“My happiest moment” – Lady over the moon as she relocates to the US to reunite with her partner after 5-year long-distance relationship

"My happiest moment" - Lady over the moon as she relocates to the US to reunite with her partner after 5-year long-distance relationship

A Nigerian lady has taken to TikTok to share the exhilarating moment she embarked on a journey to reunite with her partner in the US after enduring a challenging 5-year long-distance relationship. In a video that quickly went viral, @amaa_gift documented her overwhelming happiness and excitement as she prepared to finally be with her significant other.  “Happiest moment. After five years of long-distance relationship,” the lady wrote.

Lady over the moon as she relocates to the US to reunite with her partner after 5-year long-distance relationship

The video, which captured the genuine emotions of the young lady, struck a chord with many viewers, prompting an outpouring of reactions and well wishes from netizens. Netizens celebrated alongside @amaa_gift, expressing their heartfelt congratulations and sharing in the joyous occasion. Netizens Reactions… @fatukelleh5 commented; “Congratulations to you.” @_MAMA_Z_O said; “Congratulations mama.” @user4866206576114 said; “I tap into your blessings.” @ADE WEALTH ESDESE reacted; “Congratulations I tap in your testimony.” @Eniola Gold said; “Congratulations.” @Antoinette Thompson said; “I tap into your blessing in Jesus name amen amen.” @kehindelawal822 Keeny reacted; “It’s not easy in a long term relationship its a journey where loyalty dedication and truthfulness play a big part. I enjoyed my relationship.” @priceless_Lisa commented; “Congratulations I connect to Ur testimony.”  See below; @amaa_gift Happiest moment #fypシ #foryou #viralvideo #trending #trend #viral ♬ original sound – S_affie

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to AC Milan, takes up roles as ‘Operating Partner’, Senior ‘Advisor to Ownership’

GistReel Entertainment

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned to AC Milan, and has assumed his roles as ‘Operating Partner’ and ‘Senior Advisor to Ownership’. In an official statement by RedBird, Ibrahimovic will collaborate with the global investment team as an Operating Partner, supporting the firm’s existing investment portfolio across sports, media, and entertainment. He will also be involved in sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities and advising RedBird portfolio companies on commercial projects, digital content strategies, and brand building initiatives. On the other hand, at AC Milan, Ibrahimovic will serve as a Senior Advisor to Ownership, working closely with RedBird and the New York Yankees, a longstanding partner of RedBird in sports. Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to AC Milan, takes up roles as 'Operating Partner', Senior 'Advisor to Ownership'Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to AC Milan, takes up roles as 'Operating Partner', Senior 'Advisor to Ownership'Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Getty image RedBird Capital Partners and New York Yankees, are among the main owners of AC Milan. Ibrahimovic’s new roles at the club will span sporting and business operations, focusing on player development, high-performance training, global brand advancement, and commercial interests. Additionally, he will contribute to strategic projects of importance, including AC Milan’s new stadium.

Single mother makes it big after getting abandoned by partner

Single mother makes it big after getting abandoned by partner

A single mother of one has made it big years after getting abandoned by her babydaddy who thought she couldn’t do without him. In a video posted via her official account @pepperrqueen2, she shared her journey of resilience after being abandoned by her partner when her son was still a baby. Their before and after photos showed them standing before their costly car and looking so eye-catching. She wrote; “When he thinks we can’t do without him.”
Netizens stormed the comments section to shower the woman with praises for her resilience. @cixxw5 reacted: “Every story has two sides fam. I’ve witnessed my aunt who was always giving her husband wahala all the time and she will come back home claiming.” @Emma_Nuella commented: “Ladies and gentlemen. We have a winner.” @user3370454763016 reacted: “Sabi leta he will come back to apologise, thunder will fire some men.” @Toks~込W commented: “Your before is better than my present-My skin hasn’t come back to normal since I gave birth Motherhood is not for the weak. proudly a CS Mom.” @Getrude Vanessah Ndhlovu reacted: “Big cheers to single mothers we love you big time.” @Cindy Ann reacted: “God pls bless every single mother’s Amen. I can’t forget what my mum went through when I was little but now am happily married and she is enjoying it.” Watch the video below: @pepperrqueen2 #CreateWithEffects #dave ♬ original sound – __DAVe

Beautiful bride hails handsome partner as he slays in native attire

bride handsome partner slays traditional Igbo native attire

A beautiful Nigerian bride attracted reactions on social media as she praised her handsome partner with kind words while he prepared for a photoshoot. In the video, which has received over a thousand likes on TikTok, the bride, who was also dressed in traditional attire, happily spoke about her partner in a native dialect with a mixture of English words.

bride handsome partner slays native attire

Nigerian bride. As she did so, her handsome partner couldn’t help but give a little smile as he continued with his photoshoot. In attendance, those who admired the lady’s praises of her man couldn’t help but break into laughter. Shortly after, concerned individuals took to the post’s comment section to react. See some reactions below: Wealth: “‎Congrats me seeing wedding video everywhere is this a sign but no man sha.” oseluchinenye: “‎he dey give you where i dey sweet you pass congratulations.” Barbie: “‎Wow congratulations I no them in Abuja o.” user508110195911: “‎wow congrats u guys are looking good.” LouLou: “‎Tough man, see me as a woman smiling cheek to cheek and blush add on top. my future wife: “This the kind of man am praying for.” sugarpoppy: “‎Congratulations dear na so I go praise my husband too.” Galaxy: “‎Congratulations. I’m just here smiling. God bless your Union.” Eva winning: “‎Congratulations mama I tap from your blessings.” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: @km_with_dflowerprince1 #ijawpikin1 #igboweddingng #ijawmusic #newsoundalert #fypシ #instablog ♬ original sound – Flowerprince

Nkechi Blessing unfollows partner, Xxssive, fuels split speculations

Nkechi Blessing unfollows partner, Xxssive fuels split speculations

Nkechi Blessing unfollows partner, Xxssive fuels split speculations

It appears to be that “Instagram Lovebirds” are on fracas as Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing and her partner, unfollows each other. The couple, who for more than a year trailed social media with their romantic photos and videos, have stopped following each other on Instagram.

Nkechi Blessing

Recall that Nkechi Blessing began dating Xxssive following her dramatic split from Ekiti State politician, Opeyemi Falegan whom she flaunted regularly on her social media page. A quick look at each page reveals that the couple is no longer following themselves.

Nkechi Blessing and boyfriend, Xxssive

A fan questioned asked if the duo are still together after noticing they no longer like or comment on each other’s post.


owenkenneth wrote: “So u and Nkechi don breakup so soon after everything. Una even unfollow each other nawa o” starttreasure replied: “You no need inner eyes to know that the relationship will not last honestly no hate I just did not see future in them wallahi.”

Jay Z’s mother marries longtime lesbian partner

Jay Z’s mother marries longtime lesbian partner

Jay Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, proved you’re never too old for love as she married her long-time lesbian partner, Roxanne Wilshire last weekend. The nuptials took place in New York on Sunday evening and, of course, was a perfectly star-studded affair with Jay Z – real name Shawn Carter – leading the way like a proud son.

Jay Z’s mother marries longtime lesbian partner

From left Jay-Z’s mother Gloria Carter and her partner, Roxanne Wilshire He was joined by his wife Beyonce, 41, who was seen teetering along in skyscraper heels while holding onto daughter Blue Ivy, 11, for support. The two were suitably glam for the occasion in evening dresses, while the Break My Soul singer finished off her peach look with a feather wrap. They made their way into the Manhattan venue alongside Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles-Lawson and the singer’s cousin Angie Beyince while her faithful bodyguard Julius cleared the path. According to TMZ, other guests included Kelly Rowland, Tyler Perry, Robin Roberts and Corey Gamble and they certainly partied hard with the reception, which was held in Tribeca, wrapping up at around 1am. As the evening drew to a close the newlyweds were seen leaving the party with Gloria dressed in a white suit, and Roxanne in a stunning gold and white shimmery dress. Jay Z, 53, has been openly supportive of his mother’s sexuality since she came out as gay in his 2017 track Smile, which featured on his album 4:44. On the track, the Grammy-winning rapper reveals how Gloria spent years hiding the fact she was a lesbian while raising four children. He also shared how happy he was when she found a partner, likely referring to Roxanne.

