Police clear D’banj of rape and N-Power fraud allegations

Police clear D'banj of rape and N-Power fraud allegations

The Nigeria Police Force and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) have officially cleared popular Nigerian singer Dapo Oyebanjo, widely known as D’banj, of rape and fraud allegations. The police investigation, ordered by the Inspector General of Police in 2020 following a rape accusation against the artist, concluded with a report dated November 14, 2023. The report, signed by ACP YY Abubakar of the Special Enquiry Bureau at the Force Criminal Investigations Department, stated that after thorough examination, there was no substantial evidence to support the rape allegation.

Police clear D'banj of rape and N-Power fraud allegations

The investigation encompassed statements from the complainant, witnesses, and suspects, including an inquiry into the Glee Hotel Lagos, where the alleged incident occurred. The hotel’s management denied the claims, asserting that D’banj was not present on the stated date, and provided key details that debunked the complainant’s allegations. Moreover, the complainant voluntarily withdrew the petition, leading to the discontinuation of the investigation. “The allegation was investigated. The complainant, witnesses, and suspects made their statements. The investigation was extended to the Glee Hotel Lagos, where the staff on duty on the date of the alleged incident made their statement.  The management and staff of the Glee Hotel averred that the first suspect was not seen in the hotel on the date of the alleged incident, nor was he given a spare key to gain access to any room in the hotel where the complainant lodged, and they have only one key to each room, which completely debunked the allegation of the complainant. The management of the hotel also held that it had no record to show that the complainant checked into the hotel as a guest on the alleged date, and she did not, at any time, raise an alarm, complain, or report any indecent assault or rape. There is no medical report on the victim to ascertain that she was raped. There are no adduced facts or corroborative evidence to substantiate the allegation of rape against the suspect. Prima facie offences of indecent assault, rape, and intimidation are not made out. However, the complainant, through her counsel, Ojoge, Omileye & Partners, submitted a letter, dated July 17, 2020, to the DIG Force CID, to voluntarily withdraw the petition and discontinue the investigation.” the police report read in part. In a separate matter, the ICPC had accused D’banj of diverting funds associated with the N-Power Programme of the Federal Government in 2022. However, the ICPC’s investigation yielded no evidence of fraud. A document dated November 29, 2023, with the reference number ICPC/OPS/SDD/SPT.LG/31/23, clarified that there was no prima facie case of fraud against the artist. D’banj’s legal representative, in a deposition before the Chief District Court of the Federal Capital Territory, emphasized that the artist had never held a government position or accessed government funds. “The commission investigated issues of fraud in the administration of the N-POWER Scheme, where Mr Daniel Oladapo Oyebanjo’s name came up. However, there was no prima facie case of fraud against him. Kindly be advised that Mr Daniel Oladapo Oyebanjo is not under investigation with the Commission for any fraud-related offence,” the ICPC clearance partly read. The lawyer affirmed that D’banj’s involvement in the N-power campaign was voluntary and unpaid.

“Which form wey I never buy” – Unemployed man laments after trying to get into Police, Immigration, Army, Navy

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An unemployed young man laments as he shows the multiple forms he has bought in the past, trying without success to get into the Nigerian Army, Police, Navy, Immigration, and other para-military agencies. The young man who is frustrated with his situation brought a form that he had used to apply for different agencies.

man forms navy police army navy immigration get in

Young Nigerian.. He revealed that he had applied for the Nigerian Army three times, the Nigerian Police twice, the immigration, as well as the Nigerian Navy. The young man concluded that he would have to venture into fraud as nothing he applied to had been accepted. Froshdc_vibez9 wrote: “To serve Nigeria is not by force bruh” Chapter_999 alleged: “That’s how it’s bruh… NDA is demanding 3M for my guy to join.. imagine 😢” Wizkid_champ said: “I feel your pain person go do bad thing them go say why he nor go find work now see waiting he don show ona Nigeria nor be hood place oo so anything you do happy if you thief successful happy you do yahoo successful happy because Ni” Maryann_cindy remarked: “Pls Bro try one more time. It’s heartbreaking 💔 but please don’t give up❤️, I genuinely feel ur pain because there is none of those parastatals I didn’t apply for, Army inclusive; I gave up until I made the last push. Guess what God came tru. Pls hold on Bro.” big_madumadu stated: “C d joy wey he won take enter Nigeria force ehya.. so to join Wetin go kill man we still need connection..” Watch the video below …

Chef Dammy allegedly arrested by police AIG

Chef Dammy allegedly arrested by police AIG

Chef Dammy allegedly arrested by police AIG

Information coming in says that Chef Dammy has been arrested by the police AIG zone in 1 Akure for a petition against her pastor. Recall that Chef Dammy made a scary revelation about the pastor who paid for his cook-a-thon competition a few months ago. According to Chef Dammy, her pastor should be held responsible if anything happens to her. In the late hours of 19th October 2023, Chef Dammy took to her page causing fear and panic after she disclosed her life was in danger.

