Hookup girl in pains after getting paid fake dollars

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Hookup girl cries out after getting paid fake dollars for her overnight servicesHookup girl cries out after getting paid fake dollars for her overnight services A hookup girl is in severe pains after being scammed with fake dollars for payment for her overnight service. The entrepreneur shared this via her Instagram page, lolly.choko, where she was bitter about getting scammed. Narrating the shocking situation, she claimed she was approached by somebody abroad for paid sex and she carried out her job perfectly. Hookup girl cries out after getting paid fake dollars for her overnight services Hookup girl cries out after getting paid fake dollars for her overnight services He paid her with dollar notes and unfortunately when she checked the money, she discovered it was fake and just paper. She cried out especially as it is only the beginning of the year. See some reactions to the post iamdikeh said: “This one don gree for somebody, shebi we talk say we no Dey gree for anybody this year” dr.legendclothing wrote: “He will think he has won …..Don’t worry .. He will soon find out that the Gonorrhea you gave him is Original 🙄🙄” ayo.solarin asked: “How people dey talk these things with so much confidence?” midey 231 added: “Every morning we wake up, we should be grateful that none of our family members is out here disgracing us . Cus wtf is this 😂😂” oluwakemi._o asked: “Why u self collect dollar 😂 why u no collect naira” WATCH VIDEO HERE

VeryDarkMan calls out Sabinus for ditching a show after being paid

"No let people cry to God for your matter" – VeryDarkMan calls out Sabinus for ditching a show after being paid

"No let people cry to God for your matter" – VeryDarkMan calls out Sabinus for ditching a show after being paid

Controversial activist, VeryDarkMan has called out popular skitmaker, Sabinus for not showing up for a show after he got paid. He criticised Sabinus in the viral video for taking money for a show he knew he wouldn’t be able to attend and for only giving the show’s organisers a refund at the last mark.


VeryDarkMan VeryDarkMan disclosed that he forwent the chance to appear in the music video for Phyno and Burna Boy’s recent single, “Do I,” in order to protect the event planners from unruly protesters. In typical VeryDarkMan fashion, he provided proof for every accusation he made against Sabinus. He pointed out that the skit maker has a history of leaving viewers waiting out of self-interest. Sabinus Sabinus Sabinus In the viral video, he also disclosed that Mr. Funny had previously objected to taking a picture with him for unspecified reasons. The activist warned Sabinus not to allow people shed tears because of him. WATCH VIDEO:

Lady cries out as man who paid her bill refuses to call her after collecting her number

Lady cries out as man who paid her bill refuses to call her after collecting her number

A lady identified as Jessica has voiced her disappointment on social media after a man, unfamiliar to her, paid her bill but refused to call her despite collecting her phone number. The incident happened when Jessica found herself at a establishment, settling her bill independently. To her surprise, an unknown gentleman intervened, insisting on footing the bill. Grateful for the unexpected gesture, Jessica accepted the stranger’s offer.

Lady cries out as man who paid her bill refuses to call her after collecting her number

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the mysterious benefactor, having paid for Jessica’s restaurant bill, proceeded to request her phone number. Jessica, assuming the gentleman was interested in further communication, willingly shared her contact information. In a TikTok video that has since garnered attention online, Jessica shared her side of the story, expressing disappointment over the man’s failure to make contact. While withholding details about the man’s identity or how he obtained her phone number, Jessica conveyed a sense of dashed hope that her family had briefly harboured. Responding to queries about why she accepted the stranger’s offer to pay her bill, Jessica said; “I was not stranded. I was paying my bill, and he stopped me and offered.” Netizens Reactions… thabomashale said; “He probably saw something or heard something about u that made him not use it or he found better and 3,5 is nothing to him.”  NtateKaekae said; “Can’t we just be civil gentleman and caring humans without ulterior motives? Nothing we do is good for you guys.” @I’mHim said; “If I’m rich I’d definitely every now and then pay a random person’s bill.” @princebugarry_78 said; “I was the guy, unfortunately, I hv deleted the number cox i was just on good mood that day and that’s it.” @AVID READER said; “I actually paid something over R2k for a lady I don’t know at spar in Komatipoort in an around September, we exchanged numbers & started calling non-stop, I got bored and she blocked herself.” @TK said; “This is why I don’t take girl’s numbers anymore unless I actually want to call her. Most times, I don’t. I take it because little miss princess wants.” @Katlego Sedumedi said; “You should have declined the offer or however after paying, say may i make it up to, can i buy ice-cream as to say thank you.”  See below; @drjessquuueeen018 #jessquuueeen018 #jessquuueeen #fyp #trend #trending #xybca #viral #singleaf #single #content #contentcreator #SAMA28 #tuesday #chooseday #november2023 #birthdaymonth #scorpio #fuckyou #tswanahun #tswanagirl ♬ original sound – aaliya☆

How much were you paid?

"How much were you paid?" - Lady causes buzz as she does father Christmas at mum's school, dances energetically for the students

A Nigerian lady stole the spotlight at her mum’s school end-of-year party when she was asked to take on the role of Father Christmas. The event, filled with joy and laughter, witnessed a unique and entertaining twist as the young lady wear the traditional red and white Santa Claus costume. The spirited lady, who captured the hearts of onlookers, shared snippets of her memorable performance on TikTok.

 “Santa Claus no do pass this one o. Me at my mom’s school end of the year party today,” she wrote. The TikTok clip showcased the lady’s impressive dance skills as she grooved to a lively tune in her Santa outfit. The video quickly gained traction on social media, eliciting a wave of positive reactions from viewers who were thoroughly entertained by the unexpected twist to the traditional Father Christmas portrayal. Netizens Reactions… @Dee said; “Be like she no say you fit run well no be today you start this business.”  @Turner faith said; “This one na Santa with big yansh Ur mum so funny fr.” @Adeshewa said; “Thank your mum for showing u ur talent.” @thatguyade said; “How much are you paid, make I know price I no want make them Rip me.” @LeslieAfrica1 said; “Na so I do for church yesterday for Children.”  @King promise said; “Our parent dey see us finish ‍♀️cuz what’s this.” @DAMY JR WALKER said; “So na because of you my daughter pay 20k.” @pwetty__thelma said; “My mom told my brother the same thing that he would be paid 6k …baba say e Dey shy.” See below; @_just_1_becca Santa clause no do pass this one o😂.. Me at my mom’s school end of the year party today #fatherchristmas ♬ Mara Pupo – Refix – DJ Gbolex

I won’t sacrifice my body to give birth unless paid £250K allowance

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A London-based influencer, Jenny Darling vows not to get pregnant unless certain conditions are met, including receiving a £250K annual allowance, a push present, and a comprehensive postpartum makeover. The 23-year-old from Bishopsgate, London, laid out her ‘non-negotiables’ for pregnancy, emphasizing the need for compensation for the potential impact on her physical and mental well-being. Jenny Darlings Jenny stipulates that she would require marriage with a prenuptial agreement before conceiving, along with a pre-birth ‘babymoon’ abroad, she told Daily Mail. Post-birth, she insists on a £250,000 annual allowance to cover therapy, personal training, and any necessary expenses for both herself and the baby. Jenny Darling’s requirements extend further to include a doula and a housekeeper for the initial six months postpartum, followed by a weekly cleaner afterwards. Her demands also encompass a luxurious push present, such as a car or apartment, and a comprehensive mummy makeover featuring a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. In her words; “Motherhood is priceless. You can’t put a number on what is worth sacrificing. Creating a human life takes a lot of sacrifice. I’d never put my body through that for free. I’m not built to suffer. “I’ve wanted to be childless since I started periods. I asked doctors to take my uterus out. Kids are expensive. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world to suffer. “I would have kids on the terms it’s a good motherhood experience for me. I don’t want kids. If it was to happen these are my non-negotiables.” Jenny added that she would need to be married before getting pregnant. “I would need to be married before I would even have a child – mainly because of my religion and protection for the baby. I want a prenup to cover anything that would impact my life – infidelity and things like that. “I’d need a £250k annual allowance. For therapy sessions, a PT, all of the things you’d need to live. It’s investing in our life and future,” she added.

“I paid just N340” – Nigerian man shares his 1987 university tuition fee official receipt online, receipt causes buzz

"I paid just N340" - Nigerian man shares his 1987 university tuition fee official receipt online, receipt causes buzz

"I paid just N340" - Nigerian man shares his 1987 university tuition fee official receipt online, receipt causes buzz

A Nigerian man, Henry Omoregie, has shared an official tuition fee receipt from a state university in 1987, showcasing the remarkably affordable cost of education at that time. The receipt in question, dated 1987, pertains to the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. Astonishingly, the tuition fee for the entire session was a mere 340 Naira.

"I paid just N340" - Nigerian man shares his 1987 university tuition fee official receipt online, receipt causes buzz

The small tuition fee from back then has stirred up feelings of nostalgia and made people reflect on just how much tuition costs have changed over the years. Omoregie, who unveiled the receipt on a Friday, pointed out that during the same period, the tuition fee at Federal universities across the country stood at a mere 10 Naira. He wrote; “340 Naira only. Federal Universities tuition fee was 10 naira only during the same epoch.” See below;

"I paid just N340" - Nigerian man shares his 1987 university tuition fee official receipt online, receipt causes buzz


I paid David N218M to influence a project for kids and he ran away with the money

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A businessman has called out prominent singer, Davido for failing to keep up on his side of the bargain after reportedly paying him a whooping N218 million naira to influence a project for kids. The man known on Instagram as Abusalami revealed that the singer after reneging on the project has refused to refund the cash and he is being. supposedly, bullied by the singer’s lawyers and boys. In a lengthy account, he gave on his Instagram page, he had paid the singer 218 million naira out of a 326 million naira project. He revealed that a day had been set and he, the businessman, had to travel 20 different states with an 11 men production team, looking for young talented footballers, only for the singer to cancel. He revealed that Davido’s cancellation alone had cost him 42 million naira. He added that he begged the singer to post the commercial which he ended up doing his garden because he couldn’t do it in a stadium, but the singer refused.

