Lady’s reaction trends as man proposes during crossover at church

Lady's reaction trends as man proposes during crossover at church

Lady's reaction trends as man proposes during crossover at church

A lady’s reaction becomes topic of discussion online as her man proposes to her during the crossover at their church. The man picked the perfect moment to propose as he decided on popping the question on the very first day of the year.

Man proposes crossover church

Lady. The romantic man went down on one knee to surprise his girlfriend with the ring which he held in an outstretched hand. In the video shared, the lady’s face registered surprise and she stood up in shock when she understood what the man was proposing. Congregants whose attention was drawn to the scene urged her to say yes and she accepted the man’s marriage proposal. @Samuel Adanna Linda commented: “congratulations I was also engaged too yesterday” @desmondchukwuebu6 remarked: “them no born am well make she say no,when her pastor dey watch am😂😂😂😂” @Davies12 penned: “My own is make they reset this 2024 I don do small Mistake…. Congratulations 🎊🍾” @👸 stated: “For small 31st wey we dey manage , congrats love” @seraphic_being 🕊️🦋 said: “Na me mess up I for go cross over service maybe I for see ring collect😂” Watch video below … @adedayodm Gracias 🎊🥰 she said yes🥰 happy nee year fam, congratulations to me🥂 #adedayodm #fyp #fypシ #mywife #attachment #yes #propose ♬ original sound – DMA👑

Man proposes marriage as girlfriend leads praise in church

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A fascinating scene unfolds as young man proposes to his girlfriend while she is busy leading praise and worship at their church. The young lady was engrossed in delivering a moving rendition when the man approached her from behind and knelt to propose.

man proposes praise worship church

Marriage Proposal. Too preoccupied with the singing, one minister had to tap her to turn around and see her man kneeling with a ring in his hands. When she took in the scene, she was so overwhelmed with shock and disbelief that she ran off the stage. Boldly written on the screen were the words, “Will you marry me?”. The congregants cheered at them as they urged the lady to say yes to the man. She came back, after recovering from the shock, and hugged her man. beautician_klizzy said; “Love ❤️ is beautiful if you find the right person for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️” the_deebie commented; “I don dey sing praise and worship since these days oo..Let me just continue, maybe man go see me,it is well 🥲🚶🚶” itz.henry__ remarked; “Why women go first run before coming back to say yes and this days the scream alone will not let you say all what you had in mind 😍😍😂😂” hampersbymj penned; “It’s the best man for me 😂 he was so keen on making everything do well 😂 👏” jay_wande stated; “Those that want this type of joy, I pray that an everlasting joy will not elude in Jesus name, the God of 11th hour will surprise you and give you ur desired lot.” monarch_of_lagos wrote; “So na the update be this ?!! Cele church dey my street o.. Oya nao , tomorrow na me and their choristers 😍” jakyeosaretin asked; “Is it’s proper to do these things during worship services, I keep asking ?” lucky_izzyy said; “The sister see shout she think say her voice the carry Holy Spirit waka 😂 he da put more energy 😂.” Watch video below …

Harrysong proposes Christmas giveaway for his ex-lovers

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Harrysong christmas giveaway ex-loversHarrysong christmas giveaway ex-lovers Popular singer and songwriter, Harrison Tare Okiri, better known as Harrysong opens up on his intention of holding a Christmas giveaway for only his ex-lovers. The Warri-born singer announced the surprise Christmas package in a post on his social media page.

Harrysong christmas giveaway ex-lovers

Harrysong. He stated that he would be giving them some packages for the festivities because his exes can’t go hungry if they had had an affair with a wealthy man like him. Evidently the married singer stressed that the charity would only be extended to those who had had an affair with him. In a post on his Instagram page, he wrote … “Special Christmas giveaway only to my exes. Put account details down. You fxxked this rich dxxk you can’t be hungry for life.” See his post below …

Charles Okocha playfully proposes to Regina Daniels

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"I see Ned putting you in a phenomenal prison" - Reactions as Charles Okocha proposes to Regina Daniels"I see Ned putting you in a phenomenal prison" - Reactions as Charles Okocha proposes to Regina Daniels Famous Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha sets tongues wagging as he goes on one knee to propose to Senator Ned Nwoko’s wife, Regina Daniels. The actor who recently made headlines after several back-and-forth clashes with the notable street rapper, Portable got people talking again as he moved on Ned’s wife.

Charles Okocha

In a series of photos shared on his page, Charles Okocha was seen on one knee playfully asking Regina Daniels to marry him. The mother of two could be seen gushing from cheek to cheek with a positive attitude towards the proposal from the actor.

Charles Okocha playfully proposes to Regina Daniels

“Will you be ma phenomenal bride?” he wrote while sharing the photos. The post has since generated a wave of humourous reactions from netizens who worried about the Senator’s actions. Reactions as Charles Okocha proposes to Regina Daniels emmychris_vocalz_ said: “I see Ned putting you in a Phenomenal Prison 😂💔 just Dey play.” emmychris_vocalz_ penned: “Be like you wan make Ned Nwoko make your daughter him 7th wife … na that time your mind go touch ground 🤣💔.” ademachismo stated: “Be like enjoyment don tire you 😂😂.” eyinjuoluwaa001 wrote: “Sha no do the one wey you go take receive phenomenal locking up 😂😂.” davidkingx_ng said: “You are entering the prison that phenomenal Ned is about to put you😂😂.”

Adorable moment Charly Boy playfully proposes to Kate Henshaw

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Adorable moment Charly Boy playfully proposes to Kate HenshawAdorable moment Charly Boy playfully proposes to Kate Henshaw Famous political activist, Charly Boy, leaves the notable actress, Kate Henshaw blushing from cheek to cheek as he playfully proposes to her at an event. During a recent awareness campaign event the duo were honoured guests who gave speeches to youths on a wide range of topics.

Charly Boy

Charly Boy While at it, Charly Boy who is one of the dearest friends of the actress, took the moment to be playful in such a way that got attendees gushing. He went on his knees to propose to Kate Henshaw, who at first failed to see it coming by joining him on his knees.

Kate henshaw

Kate Henshaw However, the mother of one blushed as the activist removed a ring from his fingers and placed it on hers. It was quite an adorable moment as the duo rounded it up with a heartwarming hug. “Charlyboy Proposes Kate Henshaw. For those people wey dey ask for our secret, anyi n’ara Obara (we dey suck blood). It was amazing to see the delectactable Kate Henshaw today. If you really know us well you will know how much we work for our health and wellness. Keep it up my fellow vampire 🧛‍♀️,” he wrote. Watch the video below …

“Distance isn’t a barrier” – Abroad-based man proposes to girlfriend virtually after 8 years of long-distance dating

Man girlfriend proposes virtually

Abroad-based Nigerian man does the extraordinary as trending video shows the heartwarming moment he virtually proposes to his girlfriend of 8 years through video call. Unlike most proposals which are done physically, an abroad-based man broke the social conventions by asking his girlfriend’s hand in marriage virtually.

Man girlfriend proposes virtually

Lady. In the video which was captured the moment, the lady couldn’t believe her eyes when she entered to see her room decorated with marriage stuffs. Her boyfriend was projected on the wall, kneeling to propose. He professed his undying love to her, and when she accepted to marry him, a ring was given to her there by the guy’s friend. ojeshair wrote: “Did I hear it’s been 8 years? Haaaa it can never be me sha after 2 years we meuve” survcon said: “She’ll be here cheating & collecting penxs 3 upandan, Desperate weyrey go dey 38 abroad dey propose, Lmao.” nnenna_blinks_ remark: “Always Remember if he wants to He will. Not even d!stance would be a barrier. Unless it’s not you.” abu_saffy commented: “Cute. But I want mine physically tho” iamjewel_onyegide said: “Baba wan secure him babe, no chance for Edu Malaysia this December” theawesomelawyer_ penned: “After 8 years you get mind de engage her for another round of waiting… bros go to her family and collect list” deejay_naaya wondered: “Are you really sure this generation is ok mentally?” jenny_chi_berry wrote: “My man sent my engagement ring through his younger brother August 1st, we had our traditional wedding Dec 2nd, 17th is the deal dayezZ” Watch video below …

Man proposes, gifts girlfriend shoes, bags, wigs, and more

Man proposes money bouquet shoes bags wigs, ₦6 million cash girlfriend

A Nigerian man got many people envious as he presented a money bouquet, shoes, bags, wigs, and ₦6 million cash to his girlfriend during the proposal. In the video, the man ushered his girlfriend into a room filled with gifts where he went on his knees to ask her to marry him.

Man proposes money bouquet shoes bags wigs, ₦6 million cash girlfriend

Man and girlfriend. After accepting his proposal, the lady was presented with boxes of gifts made available by her lover. The gifts included shoes, bags, wigs, a money bouquet, ₦6 million cash, and many more. Many individuals who wished for the same treatment rushed to the comment section of the post to send their congratulations to the couple. See some reactions below: Cruise $$: “‎What will happen if she says NO?” Clear_Stone: “‎congrats sis. and to us who have never had this experience. may we never be broke and may we have enough to take care of ourselves beautifully.” chilly baby: “‎for us who are dating onions let’s gather here we have a wonderful meeting.” Amber Lucy: “‎No be by just to say God when… I feel no be anyhow lady dey get this surprise, she would have done a lot to deserve this.” @Blessing17: “‎Some lady are just lucky sha my own na breakfast them Dey always safe me when them make it.” user5220681475453: “‎but all these money, does the man take it/some back or she actually takes its all, cos!!!” zeenah: “‎How much they wan spend on wedding day only proposal 6 million.” Akua Pinky: “‎My fellow trees pls gather here. we have a meeting.” quin vee 25: “‎congratulations. God bless me with a caring man too.” raytrobet: “‎I just a responsible guy don’t worry I will organize all dis in ur name.” ‎@DIMEJI: “God Please grant him success in all he does,give him favors in all business he lay his hands on.” WATCH VIDEO: @promisesurprises 6MILLION NAIRA JUST FOR PROPOSAL 🥰🥰🥰 And we got a yessss🥰😊 Check next post for part 2💙 Congratulations baby girl🥰 Tag your boo ,you might be next🥰!!!! #trending #fyb #viral #love #promisesurprises #yabaleftonline #mufasatundeednut #gossipmillnaija #engagementsurprise #beninsurprises #fy #surprise #birthdaysurprisesinekpoma #viralvideo #videoviral #fyp ♬ Like My Father – Jax

Man proposes to girlfriend with gold necklace, lady shows off (video)

Man proposes to girlfriend with gold necklace, lady shows off (video)

A lady was pleasantly surprised by her man with a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal involving a stunning gold necklace. The video quickly went viral, capturing the attention and admiration of countless social media users. The video showcases the woman proudly displaying the exquisite necklace, which features a personalized message of love and devotion from her partner, who creatively used the necklace to pop the question. The pendant itself was designed to resemble a handwritten note, adding an extra touch of originality and thoughtfulness to the proposal. Social media users who have watched the video have expressed their admiration for the unique and heartfelt proposal, with many expressing their desire to have a similar experience in the future. The video has garnered thousands of likes and comments on TikTok, reflecting the widespread appeal and emotional impact of the moment. @EmpressPhartty reacted; “Since I can’t change my bad character. l would have to buy for myself.” @User9233309753145 said; “Wia can i order this want to buy my daughter one but a different message inside…that she will never forget how much her dad loves her.” @TheManCalledFree wrote; “How mUch is it and how can I get it?” @RioRichard commented; “Nothing pains more like when you see a beautiful product online and ask for price or location to get it and no one is.” @Damilare6474848 commented; “How can I get this please? So rare and unique.” @Akokoryaw said; “How much it’s soo beautiful. Allah! this our gender never learn. der norrr boys are rushing for price. “Things we do for love “. god of broken heart, may you live long.” See below; @fridaysgh Sealed with love ❤️. Our envelope necklace with a surprise inside🤩. What a cute way to propose🥰. This necklace can be customized with any words of your choice to a loved one . ✨Available in Silver and Gold ✨quality stainless steel ✨PRICE: 300gh ✨ TO ORDER: Send screenshot to the link in bio or Call : 📞0302527169 or WhatsApp 0555158050 ✨LOCATE US AT LEGON. OKPONGLO BUS STOP (FIRST EYE PLAZA) OPPOSITE UNIVERSITY OF GHANA GOOGLE MAPS: FRIDAYS LUXURY JEWELRY SHOP ♬ original sound – Customized Jewelry/ Gifts shop