Chef Dammy allegedly arrested by police AIG

Chef Dammy, source: Google According to her, she has been living in constant fear and nearly died a few days ago. She disclosed how “men of God” threatened, cursed, and insulted her for months after her cook-a-thon. In a tweet seen online by a user with the handle Yemie Fash, he disclosed that the chef had been picked up by the police and also raised an alarm that the particular station that arrested Dammy has a track record of being corrupt. He called on his family of Dammy to speak out to get justice for the young chef. I have information that Chef Dammy has been arrested by men of the @PoliceNG AIG zone 17 in Akure for a petition against her by her pastor, that police station has a history of extremely corrupt practices and I am speaking from personal experience. I urge the families of Chef… pic.twitter.com/dOHeLISRjt — Olúyẹmí Fásípè AICMC (@YemieFash) November 23, 2023

Why Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter and sons were invited by the Police

"Why Mr. Ibu's adopted daughter and sons were invited by the Police" - Mr. Ibu's ex-manager Chochoo speaks out amid N300m embezzlement allegation

Emeka Chochoo, the former manager of Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has shed light on the reasons behind the recent police invitation of Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma Okafor, and his two sons, Daniel and Val. The trio was reportedly invited for questioning regarding the management of funds donated by well-meaning Nigerians for Mr Ibu’s medical treatment. Actress Doris Ogala first broke the news on Wednesday night, revealing that Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s sons were detained at Alagbon Police Station over allegations that Jasmine had transferred a substantial sum, estimated at N300 million, from the donation account to her personal account.

The funds were intended for Mr Ibu’s medical expenses, as the actor recently underwent surgery resulting in the amputation of one of his legs. The situation escalated when it was suggested that Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris Okafor, instigated the police involvement. Stella Maris allegedly demanded transparency and accountability regarding the donated funds and accused Jasmine of diverting the money for personal use. It was further claimed that Stella Maris intended to use the funds to purchase a new house. “Mr. Ibu’s wife alleged that Jasmine moved N300 million out of the account. Ibu’s wife allegedly wanted them to buy her a new house from the money contributed so far for Ibu’s treatments. That’s why she arrested Jasmine,”Doris Ogala said.  In response to the unfolding events, Emeka Chochoo clarified that the police invitation was not tantamount to an arrest and emphasized that the police had summoned Jasmine, Daniel, and Val to inquire about Mr Ibu’s account. Val, however, was reportedly excluded from the situation as he had recently returned to the country and was unaware of the ongoing developments. “Yes, they were all invited by the police. I won’t call it arrest; the police invited them over Mr Ibu’s account. However, Val is left out as he knows nothing about what’s been happening. He just returned to the country,” Emeka Chochoo told punch. “I have not been able to reach any of them,” the ex-manager added. The controversy surrounding the management of the donated funds took an unexpected turn, considering that Mr Ibu’s wife and adopted daughter had previously joined forces to appeal for financial support from Nigerians. The plea came after Mr Ibu underwent surgery, and the actor’s health challenges prompted an outpouring of generosity from well-wishers.

Police released my son’s body to his father, but he’s refusing to bury him

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body.

The mother of the late musician Mohbad has disclosed that the father of the artist has refused to bury him after police handed him the body. The mother of Mohbad, while speaking in her local dialect, disclosed that immediately after the police ran the autopsy on the singer, they released the corpse for burial but the father refused to bury him. She added that she went to see the commissioner of police to complain but he rained insults on her, saying that the family of the singer was happy about his demise, hence their refusal to bury him. She said;