Davido Businessman

Davido Abusalami also shared screenshots of his alleged chat with Davido to back up his claim. An excerpt from his post reads … “In my prayers everyday, all I pray for is the
strength to survive David and his lawyer. But God saved me from
this nightmare situation full of jealousy, envy, greed, hate, and
deceitful people and thieves, So when you see me post do not
pity me, instead pray for me. Depression is real, many men
would have been suicidal , but I think of the kids in camp who
look up to me for strength, for food, for guidance, and to help
them with a career in football. How do you explain to anyone that
you paid davido 218m for influence a project for kids and he
takes the money and runs away, and tells you to do your worst.
Because his father owns Nigeria? Because he has social media
followers, David this habit you have developed of stealing from
people is honestly terrible, do you know the kind of debt i am in.
#davido #davidoofficial We gave them a chance to do the right thing.
Men without honor. Davido you be smellos if you like buy 100
dog chain, or watch you be thief. Shame on you. When I Dey pay
you na speed I Dey use go bank. Learn to save you no Dey hear
word see as you dey smell shit now. I have boys in camp we need
food. Make shame they catch you na olorun. @sirbanko
@asaasika @bfaandco @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet
@specialspesh I’m coming with force. I no do meeting again.
Alert only If not for God, I should be in kirikiri just
because I fucked with davido davido you are a thief. Ole. Let’s
call a spade a spade Abu you fucked up fucking with this guy,
them man here are thieves forget the lifestyle, they got little
sympathy for human life, they will do anything to get ahead and
fuck you over and lastly no be today, theygåt away with murder.
If I look at David Adeleke family background would I think he is a
thief. 218 m I paid this guy out@326m contraft I have been to
20 different states in Nigeriå • Olith II man production team,
looking for young talents, on cancellation alpne David has
exhausted 42m. 3 shoots cancelled ? press confrence, episode
shoot also. I begged Davidåo jgst post the commercial I should
have shot in a stadiunvbLR ended up doing in his Garden, instead
he sabotages the I loose my Spondorship. Can you
take it for the ppl that leave stupid comments. Over 15 times I
begged David I have 106 boys in camp I need to feed. David you
are a bastard. And a thief. Davido like I said to you before, you are not
God so I can’t worship you. I fit beg you, hail you, but worship
never. You might have sabotaged my finances, crippled my
Buisness, but still I rise. Your karma will come, you will not be on
top forever, but you will know one Abu guy stood up to you and
stood tall. Bloody thief. Na only you need money abi ole, every 2
mins send money are you a crack head? 218m wasted on you for
what exactly you thief.”

“I paid N15million” – Man sells cars and land for Canadian visa, travel agent runs off with money

"I paid N15million” - Nigerian man sells cars and land for Canadian visa, travel agent runs off with money (Video)

A Nigerian man has fallen victim to a cunning travel agent who promised him a Canadian visa but vanished with a staggering sum of N15million. The man’s hopes of relocating to Canada have been shattered as all his efforts and hard-earned assets were swindled away. The unfortunate victim,, shared his distressing ordeal with Grandma Shasha, a prominent TikTok user known for creating travel content. The man revealed that he had set his sights on a new life in Canada and sought the assistance of an agent who claimed to have expertise in securing Canadian visas. According to the victim, he went to great lengths to raise the exorbitant sum demanded by the deceptive agent. He parted with his most valuable possessions, including the only land he had inherited from his late father, as well as his two cars. With these assets liquidated, he managed to gather the N15 million required by the agent to facilitate the visa process. Trusting in the agent’s assurances, the hopeful man handed over the hefty sum, fervently anticipating the fulfillment of his Canadian dream. However, much to his dismay, he received nothing more than a Nigerian international passport from the agent, who promptly vanished into thin air. Desperate to trace the elusive agent and recover his money, the man resorted to attempting phone calls, only to be met with disappointment as the number was reported as “not allocated.” In his words; “I sold my two cars and my only land inheritance in the village to raise N15 million to give to an agent for a Canadian visa, and all I could get was a passport. And the agent is nowhere to be found.  “I have tried tracking him, but nothing. I keep calling, and they said the number is not allocated.” @grandmaoflagos said; “I have heard people cry out about visa fraud of 2M, 3m,5M but 15m? No, that’s too much, that is total black evil.” @urunwaodimba said; “Na wahooo! Some people are heartless.” @Psalmz reacted; “See why most carry a curse. Karma will catch up with them.” See below; @grandmaoflagos I have heard people cry out about visa fraud of 2M, 3m ,5M but 15m naaa , that’s too much, that is total black Evil. #fyp #viral #japa #worldwide #bbnaija ♬ original sound – GRANDMASHASHA