“I need more than just a partner above my pay bracket”


Nollywood actress Caroline Igben has opened up on the qualities her ideal partner should possess. Igben, who is also a popular face in the Nigerian skit industry, disclosed this during an interview with Saturday Beats.

I need more than just a partner above my pay bracket - Caroline Igben

She revealed that life experiences have made her realize that she needs more than just a partner above her pay bracket. Igben added that what matters most is him supporting her. The actress said; “Growing up, I was of the opinion that I would like to date someone that was way above my pay bracket. But, right now with life experiences, I genuinely pray to God that as far as I am able to provide for myself, I really don’t care if he (my partner) earns more than I do, as long as he is supporting me.

I need more than just a partner above my pay bracket - Caroline Igben

“However, people have their preferences. As for me, I will prefer to be in a position of financial independence where I am following (dating) someone without considering money as the first thing to consider in a partner. There are a lot of things happening in this world that are beyond financial considerations.”

What I look for in a partner


Neo Akpofure, a former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2020 finalist, has revealed the conditions under which he can end his relationship with a partner. In a video message he shared on his Tiktok page recently, Neo talked about what he looks for in a partner and emphasized that honesty is a must-have trait.

Neo Akpofure

The reality TV star stated that he wouldn’t break up with his lover over an argument or leave her because of old wounds she carried over from previous relationships, provided his partner is honest with him. Neo believes that loyalty is more important than love and that being truthful and loyal to one’s partner can help build a strong and lasting bond. “If we date, it’s actually loyalty over love. I’m not leaving over an argument. I’m not leaving because you still have unhealed wounds. I’m not leaving because you messed up. I’m not leaving because sometimes you said the wrong things. I’m not leaving because no one showed you how to properly communicate. We learn together. Just always be honest with me. That’s all I ask,” Neo said. Neo’s message has resonated with many of his fans who have praised him for his maturity and understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work. Reacting, One fan, @TessyOba, commented on Neo’s post;”I love this so much! Honesty and loyalty are the most important things in a relationship. You’re such a great role model, Neo!” Another fan, @Maryjane13, wrote; “This is what we need to hear more of. I love your mindset, Neo. You’re a true inspiration.” @Chidinma4real added; “I love the fact that you’re willing to learn with your partner. That’s what true love is all about.

“Don’t let them bully you into dating broke partner” – TG Omori advises ladies


"Don’t let them bully you into dating broke partner" – TG Omori advises ladies

Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori Jesam, popularly known as TG Omori has urged women to avoid settling for men who are financially unstable. He emphasized that choosing a partner is a personal choice and should not be influenced by external factors.

TG Omori

In a tweet, the director, also known as Boy Director, advised women to make their partner choices based on their aspirations and goals. He discouraged women from being coerced into dating financially unstable men in the name of gold-digging. Omori encouraged women to evaluate their lives carefully and plan their futures accordingly. Omori’s tweet was in response to the criticism of women who prioritize material possessions on social media by Internet trolls, who often accuse them of being gold diggers. He wrote: “Your choice of partner is a personal decision don’t let them bully you into dating a broke person in the name of gold-digging. Look your life well and plan your aesthetics.” See the post below:

"Don’t let them bully you into dating broke partner" – TG Omori advises ladies

Why I don’t have a problem with a cheating partner – Doyin


Why I don't have a problem with a cheating partner – Doyin

A former participant of the BBNaija reality show, Doyinsola David simply known as Doyin, reveals that she is fine with having a cheating partner while stating conditions to be met. She made this known on her podcast, Doyin’s Corner, in an episode titled ‘What Women Need in a Relationship to be Happy’.


Doyin stated that a cheating partner isn’t a complete red flag for her as long as he still has feelings for her. According to the reality star, loyalty does not equate to faithfulness as perceived by many. In her words; “My partner can love me but still cheat on me. But I don’t think that because he has cheated, he doesn’t love me. For me, my definition of loyalty is not, don’t cheat me. “I’m just trying to be realistic in my relationship. For me, I will say I want a partner that he will tell me, babe, I’m travelling for six months, I can not promise you that I will be loyal for six months.”

Why I don't have a problem with a cheating partner – Doyin, beauty, modella

Her guests on the podcast, Beauty Tukura and Modella, however, had a different view, stating that loyalty and faithfulness are important in a relationship and that it should be a one-man, one-woman affair.