“Na by force to be second wife?!” – Lady rants as married man who sponsored her education proposes

"Na by force to be second wife?!" – Lady rants as married man who sponsored her education proposes

Lady laments over sugar daddy’s marriage proposal A Nigerian lady has gone online to blow hot after a married man who sponsored her education and opened for her a business asked her to be his second wife. The unnamed woman spilled this during a confession as she revealed that she had been dating the married man for years now.

Lady laments over sugar daddy’s marriage proposal According to her, the said sugar daddy had had been bankrolling her bachelor’s education. After she completed her education and received her bachelor’s degree, the sugar daddy has then opened a thriving business for her. However, her relationship towards the man is fast becoming a bitter one since he’s now thinking of making her his second wife. She said that the man is requesting to come see her people next month in order to begin the marriage process. The lady in distress lamented that she’s not ready to be a second wife to anyone, even though the man had been her benefactor. She wrote; “Good morning Brian lam dating a married man he has helped me achieve my first degree and opened a business for me but presently his talking about coming to see my people next month and I don’t want to be a second wife which have said countless times plz advise nah by force to be second wife?”

Nigerian female lecturer gets emotional as male student playfully proposes to her (Video)

Nigerian female lecturer gets emotional as male student proposes to her

In a lighthearted and unexpected turn of events at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Zaria, Nigeria, a Nigerian student named Big Bantin caused quite a stir on campus when he playfully proposed to his female lecturer. The incident quickly gained traction on social media platforms, with users sharing the video and expressing their excitement. Big Bantin, known for his skills as a songwriter and hypeman, approached his lecturer, identified as Ella Baliat, where she was seated and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. The spontaneous gesture was met with cheers and encouragement from onlookers, who eagerly urged the lecturer to accept the proposal. Capturing the attention of social media users, the video went viral on TikTok, garnering thousands of views and shares within a short period. However, it was later revealed that the proposal was not meant to be taken seriously but was simply a lighthearted act performed by Big Bantin for fun. Responding to the video, lecturer Ella Baliat joined in on the playful nature of the gesture. She jokingly remarked that the flowers were plastic and humorously directed Big Bantin to come and collect his “plastic flowers.” It’s even plastic….Come and carry your plastic flowers ooo,” the lecturer, identified as Ella Baliat, wrote. @Ayoola0163 said; “Come and try it with iya salami fr kp… where are my slt people.” @charlesunegbu1 said; “Based on say u wan dodge carry over abiii..guy Man.” @bossbrown said; “You propose to your lecturer hmm baba you no fit fail again, wise decision.” @The Joker said; “U don pass her course even after you graduate u still go dey pass.”  @Airkabs the digital ancestor said; “You can only propose one you are dating,sonit means you guys have been going out.” @adesinajohniyiade said; “You get mind oooooo. If she was angry, i would have just advised to register for the next JAMB in another school.” @user6178836388863 said; “This wan no mean say if u no do well for exam carry over no go touch u.”  See below; @skidx_4real All eyes on me as i proposed to my lecturer today in school @Instablog9ja @Instablog9ja @yabaleftonline @yabaleftonlinemedia ♬ All Eyes on Me – Skidx