“Regina Daniels paid for 15 people to join my class” – Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci Regina Daniels

Popular celebrity chef, Hilda Baci, recently shared a heartwarming revelation on her official Instagram business page, expressing gratitude towards Nollywood actress and senator’s wife, Regina Daniels. According to Hilda, Regina generously sponsored the participation of 15 individuals in her highly sought-after cooking class.

In a video clip shared by Hilda, the Guinness World Record holder joyfully announced the movie star’s kind gesture. Excited about this opportunity, Hilda encouraged her fans to express their interest in being part of the fortunate 15 individuals who would benefit from Regina Daniels’ sponsorship. Captioning the video, Hilda wrote, “In her process of helping more people acquire skills to enable them to become more self-sufficient, @regina.daniels paid for 15 people to join my upcoming online class, and these individuals will be chosen randomly.”

“Please go say thank you to her for being so gracious, and of course, let me know if you want to be one of these lucky 15 people. I will post the winners tomorrow on my story.” Hilda’s upcoming cooking class has garnered significant interest, with a registration fee of 35k. Known for her culinary expertise, Hilda’s classes have become immensely popular, and many people eagerly await the opportunity to learn from her. Despite the registration fee, numerous people have already signed up, and more are expected to join before the registration deadline. SEE POST:

Lady marries another man, dumps boyfriend who paid her school fees, accommodation, car

Man Girlfriend Car Accomodations

Nigerian man recently reveled how his friend supported his girlfriend, got her into a polytechnic, covered her accomodations, and even gifted her a car after she graduated. According to him, his male friend was deeply in love and cared for his girlfriend, leading him to agree to her request of abstaining from physical intimacy until marriage.

Having agreed to her terms, the friend went above and beyond to support his girlfriend. He paid for her school fees and provided her with financial assistance throughout her time in school. Additionally, he surprised her with a car and even rented a two-bedroom apartment for her after she completed her two-year degree at a polytechnic. The statement “So my guy here fell in love with this laiskin babe January 2019 and they had been dating ever since then.” “Man got her admission in a polytechnic and paid her fees throughout, feeding, accomodation, etc. Girl graduated and man bought her a Toyota Corolla.” “All these while babe insisted on no sex before marriage and man respected that. Just kisses, pressing of big brezz and little bonuses here and there, as per trial version na.” “December last year baba moved her to a 2 bedroom flat and paid 2 years upfront. December 22nd, babe “travelled home” to see her parents”.” “Baba anticipated her return but her lines weren’t going through “maybe cos it was in the village and no network”. Kashimawo. “Whatsapp messages not delivering”.” “Now, baba as a patient man, waited in trusting anticipation for her arrival. So as at last week, long story short, these were our findings: Baba saw her intro pics on her ex roommate’s WhatsApp status. Mama was already 3 months pregnant as at intro.” “Aunty changed all her numbers, sold the car and used the proceeds to finance the marriage.” “Baba went to the house he rented for her and found out aunty leased out house to another person at cut price and took the bounty.” “Baba was not even invited to eat small jollof rice with fanta or viju milk. Aunty has told baba to move on that she never asked for any of those gifts. Baba is still confused as i type.” See some reactions below:  @barrister432: “The girl is evil and has to be the biggest scammer on earth. Someone did all this for you and you found someone else why not call his attention but No she used him to pursue her own interests.” @KINGMICHAEL_OG: “A successful simp… he should look for another under 21 and continue the circle, hopefully he will enter Guinness book of record sooner or later.” @d_Cr8tor: “Shebi if dah guy go do am bad thing now Dem go tag the boy bad person. People go just wicked ….omo me no go endure oo two things one must happen.” @AjibolaVincent3: “Exactly! This will always happen. This same thing was unfolding yesterday right b4 my eyes and hearing. And I’m like, “dude, this babe ain’t into you” but I just minded my bizness. E go soon clear for the guy eye.” @joosh1063: “I’m confused, the husband is a rewire which means, the bf is doing way better than he his and she sold the car to finance marriage, pls follow up on the rest of the story, I want to know how their life’s end up.” @A_Teejay_Moses: “If this one and her entire family including the guy she marry sleep and no wake up, them no suppose blame the man. My mothers specifically warned me never to train a girl to school except we are married. And them Dey use SIR-H (people wen attend UCC go know am) do example for me.” SEE POST: