Lady attempting to cheat using AirPod and mobile phone exposed

Lady Mobile Phone AirPod

A Nigerian lady found herself in a difficult situation when a man, believed to be an invigilator during an examination, exposed her actions. The man noticed an AirPod in her ear and then discovered a hidden mobile phone. In a video that has been widely shared, the man’s face remained unseen, but his voice could be heard questioning the woman about the AirPod. He then demanded that she hand over the phone that was connected to the AirPod. After a brief search, he successfully located the hidden phone. The incident in the video has sparked various reactions from concerned Nigerians. One commenter expressed that the woman’s situation seemed dire, referring to her as being in serious trouble. See some reactions below:  @Fifi: “Her own don finish,read you say no.”  @BeNnY B: “Yes the phone can connect, she’s on call, why pretending to read the question out loud the other person will hear her and answer de question for her.” @Generous Heart: “How is that your problem is it your joy for her to fail? Me I would just let her be.” @abynaoffeibea: “Updated examination malpractice this cheating is called iPhone 15 pro max eiii.” @Jabulani Romeo Saul: “Is this real, those two devices can get connected. This people must be dangerous in tech to connect those devices.” @yhaadheperkins: “Invigilators like stressing our lives ooo eii if you ask someone problem if you are listening to music to boost your intelligence level too wahala.” WATCH VIDEO BELOW: @mr.commonsense2 #nigeriancomedy #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #funny She got caught cheating during her exam ♬ original sound – Mr..common sense

Erling Haaland under police investigation for allegedly using a mobile phone while driving


Manchester City striker Erling Haaland is under police investigation for allegedly using a mobile phone while driving. Erling Haaland under police investigation The Sun newspaper had released photos of the Manchester City striker which showed him in a car and with a phone on March 15, close to the Etihad Stadium. Greater Manchester Police has now confirmed they are aware of photos of Erling Haaland appearing to use his mobile phone behind the wheel of his car and are investigating the alleged incident. Erling Haaland under police investigation The 22-year-old striker who moved to Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund in the summer transfer window in a deal worth £51 million ($63m) and has been a huge hit in the Premier League, could be fined £200 and receive six points on his driving licence if he is found guilty. City are yet to release a statement on the incident involving Haaland who has scored 42 goals in 37 matches this season.