Mohbad, Nigerian artist. Source: Google “Nigerians, please come to my aid. I pray you all won’t lose your children. They released Mohbad’s body immediately after the autopsy but his dad is the one holding on to him and not allowing us to re-bury him. I begged him Severally but he refused then I thought of what to do , I went to the commissioner of police last week to complain , the commissioner even insulted me that are we happy that our son is dead, why have we not buried him, why are we allowing his corpse to be lying there useless and making the dead suffer, but I just let go of what Mohbad dad is doing and saying because I do not want drama and God is my vindicator, I am calling on all true mothers and Nigerians at large to please come to my aid so we can bury my son, my son is restless, he is running about, even me I do not have rest of mind, this is the help I want from you all, it’s not as if I cannot reply Mohbad dad in all he has been saying, but I hand over everything to God, he will judge us both, I have a lot to say but I won’t say anything, why will my child d1e and I will be granting interviews and allowing people make money off my d3ad son, a son that loves us, that takes care of us, that fears us, A child that I carried from Gods back, I am begging Nigerians not to ignore my son’s corpse, he is not a d3ad goat nor a d3ad dog, he is a Human being,please all the youths and mohbad friends should also support me and let’s bury him, do not let anyone start using his d3ath to cash out, see how my son is being treated , he was beaten to d3ath now see how they are treating his body. Baba Tinubu Please come to my aid and help me bury my son so he can have peace and rest. I want you all to help me bury my son. I am not begging for money; I just want my son to rest. I leave the rest to God; he rewards everyone accordingly, and God will avenge his death. They are using my son’s death to make money online, so they pray to experience such misfortune too? I told everyone trying to interview me that I was not interested because there was nothing to be happy about my son’s death; they took him from me, and he needs to find rest now and be reburied. Mohbad mother cries out”.

Bella Shmurda requests for Mohbad’s body from Nigerian police

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Nigerian musician, Bella Shmurda has demanded that the body of his late friend, Mohbad, is released by the police so he can get a befitting burial. The death of the late musician is still under investigation and the Nigerian police had exhumed the body to carry out autopsy. However, it’s been over one month and the Police is still yet to reveal any new information from the autopsy that can help solve the case. “Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police“Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian PolicePopular Nigerian artiste, Bella Shmurda. Thus, Bella Shmurda has called the Nigerian police out, asking for Mohbad’s body so he can be buried properly. He said; “It’s been over 2month moh died nd his body was taken in for autopsy but yet no result which is fine but pls release his body that boy need a befitting burial nd to go to rest finally naija police what’s going on,we need an answer here where is the result? Where is his body?” See post below: “Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police“Release Mohbad’s body let him go and rest well” — Bella Shmurda demands from Nigerian Police See some reactions to his post below.. @OGBdeyforyou said: “I don talk, I don tire 🥲, the matter dey pain me well well but Na 9ja we dey, everything na rubbish, na only God go help all of us” @iamkeyzeeto inquired: “Where is the autopsy result? Where is the body ? Why they dey release naira Marley and sam Larry? What is happening??” @Queeniejay24 said: “Nigerian justice system is so weak. They’re keeping his body so as to be flying different narrative that will suit their agenda. I love how you keep standing up for your friend. God bless and keep protecting you young Alhaji” @YemiFirstson asked: “But why won’t they release his body again? What’s the motive behind all of this? 🤔💔”

Portable’s wife, Omobewaji, files a complaint with the police against DJ Chicken for attempting to blackmail her

Portable's wife, Omobewaji, files a complaint with the police against DJ Chicken for attempting to blackmail her

DJ Chicken Portable's wife police

Popular singer, Portable’s wife Omobewaji makes a complaint to the police against DJ Chicken for trying to blackmail her. She revealed that she decided to call the attention of the police after the influencer kept sending her threats.

Portable's wife Omobewaji drag DJ Chicken police

Omobewaji revealed in the petition she wrote to the police that DJ Chicken had tried to blackmail her by claiming that he has a video of her sleeping with another man. When she decided to disregard him, he began making threats of ending her and her family.

Portable's wife Omobewaji DJ Chicken police

DJ Chicken. Photo Source: Google. Her petition to the police against DJ Chicken read: “I am a law abiding woman and happily married with kids for my husband. I wish to kindly bring to your notice the criminal activities of the aforementioned person and his cohorts who have vowed to make life unbearable for me and my family.” “Some few months ago the said DJ. Chicken called me and started threatening to exposed me via social media platforms that he have a video of me having sex with someore and that if I don’t cooperate, he will publish it online.” “At first 1 thought it was a joke until recently he started sending me threaten Messages that he will come after me and my family since I choose not to agreed to his demand just of recent some strange numbers started calling me and promised to kill me and my family.” “Sir kindly use your good office to come to our aid. Sir, as I speak none of us can go out for fear of being killed by this Abiodun Ademola (a.k.a) DJ. Chicken.” “Counting on your kind assistance and prompt-respond sir.”

