Moment Asake and his lookalike meet face-to-face during show

Moment Asake and his lookalike meet face-to-face during show

Moment Asake and his lookalike meet face-to-face during show

The famous Afrobeat singer, Asake a.k.a Mr Money causes a frenzy as he meets his lookalike face-to-face while performing to a live audience. The singer who recently got many people talking after sharing a video of a good time with his girlfriend made the headlines once again.


A fan of the singer who shares a resemblance with him caused a stir during the show of Asake as the duo met face to face. While performing one of his hit singles, Asake locked eyes with his lookalike and immediately focused on him while he continued the show.

Moment Asake and his lookalike meet face-to-face during show

Asake’s Lookalike The lookalike fan who was happy to be noticed vibed along with the singer whom he also shared the same hairstyle with. See some reactions from netizens badgalci04 said: “Werey tiff identity steal wan tiff hin song & performance 😂😂😂 Asake say werey ni doppelgänger yi o.” wunmiclaire opined: “No, be only asake lookalike na asakasha.” olamrmusic noted: “They are brothers from different parents. One is Asake the other one is Aseju 😁.” oyinkan_a added: “This one is alake Lan konko 😀😀not asake.” noted: “Fake asake no gree for original oo😂😂😂.” aderayo.o wrote: “Low budget Alake leleyi oo😂.” Watch the video below …

If we meet one-on-one your body go tell you

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Portable charles okocha rippedPortable charles okocha ripped Controversial street-hop artist, Portable responds after actor Charles Okocha denied that he didn’t rip him of any 20 million naira. Some couple of days ago, Portable had come online to allege that Charles Okocha cheated him of 20 million naira out of a 40 million naira deal.

portable charles okocha ripped

Portable. Following the allegation, Charles Okocha took to Instagram to deny the allegations while simultaneously warning and rubbishing Portable for his acts of ingratitude. Portable took to the comment section Charles Okocha made about him to respond as well. He insisted that the actor ripped him of the money.

Portable charles okocha ripped

Charles Okocha. According to Portable, if they should see eye to eye, he would make his body know pain. In separate comments, he wrote … “You still get mind dey do video say you no” “Did you tell me about 40m” ” If we see one on one your body dey go tell
you AGBA ripper” “Me and you waka nomaly and that 5m no be
you send am to me na guy wey we do promotion for….” “Na Russia visa me and my family come do
for abuja no be for airport me and you meet how you take
collet hotel room for me stop lie na me send you that hotel
location say I dey inside” Refer to photo below …

Meet all the housemates (Video)

Meet all the housemates (Video)

The excitement in the air is palpable as the highly anticipated BBNaija All Stars Season kicks off with a bang! Fans of the hit reality TV show are thrilled to witness their favorite housemates from past seasons returning to the iconic Big Brother Naija house for another shot at fame, fortune, and drama. After a grand unveiling of the first to the second set of housemates, the thrill continues as we introduce you to the remaining eighteenth housemates who are set to keep viewers glued to their screens this season. 3. Doyin


A photo of the 3rd housemate, Doyin. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 4. Frodd


A photo of the 4th housemate, Frodd. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 5.  Uriel


A photo of the 5th housemate, Uriel. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 6. Pele


A photo of the 6th housemate, Pele. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 7. Princess


A photo of the 7th housemate, Princess. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 8. Soma


A photo of the 8th housemate, Soma. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 9. Angel

A photo of the 9th housemate, Angel. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 10. Neo


A photo of the 10th housemate, Neo. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 11. Alex


A photo of the 11th housemate, Alex. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 12. Seyi


A photo of the 12th housemate, Seyi. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 13. Ilebaye


A photo of the 13th housemate, Ilebaye. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 14. Ike


A photo of the 14th housemate, Ike. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 15. Venita


A photo of the 15th housemate, Venita. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 16. Adekunle


A photo of the 16th housemate, Adekunle. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 17. Tolani baj

Tolani baj

A photo of the 17th housemate, Tolani baj. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 18. Cross


A photo of the 18th housemate, Cross. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star

Mercy Eke

A photo of the 19th housemate, Mercy Eke. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star 20. White money

White money

A photo of the 20th housemate, White money. Photo credit/source: BBnaija all star  

Fans rekindle Doyin and Adekunle fight as they meet again in the house

Fans rekindle Doyin and Adekunle fight as they meet again in the house

Social media fans have reignited the fight that happened between the former housemates Doyin and Adekunle. Recall that Adekunle and Doyin clashed during the Big Brtothr Naija reunion where the two traded words.

