Lady requests 10 million solo vacation money from boyfriend

10 Million Solo Vacation

The situation between an unidentified woman and her boyfriend has caught the attention of concerned individuals. The woman requested a sum of 10 million Naira from her boyfriend for a solo vacation, sparking the discussion. In a WhatsApp conversation between the couple, the woman explained that her friends had already gone on vacation and, therefore, she needed the 10 million Naira for her own trip.

  However, the boyfriend, known as Kevin, expressed that he is currently not financially strong and suggested that they go on vacation together once they are married and settled. Despite Kevin’s explanation, the woman persisted in her belief that he is capable of funding her solo vacation, while the boyfriend maintained a different perspective. See some reactions below: @CruzeDivine: “I stopped reading when she said “all my friends have gone for theirs” Omo, at that point you will go and meet the friends so they can sponsor you since they are the ones you are dating, no pressure me abeg.” @chi_agozie7: “Normally I wouldn’t let this chat get so long. There is a reason why meta added a block option on whatsapp.” @Datweb3guy: “She’s definitely not serious and I don’t see any reason the guy should still go further in having this silly conversation with her. Even love can’t make me beg you for this irresponsible act.” @Realtonyblack1: “Even if she got the money, she is not sure she will still marry him. Never impress a lady with money at the start of ur relationship. Ladies who have been pampered with money during dating and will demand or expect more in marriage.” @mickkymars: “After I saw let’s Reevaluate this Relationship, if I was the guy, You see that message, that message, every other messages after that will all come from her, cos I won’t respond, I go just archive the number, No I won’t block her, then carry on with my life. E GO BE.” @Davidchigozie98: “The guy actually gave room for all these and he didn’t set boundaries. Hoping he could use money to win her loyalty. She’s bold to even say she’s doing him a favour.” SEE POST: