“Why I gave Davido my song ‘Blow My Mind” – Wurld opens up

Singer-songwriter Wurld recently shared his motivations for giving the well-known Nigerian musician Davido the song "Blow My Mind."

Singer-songwriter Wurld recently shared his motivations for giving the well-known Nigerian musician Davido the song "Blow My Mind."

Singer-songwriter Wurld recently shared his motivations for giving the well-known Nigerian musician Davido the song “Blow My Mind.” The song “Blow My Mind,” which was released in 2019 by American R&B singer Chris Brown and Davido, was allegedly penned by him. Wurld made these revelations in a recent interview with 3Music TV in Accra, Ghana. Wurld clarified that he wasn’t able to envision a good purpose for the song when it was first being developed. Acknowledging the song’s potential, he kindly sent it to Davido, confident that the Afrobeat superstar would be the ideal fit for it. He said,

"Why I gave Davido my song ‘Blow My Mind" – Wurld opens up

Wurld, Nigerian musician. Photo source: Google “It [giving ‘Blow My Mind’ to Davido] wasn’t planned. I was in Lagos promoting my project, ‘Love Is Contagious’, and I got a call from my guy, producer Shizzi… It was even one of those things I didn’t plan for because I was gonna use the song myself. I wanted to get some features on the record, but I was promoting a new project, and I didn’t have time. “I didn’t have a use for ‘Blow My Mind’ at that time. Davido and Chris Brown, it’s just a beautiful thing to lend my art with another artiste and at the same time see how well the song is done.”

You get mind cheat on our sister

"You get mind cheat on our sister" - Video shows three women assaulting a man over alleged infidelity

"You get mind cheat on our sister" - Video shows three women assaulting a man over alleged infidelity

In a shocking incident caught on camera, three women believed to be sisters were filmed assaulting a man, accusing him of infidelity and betrayal. The disturbing footage, which has since gone viral, has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. The video depicts a distressing scene as the trio of women relentlessly attacks the man with their fists and sticks, while he pleads for mercy.

"You get mind cheat on our sister" - Video shows three women assaulting a man over alleged infidelity

Despite his desperate pleas, the women show no sign of letting up, delivering blows to the man who is seen trying to shield himself from the assault. Amid the physical altercation, the audio captures a conversation in Yoruba. One of the women accuses the man of being unfaithful to her sister. “You are in a relationship with my sister and still want to sleep with me,” one of the women said. The man, identified as the alleged cheater, can be heard begging for understanding. “Bose, please, listen. Please wait and let me explain. Even if you do not know me, have I ever cheated on you, Bose? Please stop,” the man said in part. See below;

“I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport” – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

"I dey fund your record label, you get mind dey tell me say you go slap me for airport" – Berri Tiga drags Carter Efe

Berri Tiga Carter Efe fund music label

Popular singer, Berri Tiga has dragged his colleague, Carter Efe for threatening to slap him despite being the one funding his record label. It would be recalled that the beef between both artists dates back to last year, 2022, when they duo released a song, ‘Machala’ together.

Fund music label Carter Efe Berri Tiga

Singer’s Carter Efe and Berri Tiga. Although they had once settled, Berri Tiga has come online to drag him. He revealed that Carter had threatened to slap him while they were at an airport, even though he has been instrumental in funding Carter Efe’s label. He also spilled how Carter Efe tried to take over an investor he introduced him to by telling the investor that he, Berri Tiga’s, career is dead. One of his posts read: “I Dey fund ur record label… Dey follow your plans . you get mind dey tell me say u go slap me for airport .. dey talk to me like say I be ur pikin.. as Werey no see money collect from my head like he expected .. ENERGY CHANGE..” See post below:

“Some men prefer monkeys who give them peace of mind”

"Some men prefer monkeys who give them peace of mind"

Nigerian dancer and influencer, Jane Mena recently provided advice to women who believe that their beauty makes them the ideal partner for any man.

Jane Mena

She emphasized that beauty alone is not enough, as some men prioritize finding a partner who will bring them inner peace, even if they are not conventionally attractive. Jane Mena shared her advice on her Instagram page, highlighting that just because a woman is beautiful does not necessarily mean that every man will view her as the ideal partner. She further elaborated that men ultimately seek partners who provide them with a sense of calm and tranquility, regardless of external appearances. In her words;
“That you’re beautiful doesn’t mean that you’re every man’s dream, some men prefer we the monkey that gives them peace of mind. Know this and rest.” See the post below:

“I don’t mind being a stepdad” – Man tells girlfriend who cheated on him and got pregnant

Man pregnant cheating girlfriend stepdad

A man in love with the lady who cheated on has told her that he doesn’t mind being a stepdad after she got pregnant for someone else.

Man pregnant cheating girlfriend stepdad

The story was shared on the micro-blogging platform by a Twitter user identified as @Lxnwabo who said that the guy in question is his friend. According to @Lxnwabo, his friend had decided to end the relationship after the cheating girlfriend got pregnant for someone else. When they went out drinking, he overheard him telling the cheating girlfriend that he doesn’t mind being a step father to the child she’s carrying. @Lxnwabo wrote: “My friend got cheated on and the girl got pregnant 😂🤣 he said fxck it, there’s tons of girls out there. One night we went out drinking and that same night he vanished… only to find him outside on a long call telling the girl he doesn’t mind being a step father 😭😭😭 I stood there for like 3mins listening to him begging and I just went inside to drink. I hope he doesn’t see this😂😂”

Davido’s lawyer shares mind blowing childhood experience with singer

davido's lawyer prince bobo

Davido‘s personal lawyer, Prince Bobo F. Ajudua shares their childhood experience and enjoyable moments together.

davido's lawyer prince bobo

In a recent interview with The Punch, Prince Bobo revealed that despite being in a lower class than Prince at the British International School they both attended, Davido’s music constantly disturbed him. Davido’s lawyer acknowledged the singer’s exceptional talent in music, describing him as a prodigy who was known to be a handful in school. However, he wished at the time that Davido would prioritize his studies over music and other interests. Years passed by and at a point, he had already become famous and requested that Prince serves as his business manager and lawyer.

Davido's lawyer shares mind blowing childhood experience with singer

Davido’s Lawyer on Childhood Experience “David and I go back many years. We attended BIS together. He was one of my school sons back in the day. He was a terror then, and he is a terror now. There was a two or three year gap between us. At that time, most seniors did not relate with their juniors, but I had my favourites. Though we did not have much in common, we bonded in a weird way. Whenever school was on break, we used to keep in touch through MSN messenger. Birth of Davido’s Singing Career Once in a while, I would login to the messenger service and receive messages from one annoying junior student (David Adeleke ) saying, “Hey big bro, I have started singing, and there is this cool song I want you to listen to.” As cool as I was back then, I did not need to be speaking to any junior, but something in me was just never rude to him. I was always warm and receptive; and I would tell him to send the song. I recall that some of the melodies back then were not bad. As far as I’m concerned, David has always been a genius; but, I thought he was better off facing his books. Another time, he sent me a message, saying he had started taking vocal lessons. Till date, I have a lot of old and unreleased songs from him from back in the day when we were teenagers. Prince Bobo Ajudua Becoming Davido’s Lawyer When I left BIS and moved to Cambridge, we kept in touch and have been good friends. He always respected me as a senior that he could trust, and I always had a fondness for him. Some years down the line, he had started doing music and was making waves. On my part, I went to the university to study. After I graduated and moved back to Nigeria, he popped out again from the woodwork, and said he wanted me to be his lawyer. At that time, nobody was trying to be an entertainment lawyer. Lawyers were trying to go to court, get the big briefs, work for big companies, and defend successful people. When I moved back to Nigeria, we met and continued our relationship. The next thing I knew was that I became his personal lawyer and that of his family. After a while, he got me to come onboard fully as part of his management team. Shocking Confession on Co-Managing Davido A lot of people do not know that Davido is co-managed by me and Asa Asika. This is, in fact, the first time I will be saying this publicly. The structure is a seamless one. Asa is his entertainment manager, while I am his legal and business manager. We spread the work between ourselves. To sum up our relationship, I am David’s friend, brother, lawyer and manager. Our lives are intertwined in many ways. In as much as I am older than him, sometimes, he gives some quality advice that I obviously won’t be sharing with you. I can assure you that my relationship with him is one I will not trade for anything. He has actually turned out to be one of my best friends ever.”

Why I changed mind after deciding to leave Ned


Veteran Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, has revealed what made her stay in her marriage after fighting with her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko. According to the mother of two, she usually reassures herself to stay put after thinking of him as a good man who is in a bad situation, and trying to get out of it.

She wrote: “POV: after having a big fight with my husband and I tried to leave. He is a good man. He is just in a bad situation and he’s trying to get out of it.” Reacting to the video, @♠️Clara🦋 wrote: “Not me seeing this after parking my belongings but when I remember his styles in bed I’m not leaving again 😳😂.”

@Onuegbu Nancy commented: “Abeg no move an inch oo, we plenty wen dey for queue dey wait 😂😂.” @Fonseca 97 said: “But these days she doesn’t put on her ring 💍.” Watch the video below: @official_regina Its me and my mind all the time 😂😂 ♬ original sound – Joshua Doss

“I’m a sex addict; I’ve been losing my mind” — Jaypee

jaypee bbtitans


BBTitans housemate, Jaypee, opens up to her colleague about being a sex addict and how she has uncontrollable desires.

jaypee bbtitans

Jaypee made this known on Friday evening to Ebubu during a heart-to-heart conversation about her desires. This comes days after the housemate condemned the idea of celibacy in the house while emphasizing how much of a struggle it is for an adult. In a chat with Ebubu, she said, “I’m a sex addict, my friends call me a nymphomaniac. I love sex. Since yesterday I’ve been losing my mind; I’m so ho•rny like I’m going crazy.”


Jaypee continued, “I’m that girl that guys meet & realise they don’t love s€x like I do; if I’m with you you’re gonna enjoy the benefit.” Out of curiosity, Ebubu asked, “Out of the 5 people you are dating like do they know each other?” She responded, “No they don’t, some know each other but they don’t know I am dating with the other.”

“You get mind o” – Reactions as Yul Edochie’s second wife declared herself ‘the happiest girl’ (Video)

"You get mind o" - Reactions as Yul Edochie's second wife declared herself 'the happiest girl' (Video)

The second wife of popular Nollywood actor, Judy Austin, stirs mixed reactions as she names herself the happiest girl she knows.
The comes weeks following the backlash that trailed the thespian for ruining Yul Edochie’s home with his first wife.

judy austin

Taking to Instagram, Judy Austin affirmed the kind of diet she has been on; one she referred to as straight energy while declaring herself the happiest girl ever.
“People get mind ooo.. Person steal person joy, una dey encourage her to keep being herself and be happy..una dey applaud her…
I wish people will experience what they put others through so they can understand better how it feels..,” a concerned user wrote in reply.
Watch the video below …

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