Bbnaija housemate Doyin Doyin dragged Adekunle and called him a liar. After the two were introduced as housemates of this seasons housemates, social media users have reignited the old beef between two.

Bbnaija housemate Adekunle Social media user and fans have expressed their excitement and are anticipating for more. “If this boy tells you that it is raining outside you better check because he is a liar” – Doyin The drama Adekunle and Doyin are about to serve us get part 2🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m here for all of it🔥🔥🔥😅#BBNaija #BBNaijaAllStars — Medical Doctor💊💉🚀🔰 (@MedicalDoctorBB) July 23, 2023

“Cee C, Kiddwaya” – Meet the first 2 BBNaija housemates

"Cee C, Kiddwaya" - Meet the first 2 BBNaija housemates

The first two housemates of the BBNaija season have been announced with former stars Cee C and Kiddwaya making the list. The first housemate, CeeC arrived at the show in a grand style in a peach coloured gown. Next in line was Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya Terseer is the son of a billionaire and he is unabashed about it. He is often seen hanging out with people of high calibre. He has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. He also owns a London, United Kingdom-based consulting agency, Kiddwco, which presented the sum of N100m to underprivileged Nigerians on July 13, 2023. Cynthia Nwadiora, aka Cee C, gained notoriety for being very controversial while on the show in 2018, but since she left the competition, she has also shown off her calmer side. The 26-year-old lawyer has bagged many ambassadorial deals, and has over three million followers on Instagram. In 2018, she won the La Mode Award for Fashion Influencer of the Year. She has also worked with brands, such as Itel, Cassie Hairs, and FTX Africa.

Meet woman who eats over 4 rolls of toilet paper daily and spends nearly $2,700 a year on it

Meet woman who eats over 4 rolls of toilet papers daily and spends nearly $2,700 a year on it

A woman identified as Kinah says she eats 4 rolls of toilet paper daily for over 20 years now and she spends $2,700 a year on it. Kinah simply cannot get enough of the stuff and says she’ll eat it at “work, in the car or at the nail salon,” seemingly much to the amusement of the salon owner, who is left baffled by her client’s unusual habit.

My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted's latest candidate Kinah just cannot get enough of toilet paper.Kinah simply cannot get enough of the stuff and says she'll eat it at

The woman who eats toilet paper, KinahKinah consumes up to four rolls of toilet paper a day, which equates to a whopping 14,000 pounds worth of the stuff over the last 20 years. And she’s having to splash the paper for the paper, as TLC reports that she spends a whopping $2,700 (£2,100) annually on her toilet paper addiction, a far-cry from the $182 (£140) spent by an average American. Kinah also shared that she has a penchant for a particular type of loo roll, preferring the thinner one ply sheets of paper, due to it being easier to consume. She described it as like “eating a pb and j [peanut butter and jelly sandwich] without the crust,” confessing to loving the “crunch”. Waxing lyrical over her love for toilet paper, Kinah went on to say that her toilet paper habit is great as it has “zero calories and doesn’t leave you with a hangover”. Kinah’s fiancé seems less than impressed with Kinah’s toilet paper consumption and hopes to wipe it away. He shared: “It’s not meant fort human consumption. It’s f**king gross man.” But Kinah seemingly won’t be parted with her love of all things loo roll, as she continued: “You know that feeling, like after Thanksgiving, you’ve eaten all your favourite foods and you’re just sitting on your couch and you’re just relaxing, like, that’s what I feel after I eat toilet paper.” “When people see me eating toilet paper, I’ll get a few like weird stares. I even saw one person pull their phone out and try to record me but I don’t care, everyone has their weird things that they do and that’s just mine”. My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? airs Wednesdays on TLC and follows the lives of people with unusual compulsive behaviours. Pica is a feeding disorder in which someone eats non-food substances which do not have any nutritional value.

28-year-old goes missing after leaving home to meet unknown client

28-year-old goes missing after leaving home to meet unknown client

A 28-year-old lady identified as Ms. Obianuju Emmanuella Anyaibe has gone missing after leaving her house in a hurry to meet a client. Her sudden disappearance has left her family and friends deeply worried, as they have been unable to contact her for over 24 hours. 28-year-old goes missing after leaving home to meet unknown clientA photo of the lady declared missing. Proto Credit/Source: family An urgent plea for assistance has been made by the family in hopes of locating her. According to report, Anyaibe returned home yesterday morning after work. However, without providing any details, she hastily dropped her bag and immediately left the house on a motorcycle, stating that she needed to meet a client. Since then, there have been no further sightings or communication from her. Concerns escalated when her phone, which was initially ringing, became unreachable and eventually switched off. The family, deeply worried about Ms. Anyaibe’s sudden disappearance, has reached out to the public for help. The source said; “My sister has been missing for over 24 hours now. She returned yesterday morning from work, dropped her bag and hopped back into the bike that brought her home, saying she had to rush down to meet with a client. That was the last we heard from her. Her phone was formerly ringing but right now has been switched off. Please help me post this.” Local authorities have been informed about the situation, and efforts are underway to locate Ms. Anyaibe. Investigators are currently examining any potential leads, including the identity of the client she intended to meet. The family is urging anyone with information about her whereabouts or any possible leads to come forward and assist in the search.

Oyinbo mum flies to Nigeria to meet her Nigerian soulmate

Oyinbo mum flies to Nigeria to meet young man she fell in love with

Niara, a white mum from Puerto Rico, recently flew into Nigeria to reunite with her Nigerian soulmate named Ifeanyi. After months of enduring a long-distance relationship, Niara documented her emotional journey on her TikTok page (@niara0201), captivating viewers with updates on their relationship and her travel to Nigeria. In a TikTok video clip taken during her flight, Niara expressed her gratitude to the online community for their prayers and support, eagerly anticipating her arrival in Delta, Nigeria. With a countdown and a breathtaking view of the earth from the airplane window, she shared her excitement and anticipation for the long-awaited reunion. Following her arrival, Niara posted another video showcasing her reunion with Ifeanyi. The couple was seen happily together in a car, radiating joy and love. Niara expressed her determination to not only live with her husband but also immerse herself in his vibrant culture, emphasizing her willingness to learn and adapt. @Tessie said; “Take me with you I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your time with your husband.” @Aku Adrii said; “Welcome back home! I’m so happy for you. It’s such a beautiful feeling to be reunited back with with our husbands. Enjoy! “ @Stephen Da king said: “When will a white woman find me in this life, I have really tried to hook up with one even though it requires serving them.” @8/8 NO RIDENESS said; “Omg when will I see my soulmate I haven been trying for years i pray I meet the woman of my love soonest! Congratulations.” @Kelv Williams said: “I hope you enjoy Nigeria and thanks for saying the country and not like those other white peoples who say Africa”. @James brown said: “You are welcome I hope you enjoy the favorite food in any location of delta state.” @Roxan Rodano said; “Oh my goodness aafe flight queen. can’t wait to see and hear your experience. be safe, enjoy and be blessed.” See below; @niara0201 #safeflight #countdown #naijawife🇳🇬 #husband #prayingforwife #pray #puertorico🇵🇷 #Nigeria🇳🇬 #latina #LDR #ldrstory #ldrcouple #ourjourney #longdistancerelationship #lovestory #blending2culturetogether #villagelife ♬ Coming Home – Diddy – Dirty Money @niara0201 #safeflight #imhome #naijawife🇳🇬 #Nigeria🇳🇬 #naija #puertorico🇵🇷 #latina #latinos #LDR #ldrstory #ldrcouple #ourjourney #longdistancerelationship #lovestory #blending2culturetogether #longdistancewedding #christiancouple #christianitytiktok #pariseyoulord #asabadeltastate ♬ Jerusalema (feat. Nomcebo Zikode) – Master KG

Nkechi Blessing and lover share public kiss as she flies from New York to Warri to meet him

Nkechi Blessing and lover share public kiss as she flies from New York to Warri to meet him

"From New York straight to Warri" – Nkechi Blessing reunites with her lover (Video)

Popular actress, Nkechi Blessing shares a kiss in public with her lover as they reunite at the airport after two months apart. The movie star took to her Instagram page to share a video which shows the beautiful moment they reconnected at the airport after missing each other for weeks on end.

"From New York straight to Warri" – Nkechi Blessing reunites with her lover

Nkechi Blessing flies from New York to Warri to reunite with lover . Credit: Nkechi Blessing/ Instagram. The lovestruck couple immediately held each other in tight embrace, which led to them sharing a kiss in public after two months and two weeks of not seeing each other physically. Sharing the video, Nkechi Blessing advised people to make anywhere they find happiness their home. She wrote: “Anywhere you find happiness, make it your home. Two months two weeks away from the love of my life. It wasn’t easy but true love made it easy. From New York straight to Warri. Good to see you baby. I love you pieces.” See her post below: