“Surprise gone wrong” – Moment lady landed boyfriend hot slap after he proposed to her in public

"Surprise gone wrong" - Moment lady landed boyfriend hot slap after he proposed to her in public

A young man’s romantic move turned into a public humiliation when his heartfelt proposal was met with rejection and a slap from his girlfriend. The incident, shared by user @cliifforrd online, has ignited a wave of mixed reactions and sympathy for the devastated man. The video, which has since gone viral, begins with an unidentified young man getting down on one knee, holding out a ring in a traditional proposal stance.

However, instead of the anticipated joyous acceptance, the lady sternly rejects the proposal. Adding further humiliation, she then approaches the young man and delivers a resounding slap to his face. The unexpected turn of events sent bystanders into a frenzy, with gasps and whispers echoing through the location. In the footage, several concerned onlookers rush to the side of the heartbroken young man, urging him to rise to his feet. Meanwhile, the lady makes a hasty exit from the scene, leaving behind a shocked and bewildered crowd. Netizens Reactions… @OluseunJose said; “Omoh, this girlie doesn’t even worth this commitment… “Those guys who asked him to stand up knew it, if na my guy, I will still sound him another wake up slap.” @Templegaurd said; “Refuse my proposal but don’t slap me, you’re not mad. Why are you begging? It should be a request, if she is not in, move. You’re begging so tomorrow she will say it was a favour, you’re not doing me a favour, I be hot cake too.”  @BlaccYsl said; “Shoutout to the men who went to pick him up when he could’ve been ridiculed, MVPs.” @waleshadow said; “Na the woman be the guy. S/he will walk away. I have no business with the lady kneeling down.” @SeaNeverDry00 said; “The kinda slap wey I go give her ehn if she no blind her eyes go Dey on coma.” @AkConglomerate said; “Na whitemen culture be all this kneeling down and proposing. Why bend the knees Alaye?” @Cisqo_4 said: “Mehn those guys wey make the boy jazz up go always see good things.” @andreudotai said; “Why do girls normally a slap a guy they don’t want when they’re being proposed to?”  See below;   https://x.com/cliifforrd/status/1726307748466282579?s=20

Kanayo Kanayo tackles Nollywood over wrong costumes in movies

Kanayo Kanayo tackles Nollywood over wrong costumes in movies

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo, has advised filmmakers to create more realistic settings in their movies. He urged filmmakers to avoid making rich characters wear traditional clothing or heavy makeup when depicting regular scenes. He wrote: “Many Nollywood Producers paint the wrong picture of dressing/Makeup in the movies, all in the name of fine picture. IT’S MISLEADING. The reality is that many practitioners have not realised that film making is part of AGENDA SETTING in national development especially the culture and tradition of the people. The rich most times dress casually. Many are known by their expensive wrist watches, footwear, T-shirt NOT AGBADA. “How can a man be resting in his house, lying on the Sofa fully dressed? How can a woman be adorned with full makeup while cooking? Most of the ladies sleep with their wigs on, with applied full facial foundation. Ahhhhhhhĥh. WHO DOES THAT? Dear colleagues, let’s watch it.” According to the actor, many filmmakers are not aware that their movies play a role in shaping the culture and tradition of the people. Kanayo also noted that wealthy people often dress casually, and their expensive watches, footwear, and T-shirts are more recognizable than traditional clothing. He called on his colleagues to create more credible and realistic movies to make the industry more formidable and gain international recognition. Kanayo is currently working on his PhD dissertation, which focuses on the role of Nollywood in shaping and sustaining Nigerian cultural identity. “This is part of what my PhD dissertation is about. “The role of Nollywood in shaping and sustaining a Nigerian culture identity”. You have just captured the essence of my research, asking us to be more realistic in the image we create. “By doing so, the industry will become more credible and then acquire a more formidable character with which they cannot be ignored in the national and international agenda. This is what the music industry has done with Afrobeat. Now, they are all getting paid like they hit a jackpot. Nollywood can do better than them,” he said. Watch the video below:

Woman proves doctors wrong, gives birth to triplets 8 years after being told she can’t have kids

Woman proves doctors wrong, gives birth to triplets 8 years after being told she can't have kids

Woman proves doctors wrong, gives birth to triplets 8 years after being told she can't have kids

Monique Bertrand, a woman who believed she couldn’t conceive due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), has defied the odds by giving birth to triplets. Monique, 38, and her partner, Monique John, 39, had explored alternative options such as fostering and adoption after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive.

