“I pinched my friend but she didn’t respond”


A young Nigerian lady has revealed how she almost got kidnapped by an Uber driver alongside her friend who booked a ride. According to her, she ordered a ride at night and after countless rejections of the cars that came, she decided to settle for the last one.

However, a few minutes into their trip, the driver asked one of them to come to the front seat as he wasn’t comfortable with the two of them being at the back. Although they found the request weird, they obeyed him. After about 10 minutes, she noticed the driver doing something strange, after which her friend lost consciousness. In her words: “I can’t believe that I am my friend that came from the mainland to visit me almost got kidnapped today by an Uber driver. “So, after we ordered the Uber unfortunately the plate number is different from the person that is inside so I said ah abeg time don go. “So I had to ordered another one, the care that came that time was a tinted car i said I cannot enter tinted car this night Ejoor, cancel. “The third one that came I didn’t really like the car my mind didn’t accept the car but because I had already canceled two cars I had to enter this one. “After the driver had drive for a bit he said one of us should come to the front that he wasn’t comfortable with the two of us being at the back. “I didn’t understand because from the map including Bolt the instruction says the passengers should sit at the back. “That was the first sign but I didn’t really look at it too much. After like 10 minutes I noticed that this man was doing some incantations. “In my mind I just shouted blood of Jesus because the guy was already on the express even if you shouted nobody will hear us. “I shouted the blood of Jesus, I started trying to pinch my friend but she wasn’t getting herself. I had to come down and immediately I started reciting the rosary my mind. “I noticed the man was about to divert to another route then immediately I screamed blood of Jesus that was the first thing I screamed in the car. “He immediately matched the break and turns to look at me I suddenly felt weak but I kept saying the rosary. “He started asking me why I’m shouting that in his car and I told him sir why are you taking that route please follow this road then he said he is sorry that his Google map was taking him another place. “Na so my mind begin fight because I am the only child. Na only me my mama born. I started thinking about my mother, how will she cope?” Litsen to the rest of the story below: @pisecure It is very important to carry #pepperspray everywhere you go especially at night because of #insecurities in the country. Peppersprays are available for order To order you can message us on WhatsApp at 07039489838 or send a dm #lagosnigeria #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 ♬ original sound – Pi Secure ✨