Why police arrested father of viral ‘Mummy Calm down’ boy

Why police arrested father of viral 'Mummy Calm down' boy

Officers of the Nigerian Police force have arrested the father of viral internet sensation known for his ‘Mummy Calm down’ words. This is coming days after news of Mrs Toluige Olokoobi, the mother of the “mummy calm down” boy reportedly ended her life. Shortly after the heartbreaking news was shared online, the Edo State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of her husband. Spokesperson of the Edo State Police Command, Chidi Nwabuzor, told BBC Pidgin on Thursday, November 9, that the deceased’s husband has been arrested and detained for questioning. Body of the lady has also been deposited in the mortuary. Nwabuzor said; “He alerted the neighbours who followed him to the hospital where she was confirmed dead. He’s still with the police and will soon be transferred to the State CID for further investigation.” His late mom was alleged to have taken her life in Benin, Edo state, Nigeria.  This information was made public by a social media user named Samuel. Samuel wrote: “The woman in the viral ‘Mummy Calm Down’ video has just committed suicide here in Benin. She refused to speak to anyone about her problems. She left behind three kids for her husband, including the popular ‘Mummy Calm Down’ boy.”

Benjamin Hundeyin tackles Phyna after she clashed with a police officer

“You’re unusual” – Benjamin Hundeyin tackles Phyna after she clashed with a police officer

Spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin has tackled reality star, Phyna after clashing with a Police officer. Recall that the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner went live on social media after getting into a heated argument with a police officer about his filming her.

Benjamin Hundeyin

The stop and search operation carried out by a police officer escalated into a verbal altercation. The policeman clarified that it is legal for them to take pictures and recordings of the people they are tracking. Phyna expressed her displeasure, saying she had never heard of such a law. Phyna escalated the situation by questioning why there was hate for her and criticising people who were pushing the police to act against her.


In response, SP Benjamin noted that while Nigerians are calm when they record police officers, they find it difficult and perceive it as harassment when an officer does the same to them. He revealed that the reality star was disobeying the traffic law, which is why she was filmed as evidence. He also pointed out the hypocrisy and saying that Nigerians couldn’t handle what they were dishing out. In his words: “If you were in my shoes, somebody carries phone on your face, you’ll get angry. You’ll get angry! – a Nigerian 🙄 You guys can’t even take what you dish out. A police officer uses his phone to record you, not randomly, but while you’re breaking a traffic rule and you’re all worked up about it, asking which law empowers him to rightfully get evidence. You’re unusual. But law does not matter when you record police officers in the line of duty, sometimes just to agitate them and quickly scream harassment.” SEE POST: If you were in my shoes, somebody carries phone on your face, you’ll get angry. You’ll get angry! – a Nigerian 🙄 You guys can’t even take what you dish out. A police officer uses his phone to record you, not randomly, but while you’re breaking a traffic rule and you’re all… pic.twitter.com/2urRsEP58K — SP Benjamin Hundeyin (@BenHundeyin) November 7, 2023

“Police didn’t arrest me, they invited me to hear my side of story” – Blessing CEO

"Police didn't arrest me, they invited me to hear my side of story" – Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO police arrested invited

Controversial socialite, Blessing CEO has debunked being arrested as she explains that she was only brought in for questioning. It was earlier reported that the relationship therapist was arrested by the police for accusing Davido of owing IVD motors N4M.

Blessing CEO arrested invited police

Socialite, Blessing CEO. Photo Source: Instagram. However, Blessing CEO said that she was only invited by the police. According to her, she was only brought in so they can also hear her side of the whole matter, and Nigerians are gullible for believing the viral video. See reactions: obyonuoha_official said: “This lady is actually intelligent, outspoken. .forget she’s controversial… you people are quickly to judge people…. learn from her mistakes and stop judging people… everyone is created differently … Be kind always … dygeasy said: “It’s how they always teach her lessons but she never learns for me. Oni rederede.” kimm54322 stated: “Nigerian police are so quick to respond to the rich over a frivolous case than people with actual problem. Shameless country.” Watch the video below: