Man’s reacts to girlfriend’s surprise pregnancy test result

"I’m still shocked till this period" - Man's reaction to girlfriend's surprise pregnancy test result breaks the internet

A Nigerian man shared a post on his social media page expressing shock at the pregnancy test result he received from his girlfriend. In the post captioned “I’m still in shock till now,” the man shared a chat between himself and his girlfriend.

Nigerian man. She shared a test result indicating that she’s pregnant. She mentioned that she took the test that very day and the results show she’s pregnant. In response, the man replied, “Jesus.” The man shared screenshots of the conversation on his social media, which attracted numerous comments from individuals sharing their thoughts. See some reactions below:  @TundeWalls: “Weyrey say Jesus… my Mom dey sell baby things sha daddy baby.” @officialntino_: “When Joseph hear say Mary done carry belle, e no shout this Jesus wey you shout, not to even talk of being in shock. Nah God send you???” @ChefAmah: “Why you shout Jesus? The condom tear ? Or did doctors said you can’t get a woman pregnant?” @sparkle0100: “No wonder you no dy active since😂💀why you dy shout Jesus?” @Heis_Marsive: “My brother, congratulations sir but fuel don hit 1200/ liter. Hope say na twins?” @Gwazavictoria: “Why Shock no catch you when you chook preek?” @_ChemicalAgent: “Wipes na 5k, Cerelac na 13, Nan na 10k, ibdon forget how much be pampers… Congratulations ẹjẹ.” @dboutcert: “Shouting Jesus 😂 I feel the guy’s pain. On top small fornication you are pregnant. Married people are on thr mountain praying for pregnancy.” SEE POST:

We don’t have Mohbad’s autopsy result

"We don't have Mohbad’s autopsy result" - Police says

According to the Lagos State Police Command, they have not received the official autopsy report of Mohbad, whose passing caused controversy. It has been two months since Tuesday, November 21, 2023, when the late Mohbad’s body was dug up for an autopsy. Tuesday, September 12, 2023, saw the controversial death of Mohbad, who had previously been signed to Naira Marley’s record label. The 27-year-old singer’s death was investigated by a coroner, as ordered by the state government of Lagos.

Lagos police Command, Benjamin Hundein. Source: Google Unanswered questions highlight the need for clarification regarding the gifted singer’s death as the autopsy investigation proceeds. The police emphasise that, in spite of circulating rumours, they are committed to depending only on accurate information. Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police public relations officer, provided an update on the autopsy. Hundeyin said: “The autopsy report has not been given to us. Some people have been carrying rumours that it’s ready. It’s one thing for it to be ready; it’s another thing for it to be given to us officially—that we would receive and sign a copy that we have received it. So, we don’t work with rumours; we work with facts.” Only the singer’s family attorney may ask the pathologists to divulge the autopsy results, according to Hundeyin. If not, when it’s ready, the police will receive it on their own. This comes after the late musician Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, issued a warning to anyone who could try to take his son’s remains for burial without his consent.  

Ghanian man says Nigerians Grammy nominations result of funding

GistReel Entertainment

“Nigerian artistes got Grammy nominations because of their heavy funding of American market” — Ghanaian man reveals“Nigerian artistes got Grammy nominations because of their heavy funding of American market” — Ghanaian man reveals A Ghanaian man reveals that the reason why so many Nigerian artistes received Grammy nominations is due to their heavy funding of the American market. This man made this information public in a radio show in the country, 103.9 FM. He was sitted amongst a group of fellow Ghanaians where he shared this piece of information with them. “Nigerian artistes got Grammy nominations because of their heavy funding of American market” — Ghanaian man reveals “Nigerian artistes got Grammy nominations because of their heavy funding of American market” — Ghanaian man reveals Ghanaian man discussing this with fellow Ghanaians during a radio show. According to him, Nigerian artistes are so visible that the Americans cannot deny they are making waves. This visibility to him is possible as a result of the heavy funding Nigerian artistes have put into making sure that they are global. The Ghanaian man believes that the reason why no Ghanaian artiste was nominated for a Grammy award is because there is no funding compared to Nigeria. He is sure that as soon as the artistes in Ghana have equal funding, they’ll be up to par and even more than Nigerian artistes. Watch video here: Ghanaians in tears after Grammy Awards ignored them and nominated BurnaBoy, Davido, Asake and Ayrastarr 📹: @hitz1039fm — Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) November 17, 2023

“Pregnancy showed me shege” – Mother reveals how pregnancy damaged her skin, flaunts her cute Baby as the beautiful result

"Pregnancy showed me shege" - Mother reveals how pregnancy damaged her skin, flaunts her cute Baby as the beautiful result

A Nigerian mother opens up about her tumultuous pregnancy journey, revealing skin rashes that took over her body and left her neck region peeling as if lacerated. The video has taken the internet by storm, leaving netizens both astonished and sympathetic. The mother, whose identity remains undisclosed, uses the Nigerian expression ‘shege‘ to describe the troubles she faced during her pregnancy.

Pregnancy showed me 'shege' - Mother reveals how pregnancy damaged her skin, flaunts her cute Baby as the beautiful result

The term ‘shege‘ is commonly used to signify trouble or difficulty, emphasizing the challenges she endured while carrying her baby. In the short clip, the mother vividly describes how her skin, particularly in the neck region, was overwhelmed by rashes, presenting a distressing image of peeling akin to lacerations. Additionally, her face displayed darkened tones and was covered in tiny, dark spots.

Despite the mother’s physical challenges, the focus shifted to her adorable baby, who, in stark contrast, appeared immaculate and completely unaffected by the apparent skin issues encountered during the pregnancy. Netizens couldn’t help but draw attention to the striking difference between the mother’s difficult experience and the flawless appearance of her newborn. Netizens Reactions… @Captainpee said; “I need to see her dad picture before I can say anything.” @idojefavour said: “You suppose get boil join cause that baby is too cute.” @user3411974027072 said; “She even cross leg join after showing her mama shege. So beautiful.” @Olamideee said; “The shege was worth all the stress please.” @Perobae said; “I want to feel dis too oh lord bless me.” @Cutie said; “The fact that she managed to take all your beauty and still looks innocent.” @Magic asked; “I hope your skin is better now. Your baby is so worth it by the way.”  See below; @laanadebajo #pregnantlife #pregnanttiktok #pregnancyjourney #pregnant #fyp #foryou #viral ♬ original sound – Gospel Hotspot – Gospel Hotspot

Nigerian boy shares unusual WAEC result he printed out

Nigerian boy shares unusual WAEC result he printed out

A video showcasing an unusual WASSCE result from 2023 has caused a buzz online, revealing the disheartening performance of a young boy. The student’s performance, characterized by a series of F9 grades in crucial subjects including Mathematics, English, Civic Education, Chemistry, Biology, Government, Literature in English, and Christian Religious Studies, has ignited widespread concern and raised questions about the factors contributing to such a disappointing performance.

Nigerian boy shares his unusual WAEC result printout

The video, which has gone viral on various social media platforms, showcases the boy’s examination result sheet, with F9 grades dominating it. The poor performance in Mathematics and English, two core subjects in the WASSCE examinations, has particularly caught the public’s attention. The student’s inability to secure at least a pass grade in these subjects has led many to question his academic abilities and the quality of education he received. Furthermore, the inclusion of subjects like Civic Education, Chemistry, Biology, Government, Literature in English, and Christian Religious Studies on the list of F9 grades has left many wondering about the possible causes behind such widespread underachievement. Netizens Reactions… @dansky_exchange commented; “Record breaking result. What could be the cause of such bad result.” @ahmyrah_ said; “Now that you’ve printed it out, what are you going to do with it?” @og_mark10 said; “Make the owner of this result go learn handwork abeg.” commented; “God Abeg.” @searching_news_ reacted; “There can’t be a result worse than this.” @draylifa05 said; “The person try for economics now.”  @kelvin gream reacted; “You get mind print am out, they suppose pursue you comot for the family.”  @jaybossclothings said; “Him no see m well for de computer screen ,so maybe when him print m out e go change.” See below;

Man who bent his head in Lagos market to see ‘spirits’ shares result

Man who bent his head in Lagos market to see 'spirits' shares result

A Nigerian man who boldly went into Lagos market to bend his head while holding a mirror has shared the aftermath of his experiment. The Twitter user identified as @Oluwasheffy took matters into his own hands by going to the Iyana Ipaja market to prove that the whole ghost story is fiction. He tweeted, “I’ve gone there and prove them wrong nothing absolutely nothing will happen to you.” In the video, @Oluwasheffy bent and looked through a mirror he held under his legs. In another clip, he bent down again and tried picking his key from the ground, all to prove that there was nothing to fear. @ELT_Godwins reacted: “You didn’t bend well, and it those Mirrors in Barbers shops you should have carried.” @Alex_H reacted: “The ghosts were shy.” @chukkysmiles_ said: “Prepare yourself.
You at 3am.” @KingO commented: “Na Bus you wear white shirt. You no suppose dey do anko with spirit.” @lifeofabaron said: “Was it 2pm, and did you go to the herbs side?” @burna340 said: “Update us tomorrow morning wetin your eyes for midnight.” @Clar olufemii reacted: “I don laugh burst for here.” @ Jendor1 reacted: “The ghosts at iyana ipaja after they’ve collected query from their boss over what you just did.” @4Betterja reacted: “That’s thing you are finding, you will surly see it.” @Thefra said: “My brother you tried maybe you should use a Bigger mirror!
Some Will even say you should go to a busy market (I mean inside inside the market) and try it.” @Acme-seo reacted: “This does not even look like a market .. go to idumota .. Ibafo market .. ketu market and more like that .. inside the market, area that’s buzzing. I don’t know if the myth is true or not .. just saying the area he did it is wrong.” See the tweet below: I’ve gone there and prove them wrong nothing absolutely nothing will happen to you — IAMSHEFFY (@Oluwasheffy) July 11, 2023

Innoson withdraws scholarship awarded to Mmesoma over result manipulation

UTME score: Innoson withdraws scholarship awarded to Mmesoma

The management of Innoson Automobile Company has withdrawn the N3 million scholarship awarded to Miss Mmesoma Ejikeme over her involvement in Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) result manipulation. This is contained in a statement signed by Mr Cornel Osigwe, Head of Corporate Communications at Innoson Group, and made available to newsmen on Saturday in Onitsha.

UTME score: Innoson withdraws scholarship awarded to Mmesoma

Mmesoma Ejikema poses in a picture with the Chairman of Innoson motors, Chief Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma According to him, “In recent days, we have been involved in the process of investigating allegations surrounding the 2023 UTME examination results of one of our scholarship recipients, Miss Mmesoma Ejikeme. “It was reported initially that Miss Joy scored exceptionally high on the exam, a feat that led to her being awarded a scholarship by our company. “However, subsequent reports of discrepancies in her UTME score led us to seek clarification from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and to allow her to voice her stance, we engaged in direct dialogue with Miss Joy. “Further to this, a committee set up by Gov. Charles Soludo, carried out a thorough independent investigation into this matter,” he said. Osigwe noted that the findings from the rigorous investigation have now confirmed that Miss Mmesoma did manipulate her UTME results. “This conclusion is deeply disappointing and stands in direct contravention of the values we hold dear at Innoson Vehicles, particularly those that underscore our scholarship program. “In line with these principles and in response to the confirmed findings, we have made the difficult decision to withdraw the scholarship awarded to Miss Mmesoma Ejikeme. “This action is a testament to our unyielding commitment to honesty, integrity, and merit-based recognition,” he said. He acknowledged that the development was regrettable, and it has undoubtedly caused dismay among those who stood by Miss Mmesoma. He assured that Innoson Vehicles remained steadfast in its mission to support deserving students, invest in the future of the education sector, and upheld the highest ethical standards.

JAMB gives final verdict on Mmesoma Ejikeme’s result

JAMB gives final verdict on Mmesoma Ejikeme's result

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has reached its final verdict on the alleged result falsification by a 19-year-old Anambra student, Mmesoma Ejikeme. Mmesoma has been in the news following allegations of UTME score forgery.

JAMB gives final verdict on Mmesoma Ejikeme's result

JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede and Mmesoma Ejikeme However, JAMB, on Tuesday, released a result slip, which it confirmed as authentic, showing that Mmesoma’s score in the 2023 UTME was 249 instead of 362, she had been parading. In a statement by JAMB’s spokesperson,  Fabian Benjamin on Tuesday, described the result being flaunted by Mmesoma as obsolete. He said, “The board would like to reassure Nigerians that its system was neither tampered with nor compromised as the candidate simply falsified a copy of a result slip of a candidate named ‘Asimiyu Mariam Omobolanle,’ who sat the UTME in 2021 and scored 138. “It is also instructive to note that the candidate, in her statement, has inadvertently revealed the rightful owner of the result she is parading when she pointed out that the QR code on the result slip showed the actual owner of the said result before she peddled a lie in an attempt to obfuscate the truth,” Benjamin said. Also, the JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, on Tuesday said the board has concluded its investigations on Mmesoma Ejikeme’s case and she’s guilty as stated. He said, “The truth is that JAMB has concluded its investigation on Mmesoma’s score falsification matter; she was not the only one caught, just that others have chosen not to go out. “Presently, there is an industry faking results, and unfortunately, they cannot penetrate the JAMB system. The reason is that the system is foolproof and we will prove it at any time. “It is unfortunate that parents and some of the candidates who are being fooled are not aware that they have only been fooled. “There is internal evidence to show that the change in Mmesoma’s scores was done with her collaboration. There are certain features pertaining to her that only she knows, and unless she makes them available to somebody else, they couldn’t have increased her scores on her behalf.” The JAMB Registrar also disclosed that he earlier spoke with a former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, on Ejikeme’s matter and told her that it was a high-level scam. “We improved our facilities this year, so Ejikeme and her collaborators were still living in the past. I spoke with Mrs Ezekwesili on the matter, and I told her that it was a high-level scam, a careless forgery. “This is because we are no longer using some of the things they used in changing those results since 2021. We used that pattern in 2021, and you saw what happened, and many of such individuals were caught as well, and they were treated accordingly,” Oloyede added. JAMB, however, banned Mmesoma Ejikeme from taking the board’s examinations for three years.

Nigerian man exposes app to create fake JAMB result

Nigerian man exposes app to create fake JAMB result

A Nigerian man identified as Mazi Ejimofor Opara has shared an app allegedly used by students to inflate their JAMB scores. In a post on his page, Opara revealed that the app is available on Playstore and that he was able to create his own 2023 JAMB result using it. He wrote; “I have found the App
It’s on Playstore… I just created my own 2023 JAMB result. Things dey happen.” The post has since gone viral, with many netizens taking to the comments section to express their shock and disbelief, while some used the App to create their scores too. It is however not confirmed that Ejikeme Joy, the Anambra student that was called out by Jamb used the App to inflate her result. Chijioke Paul Okeifufe said: “Before una go download the app, make una see Endurance Keyamo 2025 result. Na original from JAMB.” Afoma Victoria Obiedo Okwuka said: “Stop supporting evul Biko.” Gej Mgbenka Ifeanyi OkijaAmaka commented: “This is not even the problem. The big question is Why did the QR Code matches someone else Jamb result? Who gave them access to Jamb QR code database?BJamb admitted they have abolished the old version abi their previous portal due to fraud, why didn’t they made a press release and stop the website from working? Alot of questions.” Emeka Nwokeocha reacted: “Please What happened to the QR code you scanned earlier? I am really interested to get the whole facts about the matter. Not to conclude hastily.” Kate Okereke Ekemini-Polycarp said: “Nna see my result too.” Moses Akpan said: “I don’t think she forged her results herself. It may have been her teachers or parents. But it’s now clear she knew she was parading a forged JAMB result.” Ikenna Eboh Onuorah DS reacted: “Wait oo! I taught the app thing was a joke.” Comr Victor Chinedu said: “I said it yesterday, Schools and special centers that has taken over Anambra educational system should be worrisome to us. Failure in the end of jamb is a major contributor to this jamborees and scandals.” See the post below:

JAMB releases Ejikeme Joy’s “original” result, shows different score

JAMB releases Ejikeme Joy’s "original" result, shows different score

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially shared the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result slip of Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma. This follows the buzzing controversy surrounding her 362 score which was claimed to have been manipulated and forged. JAMB’s spokesperson, Fabian Benjamin, had on Sunday, July 2, accused Ejikeme of manually manipulating her UTME result to get a N3 million scholarship from Innoson Motors. During an interview on Channels TV on Tuesday, July 4, Benjamin posted Ejikeme’s JAMB result which revealed that the student of Anglican Girls Secondary School in Nnewi, Anambra state, scored 249 in the exam, TheCable reported. The UTME result presented by JAMB is different from the result slip being paraded by Mmesoma, which showed she scored 362. See the post below:

This is coming shortly after the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) revealed ways in which candidates inflate their 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results. The examination body disclosed that candidates and their alleged sponsors defraud Nigerians with the claims that they had excellent results or got the highest score in the UTME using a particular software. JAMB made reference to Miss Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma, who claimed to have scored 362, and Atung Gerald from Kaduna state, who claimed to have scored 380 in the UTME, but had neither obtained the 2023 UTME application documents nor participated in the examination.