Neo, Pere plan to join Big Brother Naija ‘married men’s club’

pere neo married bbnaija

Popular Reality TV stars, Pere and Neo have expressed their desire to also join the growing list of married Big Brother Naija ex-housemates. Their revelation comes on the heels of recent marriages of Chizzy and Leo Da Silva of BBNaija 2020 and 2018 respectively who got hitched with their sweethearts.

pere neo married bbnaija

Reality star, Pere. Photo source: Instagram. The two joined the other housemates, Teddy A, Tobi Bakre, Gedoni and Frodd who got wedded with their own heartthrobs years ago.

neo pere married bbnaija

Neo. Neo expressed his desire to also get married after one fan took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to congratulate the male housemates on settling down. The fan penned; “Tobi, Frodd, Chizzy, and now Leo are married. Next week Bitto too will marry. Nothing concern Bbn boys and building brand. Love it for them. We await the ladies”, to which Neo replied, “I’m next.” In reaction to this tweet Pere said; “We might both be next simultaneously.” See the post below: I’m next. — NeoEnergy 🧨 (@NeoAkpofure) November 17, 2023 We might both be next simultaneously. — Pere Egbi ✊🏾 (@PereEgbi) November 17, 2023

I’ve seen my mates in Naija receive cars from their fans

GistReel Entertainment

Cuppy iphone fansCuppy iphone fans Popular disc jockey and the daughter of a billionaire, Cuppy Otedola considers asking her fans to contribute to buy her a new iPhone 15 Pro Max after losing her old phone. It was earlier reported that the celebrity personality had taken to social media to lament after her mobile phone was snatched from her in Soho London by some thieves.

Cuppy fans iphone

Cuppy. Since it is usually the custom of fans to buy their favorite celebrity things such as cars, houses, phone, Cuppy has considered asking her fans, Cupcakes, to purchase for her a new phone. She noted that it is her mates that are receiving wonderful gifts such as cars from their fans, and she deserves similar gesture from her fanbase. Cuppy has now considered asking her fans to purchase for her a new iPhone in order to replace the one that she had lost. She wrote … “Soooo…. Am I allowed to ask my Cupcakes to buy me an iPhone 15 Pro Max? Am just asking if I can ask. I swear I’ve seen my mates in Naij receive cars from their fans.” See tweet below …

Cuppy iphone

2023 edition of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) starts July 23

Big Brother Naija BBNaija

Big Brother Naija BBNaija

120m up for grabs as #BBNaija ‘All Stars’ season begins July 23 Multichoice Nigeria has officially declared that the 2023 edition of the popular reality show Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) will commence on July 23, 2023. During a press briefing held on Friday, the organizers made a significant announcement regarding this year’s winner, stating that they will be awarded a staggering cash prize of N120 million.

This sum sets a new record as the highest cash prize ever offered to a winner since the inception of BBNaija in 2006. In an interesting twist, this season will be an all-stars edition, meaning that there was no open audition for regular Nigerians. Only celebrities will be participating, competing fiercely for the coveted cash prize over a span of 70 days, from July 23 to October 1, 2023. Additionally, the organizers revealed an exciting opportunity for 30 lucky fans to win N1 million each. This added incentive adds to the overall excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming season of Big Brother Naija.

Chef Dammy’s pastor allegedly starting his version of ‘Big Brother Naija’

Chef Dammy's pastor allegedly starting his version of "Big Brother Naija" (Screenshots)

Chef Dammy's pastor allegedly starting his version of

The pastor of Chef Dammy, Pastor Jeremiah Adegoke reportedly about to start his own reality show; Big Brother Naija version. In a screenshot shared by a social media user, it could be seen that the man of God shared the art work on his page two weeks ago showing the aces of the housemates. Chef Dammy's pastor allegedly starting his version of Chef Dammy’s pastor, Pastor Jeremiah Adegoke. Photo credit: Jeremia Adegoke. Source: Instagram The housemates who were 15 in number saw Chef Dammy also representing. The show for the revised Big Brother by the pastor has been dubbed, “Garden of Eden Spirit Word; the Total Lockdown Quest”. Some social media users have reacted to the flyer differently. Read some comments below. @Cakes and small chops: “This “pastor” is using the youths of his church to cash out.. He is using them for all manner of programs (Christian version of worldly programs) and I won’t be surprised if he isn’t paying them but telling them to do it for the kingdom..”. @Chiwendu: “The fact that Entrepreneur come immediately after Mission says a lot.. At first I actually read “Mission entrepreneur” before i saw the demarcation. Nawaoo..God go judge plenty fa”. @Sought out: “Someone needs to speak with the youths of this church. There’s more that’s happening there.”. @JB: “Cash out season is almost for em. Na sharing formular go cause gbege and na here we go dey for all the hullabaloo”. @Kingjenny: “Everything is off about this pastor, every single thing”. See flyers below….

“Does it mean I’m a Naija man?”


Drake Well-known  Canadian-American rapper, Aubrey Graham better known as Drake has questioned his nationality as DNA shows he’s 30% Nigerian. Drake took to his Instagram story and revealed that the DNA ancestry tests his father recently took showed that he is 30% Nigerian. According to the rapper, his father shared a copy of the DNA results with him that showed they were more Nigerian than any other race or tribe in the world. From the DNA result shared it could be seen that Drake has more African blood in him that European blood in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Mali were traced to his ancestry. He captioned, “This is my dad’s results. Does this mean I’m a Naija man finally?”.


“Big Brother Naija is really toxic”

"Big Brother Naija is really toxic"

Big Brother Naija winner, Phyna, has gotten tongues wagging over her recent declaration about the reality TV show. In a video which the BBNaija star shared online, she publicly maintained that the entire show is too toxic.

The furious lady went ahead to note that she no longer has any business with the reality show. Although Phyna didn’t mention what provoked her to make such a statement, netizens claimed that she was getting frustrated due to excessive trolling by her non-fans. Watch the video below:

“Naija isn’t safe anymore” – Vic O cries out after being robbed


Vic O robbed

Popular singer and rapper, Victor Ncha Odu a.k.a Vic O cries out after being robbed of nearly everything. The Europe returnee took to his social media page to reveal this following the unfortunate experience.

Vic O robbed

Lamenting over the poor safety of the country, Vic O revealed that those who had robbed him took almost everything from him. Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote; “Damn… I just got robbed. They took almost everything from me. This Naija isn’t safe o.” See his post below:

Some fans have commiserated with the singer following the hapless experience, as they also bewail the security condition of the nation.

“CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash in UK”


A Nigerian lady has lamented over the struggles and challenges she has been facing after relocating abroad. According to her, she used to be a CEO while in Nigeria. However, after relocating abroad, she was forced to take the job of cleaning people’s faeces for a living.

She wrote:
“CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash uk 😭😭.” Reacting to her video, @esentiaxperience commented: “But she will be making 2000-3000 pounds even more depending on how many hours she works and the area. which is 1.1 to 1.6 million naira per month. How many professionals, bankers, doctors so called “Ceo” in niaga can boast of that kind of monthly take home?”

@demex09 said: “Is she nor earning and living peacefully in the UK? Make she go back Nigeria go dey do yeye CEO naw. Ahbegi if na to lean yansh to get better life for you and your generation go clean am. the care work is like normal Doctor or lawyer work in Nigeria and they eam more that some so Called professionals in the UK. parent do it with joy , ita career and their is dignity in it. why do Nigerians always paint it like is a bad job. nawa oh.” @benitaawoh wrote: “Nothing wrong in “cleaning Nyash”. There is dignity in Labour. Take pride in what your hands have found to do. Retrain, acquire new skills and pursue your dream (whatever it is)”. @daintythingslingerie stated: “When I detailed on my IG story that if you are willing to japa, UK should be like the last country on your list, people said I was discouraging others…gwanu, see na @ Salary is poor in the Uk but their bills are deadly.” @seleye_fubara said: “Entrepreneur in Nigeria you mean?” Watch the video below:

Peter Obi’s Labour Party condemns Big Brother Naija Titans, gives reasons


Peter Obi's Labour Party condemns Big Brother Naija Titans, gives reasons

One of the political parties, Labour Party has condemned the reality show ‘Big Brother Naija Titans” as they warn youths ahead of the show. Dr. Yunusa Tanko, Big Brother Naija Titans show was fully launched last year in October. The organizers of the Big Brother Africa reality show opened auditions for Nigerians and South Africans combined in the first season. The first show is scheduled to show on Sunday, January 15. During a press briefing at Enugu, the chief spokesperson of the Labour Party presidential campaign committee, Dr. Yunusa Tanko, disclosed that the main purpose of the show is to distract the youth of the country not to cast their votes. While speaking more about the reality show, Dr. Tanko claimed that the show was being sponsored by an opposition party. He said; “We have credible information that it’s being sponsored by one of the major opposition parties to distract the Nigerian youths from changing the leadership that has placed them in perilous times laced with abject poverty.” “As a party, we are not against reality shows because it helps the Nigerian youths to break the poverty line but for now, for the common good of all it should be shifted to another convenient date,” Tanko added.

“Make we jam for Naija!” – White man enthuses as he jets off to Nigeria wearing country jersey; netizens react

"Make we jam for Naija!" – White man enthuses as he jets off to Nigeria wearing country jersey; netizens react

A Caucasian man has expressed great excitement as he announces his coming to Nigeria. The man identified on the micro blogging site as Ray Youssef, took to the platform to reveal that he’s jetting to Nigeria wearing his Nigeria football jersey.

He shared a picture of himself wearing a white Nigeria soccer Jersey, smiling excitedly while clutching tightly his diary. “Wearing my Nigeria jersey ! Make we jam for Naija 🇳🇬😅💯,” he wrote.

See how Nigerians reacted to the new below: @investor_mj wrote: “I’m hoping you will taste naija jollof rice” Ray Youssef replied: “Been on it bro and the egusi soup! Massive protein load” @Fishfml wrote: “Oya nah show, make we jam for corner” @Szacksnola wrote: “Abeg gerrara here. You dey oyinbo land dey tweet say u be nigeria boy. If u wan relevant, com obalende or ijora badia. Rent one room apartment dia make we all deey jump danfo go work every morning. ⚡Thunder fire🔥 anybody wey drag me!”