Ike Onyema discloses why he can’t sleep in a woman’s house

Ike Onyema sleep woman's house

Ike Onyema sleep woman's house

Reality star, Ike Onyema stirs drama as he reveals why he is afraid to sleep in a woman’s house. The BBNaija ‘All Stars’ contestant reacted to a question which asked men why they are afraid of sleeping in a woman’s home.

Ike Onyema sleep woman's house

Reality star, Ike Onyema. The question read … “Why are men afraid of sleeping in a woman’s house??” Ike Onyema, using an experience, said that he is avoiding any unnecessary drama from the lady who may want to later claim that she had fed and taken care of him. His words read … “To avoid “I have dated a man that I was feeding and taking care of” 😔” It would be recalled that his ex lover, Mercy Eke had numerously made reference to how he stayed in her home in the past. @DrVecky said: “Ike i feel you are talking from experience 🤔 never again 😂” @Ntando_nyyamma stated: “😂😂😂 why did I read this with your voice in my mind 😂😂” @Thickestbarbie1 remarked: “Chaos master 😁😁Omo today long ooo 😩😩” @konongoprincss wrote: “Say that again oo😂😂 meanwhile they are the ones always begging the men to sleep over😂😂” See post below …

Nigerian woman’s ‘Men are Wicked’ tattoo breaks the internet

Nigerian woman's 'Men are Wicked' tattoo breaks the internet

Nigerian woman's 'Men are Wicked' tattoo breaks the internet

Nigerian woman’s ‘Men are Wicked’ tattoo breaks the internet A Nigerian woman, whose face was not revealed in a recent picture, has gone viral after a tattoo about ‘Men’ on her back was exposed The woman, dressed in native attire, sat comfortably in a moving bus, but a fellow passenger seated behind her couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on her back.

Nigerian woman's 'Men are Wicked' tattoo breaks the internet

Nigerian woman. The tattoo, which reads “Men are wicked,” was prominently displayed on the lady’s back as she occupied the passenger seat. Unbeknownst to her, photos of the tattoo were taken and subsequently circulated on the internet. However, it remains unknown why the lady opted for such a tattoo or what prompted her to make this decision. SEE POST:

Don Jazzy melts hearts as he clears woman’s medical bills after her daughter cried out for help

Don Jazzy melts hearts as he clears woman's medical bills after her daughter cried out for help

Nigerian music executive, Don Jazzy has once again demonstrated his remarkable generosity by donating a sum of N500,000 to cover the medical bills of a woman admitted at Igbobi Hospital in Lagos. This heartwarming gesture came in response to an urgent plea for financial assistance made by the woman’s daughter, Laura, on the popular microblogging platform, Twitter. The distressing situation began when Laura took to Twitter to seek help, revealing that her mother was confined to Igbobi Hospital due to an outstanding medical bill of N400,000.  

Don Jazzy melts hearts as he clears woman's medical bills after her daughter cried out for help

She shared a poignant photo of her ailing mother lying in her hospital bed and informed her followers that they were facing a daunting deadline of Monday to settle the financial obligation. “We need to raise 400k before Monday so my mum can be discharged from Igbobi hospital plss help us,” Laura wrote. Don Jazzy, founder of Mavin Records, responded swiftly to this plea for assistance. He reached out to Laura and requested her account details. In a generous act of kindness, he transferred the sum of N500,000 to her account, ensuring that the outstanding medical bill would not be a barrier to her mother’s discharge This significant contribution also goes beyond covering the medical expenses, offering support for other essential needs during this challenging time.

Don Jazzy melts hearts as he clears woman's medical bills after her daughter cried out for help

  Don Jazzy took to his social media platforms to share a screenshot of the transaction, confirming the completion of the financial aid. He informed Laura and his followers of the successful transfer. Netizens Reactions… @breedrepublik said; “God bless you for all you do for humanity 🙏🙏🙏 more appreciated.” @Onwukaemeh4 said; “Just like that?. Listen everyone this man has no Don jazzy foundation but he had donated more than 50 millions to humans he doesn’t even know!!! This year alone!!!! This is the biggest cleanest tithe every human had ever paid on earth ✅ Thank you Mr Collins,” @FridayOdehMatt1 said; May the good Lord bless you @DONJAZZY for reaching out to this family in time of their needs. May the Almighty replenish you in thousand folds. This is the humanity we should all preach to ourselves. I wish her quick recuperation. @Chrisdaramola said; “This is sending shivers down my spine, wow! You are a gift to humanity. We are so grateful for your constant joy and kindness, both through your music and your charity work, Don Jazzy. May you soar higher and higher in the sky.” See below;

“Snatch another woman’s man if she doesn’t know how to take care of him” – Blessing CEO (Video)

"Snatch another woman's man if she doesn't know how to take care of him" – Blessing CEO (Video)

Relationship expert Blessing Ceo urges ladies to snatch other women’s men if they don’t know how to take care of them. The socialite took to her Instagram page to give women the advice as she emphasized that when it comes to relationships, overtaking is allowed.

Blessing CEO advises women to snatch men. Credit: Blessing CEO/ Instagram. She said that women should take other women’s partners as their own if they are not taking care of their men of showing them respect. Speaking further, Blessing said that there are some men in unhappy marriages and relationships that are waiting to be snatched by young beautiful girls. She captioned, “Snatch another woman’s man if she does not how to respect her man. Snatch him” Watch her speak below;

I paid N54k for a woman’s nails

I paid N54k for a woman's nails

A Nigerian man says he might dump the tech business to become a nail stylist after paying N54,000 for his woman’s nails.

According to the young man, the amount of money he spent made him think about delving into another line of hustle. Reacting to his post, some netizens criticised him and wondered why he agreed to pay such a whopping amount of money for his woman to fix nails. However, in his defence, the young man noted that the money was worth it after all as the nails looked perfect. See tweets below:

Thieves fall asleep moments after stealing from old woman’s house [Video]

Thieves fall asleep moments after stealing from old woman’s house [Video]

Two thieves met their waterloo as they fall asleep during a night operation at an elderly woman’s house in South Africa.
According to reports, the unfortunate thieves were caught sleeping outside the old woman’s house in Hamanskraal, Pretoria, South Africa, just after they robbed her apartment.

Videos and photos making the rounds show the thieves sleeping soundly while the granny and neighbour’s gathered.
Words from netizsns reveal that most homes in South Africa are specially fortified with charms known as muthi, and it’s what the old woman used to protect her house.

@Marke Jay wrote: “I know of this charm. It’s peculiar to South Africa.”
A South African Twitter user wrote: ”This muthi is called “Nyangomba” in my culture, even when doors are open the thieves can’t find way to go out, until they fall asleep.
“This muthi can make a thug to unmove when gets inside your yard.”

Watch Video Below

— Gaza D (@GazaD17) April 20, 2022

Two suspected ritualists caught trying to take woman’s urine after she peed on the road in Benin (Video)

Ritualists urine woman Benin

Video footage captures the moment two young men suspected to be ritualists were caught trying to take a woman’s urine in Benin.
Ritualists urine woman Benin
According to the report, this happened around Evbotubu Bustop, Benin City, Edo State. The men rushed to take the waste product after the woman answered the call of nature on the road, however, they ran out of luck as they got caught by some youths.
One of the men who was being interrogated tried to justify his actions by saying anyone could pack any person’s urine and he gathered it with the intention of disposing it; a statement of defence that seemed quite illogical.
Ritualists urine woman Benin
The second guy was the one who opened up as he tried to exonerate himself from the evil deeds of his partner by saying he told him he never wanted to partake in money ritual.

Watch the video below: