“I was a London tailor before skit making, I’ve been funny from birth” – Carter Efe

"I was a London tailor before skit making, I've been funny from birth" – Carter Efe

Renowned Nigerian skit creator and musician, Oderhwo Joseph Efe, widely recognized as Carter Efe, discloses his background hustle as a tailor before achieving stardom. In a recent appearance on the Hip TV show “Trending,” hosted by reality star Kim Oprah, Carter Efe shared insights into his journey from being a tailor to becoming a notable figure in the world of skit making and music. The ‘Machala‘ singer emphasized that his comedic talent was natural, expressing a lifelong love for art that led him to pursue tailoring at a certain stage in his life. Carter Efe speaks on humble beginnings, from being a tailor to making skits

“I have been funny right from birth. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy since I was in school. During break time, I would just stand in front of the class and start making people laugh. “I was a London tailor, ‘Obioma’, before I ventured into skit making. I love art. For example, I edit my skits by myself. I told my dad one day that I wanted to learn tailoring. He said what of my education and I insisted that I want to learn tailoring because I love creativity. I didn’t even spend up to six months before learning how to sew. “When I was learning tailoring, sometimes I would lie to my boss that I was sick and go to shoot a skit. Then I will come back in the afternoon. He still punished me. He would tell me to kneel. I would kneel till the end of the day. “Until one day, Broda Shaggi posted a challenge on Instagram: he said everybody should vibe to a song. Back then I was in Delta State. I said let me just vibe to it and I vibed to the song then I came out first. I won PS5. “Shaggi said I should come to Lagos to receive my prize. When I collected the PS5, I sold it for about N300,000. Then I decided to stay back in Lagos. I was using the N300,000 for transport fares to go to locations to shoot my skit. I was staying with one of my friends then.”

Tailor blasts girlfriend for altering dress he sewed for her

Tailor blasts girlfriend for altering dress he sewed for her

A lady has shared her boyfriend’s hot WhatsApp message after adding a high slit to the asoebi dress he sewed for her. The message, filled with blunt criticism, questioned why the lady identified as @i_amsomia had torn the dress at the lap and expressed frustration with her desire to always stand out. The woman’s boyfriend did not hold back in sharing his thoughts, sparking a conversation online. The message read; “Why u go tear this clothes for lap. Must ur thing always be different. Why u go tear dat clothes?” Netizens wasted no time in reacting to the boyfriend’s unfiltered critique. The comments section of the TikTok post were filled with hilarious responses. Many found humor in the boyfriend’s straightforward and somewhat perplexed reaction to the high slit on the woman’s dress. @Pretty lisa reacted: “Mine is worse o he will even say that the tailor doesn’t know anything.” @kem’s collection said: “You will tear that cloth.” @Ama Soronko said: “I told u not to tear am shebi u seeke.” @Maama reacted: “You set, why you tear am.” @ayssignature5 said: “My own go ask me whether material no do ni.” @burger14 said: “U tear am abi u no tear am.” @thomsclaire reacted: “But y u tear am.” @Catherine Isaac said: “Must ur things always be different why u con tear the clothes.” See the video below: @i_amsomia This man😂🤲#fypシ゚viral #asoebi #traditionalmarriage #cinnamon ♬ original sound – user17736938751

“My father was a tailor; I was a mechanic” – Khaid opens up about early struggles

"My father was a tailor; I was a mechanic" – Khaid opens up about early struggles

Nigerian artist Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, well known as Khaid, has recalled his struggles as a child with a tailor father and a hairstylist mother. The Headies nominee claimed that he was born into a household of ten, which included his parents and eight children, including himself. He stated that he did not finish his studies because, when he finished high school, he did not want to go to university because he was frightened of taking the JAMB exam. The ‘Anabella’ crooner, however, noted that in the course of hustling after high school, he has worked as a mechanic, painter, and barber. "My father was a tailor, I was a mechanic – Khaid opens up on early struggles"My father was a tailor, I was a mechanic – Khaid opens up on early strugglesKhaid, Nigerian artist. Photo source: Google Khaid said; “I grew up in a family of eight kids. My dad was a tailor and my mum was a teacher as well as a hairstylist. I grew up in the Ojo area of Lagos State.” “My primary and secondary education was at Ola Greater Tomorrow School, Ojo. I started singing when I was in secondary school after which I dabbled in different street hustles. I was once a mechanic, a painter,, and barber. “I was influenced to do music from a very young age because my parents were music lovers.” “My dad loved fuji music and my mom listened to Michael Jackson. By constantly listening to Michael Jackson, I got exposed to more foreign music. That was where my love for trap music grew and I started making trap songs.” “I was still a mechanic when Sydney Talker sent me a message on Instagram. When I saw that he followed me and ‘liked’ some of my posts, I thought it was a fake account. “So, I did not bother to check it out. When I eventually checked it, I wanted to send him a message to thank him for following me. But I realized he already texted me.” “We kept talking until one day, I just told him I was in Lagos Island and asked if I could come see him. I went to his house and I came up with about six songs. After a freestyle session, I later got signed and we did the paperwork.” Speaking on completing his education, Khaid said; “I still have plans to go to university. Immediately after I left secondary school, I did not want to go to university because I was scared of writing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Also, I was a mechanic at the time up until I got signed to a record label.”

Tailor returns $5k found in customer’s cloth bag


A Nigerian tailor returns the $5k found in a customer’s Ghana must go bag, which was brought to his fashion house. Apparently, the customer had brought the clothes, oblivious of the fact that they had left $5K in the bag.


As a Good Samaritan, the tailor decides to retina the money to the rightful owner. He Tweeted: “Earlier today, a man brought a work to me in my fashion house. Inside the Ghana Must Go he put his cloth, I found 50 pieces of old stock $100. But I am happy to announce that, I safely returned it to the owner” See post below;

“Women don’t give free gift” – Man says as he narrates how his wife got a tailor to sew native as gift for him and still collected money from him to pay

“Women don’t give free gift” – Man says as he narrates how his wife got a tailor to sew native as gift for him and still collected money from him to pay

A man has recounted how his wife had initiated a heartwarming gesture which only resulted to him paying for it.

The man revealed that his wife had seen the need for a change of wardrobe for him and had stated that he needs new native clothes.
She had contracted a tailor to sew the natives for him which she meant to provide as a gift to him but he ended up paying the remaining balance since she couldn’t pay completely.
The man wrote:
“My wife, seeing that I needed new native attires, decided to contract a tailor to sew some for me w/out my knowledge.
She presented them to me then told me it was a gift from her to me.

But she didn’t pay the man completely & asked me for the balance.”

The post garnered a lot of attention from netizens after it went viral; they stormed his comment section in droves to provide their opinion.
The man later gave an update saying:
“Thank you all for your comments & quotes. My wife & I had a good laugh at them. And for those that were inspired by it, no man will frown at such gestures.
Women don’t give free gifts. You’ll pay back one way or the other even without knowing. Merci 🙏.”