“How I suddenly found myself under Oshodi bridge after spending 21 years in America” – Nigerian man shares tearfully

Man Oshodi bridge America 21 years

A UK-trained Banking and Fiance graduate recounts an emotional story of how he found himself under Oshodi bridge in Lagos after 21 years in America. The man shared his life story during a radio interview. According to the man, he had spent 9 years in London during which he studied banking and finance. While living in America, he had a dream where he saw himself flying and saw some signboards such as welcome to Bahamas (where he usually went for vacation) and then another which said ‘Welcome to London’ and then Welcome to Africa, and yet another which said ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’

Nigerian man America Oshodi bridge 21 years

Nigerian man. He said that he woke up from the dream shouting Nigeria deliriously and his family sent him to a hospital in California. After his release from the hospital, he was sent back to Nigeria where his elder siblings picked him up at the airport and took him to Yaba Psychiatric hospital. He said that he was dumped there and the hospital had to send him out because nobody was coming to take care of his fees and upkeep. The Nigerian man said that he began sleeping under Oshodi bridge, until a day came when the police were chasing people out from their abode under the bridge. In his account, he stated that the police proded him with their gun, asking who he is, and in that moment, he got a bit of his sanity back and told the policemen, to their confusion, that he’s from America. He further said that he had been taken to a mountain where he spent 6 years being delivered. Watch him narrate his story … How I suddenly found myself under Oshodi bridge after spending 21 years in America – Nigerian man shares t£arfullypic.twitter.com/l5uKZvZJEO — Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) November 20, 2023

“Why are you running?” – Video shows lady fleeing as cow she was dancing for suddenly approached her

lady dancing cow

lady dancing cow

A humorous drama ensues in a viral video as a cow suddenly approaches a lady while she is dancing and shaking her waist to taunt it. The herd of cows was making their way through an area when a lady stood far from it and was executing some dance moves to get its attention.

lady dancing cow

Lady dancing in front of herd of cows. Her friends who were speaking in the background asked her what she would do if the cow decided to give her a chase and the lady said that she would run. One of the voices in the background commented that the cow was probably seeing her as a dancing green grass. Zara continued dancing and soon enough she caught the attention of one of the cow and it began moving towards her. Upon seeing that the cow wants to start moving towards her, Zara quickly shot away, running towards the safety of their car. Fafa said: “Why are you running? She just wanted to join you dance.” expensive desire said: “Shey you know say na risk you take?” user6114282852843 said: “Nah when video wan sweet una come cut am.” Baby Joy said: “The cow was like “is dis not Suzana” let me see.” user9968356549029 said: “Trouble dy sleep iyanga go wake am…. yeah I’m the one. the grass in green clothes.” Perpi said: “Omooo which kin rough play be this.” Hollatoye said: “Cow was like ‘come lemme tell you something’ ‘why are you running” Watch the video below … @african_china It wasn’t funny cuz this cow legit kept coming after me 😂😂😂😂 ♬ original sound – Zara_

Why I suddenly left Davido’s record label

Why I suddenly left Davido's record label

DMW’s former first lady, Liya, has finally shared her reason for suddenly exiting the record label headed by Davido. In a recent podcast interview, Liya, known as DMW’s first lady, she opened up about her departure from the record label. Despite releasing notable tracks like “Lakiriboto” and “Melo” during her time with DMW, she felt that her career wasn’t given the attention it deserved. This perception led her to make the difficult decision of parting ways with the label. Liya explained that her departure was primarily driven by her belief that her career wasn’t receiving the necessary focus and support from DMW. She expressed the need to start afresh and carve her own musical path in a different direction. Despite leaving DMW, Liya still reiterated her admiration for the label’s current roster of artists and their endeavors. She emphasised her continued support for DMW and its new talents, wishing them well in their musical pursuits. @gtimmusic reacted: “A bad conversationalist! Why start a response with “I don’t know” Ickkkkk.” @sxintoyxter said: “She’s scared and just holding in a lot. Sis doesn’t want drama.“ @Mubbyolateju commented: “Definitely with the promotion..her songs were good but zero promotion.” @Honcho_Havi said: ”She’s scared of backlash.” @gOldspot reacted: “Without proper label structure, most artistes signed won’t reach there potential. DMW lacked structure, I hope they do better In the future.” @Fraziwonder10 said: “She’s not comfortable with the questions.” @King___Dd reacted: “Maybe just drop songs instead.” @kenzi commented: “Person wey mid,make dem dey waste money.” @Kush30BG said: “The guy is really pushing her to say bad about the label with the way he is asking the
questions.” See the video below:https://x.com/OneJoblessBoy/status/1717094747704000922?s=20

Why I suddenly quit Nollywood 3 years ago – Ifu Ennada


Reality TV star, Ifu Ennada, has finally opened up on her reason for leaving Nollywood about three years ago. In a recent interview with Punch, Ifu Ennada said she left acting to open and focus on her skincare brand, BeautIFUSkin.

Ifu Ennada shares her reason for leaving Nollywood
Photo credit: @Ifu Ennada/ Instagram In her words: “I have not been acting for about three years now. I decided to take a break to focus on my business. I wanted something that would fit my lifestyle, which I would be able to take a break from. “As an actress, one cannot do that. But, if one has a business, one can always do whatever one wants. I could be away from my business for about a month and still be making money.”

Drama as car carrying corpse suddenly begins driving itself in Benin (Video)

Drama as car carrying corpse suddenly begins driving itself in Benin (Video)

A shocking scene occured in Benin which has left many a resident in fear and awe.
Apparently, a hearse conveying a corpse took over control of the vehicle from the driver and began driving itself.

In the viral video now making the rounds online, the white wagon can be seen driving in circle with the whole seat empty save for the boot which was laden with the corpse.
Residents who witnessed the situation could be heard singing songs of praise, supposedly to appease the corpse which has refused to be conveyed.
Watch the video below:

Church members take to their heels as pastor suddenly runs away while preaching (Video)

Church members take to their heels as pastor suddenly runs away while preaching (Video)

Pastor I.D, a popular pastor, pulled a joke on his audience during worship service to send a clear message about ‘fear.’
The pastor, who was preaching from a chapter in the bible about a Christian not being scared, abruptly ran to lure them to run as well, as could be seen in a video uploaded by TV host Teju Babyface.

The church members who were puzzled suddenly took to their heels without waiting to find out why the pastor had run away.
He called them back, telling them it was only a prank to illustrate his point.
Watch the video below;