Watch throwback video of MohBad rejecting fan’s drink

Video of MohBad rejecting fan's drink months before his death breaks the internet

A throwback video of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, the late Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter known professionally as MohBad, rejecting a drink from one of his fans, has surfaced online. Just a few months after his death, old videos of the singer made their way to social media as many of his fans celebrated him on his birthday.

Video of MohBad rejecting fan's drink months before his death breaks the internet

Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad. In one of the shared videos, a fan, whose face was not revealed, was seen offering a drink to the singer, but MohBad remained calm and refused to take it. While on stage, MohBad danced, sang along, and shook hands with his fans without creating any scenes. Shortly after the video appeared online, fans took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts about the singer. See some reactions below:  💕Arinola_Cole: “‎you see as lifestyle come meet him for that place so he won’t take that drink , omo ehn 💔. happy post humous birthday Mohbad we really miss you.” youngbarbie793: “‎Nobody is talking about the way he was looking at Bella Such a bond.” Abi Dollypi: “‎sometimes I see why he can’t live long, everyone wants a piece of him, constantly draining his energy because he’s truly light. ko easy to live long this loved. it’s the way he died that hurts more.” taetsomohubedu: “‎the love we have for you mohbad won’t be expired, until we meet always remains in our and mind.” Atokeclassic: “‎The way I Dey see Bella yesterday I just Dey think about MOHBAD 😔 I know if is alive they will come to the show together 😞Continue to Rest In Peace.” Honouredwealth: “‎The warm sweet look he gave Bella 🥰 Happy Birthday legend.” Adees Beauty Port: “‎Nigerians I want U Guys To know that the World hasn’t forgotten about IMOLE🥺WE Say JUSTICE4MOHBAD.” Promzy: “‎i’m yet to see someone who looks tall when standing next to mohbad. rest easy dear.” clasiqbyagi1: “‎They’ve been setting mohbad up so far I guess how they would gave him unknown drink . Justice for mohbad.” WATCH VIDEO:  @withdahype It’s Mohbad’s first posthumous birthday today. RIP Imole 🕯 #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #xyzbca #mohbad #bellashmurda #dangbanarepublik #legend #afrobeatsmusic #afrobeats ♬ original sound – Pus-wa😊

“Mohbad died knowing his in was his, no need for DNA test” – Nedu

Mohbad's son Nedu DNA

Mohbad's son Nedu DNA

Popular broadcaster, Nedu Wazobia opines that there shouldn’t be a case of DNA being done on late singer, Mohbad’s son since he passed away knowing Liam is his. Nedu Wazobia made the comment while speaking in his popular podcast, The Honest Bunch podcast.

Mohbad's son Nedu DNA

Nedu Wazobia. Photo source: Instagram. According to him, the clamour for a DNA is no use since Mohbad had thought the boy to be his when he was alive. He says that people are demanding for DNA test to satisfy themselves, when they have no business with Mohbad’s family. Read some reactions below: akinola.oluwatoyese said: “That shit coming from a man that did his own oo and find out the hard way” nwaobianoziee wrote: “Buh you did yours …lol anuofia” rasheedofnaija said: “TBVH… it’s kinda very disrespectful to the dead and the family he left behind to be forced into this unnecessary DNA narratives and stuffs!” leerykelv_ said: “No wonder ur wife carry another person pinkin for u” mhiz_tomi02 said: “There was a mur.der case issue and till now we don’t know who k’!lled Mohbad , mind you , in a mur.der case everybody is a suspect, more reasons why DNA is needed , my 2cent” Watch the video below:

DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad

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"DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad" - Iyabo Ojo"DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad" - Iyabo Ojo Veteran Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo condemns the unending request for a DNA test for the paternity of Liam Light, the son of the late Mohbad when justice for the singer’s death should be the focus. In a recent live session on social media, the mother of two tabled the discussion concerning the untimely death of the singer and his father’s demand for his grandson’s DNA test.

iyabo ojo

According to the actress, the paternity test is a huge distraction and still wouldn’t excuse his wife, Wunmi Aloba as a suspect if Liam Light is or not the biological child of the singer. Iyabo Ojo further added that the issue is more of a family problem to settle privately than being a focus on finding the killer of Mohbad. She concluded that Wunmi is the only one with the power to consent to the DNA test or not pending the autopsy report of the late singer.

"DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad" - Iyabo Ojo

“DNA was not part of our justice for Mohbad, so it does not really concern us. But his dad came out to say he wants DNA because that was one of the distractions and narratives they brought out and he wants them to do it since they want to do it. Okay, that’s fine! But that’s a family matter, it has got nothing to do with justice for Mohbad,” she said in part. Watch the video below …

Mohbad: “Taking care of your child doesn’t mean they’d take care of you”

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Nkechi Blessing’s ex-boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan stirs reactions as he uses the late Mohbad and his father in a case study of raising children and being cared for in old age. It is worth noting that the late Mohbad passed on some months ago amidst suspicious circumstances and his death has since generated waves of controversy.

opeyemi falegan

Opeyemi in a recent post via his Instagram page penned a note of advice to men and how their efforts on their children may be fruitless in old age. Indirectly citing how the late Mohbad reunited with his mother ten years after she abandoned their family, and how his father took the blame for his death, Opeyemi urged men to prepare for almost the same fate.


Mohbad’s Father “(message to Men) That u took care of your child doesn’t mean ur child would take care of u.
Take care of yourself first abeg. ( this man na case study ooo ),” he wrote. The statement, however, crossed many as insensitive and unwarranted while many berated the idea of Mohbad’s father being responsible to his family. Netizen’s reactions to the case study of Opeyemi Falegan involving Mohbad osakwe_chiagozigom said: “Was he a good father to his son ?” aderonke30bg noted: “E jus dey pain me cause na dis man suffer for that boy 😢.” charlemagne_bon stated: “Parents as una de train children, make una try the save to take good care of una selves for old age.. children no be grantee say them go take good care of you… With these generation children.” iam_for_signs_and__wonders said: “Mohbad was actually good to his dad when he was alive.” lucy_ukuma wrote: “He bought him two cars, a plot of land, bought clothes, monthly upkeep, was even taking girlfriend to his house. If he wasn’t good to his father will all these happened? At 27th what did you do to your parents?” toyingram penned: “He tried his best compared to moh’s mother.”

“We must do burial” – Oladips accused of faking death over jealousy for Mohbad

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"We must do burial" - Oladips accused of faking death over jealousy for Mohbad"We must do burial" - Oladips accused of faking death over jealousy for Mohbad Amidst the revelation of the notable singer, Oladips faking his death to promote his latest album, netizens have accused him of being jealous of the late Mohbad‘s demise. It would be recalled that the entertainment industry had earlier been thrown in sadness following the alleged demise of Oladips.


However, his death was debunked by a colleague, Qdot who implied that it was a stunt planned by his management. Netizens, however, have insisted on going along with the reports of his death; doing necessary burial rites, and candlelight procession. Some suggested that he was jealous of the posthumous boost that trailed the career of the ex-Marlian signee, Mohbad who passed on under sketchy circumstances some months ago. How netizens reacted to Oladips faking his death gungirl001 said: “He got jealous of late Mohbad’s streams and wished it was him. what he doesn’t understand is that… unlike him…Mohbad was extremely gifted.” _ade.bola penned: “Death self don Dey fear Nigerian 😂 look like evryone is not scared about it anymore.” Mbahdeyforyou penned: “We must do Oladips burial o” Dhavidote stated: “Dead or alive, we must do candlelight for am.” fati_wey_no_fat said: “Dress code and location abeg 😂😂I no ft cry in vain….na me know how many drop of tears wey waste yesterday.”

Iyabo Ojo enters studio as she pays tribute to Mohbad in new video

Iyabo Ojo smokes studio tribute Mohbad video

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has once again paid tribute to the late Nigerian singer Mohbad in a new post on her TikTok page. The Nollywood actress was seen puffing smoke, attempting to mimic the late singer, and using a microphone, headset, and a laptop in what appeared to be a studio.

Iyabo Ojo smokes studio tribute Mohbad video

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo. While using various tools to convey her message, the Nollywood actress could be seen singing along to the songs of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, which were played in the background. Many of her fans and well-wishers, however, flooded the comment section of the post to share their opinions in reaction to the video posted by the Nollywood actress. See some reactions below:  kiz: “‎had goosebumps as i was watching this. rest in peace mohbad.. justice shall prevail im positive.” Only_One Big West: “‎Have been trying so hard to skip any video concerning Mohbad that’s Cux I get so emotional but this hits harder and couldn’t resist.” Oluwa Toyin Nitooto: “‎you en Iyabo! I just like you. don’t expect to be loved by all, all these you do many don’t have the brain. lots are jealous of your strength.” Kwin Jennie: “‎Omo people no Dey sleep again oo..I think say na only me may God help us through whatever is bothering us ijn.” Bunmite: “‎I love u Queen mother ever look back we want justice for mohbad no matter what Dey says about u one love.” Fumkizzgold ABIKEADE: “‎Much love you momma why I know go love if I no love you make I bend dis is forever tribute to Monbad. Rip legend Mohbad.” Oreoluwa: “‎I cried oo. Jesus his not my relative na God why modbad na IMOLE you’re a memory forever in our hearts.” Obadofin christiana: “‎Seriously that why l love Aunty lyabo, any matter she follow back to back is always end in victory. Thank you for doing this for lmole.” @greathills: “‎Aunty iyabo I just lik d way u no bck down on dis issue despite all dis yeye talk up Nd down … u r really a strong woman Nd ur effort won’t be in vain.” WATCH VIDEO: @iyaboojo Imole, your last wish from me in the uk was to make a tiktok video with you once i returned back to Nigeria, but unfortunately, i never knew it would be my tribute to you………..😔😪 . no matter the distraction, i will never back down until #justiceisserved 🤍🕊 . #justiceformohbad #justforourchildren 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 ♬ Peace – Mohbad

Bella Shmurda drops second tribute, accused of using Mohbad for promo

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"Una just dey use Mohbad do promo" - Reactions as Bella Shmurda drops another music tribute"Una just dey use Mohbad do promo" - Reactions as Bella Shmurda drops another music tribute Bella Shmurda, the best friend of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, stirs reactions as he releases another music tribute for the ex-Marlian signee. It would be recalled that weeks following the demise of Mohbad and his burial, Bella Shmurda released a tribute titled, “My Brother.”

"Una just dey use Mohbad do promo" - Reactions as Bella Shmurda drops another music tribute

Bella Shmurda In a new development, the singer who has been fighting for justice over his friend’s death releases a second one titled, High Blood Pressure. The singer has since commanded a wave of support on the snippet of the music visual posted on his Instagram page. However, many have accused him of milking the loss of Mohbad. Reactions as Bella Shmurda releases second tribute for Mohbad funatmosphere_ said: “I read comment section I just dey laugh, person dey do promo una think the death pain am a lot abi make una dey play na emotions go kee una for this country and una go learn in the hard way 😂.” jamalmorgan_ opined: “Una just Dey use Mohbad do promo.” vickyranky06 wrote: “When he said Naira shld jst turn himself in …. I thought he will be spilling alot off his chest to help wit the case 😑.” atynattah stated: “But why hasn’t Bella said anything he knows concerning the case yet??” showlove47 added: “This one just dey use Mohbad to promote his songs … You no go station to give information about what u know , nothing nothing , nah to just to release song … Osilonse.” Swipe to watch the video below …

Mohbad wanted to get rid of baby Liam

"Mohbad wanted to get rid of baby Liam" - Kemi Olunloyo reveals, drops more gist

"Mohbad wanted to get rid of baby Liam" - Kemi Olunloyo reveals, drops more gist

Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her Instagram story to make some allegations against the late singer Mohbad. According to Kemi Olunloyo, Mohbad was trying to get rid of baby Liam because the artist discovered that his wife had multiple partners. She also alleged that Wunmi had been caught doing hookups in Lekkie by Mohbad and had trust issues about their son Liam. Kemi Olunloy further alleged that Wunmi used to lace the food in Mohbad with hard drugs in order to put him to sleep so she could go out at night to work as a “runs girl”.

"Mohbad wanted to get rid of baby Liam" - Kemi Olunloyo reveals, drops more gist

Mohbad, Nigerian artist. Photo source: Instagram The investigative journalist has further accused Wunmi of being behind the death of Mohbad. According to Kemi Olunloyo, the nurse she referred to as Nurse Feyi Ogedengbe was paid by the wife of Mohbad, Wunmi, and Spending to kill the artist. Recall that it was reported that a nurse was called upon by close friends of Mohbad to attend to him after his show at Ikorudu. Kemi Olunloyo has, however, called for the arrest of the wife of the late Mohbad for deliberately poisoning the food of Mohbad with narcotics.

Mohbad caught his wife with a calabash and a ring

"Mohbad caught his wife with a calabash and a ring" - Close friend, Micee spills how singer's wife used jazz on him

Micee, a close friend of the late musician Mohbad, has accused the wife of the musician of using ‘jazz‘ on her husband before his demise. Micee made this revelation during an in-depth interview where he spilled into details the ordeal involving the hitmaker and his wife, Omawunmi. He explained how Wunmi’s realisation that Micee actually cared about Mohbad’s well-being was a major factor in their friendship breaking down. Micee revealed that he observed a significant shift in Mohbad’s conduct and general health following his release from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Nigerian artist Mohbad, Photo source: Instagram Micee decided to take matters into his own hands and get his friend the medical care he needed, making multiple hospital visits to assist Mohbad in getting well. He also gave them a copy of the medical report that was given to them at this time. He continued by saying that Mohbad had once caught his wife red-handed using a fetish ring and calabash. Micee described how Mohbad was always by his side, even in trying circumstances, and how he was a loyal supporter and assistant to him. He related a terrifying story of how Micee bravely intervened to save his friend Mohbad when he was on the verge of suicide. Micee said he would be willing to divulge further information if Mohbad’s wife pressured him.

Jigan Baba Oja to sue Mohbad for N100m over his upcoming song

Jigan Baba Oja to sue Mohbad for N100m over his upcoming song

Nigerian actor Jigan Baba Oja has revealed his intentions to sue singer Mohbad over his new upcoming song, “Ask About Me”.


Singer Mohbad will release his song titled “Ask About Me” on Friday 14th of April, 2023. However, it seems he has found himself in trouble even before the song will be released. This threat from Jigan comes after he carefully listened to the lyrics from the snippet that the former Marlian artist released where he was mocking the actor’s disability. This is not the first time an artist has sung to mock the artist due to his deformity. Recently, Jigan called out Asake for mocking him in one of his popular songs. According to Jigan, he will sue Mohbad so as to serve as a lesson to others. “I am taking this up against @iammohbad and I am going to charge him 100 million! This will sound like a big lesson to others!,” he wrote.