You’re frustrated about the endorsements she is getting

"You're frustrated about the endorsements she is getting"

The aunty of filmmaker Rita Edochie has reacted to the drags from Yul Edochie against his first wife, May Edochie. Earlier today, Yul Edochie took to his social media page to drag his first wife, May Edochie claiming that she underwent breast enlargement and tummy tuck without his consent. Amidst the drags, Rita Edochie who has been the number 1 supporter of Yul’s wife, May has taken to her page to drag the second wife of Yul, Judy Austin. According to her, Judy Austin is behind all the writeups on the page of Yul Edochie. According to her, Judy is unhappy about the numerous endorsements May is receiving from brands which has caused her to write lies about her daughter-in-law out of frustration.

Rita Edochie reacts after Yul dragged his wife, May over alleged breast enlargement

Veteran actress, Rita Edochie, source: Instagram She also advised May Edochie to maintain her silence just as she had been doing the previous years.

If you’re not supporting mum on this, block me

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Popular actor, Emeka Ike’s son< Michael Ike has informed Nigerians who aren’t supporting his mother in their ongoing family drama to do well and block him. It would be recalled that Emeka Ike’s first son, Michael had corroborated his mother’s allegation that she was indeed assaulted by his father. emeka ike's son support mother

Emeka Ike’s son, MIchael Ike. He had also shared the unpleasant experiences he had suffered at the hands of his father. He had shared audio notes of how his father verbally assaulted him, wishing him dead and cursing his music career. While Nigerians are divided on whose story they would believe, Emeka Ike’s son has given them an easier means to deal with their dilemma. According to him, those who do not wish to support his mother in their family drama should block him. denzela_chika said: “Good boy! Defend your mother. These people have no clue how abusive some fathers can be. Man say make him pikin off himself and some say it’s just anger. Nonsense!” bribeau_luxurious_fabrics remarked: “Who dey follow you and your mama before” elohgod01 stated: “Mothers are angels. I no blame the guy oo. Me no fit support my dad over my mom that easily. Omo e Go Hard” iam_bmodel opined: “He is the only one that can make his mum and dad be at peace but here He is taking side. If you truly have your parents at heart and want peace to reign even if they don’t come back together, he is in the best position to do that.” kingkachie remarked: “At his age, this boy should be more matured to know that supporting one parent over the other is a bad idea. Anyways, wetin concern me😂” See his post below …

“When you’re married to a last-born” – Wife exposes what she saw her husband doing

Wife husband last-born expose

Wife husband last-born expose

Wife laments as she exposes a video capturing what she saw her last-born husband doing with their baby’s walker. The exasperated wife shared a video showing her husband looking all dashing and serious in a white suit.

Wife husband last-born

The Husband. She captioned that she had married a last born, as the second scene of the video showed the man sitting in a baby’s walker and attempting to ride on it. @harrietstores remarked: “my husband who is a first born can do this😂. Baba is just too childish and petty. Says after all he’s my baby😁” @user9404402178107 penned: “i swear this is my situation, I’ll be like stop behaving like a big baby he’ll be like but am your baby you have to bear with me” @Debora Kwakye Adiefe commented: “He’s just a baby 😂” @Leelee wrote: “He’s probably having more fun than the baby 😂😂” @Gift Valentine said: “allow my brother enjoy his ride” Watch video below … @realvivienne Yall think only female last born are petty , I present my husband 😩😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️last born forever in his blood 🤣🤣#tiktoknigeria🇳🇬 #blowthisup #foryoupage #fypシ゚viral #funnyvideos #funnyhusband #clown #goviral ♬ original sound – 𝐴𝐾𝑂𝑅𝐸𝐷𝐸🤍💐

“You’re too fine” – Tobi Bakre adores daughter’s beauty

"You're too fine" - Tobi Bakre adores daughter's beauty, claims she shines brighter than 10 angels combined

Reality TV star and Nigerian actor, Tobi Bakre, stirred conversations as he adored his daughter‘s beautiful appearance, stating that her beauty surpasses that of 10 angels combined. In the recent video captioned: “I don wound o! Dem don wound me. My heart no dey my body again. Iya MK always getting the best moments,” the actor stood before his daughter.

Reality TV star and Nigerian actor, Tobi Bakre. He could be heard using phrases like “you’re too fine,’ ‘make 10 angels gather, you fine pass them,’ ‘you’re beautiful.” His expressive words in the video quickly drew attention soon after it was posted, prompting reactions from many individuals in the comment section. Check out some reactions below: hawt_mzberry: “Awwwwwwwww I love it. Side chicks and their dads do the most.” blakeoffishall: “Let it not hungry you to go and have your own child , check price of things first.” ifetayoibukun: “See me dey smile, so sweet.” imoluwatoyinn: “You are making someone jealous already. Residential side chick.” theperfumestores_backup: “Wahala for who no born girl oo. Hype Man daddy.” __abbyvee: “All these daughters wey dey turn side chicks go just come dey collect man from their mama hand.” amicare_beauty: “Men their girls ehn no put mouth at all na them be the main side chick, the thing they vex at time when you want to have Quality time with ur spouse, side chick will distract and their dad will.leave you jejely and concentrate on them till God’s knows when.” dassyclassy: “Smiling like a sheep. if Dem hype me like this I fit forget to eat for 10 days.” WATCH VIDEO:

“As long as you’re getting better, nothing else matters” – Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter breaks silence amidst rumors

"As long as you're getting better, nothing else matters" – Mr Ibu's adopted daughter breaks silence amidst rumors

Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine finally breaks silence amidst allegations that she slept with the actor as she shares the his hospital videos. Buzz has been caused on social media after it was alleged that Nollywood veteran actor, Mr Ibu was supposedly sleeping with his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Mr Ibu's adopted daughter Jasmine silence

Mr Ibu and his adopted daughter, Jasmine. Photo Source: Google. Jasmine is, at the time of writing, yet to deny or confirm the allegations. She took to her social media page to break her silence on the matter. Jasmine shared a video of her taking care of the actor, feeding and tending to him and noted that all that she cares for now is to ensure that he is fine. She wrote that nothing else matters so long as Mr Ibu’s getting better. Her words read: “As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters. I remain silent until you are back to your feet again! Cheers.” See the post below:

I bought you phone, you’re using another woman as your wallpaper

"I bought you phone, you're using another woman as your wallpaper"

A Nigerian man found himself in hot water after he used Tiwa Savage as the wallpaper on the iPhone gifted to him by his girlfriend. The incident came to light when the angry girlfriend unleashed a scathing voice note on TikTok, igniting a wave of reactions online. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared the voice note on his TikTok account along with a cautionary message to his fellow men.

“No allow woman buy u something o,” he wrote. In the voice note, conducted in Pidgin, the girlfriend expressed her displeasure, questioning why the man chose Tiwa Savage as his wallpaper when she had gifted him the iPhone. She rhetorically asked if she wasn’t ‘Savage enough’ for him and demanded that he log out of his iCloud and return the phone immediately The voice note has stirred up a wave of reactions online. Netizens Reactions… saito_sama456 said; “Na ur fault na she buy u phone? use who buy u phone.”  chickweedyoung.Deroy said; “If na me I go put her pics there cos she try for buying the phone seh.” Cynthialove said; “Why you go allow girl buy phone for you.” With God said; “Hope you never give out the old phone ??” Blessing Pikin Lloyd said; “I’ll do the same too you nor put me way buy phone.” eycebhabby said; “Why you come put tiwa savage at the first place nah her be your tiwa savage, even you bro how will you think if you buy your babe phone he con use.”  leonelofega9 said; “Nah make me nor Dey allow woman Dey buy anything for me.” Chizzy said: “She’s in control.” See below; @austine_vibez No allow woman buy u something o😂😂#foryoupage #viralvideo #trending #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Ijoba🥶🤌

“Hope you told your UK fans that you’re not allowed to enter UK since 2021, thanks to Adesuwa”- Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife writes as she continues dragging him

“Hope you told your UK fans that you’re not allowed to enter UK since 2021, thanks to Adesuwa”- Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife writes as she continues dragging him

Odion Ighalo's wife Sonia UK

Sonia Ighalo, the estranged wife of popular footballer Odion Ighalo, spills more secrets as she alleges that he cannot enter UK because of her Sonia has been dragging her husband online over an unknown matter as she continues to leak secrets about him.

Sonia Odion Ighalo's wife UK

Footballer, Odion Ighalo and wife. Photo Source: Google. She asked whether he has notified his UK fans that he can no longer enter the country thanks to her doing. According to her, she had the opportunity to ruin his career in 2020 but she chose not to because of their kids. Sonia said: “Hope you made it known to your UK fans that you are not allowed to enter the UK (since 2021) thanks to Adesuwa, you can tour Dubai with your citizenship if not na Ajegunle u for return I had the opportunity to bring
your career down in 2020
(advised by lawyers) but I said
NO for the sake of our adorable
children – You know this
You still have to gods to
disrespect me on your page.
Omo you Don buy Market”

“Be sincere with people you’re dealing with” – Father rants at son for turning off WhatsApp read receipts

"Be sincere with people you're dealing with" – Father rants at son for turning off WhatsApp read receipts

Man father WhatsApp read receipts

A Nigerian father who suspects his son of engaging in a illegal activity because he turned off his WhatsApp read receipts has scolded him heavily. The young man had turned off the read ticks of his WhatsApp which made his dad to suspect that he must be doing something bad.