Woman births triplets after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) In April 2022, Monique received the incredible news that she was pregnant, bringing immense joy to the couple. However, the surprise didn’t end there. During her eighth week of pregnancy, Monique discovered that she was not expecting just one baby, but three.

Woman births triplets after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) The couple shared the news of the triplet pregnancy with 200 guests at a baby shower when Monique was 27 weeks pregnant, leaving everyone delighted and amazed. The birth of the triplets has brought immeasurable happiness to Monique and John, surpassing their expectations and defying the challenges they faced in their journey to start a family. “I waited a long time to be a mum, so when the sonographer said it was triplets, I just shouted in confusion and happiness. “It’s been a blessing with so many challenges. The doctors called them miracle babies.”  She said excitedly.

‘Obasa’s re-election as Lagos Speaker wrong choice for indigenes’

Obasa's re-election as Lagos Speaker wrong choice for indigenes ― Former Minister

A former Minister of Communications and Trustee of Omoeko Pataki, Major General Tajudeen Olanrewaju (Rtd), has condemned the re-election of Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, an Ogun State indigene as Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly. The former minister who had appealed ahead of time that an indigene of Lagos state be Speaker of the 10th Assembly in the state, sees the re-election as wrong footing and wrong choice for the indigenes of the state, viewing from the background that Speaker Obasa is being investigated, and yet inaugurated as the Speaker of 10th Lagos State House of Assembly. GistReel reports that Obasa was re-elected on Tuesday by his colleagues, who also elected Hon. Mojisola Lasbat Meranda as the Deputy Speaker. The lawmaker was unanimously re-elected after a proclamation of the 10th Assembly of the Lagos State House of Assembly by Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, who was present with Deputy Governor Obafemi Hamzat and top government officials at the chamber of the House. However,  Major General Tajudeen Olanrewaju’s (Rtd) reaction to Obasa’s re-election was contained in a press release by his Media Office Wednesday morning. The release particularly relayed that General Olanrewaju, a known voice in the advocacy for improved lives of his people of Lagos origin, sees the reason given for ignoring compassionate appeals to allow owners of Lagos State to enjoy their constitutional right of participating in the day-to-day affairs of their own state as unsustainable. The Retired Army General and Prince of Lagos State, while reviewing the development, subtly said: “The clearance of Mr Obasa to return as the Speaker of the 10th Lagos State House of Assembly was premised on the need for stability and continuity in the Assembly by the highest decision-making body, otherwise known as Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC). READ MORE: Lagos APC Leaders Deny Knowledge of Tobun’s Speakership Aspiration “This raison d’etre is weak and unsustainable because Mr. President Bola Tinubu was a beneficiary of a zoning and rotational policy of the National Working Committee of the APC government. The return of Mr.Obasa is a deliberate policy of marginalisation of the indigenes in the State. “No matter how the occupants of the three most important political offices of the State Administration today launder their curriculum vitae, they remain, indigenes of Ogun State but residents in Lagos and incapable of claiming indigeneship of two states, because the Constitution does not allow it. “In any case, by this re-engagement, our Assembly in Lagos has become “One Man Democracy” (apology to Sonala Olumhense, a Punch Columnist). The return of Mr. Obasa is a big slap on the faces of the indigenes of the state.,” he said in a release by his Media Office.

“Whoever is wrong should be indicted”


Afrobeats singer, Seun Kuti, has welcomed the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Baba Usman Alkali’s order for his arrest for slapping a police officer and for an investigation to be conducted into the assault incident. The order was given by the IGP on Saturday evening after a video of the Afrobeats star pushing and slapping a police officer on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos went viral.

Whoever is wrong should be indicted - Seun Kuti reacts to IGP's order for his arrest

Seun Kuti had claimed earlier that the police officer wanted to kill him and his family members. Taking to his Instastory to react to the IGP’s order, he said he will be giving his full cooperation for the investigation. He however stated that whoever is found guilty should be indicted. The singer wrote; “I welcome the investigation and will give my full cooperation! I also pray to the IG that whoever is wrong should be indicted”

Whoever is wrong should be indicted - Seun Kuti reacts to IGP's order for his arrest


“Pete Edochie is wondering where he went wrong with that coconut head”


shade ladipo

Media personality, Shade Ladipo has dragged actor Yul Edochie for sharing the video of his second wife, Judy Austin weeks after losing his son. In the late hours of yesterday afternoon, Yul Edochie took to his official Facebook page to share a video of his second wife, Judy Austin, and hailed her describing her as a “woman of dignity”. This post from Yul Edochie has got tongues wagging as many netizens have put him on blast. Media personality, Shade Ladipo has joined the bandwagon as she drags Yul Edochie into the mud. She described Yul as a clout chaser and disrespecting the mother of his son who died a few weeks ago. Shade Ladipo further slammed Judy Austin describing her as insensitive to record such a video when Yul and his first wife, May, recently lost their first son.

“When you marry the wrong person, you describe marriage as scam”

"When you marry the wrong person, you describe marriage as scam"

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has melted hearts as she shares a video of herself and her husband enjoying. According to Anita Joseph who currently having fun with her husband in another country, a lot of people end up getting married to the wrong people and describe marriage as a “scam”.

Anita joseph

The actress is of the opinion that marriage is a divine institution that has been ordained by God which should be enjoyed. She however advised women to be submissive and respectful to their husbands. She also advised husbands to desist from embarrassing their wives. In her words, “When you marry a Bom****bastic element you say marriage na Scam 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Marriages Wey Dey sweet like sugar. Union that God himself Ordained. Women be submissive and Respectful but pls don’t take Buckets of Nonsense. Men Take responsibility Stop embarrassing your wives nobi only you Dey m*d OBUROSOYI’na apu ala shallom ✅
I miss my village Dubai 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”.

“What’s wrong if my son transfers his assets to me?”

"What's wrong if my son transfers his assets to me?"

Saida Mouh, the mother of famous footballer Achraf Hakimi has said that there is nothing wrong with her son transferring his assets to her.

hakimi and mother

Recall that last week Achraf Hakimi made headlines after it was disclosed that he put his mother’s name on all his assets including his monthly salary as a footballer while undergoing a divorce process with his estranged wife, Hiba. According to reports from Morocco News, the mother of Achraf Hakimi stated that his son took drastic steps in order to get rid of his partner, Hiba Abouk. However, she was unaware of his plans. “If he has taken any action to protect himself, I’m unaware of it,” the player’s mother said, as quoted by Morocco World News. “What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk],” Saida Mouh said.

16-year-old boy shot in the head after ringing bell of wrong house in Kansas city

16-year-old boy shot in the head after ringing bell of wrong house in Kansas city

A homeowner in Kansas City, America shot and injured a 16-year-old boy, Ralph Yarl, who mistakenly went to the wrong home to pick up his siblings.

Ralph Yarl

Officers responded to reports of a shooting on the evening of April 13 and arrived to find a teenager who had been shot by a homeowner outside a residence, according to Kansas City Police. Yarl was hit in the head and arm and is currently in stable condition at a hospital.

16-year-old boy shot in the head after ringing bell of wrong house in Kansas city

Following the incident, protesters took to the streets chanting “Justice for Ralph” and “Black lives matter” while holding signs that read “Ringing a doorbell is not a crime” and “The shooter should do the time.” protesters Ralph Yarl black lives matter Yarl’s family has retained civil rights attorneys S. Lee Merritt and Benjamin Crump. The homeowner, whose identity remains undisclosed, was taken into custody but released pending further investigation to gather more forensic evidence and a formal statement from the victim.

“Lagos men are casted; I’ve been in the wrong place” – Ezi shares where to find ‘normal’ men in Nigeria (Video)

"Lagos men are casted; I've been in the wrong place" – Ezi shares where to find 'normal' men in Nigeria (Video)

Popular Nigerian-British singer and model, Ezichiemela Ezeh a.k.a Ezi Emela has revealed that she’s found the location where good men are based in Nigeria.

Ezi Emela normal Nigerian men Lagos Abuja

The musician who lamented over the infidelity of Lagos men said that she had no idea she had been living in the wrong part of Nigeria. She revealed that Abuja is where most of the good men in Nigeria are living. According to her, Abuja men are faithful; they do not go about chasing all the skirts that they see like Lagos men. Watch her speak below: Some ladies have also shared their experience with both Lagos and Abuja men: leaddyskincare wrote: “I thought they said Abuja men are money diggers. They eat your food,collect your money,sleep with you and dump you.
No be me talk am o.. Na this social media we hearam” ugochi_n wrote: “Abu gini? Better manage Lagos men with their cheating, at least they’ll be providing. You’ll be feeding Abuja men and they’ll still be cheating” _aunty_jessica wrote: “Abuja?? Lmaoooo Abuja men are always having fine cars, wearing nice perfume and nice trads but ALWAYS having “a lil financial problem” which you think it will pass. They are always asking you for little assistance that you don’t think is a big deal especially because you like them. “My car just broke down, and i am not so boxed up””