awake? Any new update on JusticeforMohbad? Is the investigation still on.” Captioning her post, she wrote:  “Just need some form of closure. That’s all.” See some comments below: odogwu_na_kola wrote: “Those people who jumped on it for clout chasing has messed up the chance of getting indirect justice from Sam and naira. Instead of going hard on them for Bullying and beating mobhad and leading to depression. They went to pursue them on murder which is dead on arrival. Iyabo Ojo need to take some classes on paralegal and stop jumping on cases anyhow. Back to your question.. No updates!!” gboyega_akosile said: “Good morning, the matter is “live” and not “dead”! There are reports by the police but most importantly, they’re waiting for the results of the forensic examination sent to the United States. I’m sure they’d brief us when the results come in. That’s the situation for now.” SEE POST:

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary receives $10k reward from Davido (Video)

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary Davido

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary Davido

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary receives $10,000 reward from Davido (Video) Nigerian lady, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, asteemed staff member of Eko Hotel and Suites, has received a $10k reward from Davido for her remarkable act of honesty. This generous reward came just days after Mary found and promptly returned a missing sum of $70,000 to its rightful owner in Lagos.

Despite some netizens questioning the decision to return such a substantial amount, especially considering the state of the economy, Davido took it upon himself to find Mary and reward her for her selfless actions. In a Twitter post, he wrote, “Find her for me…..I donate $10k.” This compassionate act is in line with Davido’s previous gestures of generosity, such as his recent donation of 237 million naira to orphanages in Nigeria. Thanks to the power of social media and Davido’s tweet, Mary was located within a day, and she gratefully received her well-deserved reward from the Nigerian artist. WATCH VIDEO BELOW: As Promised, Mary @KekwaruMary has Received her $10,000 USD Reward from @davido. Congratulations @KekwaruMary – @SamzyVG pic.twitter.com/UJMlTtFUbU — GIDI (@Gidi_Traffic) July 24, 2023

“How do you marry a teenager and expect him to be free of his parents” — Mary Njoku speaks on Achraf Hakimi’s divorce scandal

“How do you marry a teenager and expect him to be free of his parents” — Mary Njoku speaks on Achraf Hakimi's divorce scandal

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku has spoken out regarding the scandal surrounding the divorce of Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi.

Mary Remmy Njoku

According to the actress, it is unlikely that any mother, particularly an African mother, would completely let go of her teenage son, regardless of whether he is married or not. Njoku went on to suggest that many of the contracts signed by Hakimi were likely signed when he was underage, and therefore, putting his assets in his mother’s name was not intentional.

Achraf Hakimi

Instead of attempting to recover her husband’s assets, Njoku believes that Hiba Abouk should have focused on making more money for herself. Njoku also expressed the opinion that it is unreasonable to expect a teenager, particularly an African teenager, to be independent of their parents. “How Do You Marry A Teenager And Expect Him To Be Independent Of His Parents? An African Teenager. There’s No Sane African Mum Who Will Let Go Completely Of Her Teenage Child. Pikin Wey Suppose Dey Do A level. Abi Because Na Star? Most Of The Contracts Were Probably Signed When He Was Under Aged. So It Wasn’t International. “Every successful teenage athlete, there is a Mum, Dad, Guardian who believed in them more than they believed in themselves. A parent who put in EVERYTHING. Money, time, prayers, emotional and physiological support. tears, scolding. Someone who sacrificed the most they had just to make sure their CHILD stood out. A teenager BOY is his mother’s son. A MAN is his wife’s husband. She for wait small make he mature Or better still, made her own money.” She wrote. See the post below:

Nollywood Actress, Mary Njoku speaks on Achraf Hakimi's divorce scandal

Reactions trail alleged Mother Mary spotted in Church (Video)


Netizens troop out in numbers to question a trending video of Mother Mary spotted in a Church in Kenya.

Mother Mary spotted in Church

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment the members of a church went gaga over claims of seeing Mother Mary. The sun’s reflection made a pattern on the wall behind the preachers in the Church and was thought to be the mother of Jesus. This video stirred reactions across social media networks, many of which condemned the claim as an ordinary sun’s reflection. “People’s parents oo, after this they will go home and tell their children Santa Claus isn’t real,” a social media user wrote. Another user added, “Is that not sun’s reflection?😂 what do I know sha?🤲🏾 The priests even dey surprised sef say wetin dey sup😂😂.” Watch the video below … See more reactions below …

"Is that not sun’s reflection?" — Claims of Mother Mary spotted in Church ridiculed (Video)

"Is that not sun’s reflection?" — Claims of Mother Mary spotted in Church ridiculed (Video)

Mary Njoku advises to lower expectations of clergymen


"Why you should lower your expectations of clergymen" - Mary Njoku

Nigerian thespian, Mary Njoku takes to the image-sharing platform, Instagram to advise Nigerians to lower their expectations of clergymen.

Mary Njoku

Mary Njoku shared that lowering the expectations of clergymen is advised because they are humans as well. According to her, the variety of men out there are spiced with violence and evil, however, any one of them can be called to serve. She said that this category of humans needs to be cut some slacks. “MEN OF GOD ARE MEN OF GOD LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS.
CUT THEM SOME SLACKS.“ Mary Njoku wrote: “This isn’t an attack o!!
If you cannot read to understand, Abeg rest!
Good morning Note. The God na God. Man na man.
Shine your eyes and use your head.” See post below;

Photos of ‘Virgin Mary’ reportedly appear at Catholic Church in Calabar

Photos of ‘Virgin Mary’ reportedly appear at Catholic Church in Calabar

Although it sounds unbelievable, parishioners at St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church in Calabar, Cross River State, have confirmed that they saw the ‘Virgin Mary’ appear at their parish.
On Twitter, Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey shared several photos of a translucent that reportedly appeared at the parish, noting that over 100 people witnessed the event.

Captioning the photos, Fr. Bassey wrote: ”On Wednesday 22-6-2022 the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in one of our parishes in Calabar, St. Charles Lwanga. It was something more than 100 people witnessed, even a Protestant pastor who came to visit his cousin, the assistant priest.
“He took these pictures. The rays around her were too bright for a clear picture. She moved up to the Shrine dedicated to her and then was taken up.

“It was amazing, the entire aura around the parish, that evening. She didn’t say anything to anyone. But I think she came to assure of God’s presence with us.
“Even the rays of light on the premises showed there was something happening.”

May the prayers of our Blessed Mother help our country Nigeria. Amen.”

Mary Njoku, Williams Uchemba reveal why they’re grateful Nigeria didn’t qualify for World Cup

Mary Njoku, Williams Uchemba reveal why they're grateful Nigeria didn't qualify for World Cup

Nigeria’s failure to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been deemed a blessing in disguise by two Nollywood stars, Mary Njoku and Williams Uchemba.

Reacting to Super Eagles’ unfavourable 1-1 draw with Ghana, actress Mary on her Instagram page noted that she’s grateful Nigeria was disqualified because it would have been a distraction for the youths to focus on the country’s insecurity challenge and its alleged bad government.
In her words: “Thank God we didn’t qualify for the world cup. It would have been a distraction.
“We need to focus on the real problems in Nigeria. And pressure the Govt to do something. An attack on a train! An attack at the airport The insecurity in Nigeria is alarming! No more unnecessary distractions!!!! This needs everyone’s attention!!
Uchemba, who shared the same view on his Instagram page wrote: “Maybe it’s good we lost. So we can channel our anger on the pressing issue in the country.

“Almost 1000 Nigerian citizens cannot be accounted for and people are acting like It’s a normal thing.”

Try dying young if you feel getting old is an ugly thing – Mary Remmy Njoku to Age-shamers

Try dying young if you feel getting old is an ugly thing – Mary Remmy Njoku to Age-shamers

Popular Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has advised Nigerians to stop age-shaming people.

According to her, if those who are age-shaming people don’t want the angel of death to grant their wish of not getting old.
She advised people to embrace getting old because it’s inevitable.
She wrote:
“Dear Nigerians,
There is nothing like age-shaming.

If you feel getting old is an ugly thing, try dying young
Any small thing ‘Old woman! Go and get married! ‘Your made dey husband house old cargo’ See this mumu old man!
Unfortunately for you, you are speaking to your future self, that’s if you are lucky to live that long.
Stop AGE-SHAMING people if you don’t want the angel of de4th to grant your personal wish of not getting old!!!
Aging is inevitable! Embrace it!!”