Man father WhatsApp read receipts

Young man. He quickly took to his DM to question him about it and the switched to scolding him severely. The man could be heard telling the young man to be sincere with the people he is dealing with. See reactions: @RONKE wrote: “Once you turn off read receipts there’s no going back 😂” @Laporchbarbie❤️❤️ wrote: “The funniest part is that, business owners are using it too and that’s bad 😏😏😏” @Zainab Adewale said: “My read receipts has been off since 2017 😭😂” @olayinkasarah wrote: “If u now turn on disappearing msg nko 🤣🤣” @Mide pearl😇❤️ said: “Muhammed Be sincere with people you’re dealing with😹😹” Watch the video below: @mualee11 😭😂😂 #fyp #trending #pov #reels #tiktok #explore #funnyvideos #contentcreator #POV ♬ original sound – justvinylvibes

You’re a fool if you transfer one naira to ailing Jay Boogie

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A social media activist identified as Adetutu Balogun urges netizens to boycott donations for the ailing crossdresser, Jay Boogie following botched surgery. It would be recalled that Jay Boogie was hospitalized after suffering severe damage to the injury after undergoing a butt surgery that went sideways.

jay boogie

Jay Boogie Hours after crying out on spending his life savings on dialysis, and seeking financial assistance, Adetutu shared a contrary opinion to his cry for help. In a post via X platform, the young lady encouraged Nigerians to direct their money to more fruitful causes like struggling widows, motherless children and others order than saving the life of a transgender who went under the knife for a butt lift. “If you transfer one naira into this account, while ignoring the widows and motherless children that can’t feed themselves you are a FOOL!” she wrote.

The post has since generated tons of reactions, many agreeing with her while others rubbished her standpoint. Reactions as Adetutu Balogun urges Nigerians not to donate to Jay Boogie keneben1 said: “When he was about doing reckless surgeries cus he wants to be like a woman.. me no get 1 naira.. just praying for healing.” Ifysunshine12 stated: “I still feel pity for him though….I hope he has learnt a lesson…God can not be mocked.” Airdropglobal5 penned: “Far be it from me to revel in another person’s misfortune, but obviously good health is not a priority for this person. You flaunt your BBL and then tearfully beg people to donate money for your daily dialysis? So that’s a no from me.” aetubom noted: “But this she/him was already looking like a woman infact even better than some women, what else was sh going to do again 😳.”

You’re placing such weight on your womb

"You're placing such weight on your womb?" - Lady sends her workout video to her mum, her response causes buzz

A mother’s hilarious reaction to her daughter’s intense workout video has captured the attention of many viewers online. The now-viral TikTok clip showcases the daughter sending a WhatsApp message to her mother, featuring her lifting heavy weights at the gym. In the video, the daughter is seen demonstrating her dedication to her fitness journey by lifting weights that are typically associated with bodybuilders.

Lady sends her workout video to her mum, her response causes buzz

However, the mother’s reaction was anything but expected, leaving viewers in splits. The mother, who seemed genuinely shocked and worried about her daughter’s rigorous fitness regimen, responded with a voice note that carried her heartfelt concerns and a touch of humor. She jokingly reminded her daughter that she is a woman and not a man, questioning the intensity of the weights being lifted. Her humorous and overprotective response continued as she expressed her concerns that such an arduous workout might harm any future babies in her daughter’s womb when she decides to have children. Many viewers have flooded the video comment section with laughing emojis and supportive messages. Netizens Reactions… @Mideprints reacted; “This is my mummyo if I wear waist trainer she will be like oti fun ile omo pa.” @Deejah said; “Our mother is funny ile omo.” @User4002091390341 wrote;  “Can someone translate?” @Lara63736363 said; “This is what my mum can say.” @Iremide said; “Is the emarora for me.” @Ariyoshorinmade said; “She is right to be sincere, he reach your turn, you carry mm go next level.” @Adesewaisthebest said; “Ahhh grandma ile omo as how.” @Badmusoluwatoyosi said; “Someone should like my comment, l want to come back pls.” EmmyEasy: “You sef dey listen to mummy.” @AbdulsalamMunirah said; “My mum will say this cloth is too tight & mah fuun ile omo pa jor shanu mi.” @Kennyentertain1 said; “Wahala which one is ori le mo again.” Nhabbeke1: “Ori ile omo e, lo gbe kinni le yen eee.” @Queen Niffy said; “Don’t use waist trainer again ema ranti.” See below; @oyiindamolami #fyp #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – justvinylvibes